The Assassination of Charles Korvey

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The Assassination of Charles Korvey

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The following story contains mature language, reader discretion is advised.

Turson, Tiralouse, Byzconia
12 January 2019

Seated at the desk in his study, President Charles Korvey finished reading the newest addition to his literary collection, The Rise and Fall of the Shen Empire. The room was dark, with only a desk lamp and the moonlight through the window illuminating its contents. It’s quite large, with the desk seated squarely in the middle of an open, circular area of the room and book shelves on all sides. It’s likely the greatest collection of literature in the country outside of a large university like Turson U.

Unlike most countries, Byzconia has no official manor for its head of state, a conscious decision by Korvey to avoid the appearance of decadence. The house is his own, though still quite enviable, if unimpressive by political standards. A quaint two-story cottage, it sits outside the city limits. Close enough to be a quick drive, yet far enough that there is little light or noise pollution. The perfect spot of tranquility.

The President lives alone here, no wife or husband or lover of any sort. In truth, he was never particularly interested in romance; he’s in love with politics. The only permanent company is the bodyguards posted around the house, but they never disturbed him unless it was urgent. Hence why he thought it was strange when he could hear movement in the den, just outside of the study. He opened the homescreen on his phone, which read 01:33.

Is someone in my house, he thought to himself. A fool might have asked that outloud, he knew better. He sat still, quiet. Listening. There was nothing.

Hmm, maybe it’s just late night paranoia. But, as if answering his thoughts, he heard more movement.

Someone is in here. Madison? No, he would come straight to my study. This person is sneaking, they’re trying to be quiet. And failing.

His eyes widened, How’d they get past the guards!? Shit. They wouldn’t let anyone in without letting me know. I need to move.

With careful movement, Korvey proceeds to stand up and move away from the desk, towards the shadows of the room. Luckily the floor is cement, rather than wood, so there are no creaking floorboards to betray his move--as was the intent.

My advisors thought I was being paranoid. Look at me now, assholes, he triumphantly thought as he moved. However, unfortunately he decided not to install a secret “door-behind-a-bookcase,” declaring it too trite. Thankfully he did see to it to install stairs leading straight to his bedroom, where he immediately moved next.

I have to get to the safe room, see the cameras. I need to text Madison, get the security here. He reached into his pocket as he reached the top of the stairs. Shit, it’s not there! Goddammit, I left it on the desk!

He had done that many times before, but this is the first time it could get him killed. He was about to consider going back when he heard the door of the study slam open. Well, hell, nevermind then.

He continued his journey to the safe room. He closed the door to his bedroom after leaving the stairway and moved for the wall. He opened the false door and moved into the safe room, locking the steel door behind him. The safe room, or panic room depending on your outlook, was spacious and clean. Stocked with guns, knives, a year’s supply of non-perishables, everything. But what Korvey wanted right now was the video cameras, each linked to spycams in every room of the house--even the bathrooms. Maybe he is just a tiny bit paranoid.

He turned them on. Yep, there’s someone here all right, he thought as he watched a dark clad figure move through the study, carrying a knife. He had turned on the light and was clearly looking for Korvey, but couldn’t find him. Korvey looked at the other cameras, rewinding the footage, he could see the figure move through the kitchen and then the den, checking every nook and cranny, before going in the study.

He began talking to himself, confident in the safe room’s soundproofing, “Who the hell are you? And how’d you get in?”

He moved to the cameras of the security guards’ positions. “Wait a minute, where are my guards!?”

The cameras showed their positions to be deserted, with no sign of anyone in sight. “One person took out my elitely-trained guard squad? No fucking way!”

The figure continued to move through the study, finishing its sweep, and finally moving towards the stairs in the back. It moved up the stairs, towards the bedroom. The door slammed open again. “Whoever they are, they clearly don’t know how to open a door like a civilized human,” Korvey quipped to himself.

The intruder moved through the bedroom, sweeping like they did the other rooms. They even looked under the bed, then moved to check the bathroom. Again, they found nothing. Though their face was covered, Korvey could see the confusion and frustration in their body language. Suddenly, they perked up, moving towards the wall. “Well, they’re clever, I’ll give ‘em that.”

They started moving pictures off the wall, likely assuming it would activate a secret door. In truth, the door was opened by knocking on the part of the wall without pictures, but since Korvey had locked it from the inside, there was virtually no way to open it. No way except a secret application on his phone, which the intruder had completely ignored on his way to the bedroom, not that he could get into the phone anyway, due to the fingerprint scan.

The intruder, whether out of frustration or desperation, or both punched the wall to no avail. “Shit,” the intruder said, which Korvey could hear through the camera’s microphone as the walls were far too thick. The voice was clearly masculine. “How’d he know I was coming,” the man asked aloud, apparently to himself. “Goddammit, this isn’t good, he knows I’m here.”

The man immediately turned and moved back out the door. Korvey watched on his cameras as the man started making his way down the stairs towards the den, likely trying to leave. Shit, I can’t let him leave, Korvey thought as he moved to grab a knife from the safe room’s supply. “Let’s hope I’ve still got it.”

He unlocked the door and moved out.

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