2019 Tofino Leaders Summit

The place for conducting intraregional relations or just hanging out with other national leaders. [In-Character]
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Re: 2019 Tofino Leaders Summit

Post by Lauchenoiria » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:16 pm

Tofino Conference Center, Tofino, Zamastan
Early Afternoon - February 24th, 2019

After a highly relaxing tour of many of Tofino’s many landmarks, Alexander Stadler was refreshed and ready to get down to perhaps the most challenging meeting of his 42 year career. With an air of some apprehension, he slowly opened the door to conference room 301.

“Good Afternoon Miss Porter, Miss Abbott, It is nice to meet and work with you both.”

Stadler firmly shook the two women's hands. They had apparently shown up even before Stadler, perhaps the most punctual man in LOM. They were attempting to make a good impression he suspected. In Libertas Omnium Maximus, punctuality was always seen as a sign of respect. The women had done their research it would seem. With caution, he motioned for the standing Kerlians to sit. They both complied and Stadler took a seat across the vast mahogany table, which dominated the room, from Porter, next to Abbott.

"Good afternoon, Mr Stadler," said Porter, smiling warmly, "I hope we can have a productive meeting."

Abbott, who was quite considerably younger than Porter, and who looked rather nervous than the more experienced Foreign Minister, just sat and smiled.

"Shall we begin?" asked Porter.

"Of course," Stadler began mindfully, "It seems a righteous shame that our two nations are forced into the circumstances that we are regrettably in. We currently import nothing from your nation, and export nothing in return. I believe, and my government shares this sentiment, that the forging of a proper trade deal may lead to a lesser hostility between our two nations."

Porter's smile grew wider. "I agree completely, Mr Stadler. We have no desire to continue any hostilities. It is no secret that my government has undergone quite a... radical shift in policy recently. We are looking to increase trade with other nations. That is, of course, why we came to this summit."

"I am glad to hear!" Stadler continued. "He was already warming up to the two women. Perhaps this meeting may go somewhere he thought to himself. "As you know we have a plethora of natural resources that you may need. I was wondering what you would have in mind?"

This was Abbott's area of expertise. The younger woman swallowed somewhat nervously and then began. "We, uh, we are open to a number of things, including..." she trailed off, looking to Porter.

"We would like to know what you have in mind, Mr Stadler," Porter smiled, shooting a sharp, look at Abbott. The younger woman really needed to get her act together. "After all, my country does lack in trade deals, and in experience in this matter, so we are open to most things you could suggest." Abbott looked startled at Porter's comments, which seemed bordering on disrespectful to the Matriarchy.

Now we are getting somewhere Stadler thought to himself as he sunk down a bit into his leather chair. "Alright. I understand that Kerlile is self sufficient enough to support its own people. Unfortunately, I can tell that you don't have really enough of anything to break out onto the international stage." Stadler had to venture very carefully at this point, lest he face the wrath of the Matriarchy. "We have coal and iron ore mines, but not on the same scale as you. We are mostly forced to make do with our minimal supply. Frankly, we would benefit from Kerlian raw ore exports. What would you want in return Ma'am?"

Porter looked towards Abbott, her expression warning the younger woman not to mess up again. Abbott took a deep breath, and began. "We would be interested in importing lumber, which I believe your nation has in high quantities. We'd also be interested in some of your agricultural exports."

Stadler was both surprised and ecstatic. He was hardly able to believe that he was making any headway. Stadler was very pleasantly surprised. He had been expecting two stubborn and cynical politicians. He was instead met with an amateur and a nervous wreck. Kerlile was evidently desperate. They needed anything that would make them look good. Stadler intended to utilize their nerves and inexperience to forge a more favorable deal. Unfortunately, he needed time to think things through and decide the actual figures LOM would be willing to deal in.

"Ladies," he began "I am certain that you will need time to talk things over and determine the actual figures. I do too. Would you like to take a hiatus until later tonight?"

Porter was furious with Abbott. The younger woman’s nerves were getting the better of her, and were making them look bad. If this is the way she is going to act, then she should indeed be nervous, thought Porter, thinking of the consequences if this fell through for the younger woman. But Porter herself was not quite as much of an amateur as she was allowing the man to believe. She had learned that allowing herself to be underestimated often worked in her favour. It remained to be seen if this tactic would work this time.

She nodded. “That sounds good. We will meet again later. I am glad we have this chance to improve the relationship between our two countries.”

(Written jointly with Libertas Omnium Maximus)

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