IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

The venue for the annual(ish) IDU Football Championship.
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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:40 pm

LOM to progress to Quarter-Finals of The IDU Football Championship!

[Excerpt from the Iustitian Times]

After a tense game against New Lusitania that ended 2-2, LOM will be progressing to the next stage of the IDUFC. This was made possible by some extremely fancy footwork by Yin Lan in the final minutes of the game. Next week, LOM will face off agains Verwood in the quarter finals.

"I couldn't be more proud of my boys!" says Maximusian head coach Vincent Alfonsi. "With that said, we are up against one of the best teams in the league next week. To win it and progress to the Semi-Finals, we are gonna need to step up our game a couple of notches. We are the underdogs going into the match already. We barely made it into the [Quarter-Finals] and I imagine that some of that was luck. I know that the boys have it in them. We just need to see it on the pitch next week, plain and simple."

According to Maximusian National Team striker, Luke Brookshire, "[The Week 3 match] was one of the most intense [matches] I have ever played. We were all over the pitch, so were the Lusitanians. The ball was flying all over the pitch in whirlwind. The next thing you know I was chipping the ball over their goalie's head and scored. It was probably my favorite goal that I have ever scored! So much was on the line. The pressure was insane. I am just so glad that our team managed to pull it off. We are up against some tough players next week. It is gonna be all about sticking to what we know and keeping up the momentum. Wish us luck!"

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Verwood » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:29 am

Speaking from the team’s training camp in Laeral, head coach, Andreas Schipelbaum said, ‘the boys have worked hard to get this far and we’re thrilled about reaching the quarter finals. That said we know the hard work has only just begun and we look forward to coming games with anticipation. Congratulations also to Gnejs who played a fantastic game and deserve to be through.’

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:11 pm

Lauchenoiria advances after 4-0 victory

Lauchenoiria fans were delighted once more when at Parc de Noblesse, Lauchenoiria won a 4-0 victory over Legionas. After an uneventful first half, with a single goal in the 44th minute, the Lauchenoirian team overwhelmed their Legionan counterparts to score three goals and ensure the nation's advancement to the quarter-finals of the IDUFC.

Fans are delighted with this result.

"In August I didn't believe we'd even manage to make it to the tournament, never mind get out of the group stages," one slightly pessimistic fan who had been at the match said, "I'm over the moon with this result. Here's hoping we can go all the way!"

Lauchenoirians at home are also celebrating, with pictures of Caelan Potter, the striker who scored two of the four goals, covering social media and a jubilant atmosphere in pubs across the country. Some have suggested the football is providing a unifying effect among the population after the bitter civil war that ended only a few months ago.

Lauchenoiria will next play Shuell at Hanshui Stadium.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Laeral » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:53 pm

United New England v. Slokais Islands
United New England took on Slokais Islands in the first match of the knockout rounds of the IDUFC. United New England, which was undefeated in the Championships, was the heavy favorite. The match was given top billing, and took place in the Stade Internationale Laeralien, which was packed with fans of both sides. The whistle blew and the match was on, with UNE winning the coin flip to start with possession. UNE quickly opened up an advantage in possession, with Slokais's defenders unable to get the ball upfield to their midfielders. Slokaisian goalkeeper Keith Oywanga made a spectacular save in the 20th minute, but UNE's Qalanjo Temir scored soon after, in the striker's first goal of the IDUFC, bringing the score to 1-0. Although UNE made several drives at the Slokaisian defense and Slokais did the same, the score remained at 1-0 at halftime.

After halftime, the Slokaisians played with renewed vigor, with Slokais's Hector Gonzalez nearly scoring in the 58th minute. UNE recovered the ball, and in a swift drive towards the Slokaisian side led by a sprinting Luc Martel, Martel drove the ball into the back of the Slokaisian net. 2-0, at the 61st minute. UNE's relentless offense quickly took up another attack, hoping to open up an insurmountable lead, but at the 66th minute, Slokaisian defender Vincent Guerrero took the ball from UNE's Jonathan O'Shea and made a tremendous aerial pass upfield, which was received by Slokaisian striker Trevor Vela, who crossed to David Harris, who scored, sending the ball straight past the diving UNE goalie, Kofi Adomako. The score was now 2-1.

The New Englanders were determined not to let the game get away from them. When the Slokaisians subbed in an additional striker, UNE found an opening and drove past the Slokaisian defense at the 83rd minute. In a confused goal-line scramble, UNE's Samnang Tep appeared to have scored, despite the fact that he may have been past Slokais's last defender, Douglas Ochoa. Slokaisian coach Antonio Guzman appealed to the referee, who after scrutinizing the play on video review, ruled the goal offsides. However, the VAR also showed that Slokais's Alexander Portfeld had made an illegal handball in the penalty area, and awarded a penalty kick to UNE. UNE's Luc Martel promptly scored against the demoralized Slokaisians, and the game ended 3-1. Slokais Islands was eliminated, and United New England advanced to the semifinals.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by United New England » Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:10 pm

President Elizabeth Tyagi-Kennedy of United New England was in attendance at the first game of the knockout rounds. When asked whether she enjoyed herself, ETK replied, “It was one of the best games I’ve ever seen! Slokais has a really talented team, and I wasn’t sure we’d be able defeat players like Oywanga, Gonzalez, and Guerrero. I was on the edge of my seat for the last ten minutes of the game!” She added, “Special thanks to Laeral for hosting the championship. We in UNE really appreciate their efforts, especially in the midst of the Laeralian election season.”

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Slokais » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:52 pm

Team Stats
Total Goals Scored: 5
Top Scorers:
David Harris 2
Trevor Vela 1
Harrington Nagbe 1
Santos Smith 1
360 Minutes played

An Inteview with David Harris
Hello this is John Delray of NBS sports, today I interview player David Harris
J: Welcome Harris
H: Hello
J: First of all did you except to lose the game against UNE ?
H: Yes the whole team excepted this to happen but we all had some hope of winning and that’s what Inspired as all to keep playing.
J: What did you think of the fans ?
H: They where like the 12th man in our team however the supporters group Red Bear Army was really fired up for the whole tournament but it was mostly the fans at home who really was fried up.
J: That’s all the time we have for today good night everyone

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Laeral » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:14 pm

Verwood v. Libertas Omnium Maximus
Fifth-ranked Verwood took on eighth-ranked Libertas Omnium Maximus in a close-fought match at Parc de Noblesse in Althea. Verwood's dynamic offense, led by the trio of Lake, Mitchell, and Hunter, was highly regarding coming into the match, while Libertan goalie Johan Vanderbilt was considered among the IDUFC's best. Libertas won the coin flip to start with ball possession, and opened up the match aggressively, clearly hoping to 'park the bus' after scoring. The Libertans gave Verwood a scare early on, as midfielder Andrew Posvak got in a shot on goal from a dangerous angle, which Verwoodian goalkeeper Tim Olney saved. Throughout the first half, Verwood's midfield seemed off balance, unable to bring the ball upfield. At the 40th minute, LOM's Luke Brookshire, advancing the ball towards the enemy goal made a shot which was deflected by defender Bruno Coviello's head, only for LOM's Yasuf Majin to receive the ball and shoot it into the Verwoodian net, bringing the score to 1-0 by halftime.

Verwood rallied at halftime, quickly bringing the ball upfield. In a memorable play at 54 minutes, striker Gary Lake received the ball and sprinted upfield, outpacing the Libertan defenders in his path before passing to Ethan Hunter, who scored despite a dive by Johan Vanderbilt, bringing the score to 1-1. Play continued cautiously for much of the remaining half, with Verwood seeking to set up another dash towards the goal only to be foiled by Libertan midfielders such as Brock Mueler. It was looking as if the game would proceed to extra time when, in the 90th minute, Verwood received a corner kick, which was taken by Danny Wells. Wells passed to Verwood's David Mitchell, who, with defenders converging on him, fired a beautiful shot into the net, just past goalkeeper Vanderbilt's outstretched fingers. The final score was Verwood, 2; Libertas Omnium Maximus, 1. Verwood will play United New England in the semifinals.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Verwood » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:19 am

Thrilled with their place in the semi finals, Verwood’s Prime Mininister sent a message of congratulations to the team for their ongoing efforts. Speaking from the Prime Ministerial residence he added, ‘that was a closely fought game and all credit to the Libertarians - it could very easily have gone their way.’

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Laeral » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:57 am

Shuell v. Lauchenoiria
Second-ranked Lauchenoiria took on third-ranked Shuell today in what was sure to be a well-fought match. The two teams met at Hanshui Stadium to a packed audience. It seemed that every Lauchenoirian in Laeral had come to cheer on their team, while supporters of Shuell were present, although confined to a single corner of the stadium. The match was billed as a contest between Lauchenoirian style and skill and Shuell's disciplined, cautious play. When the whistle blew, the Lauchenoirians seized an early advantage, frightening the Shuellian defense with an early (9th minute) shot on goal that was only narrowly deflected by goalkeeper Johann Rose. The Lauchenoirian offense kept the Shuellian defense on their toes throughout the first half. At the 34th minute, Lauchenoirian striker Stewart Steffen scored- only for the referee to declare the shot off-sides and invalidate the goal. Near the end of the first half, Shuell's John Hansen successfully received a long pass far down the field and ran towards the Lauchenoirian goal, catching the Lauchenoirian defense off guard before feinting, leading the Lauchenoirian goalie to leap to the left before Hansen fired his shot straight down the middle. This brought the score to 1-0 at halftime.

The second half of the match was more even, as the Lauchenoirians began to play more cautiously. Up until the 60th minute, play mostly proceeded in the midfield, with both teams fighting for possession. Although Lauchenoiria managed another shot on goal (Caelen Potter, 55th minute) it was saved by the Shuellian goalie. At 64 minutes, however, Shuell's striker Sampson Rogers brought the ball up for an assault on the Lauchenoirian goal. Rogers passed to Michael Gardner, who was running in to take a shot before falling hard after some form of contact with defender Adrií Mendoza's leg. The referee blew the whistle at this point, and after several minutes of deliberations, ruled that Mendoza had tripped Gardner, and ordered a penalty kick. This was met by loud booing, and various objects, including a firework, were thrown onto the field. Gardner promptly scored, bringing the score to 2-0. This was entirely too much for the Lauchenoirians, and the game proceeded in a violent fashion. Several yellow cards were issued, although no red cards, notably after Shuellian midfielder Wilhelm Khan appeared to have deliberately run into Lauchenoirian midfielder Ciriaco Gutierrez. Despite two more shots on goal by Lauchenoiria and one more by Shuell, the score remained at Shuell, 2; Lauchenoiria, 0. Shuell will advance to the semi-finals, while Lauchenoiria, a team beloved of the viewing public and seen as a way to unite a divided nation, has been sent home.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Laeral » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:05 pm

Gonhog v. Gnejs
Fourth-ranked Gonhog took on sixth-ranked Gnejs at the Laeralsford Sporting Center to determine who would take on Shuell in the semifinals. While Gonhog was the presumptive favorite, Gonhogian coach David Balek had previously said that Gnejs would "put up a battle that will surely be a tough one". Gnejs, known as 'the Dandelions', and Gonhog are both known for their superb defensive skill, and so commentators projected a close-fought match. Both teams took to the field to wild cheers, and the match was on. Gnejs controlled the ball for much of the first half, but was content to merely probe the Gonhogian defenses. The match was overall a tight, technical game, full of careful passes and subtle positioning. It was at 18 minutes when Gnejs made it's first attempt to score, with striker Omar Lillestrøm dribbling upfield before crossing to Jebediah Pemberton, who was unable to take the shot before being set upon by defender Finley Saulius. Much of the first half proceeded in this fashion, with swarms of agile defenders descending upon any striker who dared bring the ball into shooting position. At the 41st minute, there was some action for the fans as Gnejsian midfielder Nicolai Lennartson dribbled down the field, with Gonhogian midfielder Robert McKinley coming upon him. Lennartson made a spectacular aerial pass to midfielder Didrik Solstad, who made a header to striker Jack Wiijk, who knocked the ball into the net above the startled Gonhogian goalie. 1-0 to Gnejs at the half.

The second half settled in to be a slow half as well. The cycle of midfielders swooping in at various angles only to lose the ball to enemy defenders continued, without a single successful incursion. It was looking as if Gnejs could win a 1-0 victory when, at the 77th minute, the Dandelions were caught off guard. Goalkeeper Kjetil Åkervik, who had previously saved multiple shots, had moved out of the net to face striker Martinis Bullock, who suddenly made a crossing pass to Louis Nurul on the other side of the goal, who kicked the ball furiously into the net, bringing the score to 1-1. After 90 minutes and two minutes of injury time had elapsed, the game entered another 15 minutes of play. Extra time quickly ran out, however, with neither team able to get close to a goal, and so another 15 minutes of extra time were declared. After these final 15 minutes, play would enter penalty kicks. However, 28 minutes into extra time, the exhausted Gnejsian offense finally brought everything together, with Omar Lillestrøm receiving a pass from Didrik Solstad to score, the shot entering the top right corner of the Gonhogian goal. The match ended Gnejs 2, Gonhog 1, wit the teams congratulating one another on a well-played match. Gnejs will advance to face Shuell in the semifinals.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:36 am

LOM National Team defeated in IDUFC by Verwood

[excerpt from the Kingston Tribune]

Recently, LOM National Team fans were disheartened to learn that "The Boys" would not be progressing to the Semi-Finals of the International Democratic Union's Football Championship. The Boys were defeated by Verwood after an intense game.

"I am a little disappointed," says LOM National Team striker, Luke Brookshire, "We couldn't get our act together and as a result, we lost." Brookshire went on to say, "... Verwood was favored from the start anyway. They played a better game than we did. They deserved the win. Besides, at least we ended the run with hand shakes, not tear gas."

Brookshire was referencing the disastrous first game of the tournament against Gonhog that ended in a public brawl that was suppressed using tear gas and (reportedly, though unconfirmed) rubber bullets. Fans all over LOM can still be seen burning Gonhog flags in their front lawns though tensions have deescalated immensely in the weeks since the event.

The LOM National Team returned to Libertas Omnium Maximus last Monday and will all serve as guests of honor in a parade being held on January 17th, in Litudinem to commemorate their fantastic run on the international pitch. Afterwords, players will start preparing with their respective clubs for the 2019 [Maximusian] Major League Football Association (MLFA) season which will begin in March.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by Gnejs » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:40 pm

Raul had just turned seventeen when the troubles in Annatown started. He had been on his way home when fighting broke out right there on the street. His father, Manuel, – an elderly but staunch supporter of Chaher – had been enraged when the "Resistance" eventually captured the town in mid-June, and correspondingly delighted when the Gonhogian forces ousted those "traitors" only days later. Both of his uncles – younger than his father, but equally steadfast to the cause – had volunteered to fight. The eventually died. One was killed somewhere in the Ecanta Province, whereas the other met his demise on the streets of Carville.

Being from a pro-Chaher family in Annatown could be tough at times, and the constant presence of foreign soldiers made everything tense. Still, Raul was able to get through most of the summer with ease. He stayed at home, mostly, reading and helping his mother with various chores. Then came august, and the battle of Annatown. His father had been hesitant to leave, even when the fighting intensified and quickly approached their neighborhood, but in the end, Raul's mother had given him an ultimatum. She was done. Done with fighting, done with family dying for nothing. She demanded they depart Annatown and head for Elopolis and her sisters. So they did.

Post-hostilities life in Elopolis for a family known to have supported Chaher was not easy. Raul endured bullying on a daily basis, and one night a group of men assaulted his father – not one to keep his views quiet – on an open street. The situation of his father and his Aunt Flora – the mother of two sons, both dead at the hands of the Junta – living together quickly deteriorated as well, and collapsed completely when Raul's mother passed away in the wake of a heart attack in mid-October. While Raul was welcome to stay, Aunt Flora would have nothing to do with Manuel.

Raul suggested they leave Lauchenoiria, and it was he who suggested they go to Gnejs. During the intense months of war, he had come across information about the gnejsian refugee program, and he knew a few of his countrymen had been accepted and left for the Prosaic Union in the very east of Hespia. While the fighting had long since ceased, the PUG embassy had informed him that Lauchenoirian citizens were still regarded as a "particular group" and eligible to seek fast-track asylum through the refugee program. His father – heartbroken and grief-stricken – had eventually consented, and by late November, they were settling in in a municipal flat on the outskirts of Segeltorp in the northwest of the region Berg, awaiting the final decisions on their residence permits.

The northern coast of Gnejs in winter is cold. Infinitely more cold than Raul could have imagined. He knew a bit about the Prosaic Union before coming there, of course, and the things he knew made him convince his father to bring him there. The Union has stunning nature. The people of the Union are generally friendly and kind, albeit slightly reserved. Above all, the Union is peaceful, having never endured war in modern times. All this he "knew" from reading online. What he didn’t know, was that applicants to the refugee program have no say in where they end up; they are settled by the Directorate of Immigration and they have to consent to live in their designated area for at least five years, should they have residency approved. So, while Raul had imagined making his new home in something like the more tepid areas of the southwest, encountering the snowclad and rugged coast of the north had come as something of a shock.

People were generally friendly, and there was undoubtedly a beauty to the harsh surroundings, but Raul still struggled to feel at home. In school, he was placed in a class for the newly arrived and had a hard time with studying and learning the singing-like language. He was friendly with most of the others, but didn’t really have any friends. He had always enjoyed football, but when the IDUFC started, he had a hard time watching it. Seeing the Lauchenoirian flag and hearing his old home mentioned time and time again left a sadness lingering within him.

Ironically, his father had a much easier time adapting to their new surroundings. His skills as a welder had landed him a job almost instantly, and while he was required to attend introductory language, history and social studies classes, the common tongue served just fine in the workplace. He had already made some friends, joined one of the unions, applied for membership in the Socialist Party of Gnejs (SPG), and overall seemed pleased.

Raul's only real "friend" was his appointed "integration counselor", Johan. He was nice to him, and seemed to understand what he was going through. One day they met at a café in downtown Segeltorp, and Johan presented Raul with an idea. "Gnejsians can be hard to approach, there's often this sense of formality lingering about, you know." He said while picking up the steaming teabag from his cup. Raul nodded. That was his impression as well. Even the kids his age had that "lingering formality". It seemed like they reserved their energy and interest for their groups of established friends, whereas there was always a certain distance – courtly, but always detached – when they interacted outside of those inner circles.

"But do you know what loosens them up a bit?" Johan continued, as he strangled the teabag with its piece of string, only putting it away when he was certain that every drop had went into the cup. "Alcohol and football, preferably combined," he said in answer to his own question. "It's banal, I know, but it's true. Tonight, the 'dandelions' play Gonhog. Go into town and find yourself a pub. There's a decent one by the park. I think it's called Olsen's. It usually caters to a fairly young crowd; kids your age or a little older, along with the old guard, of course. So, just sit down, have a beer or two, and observe." Raul nodded again, and sipped his cup of coffee. "I'm not saying that if you go there you'll magically make friends, that's not the point. The point is that you'll see people act differently. Just go, it'll be worth it."

While initially sceptic, Raul finally decided to go out that night. His father had been delighted about it, and when Raul was getting ready to go out the door, Manuel had shouted after him "Cheer for the Union, Raul, cheer for the Union!"

Olsen's only had a few patrons when Raul arrived, but then again it was short of an hour until game time. He stood still for a while and tried to take in the surroundings. Although he had only been studying PUG history and society for a short while, even he could tell the place was so obviously a blatant mishmash of cultural-regional stereotypes from all corners of the country, assembled in a way that only tourists and complete ignoramuses could find truly indicative of authentic and legitimate locality. Apparently, it was one of the most popular spots in town.

He sat down at the bar and ordered a domestic brew. It was a hefty bottle with a big orange anchor on it. It had a strong and musky taste, and it reminded Raul of coming in from the cold, and clothes slowly turning wet from melting snow. While nurturing his bottle, he observed more and more people entering the pub. There were two elderly men wearing peaked caps and thick grey ganseys, a big group of middle-aged men and women dressed in causal shirts and ties – most likely civil servants, and the ties would indicate they worked in the state sector – and after a while also several groups of young adults somewhere around his own age.

"Ok," Raul thought to himself, "Go ahead and show me different". Initially, nothing was very different from any other day he had experienced in Segeltorp so far. People were polite, and they all greeted him with a nod when they came up to the bar to place their orders, but none spoke to him. When he went to the restroom, he almost collided with another patron exiting, and the man apologized over and over, highlighting how unthoughtful and clumsy he had been, and semi-bowed as he retracted towards the bar without actually engaging in any real conversation.

He was about ready to leave, slightly disappointed about the whole affair. Nevertheless, when he got back to his seat, the game had started. He'd consciously stayed clear of the IDUFC up until this point, but when he saw the players running around the pitch on the big screen, he felt captivated, and decided to stay, for the game, if not anything else.

The 'dandelions' – apparently called so for their weed-like resilience and ability to patiently penetrate defensive lines, as a dandelion penetrates concrete – were in control for much of the first half of the game, but didn’t gain much on the Gonhog side. "A tight, technical game, full of careful passes and subtle positioning" was how one of the commentators labelled it after about 20 minutes of play, and Raul agreed. This was "northern" football played to perfection: defensive, disciplined, systematic. The football of Shuell and Gonhog. His father – while still sore about the subject of their home country – had been overtly annoyed and simultaneously awestruck when Lauchenoiria were defeated by Shuell just a few days ago, and had shouted "the only thing more "impressive" than the tightness of that defense is the list of human rights abuses perpetrated by their government" when the final whistle blew. Raul was surprised that to see that the 'dandelions' were playing the same kind of football. He didn’t quite know what he had expected, but in a way it made perfect sense that they played the way they did, based on how he knew the country.

About 35 minutes into the game, one of the old men with a peaked cap came up next to him at the bar to order another beer, round three or four, Raul guessed. He looked at Raul, waved his hand at the screen and said something in the native tongue. He had a thick accent and Raul only caught parts of it, but translating it in his head, it went something along the lines of "It's like standing up to yourself in the mirrors, heh". Raul, a bit startled, tried to reply, but his words came out all jumbled. Translated it would've been something like "keeping the longest will be hardest but we looks harsh in the game". The old man looked at him while he received his beer, and answered, this time in the common tongue, "Not from round here, are ye, originally, I take." Raul smiled and said that he was Lauchenoirian. The old man nodded while sipping his beer. "Dreadful business that, ye, dreadful. Good football though, if you like that kind of jumpy continental stuff, eh." Raul laughed, and was just about to recount his father's words about the Shuell defensive line, when the entire pub exploded in cheers. Nicolai Lennartson and Didrik Solstad had magnificently served Jack Wijk in front of the Gonhog keeper, and the 'dandelions' had the upper hand. The old man threw his arms in the air and shouted aloud, he turned to Raul and smacked him on the shoulder and said, "That's Wijk! That's the Finntorp-boy, on any given day we hate him*! But look at him now! Hero of the Union, right there, ye!"

The old man's friend was standing at their table, waving his peaked cap in the air and embracing one the civil servants from the next table. He started shouting "Svein!" towards the man standing with Raul, and motioned him to come back. Raul felt a bit apprehensive, not sure what to do or what would happen. However, Svein dragged Raul with him by the arm and shoved him right into the mix of middle-aged bureaucrats, old sailors and fashionable youngsters; he ended up holding hands and jumping up and down with a man in a plaid shirt and a girl he recognized from the tram he used to take to school.

When the euphoria settled, and halftime was a fact, he was invited to sit down at what had now become a tiny village of several tables all drawn together. Crammed in between Svein and plaid shirt guy, he was quickly engaged in conversation with a plurality if people. The game eventually commenced, and the second half mirrored the first in many aspects, with two strong teams that had little separating them. Raul was asked to comment on the game from his Lauchenoirian point of view and had an attentive audience when explaining their tradition of offensive football.

While at the bar and ordering another round, Raul got to talking with plaid shirt guy and the girl from the tram. He told them about his difficulties connecting with native gnejsians, and how Johan had suggested he'd come here during the game. "That's solid advice," said the girl, and took a big gulp of her beer. "It's like winter, really," said plaid shirt guy. "It's always a struggle to get inside the house, but once you're in, it's always warm."

As the game continued, and the 'dandelions' sealed their place in the semifinals with a late goal in the second bout of extra time, all the patrons of Olsen's – Raul included – were standing at the tables waving their pants over their heads and chanting.

*The cities of Finntorp on Ecpatia and Segeltorp are located close to one another on the northern coast, in the western part of Berg. The local football team IFK Segeltorp plays in the top level League 1, and has a fierce rivalry with the two League 1 clubs from Finntorp on Ecpatia, Finntorp IK and BK Rösunda.

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Re: IDU Football Championship 2018 (Results Thread)

Post by New Lusitania and the Algarves » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:48 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
Sport | Football|
The IDU Championships: Laeral

"Omnibus" Special : Groups and Knockout round

OOC - This "Omnibus" includes the not published third group stage match, which is, I admit out of place, as well as a retrospective of the Quarter finals, and a Preview.

L.O.M 2-2 New Lusitania, Parc de Auvergne (Att: 43,000)

After two draws, the game against L.O.M was of paramount importance, in keeping the Selecção in the competition. Libertas Omnium Maximus were a resourceful side during the groups, they didn't take many chances usually dropping to high pressure and an efficient tactic. Victor Santa Cruz was the embodiment of the Lusitanian Style of Play, fast, good, and attacking. New Lusitania would've also hoped that they could've played a usual laid back game and already be qualified, but it wasn't possible.
The 3-5-2 formation of New Lusitania included Patríce in goal, with Guerreiros, Cancela and Cédric Silva in defence, Nevais in the middle of the park alongside Fernando, in the flanks Jorge Mário and Gama, as Breu played Attacking Midfield that day, the forwards for the match were André Silveira and Henrique Costa. For L.O.M., Vanderbilt in goal, Marleen, Angly, Darkas and Levy in defence, Mueler, Burinski and Posvak in Midfield and Brookshire, Lan and Majin in the final third. The Selecção also had the presence of President Jorge Brandão which had come for the match specifically, cheering the team on. New Lusitania's sustained attack fell considerably well, Bruno Fernando's passing got the ball forwards often, and on the 29th the Selecção opened their tab, with a goal for Silveira. Gama shot the ball on target, Vanderbilt saving, and just before halftime, a messy play in which Posvak passed the ball into the the heart of New Lusitanian defence, LOM scored, driven off Luke Brookshire's foot. It was confusing however, the original shot came from teammate Mueler, which got deflected by Patríce stretching out, a rebound came from Majin, and that got deflected somehow landing at Guerreiros that cleared it to the halfway line where Posvak found it and put the rest of the play into action, Mueler tried again but it was Brookshire from the side of the goal, that made it go along the line, hitting the post and going in.
Halftime, and the teams came back a bit more freshened up. Fernando, team captain, went in with the idea of cup success, and pushed the team. Henrique Costa crossed the ball into the area, deflected by Darkas and Fernando with a volley into the net... they were leading once more!
Victor Santa Cruz felt the pressure mounting on hi three-man defence, and changed to a 4-3-3 taking Breu off for Daniel Carriça. It was a style that paid off for the Dutch in the seventies and it seemed to work well here as an alternative to the main system. A mistake from Jorge Mário let the adversary through. Ying Lan's goal would spell New Lusitania's fate, as they said farewell to Laeral, and goodbye to the trophy, hoping to conquer it in 2019. For now, however that is all, as an efficient LOM side progress - New Lusitania can pride itself on being the best non-progressing side, although that means naught, on 3 points and 5 goals, more converted shots than Slokais, Gonhog or LOM themselves.
After the match we spoke to Victor Santa Cruz, national coach, which enlightened us on his views of the game. He stated that "he was quite disappointed, specially after the formidable game that New Lusitania played", he also felt personal responsibility and assuring that this was after all "not what he or anyone else there wanted for the Selecção". He once more asserted that "the notion that we were underdogs was a false one and although it gave us a slight advantage against Trive, the notion is ludicrous, was proved wrong and I'm glad we could at least transmit that we are a great team, who practice good football and might be a contender in the future", leaving with the statement that they would always "fight for the trophy", thanking the hosts Laeral and fellow group members Trive on having the idea and going ahead with it and that they would be there to play in following editions, hopefully. Bruno Fernando shared certain thoughts affirming that "we played so well and we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we had a good foothold on the game and we allowed them to build up play towards the last ten minutes or so". Upon asked on a final statement he decided to let the IDU know that "New Lusitania will, hopefully, return should there be another edition, and they would fight with their all". Victor Santa Cruz has remembered that New Lusitania's next objective is a good presence on the Independent Associations Trophy in Mercedini, and later on, to be in the run for the World Cup.
Around the grounds , the last eight became known. In group D, Gonhog limited itself to drawing against Trive and qualify as group winner, along with Libertas Omnium Maximus. In Group A, United New England gave another solid performance after a 2-0 win to Bonalando, Lauchenoiria asserted their candidacy after a 4-0 win to Legionas, leaving the losers with three.
Group B's winners Shuell beat last placed Lumeau, whilst Slokais put The Dezreik's small dreams to sleep with an easy 1-0 win at the Stade Cenefort.
In Group C, Laeral and Conternia drew 2-2, ending the hosts dreams in front of 76,000 people. Conternia's Michael Kubben the guilty party as he slotted a goal in stoppage time, though it wasn't enough for them to go through. Verwood needed only a point, Gnejs could go through with such, but a win would guarantee it. The game ended with a point for each, after a 1-1 score at the Hanshui meaning they'd both progressed.
(FULL TIME: 2-2)

Review: The Quarter- Finals of the Championships

New Lusitania may have been knocked out, but the show went on in Laeral. The hosts themselves now had to look to two different locations as the competition continued, though the National Team getting knocked out, the XIII Olympiad had commenced in Republica, a city of the Free Republics.
The first tie matched Group A winners United New England with the Slokais Islands. New England had been the best team in the group stage, leaving it in a perfect run. Slokais were wobbly, but managed to secure progression after a win against the Dezreik, ending on two victories for the football crazed nation. The stage would be the Stade International Laeralien. Despite Owanga's great form in goal, Temir managed score before halftime. Martel scored a second and the Slokaisians were losing hope, which was retributed by David Harris. The coach tried to push for extra time or the victory, putting an extra forward on. The Video Assistant Referee, or VAR, for short was put into play in revision of Tep's goal which was offside. Slokais didn't end Scot free as the Revision Centre also called a penalty for handball, which was scored. Full time, 3-1 and United New England show know signs of stopping.
The beautiful city of Althea was host to Tie Two, which was the 26th Game of the tournament. The powerful Verwood side against the efficient LOM. Vanderbilt had so far been in the run for the Golden Glove and proved why in this thrilling match with save after save after save. Though LOM showed signs of scoring with the first goal coming on 40 minutes, by Majin. In the second half, Verwood managed to turn it around, with goals by Hunter and a 90th minute goal by Mitchell, that carried Verwood into the Semis.
The Hanshui Stadium was home to Shuell, a team without a defeat, against Lauchenoiria. Once more, a clash between very different styles of play as Lauchenoiria try to play the game as graciously as they can with their great skill, as Shuell played a disciplined style of football, as everything is done inside the nation. The difficulty in getting out of Shuell combined with the big Lauchenoirian population base in Laeral, made the stadium's fans overwhelming cheering towards the formerly war torn country. The linesman had no work cut out for him in this game, as he had to call several decisions offside, including a goal by Steffen. Hansen didn't have this problem though, opening the scoring sheet just before halftime for Shuell. Despite several attempts to score, Lauchenoiria didn't manage to find the target. Things worsened, as the Referee awarded a penalty for the leading side after a foul by Mendoza on Gardner who promptly scored. Although this was the right decision, the Referee soon lost control of the game, as it grew dirtier, and issued several yellow cards. This changed nothing as Shuell progressed strongly on a 2-0 win.
The final game was indeed the weakest, Gonhog against Gnejs, it proved to be just as good, however. Many shots on target in this open game whose tab was opened with the Dandelions' Wiijk, scoring, with the play using great usage of aerial play. Årkevik had had a good match in goal, and the Gnejs fans were already half-celebrating the win. However, Bullock created a chance in which he was left no chance when he passed the ball to Nurul, which had zoomed in to shoot it into the net. Extra-time. One of the most nerve-racking points in a knockout match, bar a penalty shootout itself. There had been a point in which whoever scored went through, then we gave the opposite side a chance to score until the end of the half, but this didn't work, so football returned to good ol' 30 minutes of footy, no exceptions. What makes extra time that complicated though, is adding another half hour of play to tired players as well as being a very short period of time.
However, the one goal was enough this time. After the first fifteen, nothing was settled, and at the very end of it all, Lillestrøm and Solstad create another attack, the former scoring, and taking Gnejs into the semis, as they wheeled away into celebration. After taking the ball back, they tried to hold for 2 minutes and a half, and there it was, with a kick from the keeper it was over!
Gnejs had triumphed in what was always predicted to be an even match, and indeed it was. The Dandelions will now have to play Shuell.
Overall, the Quarters provided good football, three of the clear favourites went through, plus one in the game that could go either way. The tournament clearly still has a lot to give...

Opinion: Who'll Go All The Way in Laeral by Tomás Loureiro, Sports Correspondent for "O Diário"

We've had a decent tournament in Laeral and it isn't over yet. There's still four teams in it, all in the hunt to become IDU Champions.
Although both New Lusitania and Laeral got knocked out during the group stage, although there has been many ninety minute goals, which have shattered many dreams along the way, there hasn't been that many actual surprises in the tournament, as three of the four odds-on favourites progressing to the semis, United New England will now play Verwood, as Shuell play Gnejs
United New England has been the strongest team in the tournament by far, with a Garrison of a Wall in defence and a ruthless attack. They have yet to lose and they have cruised past the competition. Verwood has also been strong, making it the Round's Pick Match. They were also solid in the group stages, but struggled against LOM, managing to go through with a stoppage time goal.
The verdict on this one? It'll be an extremely tight game and although United New England are still the favourites, Verwood have plenty of tricks up their sleeve and create the shock of the tournament.
Shuell against Gnejs. Shuell is in the same position as U.New England, though hasn't shown as much power as the referred. Though originally underestimated, they've come a long way. Gnejs was one of two teams that qualified with just 4 points and have had their fair share of close calls, the last of which an Extra-time win against Gonhog in the last two minutes.
The verdict? Shuell will be the clear favourite to win this, Gnejs will have a tough time to break through the opposition.
Predicting the Final... And the Winners
The Logical Choice: The logical choice will definitely be United New England against Shuell, in this case it would represent who has yet to lose a game, and the loser of this one will indeed falter at the end. In this scenario, United New England don't show any sign of stopping and will most likely hoist the trophy.

The Risqué Choice: Verwood just might have what it takes to pull through, Shuell still the clear favourite on the other bracket. In this one it'll be a much more even contest should Shuell qualify. Verwood could make it, but Shuell seem stronger by the match.

Gnejs of course could still do something against UNE or Verwood. Despite being an exciting team to watch, like a fine wine, it'll take a few years to mature at an international level, and maybe then they can challenge these sides - what a surprise Verwood against Gnejs would be! The honest belief is that they are the weakest of the four sides doesn't hold a bid as strong as the others. The ball is round though and anything can happen on that pitch. Should Gnejs win, they'll be crowned as Underdog Champions, a team of ups and downs getting the title. Who knows...

(Part Four)

GOALS: Francisco Gama (2), André Silveira (1).
ASSISTS: Fernando (2), Mário (1)
CARDS: Cédric (1Y)
INJURIES: None to Report

World Cup Quals
Top Goalscorers: Silveira, Gama (11).
Assists: Fernando (9)
Cup of Harmony
Top Goalscorer: Silveira (2)
Assists: Fernando (3)

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