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IDU Football Championship 2019 (Host Bids)

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:39 am
by Laeral
IDUFC 2019 Host Bids
After the success of the 2018 IDU Football Championship, it's now time for another iteration of this region-wide sporting tournament.* After both tournament winner Gnejs and runner-up United New England declined to host, this event has been opened up for hosting bids.

OOC: What will hosting the IDUFC entail?
Basically whatever you want to make of it! This most recent IDUFC was the first one hosted in a decade, and so I just sort of improvised the way it was done: using, the skill points system based on initial RP contributions, writing up lengthy and detailed descriptions of each match. How this IDUFC will look is largely up to the host to decide. In my own experience, I found it quite time-consuming to write up the description of each match, so I would suggest only providing some basic details (the final score, which players scored and when, maybe a highlight of the game) for each match. Part of the host bid app will involve explaining how you would intend to run the Championship.

IDUFC 2019 Host Application
Nation Name:
Host Cities:
Brief Description of Cities:
Description of Host Nation's Football History:
Scorinator Used for Championship: (, Xkorinate, other simulator)
Plans for Championship: (How would you host the event? How would the starting value of each team be calculated? Would there be a bonus for placing well in last year's IDUFC, or in the NS Olympics? How much description would you provide after every match? Etc.)
Bid applications will close around Sunday, April 12th, or if four event bids are placed.

*the reason it's numbered as the 2019 iteration is because the 2018 IDUFC went from November 2018 to January 2019 anyways, and we're just running a bit behind here.

Re: IDU Football Championship 2019 (Host Bids)

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:55 pm
by Libertas Omnium Maximus
IDUFC Host Bid
Libertas Omnium Maximus
Nation Name: Libertas Omnium Maximus

Host City: For logistical reasons, we do not intend to host the entirety of the championship in one city (as most cities don't have more than two or three full-sized stadiums). There will be a total of four groups during the "group stage" of the tournament (see "plans for championship"). Each group will play their games in one of four cities: Litudinem, Perra, Iustita City, or Lumeniola. The Quarter and Semi-final rounds will be hosted in Litudinem and the Grand Finals will be hosted in Perra. Transportation and Jetlag shouldn't be a concern as all of the host cities are located in the same timezone and transportation for players and team staff will be provided by the government of Libertas Omnium Maximus.

Brief Description of City/Cities:

Litudinem is the capital of Libertas Omnium Maximus and the second-largest city in the nation. It is home to dozens of "must-visit" destinations including the National Museum of Modern Art, the Presidential Garden, Eden Tower (the tallest building in Libertas Omnium Maximus and one of the tallest in the world), NatuticaLand (an underwater-themed amusement park), and the Maximusian War of Independence Museum. Since it's the capital of the nation, Litudinem is also home to some of the most important and influential individuals in the world, including President Brown and Chancellor Milnton. In terms of facilities, Litudinem is home to the largest association football stadium in the nation, which has a max capacity of 91,050 spectators. It also has a smaller sports center (which can serve as a football stadium) that has a maximum capacity of 38,297 spectators. Litudinem International (LTD), Litudinem’s largest airport, is equipped to handle and service even the largest of planes meaning that most teams will be able to have a direct flight into the nation.

Perra might seem like an odd choice for host city since it is hardly a sprawling metropolis (Litudinem has about twice as many people). Although the city considerably smaller than the other three host locations, Perra happens to be the founding location of the Maximusian League of Association Football (MLAF). Football is easily the most popular sport in Perra and, as such, the city has nearly a half-dozen facilities capable of hosting IDUFC matches. Aside from having more than sufficient facilities, Perra is home to the MLAF Hall of Fame, one of the most popular locations for tourists in the entire province. Perra also has a mid-sized airport capable of receiving most continental flights.

Iustitia City was an obvious choice for host city. For one thing, it’s by far the biggest city in the entire nation. It’s also home to several association football teams including the Iustitia Jets (A minor league team) and the Iustitia Classics (The 2019 MLAF champions). To top it all off, Iustitia City happens to be the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the entire nation. Visitors to Iustitia City can visit its stunning beaches, ancient cathedrals, dozens of art and historical museums, and the city’s world-famous 950 acre “Touch of Grace” park. Logistically, Iustitia City is perhaps the best choice of all to host the IDUFC since it has one of the most subway systems in the nation and a massive international airport (IUS)

Lumeniola may be the last city on our list but it is certainly not least. Lumeniola is regarded by many to be the single most visually stunning city in the entire nation. It boasts impressive architecture, beautiful views of the foothills surrounding the city, and a vibrant nightlife that will ensure players enjoy their time off the pitch just as much as they enjoy their time playing. Due to its relatively high altitude, Lumeniola experiences much cooler summer nights than many of the other cities in the nation. This breeze should help players stay cool on the pitch. In terms of transportation, like any other large city, Lumeniola has a fairly large airport capable of receiving most flights.

Description of Host Nation's Football History: Historians are not 100% sure when Association Football really came to Libertas Omnium Maximus. There are several photographs dating back to the 1910s depicting children playing the game. As such, we can say for certain that football has been a sport in our nation for at least a century. With that said, the game remained more of a pastime than a professional sport until the 1930s when the National Football Association was founded. At first, the league only consisted of eight teams and was based exclusively out of Perra but would begin adding new teams in the following years. By the 1950s, the league consisted of 12 teams, many of which were from as far south as Chesterton. Recognizing the nation-wide interest in football, a much more centralized and well-run organization was founded in 1956. It came to be known as the Maximusian League of Association Football and quickly became the preeminent football league in the nation. Today, that same organization is still the premier football league in Libertas Omnium Maximus. It consists of 32 teams, with each team playing exactly one match against every other team in the league during seasonal play. The top 8 teams from seasonal play progress into a post-season single-elimination tournament, culminating with a championship final. The winner of the MLAF Championship game is awarded the Gold Pike Trophy, arguably the most prestigious award in any Maximusian sport.

Scorinator Used for Championship: Despite the fact that it is less sophisticated than Xkorinator, I will be using to scorinate the entirety of this championship. The simple truth of it is that I find League Simulator to be much more user friendly than Xkorinate. A wise man once said that "simple is better" and I took that saying to heart when choosing a method of scorination. League Simulator is also highly functional and will more than adequately serve our needs. I'll be setting the tournament on semi-random to ensure that every participant has a fighting chance, even if they very poorly allocate their points (see "plans for championship). In addition to the semi-random settings, ill be running the championship as a 16 team + 4 group World Cup tournament. From what I can tell, this is the setup that will work best with our region.

Plans for Championship: As I said in "Scorinator used...", I will be running the championship as a semi-random-16-team+4-group-World-Cup. This means that the 16 participants will be placed into groups of four at the start of the tournament. Each team will play every other team in their group. After all the teams have played, the best two teams of each group will move into a single-elimination tournament. Ultimately, the team that is never eliminated will be this year's victor. Due to the limitations of the scorination method, there will not be a looser's bracket or a wild card system (which would be unnecessary with 16 teams anyway).

As far as announcing the scores go, I will write up a short paragraph for each match describing it's highlights. I will also list the score and any penalties incurred during the course of the game. During the group stage, every team will play once a week (8 games per week). During the knockout stage, I'll only run one stage per week (so, 4 games for the quarter-finals, 2 games for the semi-finals, and one game for the finals). In total, the tournament should last a total of 6 weeks.

Regardless of who gets to host. I am super excited to be taking part in another IDUFC. Good luck to all. I'll see you on the pitch!

Re: IDU Football Championship 2019 (Host Bids)

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:09 pm
by The Federation of Legionas


Nation Name: The Federation of Legionas

Host Cities:
Due to unavoidable logistical challenges we will have a total of five host cities namely Aunistria, Sherfield, Moense, Bayview, Verdesia. The new capital of the nation, Aunistria, will be the host city for the final whereas the others will host the group stages as well as the quarter and semi finals. Sherfield will host Group A matches, Moense will host Group B matches, Bayview will host Group C matches and Verdesia will host Group D matches. Sherfield and Moense will host the Quarter Finals. Bayview and Verdesia will host the Quarter Finals with the Third Place Play-off taking place in Bayview.

Description of Brief City:
>Aunistria- The Jewel of the modern day Federation of Legionas, Aunistria stands tall as the most expensive project ever taken by the nation. Officially becoming the capital of Legionas in 2019, 11th October to be precise, the city is ready to be introduced to the world through this international event. The stadium to host the final is the Brand New Martin T. Bradshaw Arena which has a capacity of 83,000 people. Outside of the beautiful game, fans will be able to enjoy the brand new attractions in the city such as the tallest building, The Needle, Freedom Gardens, Museum of Legionite Art, Two Rivers Mall and Parliament Square.

>Sherfield- The football-mad city of the Nation, Sherfield was an obvious choice when deciding on one of the host cities. The atmosphere in the two stadiums to be utilized, the Mara X Arena with a capacity of 67,900 spectators and Sherfield Central Stadium with a capacity of 71,335 spectators is guaranteed to be passionate with ultras from the largest teams in the city, Sherfield City and Sherfield United expected to be in attendance. With a vibrant nightlife, fans will be able to unwind after a day of watching the beautiful game. Visitors may also visit attractions such as the Sherfield Zoo, Dreamland Amusement Park and National Art Museum.

>Moense- The financial capital of the nation, Moense was an unlikely but unique choice as a host city. Two brand new stadiums completed in late 2019, LegionAir Arena with a capacity of 53,500 spectators and Rhodes Park with a capacity of 47,000 spectators will host matches. Attractions such as the Moense Circus are sure to keep fans entertained between matches. Bars and casinos are also prevalent in the city allowing older fans to enjoy their stay and socialize with Legionites as well as other nationalities.

>Bayview- The largest city and former capital of the Federation of Legionas was another obvious choice for a host city. With a vibrant and massive nightlife, the 'city that never sleeps' lives up to its name as the most cosmopolitan city in the nation. Bars, cabarets, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters and cinemas will adequately entertain the massive crowd of fans expected to arrive. Attractions such as the Bayview Waterfront, stunning beaches, the Bayview Amusement Park as well as various museums of art and history, are also expected to receive many visitors, mostly fans from other nations. The Largest stadium in the nation, the 90,000 seater Millenial Stadium as well as the 63,900 seater King William I stadium will host matches.

>Verdesia- The Royal Capital of the Federation of Legionas as well as the oldest city in the nation, Verdesia's rich and unique culture as the 'City of a thousand Palaces' led to its inclusion as one of the host cities. The recently renovated King Rumius I Arena with a capacity of 59,320 spectators and the Erickson Stadium with a capacity of 39,750 spectators are lively arenas with fiery atmospheres during most if not all matches. The famous 'Yellow Wall' in the King Rumius I Arena is the largest free-standing grandstand in the IDU with a capacity of 21,000. Its presence gives the stadium one of the most intimidating home atmospheres in the world. The night life is vibrant and expansive with an infamous red-light district within the city's tourist quarter. Tours are also available to fans who would like to learn more about the history of the city.

All the cities are connected to the national Bullet Train Line which will ensure rapid transportation of players and fans. Road transport is possible but will possibly be avoided en masse due to congestion in the cities. Air transport may also be used as all the host cities have airports. Free public transport services will be offered for ticketholders during the championship, including additional trains linking host cities, as well as services such as tram and subway services within them. Brand new hotels have been constructed all around the nation to accommodate the estimated number of fans which may even be upwards of 1 million spectators. Broadcast rights have been secured by various telecommunication companies such as Mara Group of Legionas which will broadcast the entire event to upwards of 1 billion spectators around the IDU.

Description of Host Nation's Football History:
Association Football has been a widely popular sport for centuries in Legionas. Believed to have been introduced to the nation in the mid 19th century by foreign merchants, it quickly became the most popular sport for working class Legionites, the aristocratic population still preferring more noble sports such as horse racing. In 1873, King William II ordered the creation of an organization to organize football in the nation as well as draw up the official rules of the game. This led to the formation of the Legionite Football Association in 1874 which first met at Kristiansand Manor on the outskirts of Ordstead, Eastern Legionas. The Kristiansand Rules were soon drawn up as well as the creation of the National Football League which began its first season in September 1883. Teams were mostly from the large cities of Bayview, Verdesia and Moense which only changed in the 1920's when teams from Sherfield, Ordstead, Konigsberg and Hartford were introduced. The league now consisted of 20 teams which was now set as the standard for all Legionite Leagues. The creation of a new competition known as the Royal Cup was formed to allow the teams to compete in an annual knockout competition for the Prestigious Royal Trophy, presented by the King Himself. The competition would run in tandem with the Leagues, with the national football calendar being decided by the Federation. In 1947, various delegates from Catican Football Associations met in 1947 in Sherfield and formed the CUFA, Catican Union of Football Associations, which would monitor all catican football associations as well as hosting the Catican Super Cup and Catican Nations Cup. In 1995 the National Football League changed its name to the Legionite Premier League. Widespread reforms were enacted in 2010 to modernize the rules of the game as well as removing redundant rules that hindered the game. In 2015 the LFA in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Infrastructure undertook the construction of 20 brand new stadiums across the nation to replace old and dangerous stadiums after the Pride Park Disaster in 2014 which took the lives of 856 people when a section of the stands collapsed. In 2019 the LFA organized an annual Senate FC vs Chamber of Deputies United charity match which managed to raise 65 million Aureus for charity.

Scorinator Used for Championship: simply because it's much more user friendly than Xkorinate and also seems to have served us well in the last IDUFC.

Plans for Championship:
The championship will have a total of 16 teams from the IDU who will participate in a 16-team, 4-group-World-Cup draw .Nations will rank their team's offense and defense score on a ratio from 1-9 with 9 being the best score and produce a squad list of 23 players, 3 of which being goalkeepers.There will be no bonus for placing well in last year's IDUFC since football is a very unpredictable sport, ask the Dutch irl, and it wouldn't seem fair to newer teams. I will provide the final score of the games played as well as the key events, injuries and anything else of importance. Articles by participant nations as well as outside observing nations are encouraged and appreciated. The entire championship will take a total of six weeks, the group stages taking three weeks, quarter and semi-finals taking two weeks and the final taking the last week.

I'm super excited for this championship and, regardless of who gets to host it, may the best team win.

Re: IDU Football Championship 2019 (Host Bids)

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 3:05 am
by Laeral
I was greatly impressed by the bids of both Libertas Omnium Maximus and Legionas to host the 2019 IDU Football Championship. Both bids displayed a great deal of effort, and it was clear to me that either of them would make an excellent host for the event. There was no clear bid that would be superior to the other, and so, with the permission of both bidders, I flipped a coin to decide the host. Legionas will be the next host of the IDUFC, and I wish him the best of luck as he hosts this tournament. I'd like to thank both for their willingness to take on the tournament, and I hope that LOM will have a chance to host in the future.