A new dawn for Hespia

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A new dawn for Hespia

Post by Nova » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:27 pm

21 Brumaire CCXXVII
From: Monsieur le Président de la République Illyséenne François R. H. Autun
To: Monsieur le Président des Provinces Alliées de Lærèle Nicholas Brennan


In this particular commemorative day, heavy in history as our nations remember the sacrifice made and the blood spilled, I am using of my feather to write to your Government a hope. The hope of establishing foundations that shall serve our respective people’s interests in the coming decades.

This hope is to concretise itself by the extension of an invitation to Cœur, the capital of our Republic, to your Excellence Monsieur le Président de la République. It is my will to engage a dialogue with you at your earliest convenience while enjoying the smooth climate of our country in this autumn. Our respective Republics have lacked proper diplomatic engagements with one another, and I remain confident that this invitation for you, your Excellency, is to set a new basis for the future of geopolitics in our dear continent.

Culture is something that ties us to one another, and if you were to accept my invitation, I shall be more then inclined to make this matter a key and central element for the outcome of a text, making rely our nations to one another. In an always moving World, it is my trust to affirm through dialogue cordial, and even if possible, friendly relations by partnering ourselves to face adversity to make the Grande Guerre a terrible souvenir no citizen would dare to recall with nostalgia, but rather humility and as a lesson for our nations. No winners come out from such delicate and atrocious situation in which the Grande Guerre took place. Only losers that in addition to both physical and sentimental loses, have their pride and moral stripped away.

Your Excellency may be thinking of my person extravagating, but it is unfortunately with little actions miscarried, inaction and inattention that such thing reproduce themselves, and of this, I shall not tolerate. Tying our nations even more by reinforcing our cultural similarities, and pushing our youngest generations to know one another in fraternity, is as I mentioned earlier my program with your Excellency. If our talks were to be fruitful, I would be more then prone to expand towards economic and scientific cooperation and development if that was to be your will too.

Given my most symbolic power, even if decisive when meeting with Le Conseil, I shall be assisted in our meeting with Monsieur le Ministre des Affaires Diplomatiques et Commerciales Richard which have full authority over foreign affairs. I hope it’ll ease our talks and allow us to be most concrete when coming to actions and decisions.

I am looking forward to your response,
With my most sincere regards and respects,
- Monsieur le Président François R. H. Autun

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