2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

The Olympics! IDU Style.
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2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:23 am

Welcome to the 2019 Shuell Olympics
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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Shuell » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:52 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Olympiad To Officially Begin

Shuellian citizens eagerly watched the opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 Olympics take place today in our capital city of Central.

Some of the greatest athletes of the world gathered here tonight, competing in a sporting spectacle that will surely be remembered for years to come.

"Shuell, Tis for Thee" was sung by the Schalkwyk Children's Choir, and as is customary to do when the national anthem is played, the flag was saluted by them as they sang. This was followed by an unfurling of the Shuellian banners across the stadium before multiple beacons of light were activated in a representation of the torch lighting ceremony. These beacons of light were provided by Souller GmBH. Souller GmBH: You'll never go wrong with Souller.

As the competing teams of various nations march across the stadium, we just know that some of you may experience cravings for nicotine. This opening ceremony is sponsored by Bullseye Tobacco. Bullseye Tobacco: We'll hit the spot. Bullseye Tobacco is a subsidiary of the Sailbetter Food Company.

The first event will begin tomorrow, and the Olympics as a whole will likely last multiple weeks, due to a large number of events.

Remember to report any illegal activity seen during the Olympiad. Shuell stands strong.
Recreation has a time and a place.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:08 am

The Eirian Delegation Walked out of the Gaping entrance to the stadium, the Eirian Triband in front as a banner of pride. Holding that banner were the Durand Archery Siblings, Jacqueline and Devon. Every athlete was decked in the Eirian colors of Green, Teal, and Blue. Some even wore Stripes of Facepaint like the Eirian Flag. Each athlete was hyped to be there, and boy did they show it.

The Delegation stopped for a moment, and, to the enjoyment of the crowd, Did a synchronized Eirian Victory Salute, by placing their right fist over their hearts, and then raising them into the air. They kept on walking, waving and cheering. The Eirians had a unusual level of National Pride compared to normal, but that was part of the fun of it. When it comes to the Olympics, Eirians are expressive as they can be.
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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Shen » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:24 am

187 men and women marched out like they were in parade formation. A sea of intricate gold uniforms with a blue stripe diagonally bisecting down from there right shoulder, and the Imperial Dragon prominently displayed on their right sleave

The shen Imperial Olympic team looked more like a military unit then young men and women about to participate in an athletic competition.

Zhang Juanjuan, the famed shen archer was at the front of the formation carrying the Golden Dragon Banner. the national flag of the empire.

The precise marching formation made their way through the cheering crowds, keeping their gaze directed forward until they passed in front of the VIP booth.

Each athlete turn their heads up towards the Booth, specifically looking for Prince Wu Genbao. The child of their God-Empress.

The middle-aged balding Prince stood up strong and straight, As the athletes looked at him before turning their attention forward and marching down the rest of the course and taking their seats with the other athletes.

As soon as they had sat down me Stern looks melted away and the excitement that they had all been containing inside of them exploded outward. Reaching into their pockets almost everyone pulled out their phones and started taking pictures with their fellow athletes from all countries.

Juanjuan enthusiastically waved the flag and spent the remainder of the evening trying to get as many photos of herself with the other flag bearers as possible.

it was clear that's the stern pageantry the state expected from their athletes wasn't going to get in the way of them having the time of their lives.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:34 am

Litudinem Herald
Maximusian Athletes Proudly show their numbers in Olympiad Opening Ceremony
During today's opening ceremony of the 2019 Shuell Olympics, the Maximusian delegation showed its immense size as it paraded across the stadium. At nearly 200 athletes, the Maximusian delegation is one of the largest to be competing in the 2019 Olympic Games. During their procession, the Maximusian Athletes all carried ceremonial spears, creating a wall of sharp points that must have looked extremely foreboding up close.

At the very head of the group was the Maximusian Woman's soccer team. This is their very first outing on the international stage and it would seem they wanted everyone to know that they were a force to be reckoned with. The women all were dressed in steel armor, reminiscent of that worn by the (pre-Maximusian) Iustitia soldiers in the 1200s and 1300s. Although the Women's team is not favored to win gold this year, their spirits seemed high as they paraded across that stadium.

Not to be outdone by the Women's Team, the Men's football team, which has been favored to win gold by multiple publications, carried traditional maces and ball-and-chains in their free hands.

President Lucas Brown of Libertas Omnium Maximus could be seen from the stands jumping up and down throughout the entire procession. "This is the most fun I've had in years!" Brown told The Litudinem Herald after the ceremony concluded. He latter added, "In my extremely biased opinion... I would say that our delegation had the best showing by far. Watching all of those spears come down sent shivers down my spine. I wouldn't take them on with an army behind me. I feel awful for whoever has to go up against them!"

The whole world is watching and it would seem the Maximusian delegation really gave them a show to remember. The best part is, the games have only just begun!

November 3rd, 2019

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:13 am

(Joint Post with Shen Empire)

Once the delegations do a lap of the stadium, they are directed to a seating area. Flagbearers must stand in the front until the rest of the delegations finish up. Jacqueline watched each Delegation enter, both her and her brother practically high on euphoria and excitement for just being here. She was so entranced, she almost didn't notice the soft tap on her shoulder.

Zhang Juanjuan was by no means an intimidating woman. Short by International standards with her Raven hair and her soft blue eyes no one to blame her if you didn't think that she was one of the best archers on the planet. As soon as their routine was over she took her spot on the podium with all the other flag bearers. She knew what she wanted to do to commemorate this moment. She's never get another chance to be here.

Slowly she made her way behind the first set of flag bearers. Taking in a deep breath she slowly reached out with her hand and tap them on the shoulder

" ex...excuse me"

Jacqueline turned after a moment, her dark brown hair sweeping in her ponytail as she turned. "Yes, Madame?" She asked politely.

Crap what was I going to do? Why did I do this. They're going to think I'm weird. Now you can do this. Come on just ask. You're going to kick yourself if you don't ask.

The small woman took a deep breath exhaling before finally speaking. Turning her soft blue eyes upwards towards Jacqueline

"I un... can I take a picture with you guys? You know we're both flag bearers."

Jacqueline smiled. "Of course! I'm Jacqueline, by the way, and this is my brother Devon. Archery". She says, gesturing to Devon, who gives a nod and offers his hand that wasn't holding one side of the Eirian Banner. "What's your name?".

The young woman about her head as if she was greeting someone in her home country "Juanjuan. Zhang Juanjuan. I'm representing my country as part of the Imperial archery team. I suppose that means we will meet in competition. "

She stood back up right and motions to one of her teammates to take a picture. Standing next to Jacqueline holding her own Banner High so that the mighty Dragon was visible.

At the last second, Devon snuck up between them and photobombed them, leaving them laughing after the picture was taken. Jacqueline was also impressed at Juanjuan's reputation.

"You're *the* Zhang Juanjuan. Well, we're gonna face some steep competition!". She laughed goodnaturedly. "Well, it was very nice to meet you Juanjuan. Hopefully we can grab a coffee before the Olympics are over and discuss our nations' approaches to Archery. Good Luck in the competition tomorrow!" She said as the next Delegation entered, it appears it would be the Maximusians. The siblings walked back to join the Eirian Delegation.

Their new friend wave them goodbye as she made her way to the next delegate, intending to get everyone to take a picture with her before the night was over.
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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:34 pm

As the Lauchenoirian athletes made their way into the stadium, they managed to stay (mostly) in formation by some miracle. Their formation was much more relaxed than those of some countries, however. They were decked out in green, white and yellow, and walked out eagerly, smiling at the crowd.

By deliberate choice, those on the outsides of the line seemed far more enthusiastic than those in the middle. The Lauchenoirians on the outside cheered and waved, glancing up at the crowd. The flag bearers enthusiastically waved their flags, the butterflies fluttering in the wind, mimicking the motion of the real insects.

In the middle some, though not many, of the athletes seemed more subdued and warier. They still waved and smiled, but there was a hint of falseness to their attitude. These were the Communists among the delegation. They had been warned not to bring up politics during their stay, but they were still nervous.

Those appearing nervous though were well in the minority, with the vast majority of Lauchenoirian athletes looking energised and passionate about representing their country. In the wake of the civil war, they all knew Lauchenoiria’s international reputation had suffered somewhat, and they were determined that, at least for the next few weeks, when the word “Lauchenoiria” was uttered on the tongues of people across the IDU, it would refer to sport, and not to war.


The Kerlian delegation’s formation was far tighter, with all the athletes nervous about stepping out of line, as all good, loyal Kerlians should be. As they waved and cheered as they had been ordered, they did not need to fake the sense of excitement they felt, however. In pink, purple and gold, they were representing the Matriarchy, in a foreign country!

Very, very few of them had ever left Kerlile before. In fact, of the entire group of Kerlian athletes, only those with the blood of a Councillor had ever set foot on foreign soil. It would negatively impact on their performance, they knew, that they’d had so little chance to compete in the past, but they did not care.

They looked up at the crowd with a sense of wonderment, knowing that amongst that crowd lay spectators from their own country, who, like them, had been allowed to travel for the first time. As they stared up at the crowd, the lack of gender segregation a source of interest and slight fear, it was clear to every Kerlian presently in Shuell, and many back home, that this was the beginning of a new age for the Matriarchy.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Zamastan » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:11 pm

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
Click Here to Visit The Tofino Times Website
Monday, November 4th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 6312 | In the News: SHUELL OLYMPICS
Amidst Political Turmoil Back Home, Zamastanian Athletes are Preparing to Make Sporting History


Zamastanian Athletes entered the opening ceremonies in the city of Central, commencing the 2019 Shuell Olympics on Sunday night, captivating audiences back home while political turmoil unravels there. Shuell's games are bound to draw much attention from Zamastanian audiences, as many veteran and rookie athletes alike are looking to perform highly in many of the events. A Laeralian prediction poll anticipated the Zamastanian soccer team to achieve bronze in men's and silver in women's.

Samantha Forrester, the rookie Individual Female performing in the 1500m Athletics, is also projected to perform extremely well, as she is one of the fasted recorded athletes in the qualifiers of any of the participating nations.

The Zamastanian Men's Basketball team, widely regarded as one of the best basketball teams in the IDU, is also expected to perform extremely well. Headed by captain and point-guard Lamar Weoden, they consist of the highest ranking members of individual Zamastanian teams.

Both male and female boxers, Jack Massey and Cora Kurry, are projected for gold medals.

And finally, the women's gymnastics team is ranked professionally as one of the best IDU gymnastic teams. They have promising athletes such as Gabriel Vofi and Elizabeth Winse, two members who have won international competitions in previous years. Several promising rookie members are also present on the team.

Coaches for the Zamastan Delegation say that Zamastan's greatest competition in the games will be Laeral, Shuell, and Libertas Omnium Maximus, with additional potential adversaries being Trive, North Cross, Christos, and Eiria. Gardavasque is also a promising opponent in these games, with high ranked athletes across the board.

The participating nations are:
United New England
High Fells
Andhra Republic
Libertas Omnium Maximus
North Cross


See full article here: https://zkcastor.wixsite.com/thetofinotimes

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Comhar » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:25 pm

Press Release - Comhar National Olympic Committee

The Comhar National Olympic committee chairwoman Leonara Biros would like to congratulate Shuell and all the national committees on a wonderful opening of the 2019 IDU Olympics. Comhar is proud to participate in an event that showcases camaraderie, athletic excellence, and international cooperation. The entire nation wishes the athletes a safe and successful Olympic Games.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Gardavasque » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:49 pm

Cue: NewsBrief Theme Music

Gardavasque Radio and Information for the People. Live from GRIP News studios in Eternity, I’m Dee Pendable Mosely with these Headlines for Monday November 4th, 2019.

2019 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies Off to Spectacular Start in Schuell

Tens of thousands of athletes and spectators from around the International Democratic Union crowded into Central’s Olympic Stadium in Shuell for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2019 Shuell Olympic Games last night. At over 4 hours, 45 minutes, ticket-holders for the opening ceremonies were treated to a dazzling display of Shuellian arts, history, and culture performances as temperatures hovered just above zero degrees. President Sloan and members of the International Olympic Committee were keen to point out Shell’s famous “Bread and Salt” hospitality as an eerie haze of tobacco smoke and fireworks floated overhead. Following the Parade of Nations and Flag Raising portions of the Ceremony, the highlight of the Opening Ceremonies was the conclusion of the Olympic Torch Relay where a Shuellian competitor entered the stadium amid cheering crowds to light the Olympic Torch which will burn for the duration of the Games. This year, the delegations of Gardavasque, Great Tequila Island, Ecclesiastical Dominions, and The Lavender Country have opted to travel together, and share quarters in the Olympic Village, citing apprehension about running afoul of the Shuellian modesty and morality laws, considered harsh by South Hespian standards. Competitions are set to begin tomorrow. For all the latest information on events, scores, and medals log on to GRIPNews.com.gdv/2019Olympics.

We will return to news headlines after this public service announcement.

Cue: PSA on Second Hand Smoke
Did you know that secondhand smoke kills more than five thousand infants and four million adult nonsmokers every year in the International Democratic Union? Although smoking is rare in Gardavasque, tobacco use is still common in many other nations with less-developed healthcare systems. Secondhand smoke exposure is when nonsmokers breathe in smoke exhaled by smokers or from burning tobacco products. When traveling in areas where people, smoke, remember to be aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke, especially in public places, such as hotels, restaurants, and hospitality establishments and avoid public places where smoking is allowed. Ask your host if a smoke-free room or a non-smoking seating area is available, usually it costs a little extra, but it’s worth it if it keeps your lungs free of harmful carcinogens. The bottom line is—there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure. This message brought to you by the Gardavascan College of Pulmonology and the Partnership for Breathable Air.

You’re listening to GRIP News. Gardavasque Radio and Information for the People. I'm Dee Pendable Mosely.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:08 am

(Written with contribution from Shuell)

Kerlian aircraft in Shuellian airspace
Sunday 3rd November – morning

Councillor Letitia Greenwood had her fingers pointedly holding her nose as the airplane descended on its approach to Shuell. She glared at Xia Chiu, whose 5-year-old daughter Jia had thrown up everywhere only moments before. Xia avoided her eyes, red faced, as she tried to clear up the vomit of her daughter, who continued to cry and shout about how much her ears hurt. It was Jia’s first flight.

Towards the back of the plane, Reena Patel and Carolyn Greenwood sat playing a card game. The pair were close in age, though Reena was a year older. They had been good friends as children, though these days with Reena’s reformist tendencies, the two had to avoid political discussion. Carolyn let out a swear word as she dropped a card, sending it fluttering down the plane. Her mother took her finger from her nose long enough to shout a sharp warning about bad language down the plane.

Councillor Electra Georgiou chuckled at the mess, leaning back in her seat. She held a book in her hand, place marked with a bookmark as she glanced out the window, watching the clouds go by as they landed. It was her first visit to Shuell, and she was very much looking forward to seeing the architecture. She had been reading about Shuellian food before their departure, and though it didn’t sound exactly up her alley – lichen was not one of her favourites – she was still interested to try.

Olivia Pierre was asleep, having unintentionally fallen asleep, lulled by the motion of the plane. It did not help that she was severely sleep deprived. She woke at every single sound, paranoid that it was someone out to assassinate her. She was the heir to Pauline Pierre, arch-traditionalist… and she was pro-reform. It was an open secret her mother favoured her younger sister Eva, and Olivia feared that she may arrange an “accident” for her. She was looking forward to Shuell. She could finally get a good night’s sleep safe in the knowledge her mother – or her mother’s allies – couldn’t hurt her.

Xia Chiu finally managed to mop all the vomit off her leg. Her face burned red with embarrassment. She hoped she would have some time to change her clothing and that of her daughter’s before they could disembark. She did not want to embarrass her country by meeting with a Shuellian Director while covered in the vomit of a five-year-old girl. She was kicking herself for not anticipating this possibility. She had only wanted a nice little holiday with her daughter, and she liked sport. This was not what she’d had in mind.

“I sincerely hope we will have enough security,” commented Xia. “I do not like how few people we have. We will be at the mercy of the Shuellians.”

“They will not hurt us,” Electra Georgiou sighed. “Especially with so many people around. And they have no reason to. You are overly paranoid.”

“Maybe they will, but frankly they would be justified,” Reena Patel piped up. “Our families have been responsible for atrocities.”

“You will be silent!” commanded Councillor Greenwood. “If you say anything along those lines in public I will make sure that upon our return you will be locked in a cell for the rest of your life. You are seventh in line. That will not be enough to protect you.”

“I’m sixth in line,” muttered Reena sullenly.

The plane touched down, and as soon as it had decelerated to an acceptable speed, one of the cabin crew on the private Kerlian flight was beside Xia and Jia with a change of clothes. The pair hurriedly fixed themselves, Xia snapping at her daughter to be quiet and comply. She was not usually so harsh on her daughter, but the stress was getting to her. Out of shock at being yelled at and the healthy fear of authority every Kerlian learned from birth, Jia fell silent.

They exited the aircraft, looking around them at the foggy weather as they walked through the rain. They then found themselves waiting in an area as their passports were checked and their luggage was unloaded. Very few Kerlian passports existed in the world, thanks to the emigration ban, and so they were a rare sight for anyone who came across one. Of course, few ever did and those who did often had a reaction. Lauchenoirian border personnel tended to need someone else to double check a Kerlian passport was genuine. The Shuellians, however, were very professional about it.

Accompanying the Kerlian delegation were their bodyguards. Three personnel per Councillor or Daughter, each allowed one sidearm each. The absolute maximum security they had been permitted by the Shuellians. Even then, the rest of the Council had been exceptionally worried before they set off. The whole delegation had to wait around while their luggage was searched for contraband.

“The Xiomerans didn’t treat us with such suspicion, place such restrictions on us and subject us to intrusive and insulting searches,” grumbled Councillor Letitia under her breath as they waited.

“They probably searched your luggage in your room while you were out,” said Olivia Pierre. “At least the Shuellians are open about it.”

“I hardly think they would. They are our friends, and you will not speak ill of them!” commanded Letitia, glaring at Olivia. It was such a shame she was Pauline’s heir; the girl would bring ruin to their country if she ever made it to the Council. Letitia wished she could have Olivia imprisoned, but alas she was too high ranking.

When the Shuellians had finished making their checks, the Kerlian delegation was instructed to wait in the “greeting area”. Carolyn glanced around nervously as they waited. It was the seventeen-year-old heir’s first time outside of Kerlile, and she hadn’t realised how insecure being abroad would make her. All the propaganda about the patriarchal countries was swimming through her head and she had to take deep breaths.

Georgiou on the other hand was very content to wait. She very much enjoyed her trips abroad, and had been heartbroken when they’d had to be paused during the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. She hoped that she would be able to travel more now. Olivia Pierre was also feeling very secure. Shuellian security was renowned, and she knew that nobody would be foolish enough to attempt an attack on her while she was here. She hoped she would be able to stay for longer, if she was honest, though she feared to admit it even to herself most of the time.

The Kerlians had been waiting a short while when one of their bodyguards, who had extraordinary hearing perked up and nodded at Georgiou, her immediate boss. The Kerlians quickly fell into a formation, the Councillors at the front, the Daughters behind them and the security lined at the back. They stood facing the door as it opened, and in came Director Mueller, flanked by an extraordinary number of bodyguards, sixteen in suits, armour vests and sunglasses, and six which looked like soldiers. Jia Chiu grasped her mother’s hand and moved back a little.

The man at the center was tall, standing at over 6 feet, wearing a tailored suit with a holster around his waist. He was thinner than they expected. His grey eyes swept over the group, and he cleared his throat.

“Apologies for the wait. I am Director Mueller, and will be in charge of your security as you visit Shuell. I’m pleased to see that you followed our instructions on arrival. Your bodyguards will be provided to you now.”

He held his hand up and snapped his fingers, nodding at the men to either side of him. On cue, the men in suits strode over to the Kerlians, 2 for each one of them. The soldiers, however, stayed with him.

“You’ll be taken to the Metzger hotel, if you’ll follow Mr. Krone.”

Mueller gestured at a portly man standing off to the side. Just as quickly as he arrived, the Director of Internal Security left the greeting area.

The Kerlian delegation all glanced at each other, Letitia Greenwood in particular taken aback by the quickness of the greeting. Reena Patel in particular also seemed rather nervous to be around the Shuellian bodyguards, and found herself moving closer to her Kerlian ones. Nevertheless, the Kerlian delegation were all looking forward to getting to their hotel, and were excited to see what Shuell, and the Olympics, had to offer.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by United New England » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:16 am

“You’re watching New England Cable News. Earlier today, protests erupted in Boston over the participation of United New England in the International Democratic Union Olympics, which are being hosted by the Incorporated States of Shuell. Shuell is considered by many New Englanders to be a right-wing dictatorship that regularly infringes on the human rights of its citizens. Activists protested in the streets, holding signs that said ‘Don’t Play Games with Fascists’ and chanting, ‘Bring our athletes home!’

President Elizabeth Tyagi-Kennedy released a statement on the controversy. She wrote, ‘UNE has sent a small delegation to the IDU Olympics as a show of interstellar goodwill. We’re forging friendships with a number of nations across the Exoplanet and giving some of our most talented citizens the opportunity to explore new athletic frontiers. Participating in a country’s sporting event does not necessarily imply agreement with all of its government’s policies. I wish the Novanglian delegation the best and hope for an Olympics that is enjoyable for all.’”

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:57 am

Sports Center
A subsidiary of the Maximusian Broadcasting Corporation
24/7 Olympic Coverage

Highlights of Day #1

While the Maximusian delegation failed to make it onto the podium, today’s events were still quite the spectacle to observe. Day #1 of the Olympiad was everything archery and excellent shooting was seen all across the board. A whole day devoted to the fine art of archery was a magnificent and fitting start to the games.

The Scores
In the Mens’ event, our very own, John David, missed the podium by only 3 points, being narrowly beaten out by Shuell’s Vincze Andras. Ahead of Andras was Serriels’s Efe Doreli and Shen’s She Yi, taking home Silver and Gold respectively.

LOM did not show as well in the womans’ and team events, unfortunately. Octavia Laurent, of Libertas Omnium Maximus, finished 7th for women while the Maximusian Archery team finished in 9th, closing out the day with a fizzle.

Who’s on top?
Shen was the clear “winner” of today’s events. The nation placed in every event and took home the gold in Mens’. Kerlile and Serriel both had a great showing today as well, taking home two medals a piece (Out of 9 total awarded). With this said, we have only seen three events so far, hardly enough to make any long-term calls on. It will become more clear who the superstars of the Olympics will be as we progress through the events.

What to expect tomorrow
Tomorrow will be a big day for athletes. With so many events running, it is very difficult to say who will be the standout winner of the November 5th events. What is for certain is that competition will be fierce!

Stay with us for more expert opinions, exclusive interviews, real-time footage, and much more!

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Zamastan » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:55 am

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
Click Here to Visit The Tofino Times Website
Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 6320 | In the News: Olympics
ZAMASTAN TAKES OLYMPICS LEAD | Ginian Wins Gold, Forrester and Ressuil Win Silver in Shuell Games
Second Round Track Session Ends With High Marks For Zamastan

Zamastan took in 3 medals to add to their total count on Wednesday night to take the lead in the Shuell Olympics with a gold and two silvers. Zamastan holds a narrow lead with a total of two gold medals. Percy Ginian, the Zamastanian 1500m Men runner completed the track with a hair longer of a second's finish at 3:35.10, narrowly beating Gardavasque's Miles Long. The two silver medals went to Rand Ressuil with a close second in the 100m Men's, and to Samantha Forrester for the 1500m Women's. Forrester was projected by many experts to win because of her high performance internationally prior to the Olympics, but she lost her footing near the end of the race, costing her first place and two seconds.
The second event of the Olympics draws to a close. The results are in.

For 100m Men's, Laeral's Sung Fenghe wins first place, with a time of 10.08. Zamastan's Rand Ressuil came in just after, in a close second place. High Fell's Hong Seung-Hoon took bronze, with a final time of 10.11.

For 100m Women's, Shanda Lear of Gardavasque won the gold medal, with their time of 10.05. The Matriarchy of Kerlile must be pleased to know that they came in second, with their Mere Baker having a time of 10.15. Paula Meneses of New Lusitania came in third with a time of 10.17. Shuellians were disappointed to see their Alwine Westheimer come in dead last, with a time of 10.36.

For 800m Men's, New Lusitania's Tomas Esposende crossed the finish line first, with a time of 1:44.69. John Cromwell of LOM fame wins silver with a time of 1:45.27. Shuell's ATH-725 wins bronze with his final time of 1:45.38, and will be given a medal for Exceptional Service to the State, along with a pardoning. The first Shuellian prisoner to compete in the Olympics, "ATH-725" was given a long sentence after attempting to claim asylum in the nation of Lauchenoiria.

For 800m Women's, Maximusian athlete Jordan Anders wins the gold, with her final time of 1:44.38. Teresa Casamigos from the Great Tequila Island came in second, with her time of 1:46.45. Laeral's Espoir Coulon came in third, her time being 1:46.85.

For the 1500 meter dash, Zamastanian athlete wins gold, with his final time being 3:35.10. Gardavasque's Miles A. Long came in third with a time of 3:36.39, and Shuellian's own Klaus Albrecht won bronze with his time of 3:37.42.

For 1500m Women's, Shuellian athlete Vera Leupold won Shuell's first gold medal of the 2019 Olympics, crossing the finish line at 3:33.85. Zamastan's Samantha Forrester won silver with her time of 3:35.16, and North Cross athlete Synnove Norregaard wins the bronze medal with her time of 3:36.13.
See full article here: https://zkcastor.wixsite.com/thetofinotimes

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:39 am

Litudinem Herald
Maximusian Athlete takes home the gold
November 6th, 2019
While Monday showed some less-than-stellar performances by Maximusian athletes, Today has shown quite the opposite. Six events took place and Libertas Omnium Maximus managed to medal in two of them, earning a gold and a silver medal. It would seem the Athletes of LOM are far better equipped to face the challenges of running events than archery.

The gold medal, earned by Jordan Anders, was a stunning performance in the Women's 800m run. Anders set an Olympic Record time of 1:44.38, a time that will be quite hard to beat by future competitors. Anders reportedly was overcome with emotion during the medal presenting ceremony and cried tears of joy as the Maximusian Anthem, We Shall March (Ever Onward), played. Bars all across LOM could be heard chanting her name during the ceremony. Anders' run may go down in the books as one of the best Olympic performances of all time.

Anders's run is a true story of success, and a cause for celebration, but is not the only noteworthy run of the night. John Cromwell also made his mark on the 800m (just for Men's), finishing with a time of 1:45.27. This quite respectable time earned him a silver medal and all of the glory accompanying it. Cromwell also had participated in the Men's 100m, making his feet even more impressive. He had already run a massive race before nearly winning the 800m!

In the coming days we will see the conclusion of Track and Field events and the beginnings of Aquatics. In these coming days, we will see the human body continue to be tested in ways it has never been before. Athletes will reach new heights as they continue to fight hard for their nation.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by New Lusitania and the Algarves » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:18 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
Sport | Olympics

Day One Recap

Central and Shuell have declared the games open in what should be an interesting and brilliant showcase of regional sport. The opening ceremony was a celebration of Shuell and yet celebrated years of cooperation and peace between the nations of the IDU, culminating in a massive eagle rising at centre-stage.
Although it is November, the usual good weather spell of early November should permit a good edition, with the calendar also permitting some winter sports to come along for the party. The temperatures during the first week and a half should be stable around 12C, but should fall shortly after which has caused some questions between committee members due to the climate during Winter.
The C.O.L. anticipating such, trained during October in the interior where the temperatures are colder, so that the athletes could get used to less warmer temperatures. It is a reminder that the Lusitanian hopefuls are still unsure if they are to compete with a statement on all sports coming during the night. New Lusitania put Miguel Ferrão as the flag bearer for this momentous occasion as over twenty countries compete for the coveted medals. The first competition was Archery and it didn't start well for the Lusitanians as either entrant could participate as da Cunha had a sprained arm at the final preparation tournament, the Torneio do Infante, in the southern part of the country. Meanwhile, his female counterpart was unable to come due to personal matters meaning the traditional sport did not have a national representation.
Meanwhile, for the eighteen nations competing it was business as usual.
The early competition was the Team tournament as sixteen nations placed their best duo competing, with some interesting results in store. Lauchenoiria had a less than great start in this sunny morning placing a surprising last, at 1854. The hosts didn't find what were looking for in the morning after a slow start, reaching better results after a few rounds, getting a final result of 1902 (11th). The podium however was taken by the Shen Empire in third, Kerlile in the silver position and Serriel taking gold. What's most interesting here is the considerable gap from Kerlile to Serriel, a total of eighteen points between them.
In an afternoon of intermittent sunshine, the Women's competition took place as eighteen took their sharp shooting skills to the test. The momentum carried from the team event was clear both at the top and bottom of the table. Shuell's Rehberg finished in the lower positions along with the Laeralites and the Lauchenoirians. Juliette Ross had a disappointing performance finishing 13th, despite having done solidly in the morning. Eiria's Elsane and Gardavasque's Fletcher were consistent throughout the day with the latter only two points from the medals. Between her and the bronze were Comhar's Ellie which scored one more than her and the medalist herself Kerlile's Flanagan with 654, a result which will definitely be a good one for the matriarchy back in her homeland. Juanjuan of the Shen Empire managed to edge out silver with 656 after an excellent final round as Bonnan deservedly took the gold for her nation of Zamastan.
With little time to lose between events, in the men's it was a closely fought competition which lasted until the very end. Lauchenoiria's sport campaign started off decently enough with Teófilo Soto getting a 5th place as Laeral, the only nation allowed two athletes for this event produced an average day as both sat in midtable.In the final round, L.O.M. found their man John David cut off the podium by the hosts Andras which put it closer to the centre with a sharp eye, to take bronze, a decent start to proceedings for the hosts. Serriel's Doreli came close but a 23 in one of the rounds proved to haunt him as She Yi took gold by three points meaning The Shen Empire took the final top spot of the day. The first day of the celebration of sport came to a close when the medals were presented to their winners by national and committee officials.

The day's Winner
Despite all three tournaments being hardly thought, only one country could truly be considered the winner of Day One - The Shen Empire. A nation that was on the top of their game today to get on all three available podiums, including a goal medal.

Update: Following the medal celebration, the IDUOC had their final deliberation on the Lusitanian situation. As previously intended, New Lusitania's delegation will, in fact, participate in the First Olympiad according to the published document as they hope to get some good results in their first International stint. The team believes they've prepared well enough. Paulo Roque from the committee believes that and adds the extra precautions due to Shuell's climate, up in the interior to get more resistance in colder conditions. António Rodrigues, running for the 100 metres event evaluated their preparation by remarking that "many steps were taken so that we can come home with something."

OOC - Thanks to Shuell for letting me participate and for hosting what seems to be a good games. Will post Day 2 soon.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by GreatTequilaIsland » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:09 pm


Cue: Tequila Sunrise Theme music fades in.
Announcer: You’re listening to Tequila Sunrise, The Morning Show, on Radio R4 with Resident DJ and Expert on Everything, Rocky Reyes (SFX applause), Traffic with Elena S. Clozzed (SFX car honk), Weather with Azucena Trueno (SFX thunderstorm), and Sports with Trey Mesas (SFX referee whistle). Coming to you live and in HiDef from the Radio R4 Studios in Beautiful Margarita Beach, Los Mescaleros. It’s Tequila Sunrise on Radio R4, La Melodía en la radio a FM 99.5, Great Tequila Island’s Favorite Rock!
Cue: Tequila Sunrise music fades out.

ROCKY: Good morning, Los Mescaleros! Waking up to another gorgeous day here at Margarita Beach, not a cloud in the sky, just thankful to be alive another day in Great Tequila Island. Hi I’m Rocky Reyes and this is Tequila Sunrise on Radio R4, 99.5FM, Great Tequila Island’s Favorite Rock! Check us out on MyFace Live, WhoTube, and Twitcher. Or ask your Smart Speaker to play “Tequila Sunrise” every weekday from 6-10am. Be sure to like and subscribe and follow us or whatever you do to keep current with what’s going on. Let us know what’s on your mind, and give us your permission to repost your compliments and selfies on our website at www dot Tequila Sunrise slash R4 dot GTI. Okay. Like a piping hot cup of coconut Kona, we are here to keep you alive on your morning commute. Let’s see what we’ve got on the agenda for today…

ELENA: Well, Rocky, we have a special guest on the line this morning. All the way from Central in Shuell, we’ll have Olympic track and field silver-medalist Teresa Casamigos up in just a moment for our first segment.

ROCKY, AZUCENA, TREY: All right! Cool! Awesome!

ROCKY: All that, plus traffic with Elena, weather with Azucena, and sports with Trey. We’ll be right back with Olympic runner Teresa Casamigos after this commercial break.

Cue: Tequilan Airlines Spot: “Go See Your Relatives”

Announcer: You’ve got a lot of family, [SFX party sounds] and they’re spread out all over the International Democratic Union. Whether it’s [Comhar music plays] your cousin in Comhar, [Shuell music plays] your sister in Shuell, [Grellania music plays] or your grandson in Grellania, now with new reduced fares to over 150 destinations on Tequilan Airlines, you can afford to see them all. [Smooth Jazz plays] Maybe even your ex in Essena? [needle scratch, music abruptly stops] Uh, maybe not. [Tequilan theme plays] But hurry, with fares this low, they won’t last. Give us a shot, and we'll give you one. Log on to Tequilan Airlines dot gti and start saving today! Tequilan Airlines - Getting there is half the fun! Tequilan Airlines is proud sponsor of the Great Tequila Island olympic teams.

ROCKY: All right then, this segment of the show brought to you by Tequilan Airlines, getting there is half the fun indeed. So Elena, do we have our very special guest on the line?

ELENA: We’ve got her.

ROCKY: Let’s welcome Teresa Casamigos, Silver Medalist in the Women’s 800 meters, and hometown favorite calling in from the Olympic Village in Shuell. Teresa, bienvenida y qué tal!

TERESA: Thank you. Thank you. I’m happy to be with you.

ELENA: What time is it in Shuell right now?

TERESA: You know what? I don’t even know. I’ve been up for so long already. It’s like the middle the afternoon here.

ROCKY: Congratulations on your silver medal. We’re all so proud of you. What was it like, running the 800 meters?

TERESA: Yes. Thank you. Oh my God, I still can’t believe it. You know, all I can tell you is I kept thinking about just getting to the finish line and doing my best. I was so surprised when they told me I came in second overall.

TREY: You’re the first woman from The Island to ever medal in the 800 Meters! How does that feel?

TERESA: I just heard that too. I’m so… Still in shock. Oh my my. Wow. Well, we have an amazing team of coaches and trainers here. And of course my team mates inspire me to do my best every day. They are just the best. We’re getting to be so close here. So, feels great!

AZUCENA: Teresa, what’s it like at the Olympic Village? How’re you getting along?

TERESA: Well, I gotta tell you. Everyone is treating us so well. Of course we are bunking with the delegations from Gardavasque, Ecclesiastical Dominions, and The Lavender Country, so it feels like we are one big messy family.

ROCKY: This is your first time traveling off the Island, right?

TERESA: Oh yeah. You know back home in Great Tequila Island, we meet a lot of people from other countries who come for vacation or conventions or whatever. And I used to tend bar in Los Mescaleros, so, like, I had plenty of customers from places Laeral or Trive, and I had considered myself, like, knowledgeable you know?

ROCKY: Right.

TERESA: But then, yesterday I met this athlete, a member of the fencing team from Kerlile who accidentally got on the wrong bus with us. And I was like, “Where are you from?” And she was like, “I’m from Kerlile. Long live the Matriarchy.” And I was like, “What?” She was so confident and full of a sense of wonder. And so I gave her a shot of tequila, you know for good luck, right?”

ROCKY, ELENA, AZUCENA, TREY: Oh no! Ha ha! What? Oh my God! Are you serious? You didn’t!

ROCKY: So I don’t even know… Where is Kerlile?

ELENA: If I’m not mistaken, Kerlile is next to Lauchenoiria, right?

TERESA: I don’t even know for sure. I just know by about the fourth shot, she was definitely ready to loosen up and have some fun for a change. So… I hope I don’t get her in trouble… so I’m not gonna say her name. So anyway, by the third or fourth shot, she was telling me all about Kerlile, and I was telling her all about Great Tequila Island.

ROCKY: Tell us something about Kerlile.

TERESA: Well, for one thing, it’s like this matriarchal society where the women are in charge of everything, but they are not usually allowed to travel very much, because it’s illegal to emigrate from Kerlile. She mentioned that even though women are in total control, she doesn’t feel like she has freedom of choice to live how she wants.

AZUCENA: Oh interesting.

TERESA: Yeah. So she had a lot of like deep emotions to share talking about her country. And like it even got me emotional. She started crying, and then I was crying. She was already drunk off of just four or five shots. I was almost like this close to kissing her at one point, but then she got like sick to her stomach and we had to call her coach. I think we told the coach, she got dehydrated, so she wouldn’t get her in trouble. But yeah.

ROCKY: You’re listening to Tequila Sunrise on Radio R4, FM99.5. We’ll be right back with our interview with Teresa Casamigos, Great Tequila Island’s first medalist at the 2019 Shuell Olympic Games after this commercial break.

To be continued...


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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:47 pm

Fresh Catch Restaurant, Central, Shuell
Friday 8th November - evening

Leonie Bennett had initially been sceptical when her parents had encouraged her to skip a couple weeks of classes for a family holiday to the Olympics. Especially given that they were in Shuell. She was not much of a fan of dictatorships in general, but she had been pleasantly surprised. Due to the Olympics, there were a lot of tourists, and the propaganda she’d seen was mainly focused on opposing communists – something she could get behind, given the side she’d fought on in Lauchenoiria’s civil war.

Her brother, Liam, was the sports fan really. His passions included basketball and swimming, while Leonie was rather more interested in politics. She had, however, joined a martial arts club at university – one never knew when such things could come in handy. She seemed rather talented at it. Her university friend Veronica was in the advanced class, and liked to help Leonie practise. But it had been her brother who wanted to visit Shuell, and so her parents had been very willing to oblige him.

The family had been watching the men’s discus final when Jack Kirk had won Lauchenoiria’s first gold medal. It had been very exciting! None of the family – well, none of their entire country – had expected them to do very well. After all, the war had disrupted all the athlete’s training schedules, and scuffles between communist and capitalist team members had been an issue in sports teams across the country. Yet, that day, Francesca Shaw won a bronze in Women’s Discus also, and to top it off Juan Borja won another gold in Men’s High Jump. Leonie felt very privileged to have been there to see it.

The family had gone out to celebrate that night, in a restaurant near their hotel. Leonie, the only one of the family who actually knew the exchange rate, had almost choked on her wine when she read the prices. They could probably afford it… as a one-off. She would need to speak to her parents about it in private later, but she didn’t want to make a scene. They wouldn’t be used to it: by Lauchenoirian standards they were reasonably well-off. Yet, prices in Shuell were considerably higher than back home.

Fortunately, the meal passed mostly without incident. There had been a moment of terror for Leonie when she’d heard a Kerlian accent, and had swivelled round in her seat, eyes wide, looking towards the door, but the gaggle of Kerlian women had seen the same prices she had, and shook their heads and walked away. It took her a few moments to calm her breathing, and to notice that a waiter was asking her if she was okay.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. Apologies, I… well, had some bad experiences with people from the Matriarchy during my country’s war, that’s all. This meal is delicious, thank you.”

Her brother, newly turned 16, was legally old enough to drink in Central – much to Leonie’s great horror. In Lauchenoiria, the federal drinking age was 21, though Yervia Province where she studied had lowered it to 18. It was an ongoing battle in the supreme court whether or not that was legal, but for the time being nobody seemed to care if she drank. But her brother was very much enjoying his newfound freedom, which terrified Leonie – because she feared what foolish things her brother might say when drunk.

During the war, Leonie’s family had thought her dead. It was a fair assumption on their part, she had long since conceded. She had, after all, gone to a protest in Usera and then vanished. Her lack of contact was partly due to Chaher’s internet ban – while she easily circumvented it in those days, her parents did not – but also due to security given her role within the Resistance. And then, during the fall of Usera, she had been taken prisoner by the Kerlians, who had tortured and attempted to brainwash her.

This had the unfortunate side effect, in Leonie’s opinion, of making her parents obsessive about keeping her brother safe. Which, in itself, is not a bad thing. Leonie didn’t hate her brother. It had, however, meant that her parents had been extremely cooperative with the Chaher regime. Her brother had as a result, unfortunately, read rather too much of the propaganda put out by the Communist Party. Which, in Shuell, was not exactly safe, given the country’s dislike of communists.

She’d meant to keep an eye on her brother, of course, but the wine was very good, and she found herself drinking more and more as he did. Their parents had as well, but they were no threat while drunk. They just giggled and fell asleep early. The pair were as apolitical as it comes, especially for Lauchenoirians. They tended to support whoever was in power as long as their lives were going well, and they tended to go well. Regardless, by the time the Bennett family paid their expensive bill, all of them should have headed straight to bed.

“We’re going to crush the other teams!” her brother exclaimed, as they walked back to their hotel, which was only a couple of doors down the road. “Especially the Kerlians, you’d like that, wouldn’t you Leonie?”

Leonie barely heard him, she was too busy glancing up at the tall buildings, lights from the windows gleaming in the twilight. She’d found the Art Deco architectural style in Central mildly interesting during the day, but in her present state it was fascinating to her, even though the oncoming darkness obscured her view somewhat. She stood spinning slowly in a circle looking up, left slightly behind by the rest of her family until one of the Shuellian tour guides came up to her.

“Ma’am, are you going inside?”

“I’m so glad to be here, you know,” she said to the tour guide, still staring up at the buildings. “Far away from Kerlile. From all the mess of last year. Finally, somewhere I can feel safe from the communists. You have no idea how much I resent them, especially for handing all of us over to Kerlile when they took us prisoner knowing fine well what the Kerlians would do. You have the right idea about them, you know.”

“Ma’am, you should really go inside.”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m really tired,” Leonie yawned and headed into the hotel. She had already forgotten the words she’d spoken only seconds before, betraying the true feelings she’d had buried inside her since the war.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:26 pm

(Jointly written with Shuell)

Councillor Electra Georgiou had been enjoying her visit to Shuell so far. She always enjoyed being in a new country, especially one she hadn't visited before. It gave her great joy to experience new cultures, try new foods and be around new people. It was something she couldn't do much in her own country, especially with the rationing restricting their diets even further.

She had spent a while wandering around the city early on her first morning with her assortment of Kerlian and Shuellian bodyguards. She wanted to see the architecture and wouldn't take no for an answer. It had been an enjoyable experience - although, she had become cold rather quickly, despite her attempts to wear layers.

After watching a number of Kerlian athletes win medals, much to her great joy, she had received a message delivered to her hotel from the Shuellian Director of Trade, Bernd Klein. He had wished to meet her at an art museum in the city. Intrigued, she had immediately responded, accepting the invitation, and made sure she was punctual at the arranged meeting time.

As she walked into the museum, she glanced around her, and spotted the Director waiting for her. She smiled and walked over in his direction, offering her hand for him to shake.

"Director Klein, I was intrigued to receive your invitation. It is a pleasure to meet you."

He shakes her hand quickly, and firmly, smiling politely as he nodded in greeting. "The pleasure is all mine, Councilor Georgiou. I'm glad you accepted my invitation. Enjoying your time in Shuell?"

Bernd Klein was not a physically imposing man by any standards. Though a few inches taller than average, he had grown portly in his middle age, and his brown hair was beginning to thin. He did not appear to be a person that stands out in a crowd, his charcoal suit and khaki trench coat the usual fashion for Shuellians his age.

"I am indeed, Director. I very much enjoy visiting new countries. Alas, since my mother's death and assuming my position it has become... difficult. So I like to take any opportunity I can. I have been particularly impressed with the architecture here in the city," Georgiou said, nodding towards the door she had just entered.

He smiles at her statement, pleased. "Neu Shuellian has been popular - my own residence is modeled in that style, as are many others. It's quite pleasing to look at, especially compared to the Brutalist style that used to be popular." He takes a moment to polish his round glasses with a piece of fabric, before turning back to face her.

She returns a smile. "I'm glad to be able to see it in person. My people have been so cut off from the world for so long. This city is beautiful. If a little colder than I'm used to!" she shivers at the mention of the temperature, and pulls her coat a little tighter. "I expect I shall get used to it if I stay here for the whole Olympics!"

"I can't tell you how pleased I was when we got more involved in international affairs - I can empathize with your situation. As for the cold, well... you get used to it, but I do admit it's a bit chillier than normal today. That's why most of us wear these." He gestures at his coat for emphasis. "I suggest buying from DeaLuxe - there's a store nearby."

"I might well take you up on that offer," she laughed. "Did you know, I was the first daughter of a Kerlian Councillor to attend university outside the Matriarchy? It caused quite the controversy at the time. I half expected to end up in permanent exile for the audacity of leaving without my mother's permission, but in the end they decided just to drop the matter, luckily for me."

He nods knowingly. "None of my family expected me to get into politics - my mother and father expected me to be a fisherman, like they were. I didn't expect to become the Director of Trade, to be quite honest. With any luck, Shuellian students will be able to go to foreign universities soon. Regardless, shall we?" He gestures inside. "I have a lifetime pass, though I don't need to pay for entry, being a Director."

Georgiou smiled and nodded, allowing Klein to lead her. It was very un-Kerlian, if she had done it in sight of one of her own people (not counting the bodyguards, who were paid to ignore such things), they would have been horrified. Yet, she was careful to observe the customs of the countries she visited, and pushing Kerlian gender roles on foreigners tended to backfire massively.

He leads her to a closed door and presses a card to a scanner. With a quiet click it swings open, and he steps inside, to a large open hall. "The Modern Art section, while normally barren, recently got some new works." He points in a direction. "There are works from the DPRS and UKS, though quite a lot of works from the UKS were destroyed by the Party, sadly." Klein shakes his head in disappointment, clicking his tongue.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Georgiou smiles sympathetically. "I must say, I'm surprised that art from the DPRS is, well... permitted to be on display. In Kerlile there are such terrible restrictions on anything that the government considers anti-matriarchal. It is why I have such a large private collection. So, do tell me about some of these works!"

He grins. "Well, here's a secret - we only put up artwork that is anti-DPRS. Mainly White Shuellian propaganda, or apolitical works, if there are any. However, I collect most of the works that we cannot put up in the museum. It is an advantage of my position. Not many people care about art any more, sadly. The 'ideal Shuellian man' is too busy working for that." His tone saddens. "I try and push for more of an emphasis on culture and art. With any luck, the younger generations will care about it more.

"I have done the same in my own country," Georgiou sighs. "Yet there is so much pushback. Especially in budget meetings. They always prioritise everything else before it. I have had some victories, but never enough. And, believe it or not, my country has harmful gender roles too. They are just, well, reversed. It is a real shame. I try to see the daughters of my colleagues on the Council sometimes, to convince them to love art. They will be the future leaders, so they are who I must influence."

"I'm sure you know enough of Shuell to understand what we prioritize most - I understand the need, but..." He wrings his hands. "I heard you were a fan of art, which is exactly why I invited you here. It's good to find another who appreciates it, so to speak."

"I am indeed," she grinned slightly, the expression making her look slightly younger and far more eager than she ever seemed around the other Councillors. "Please, do show me the collection. I would love to hear all about Shuellian art, and I am sure you know a lot."

"Most Shuellian art nowadays can be split up into two categories: Capitalist Realism, and Kitsch Popular - Capitalist Realism took quite a lot from the art of the DPRS, being an idealized realistic style of art that glorifies our values. Don't let the name fool you, though. It's quite romanticized, especially the sculptures. Kitsch Popular was popular back in the 70s, and experienced a revival today as well. Takes mainly from popular and retro culture, especially the tacky. The corporations are fond of it because it uses their logos." Klein pauses, taking a breath. Absentmindedly, he brushes something off of his coat. "I have works in both styles in my home, among other things."

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:33 pm

(Jointly written with Shen)

"You have to eat your vegetables," Xia told her daughter Jia. The pair were sitting in a restaurant in Shuell, the 5-year-old girl glaring up at her mother. Jia was dressed all in green, her dark pigtails stretching down to her waist. In contrast, her mother had her hair cut short and wore mostly black, with no make-up at all.

"Great-grandma would never make me eat vegetables, and she's a Councillor so she's in charge!" Jia pouted, referring to Councillor Chiu.

"She is not here, Jia, and you know fine well she would insist too. Now, eat them," Xia sighed, pushing the plate of vegetables towards her daughter.

"No! I won't!" Jia yelled, standing and shaking the plate so all the vegetables flew out of the plate... and hit the man behind her.

The sound of the vegetable splashing into a cup, was quickly followed by an aristocratic Shen accent, bellowing outward in a shocked tone of voice.

"What the hell?"

A middle-aged man stood up from his seat. He was almost bald just a crowning rim of thin black hair around his head. He was pudgy with his gut sticking out.

His hypnotic green eyes where droopy and tired.

And on the lapel of a suit jacket what's a large circular pin, displaying the center of the golden Banner, of the Shen flag.

And at the top of the pin a tiny crown, emblem that was an exclusive privilege awarded to only a select few within the empire. Members of the Royal Family.

"Can't you control your child? Some of us are trying to enjoy our lunch."

"I am sorr..." Xia looked up, beginning to apologise when she noticed the pin. Her eyes went wide and darted up, and she saw his. The green made her freeze, caught between the wonder... and her sheer, abject terror at what this meant.

"Well you should be. If my children acted that way in public I swear to heaven itself..." the man saw the terror in her eyes.

It only got a confused look out of him. He caught his head quite sure what he had done to elicit such a reaction

"Um...are you ok?"

She stayed rooted to the spot. Jia, now freed of her vegetables, had turned back to the parts of her meal she actually liked, ignoring the confrontation. Eventually, one of Xia's Kerlian bodyguards came over.

"Madam Chiu, is something wrong?" the bodyguard asked. At the mention of her name, Xia blinked and glanced at the bodyguard then quickly back to the man to see his reaction.

As her bodyguard came over two Imperial Guardsmen quickly marched over as well.

"Back away from his Imperial highness!" They shouted at the Kerlian guard.

The two men had their hands on their holsters as they gave the order.

"Stand down! Let's not cause a God damn scene," the prince ordered.

He looked back towards the woman.

" Chiu? Your um...your one of those Kerlians right? your family's one of the ones on the council?" He said trying to put on a more friendly demeanor after his guards had walked over and almost escalated the situation.

Xia blinked, and then took a deep breath, planting a polite smile on her face.

"Yes, my grandmother is a Councillor of Kerlile. My daughter and I are visiting Shuell for the Olympics," she said, trying to chase away any hint of fear and gesturing for her bodyguard to move back a little. She glanced down at her oblivious daughter who was still eating.

"Oh well...I hope your enjoying central more than me. I suppose I should probably say something diplomatic like I hoped for better relations between our two countries or something" he said if he chuckled slightly as he reached up and massage the back of his head.

"...it’s been 20 years since I've been inside a history classroom but, your country has some bias against us? Something we did to one of his family's or... I'm sorry I'm probably getting this all mixed up."

"Jia, go to the bathroom with Chloe," Xia turned to her daughter, motioning to the bodyguard from earlier.

"But I'm not finished!"

"Now!" Xia ordered, looking at the bodyguard, Chloe, pointedly, who then ushered a confused Jia away letting Xia turn back to the man.

"That is not inaccurate," she began, swallowing a little. "Although I would not say my country as a whole has been particularly biased. It is mine. Uh, my family, I mean."

The prince looked confused as the little girl was taken away.

"... you didn't have to do that. I overreacted over the veggies, she’s only 5 after all."

His gaze returned to her as she explained that her bias has to do with her family.

He cocked an eyebrow. "Your family? Is there some sort of historical events that has led to this bias? I can't think of anything recent so it must be something that happened a long time ago. Maybe it's best for everyone if we all just put that stuff in the past and leave it there."

"She had broccoli on her shirt, it needs to be cleaned," Xia said, knowing the excuse was incredibly weak. "As for historical events... I learned from my grandmother that some things are hard to move past when you fear a repeat of history. Still, we should indeed leave it there. I am sure you can find out the full story if you wish."

"If I find some time I will certainly research it."

The prince bowed his head slightly.

"Again, I must apologize for disrupting your meal. I will pay for it. Considered it a gift by the Wu Dynasty."

he stood back up and gave her one final nod and a small smile before walking up to the bar.

Xia stared after him, nodding back automatically, even as she was still in shock. She looked back down at the table, and up at her remaining Kerlian bodyguard and the two Shuellian ones.

"I think perhaps I should go and find my daughter," she said to them, standing and walking off in the direction of the toilets.

The Prince paid for his meal and for the meal of the woman whose family has sworn to destroy his before leaving the restaurant.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:51 pm

Several hours after their encounter in the restaurant

Xia Chiu took her daughter’s hand and gently sat her down on a chair in their hotel suite. After lunch, they had watched more swimming, and then had another meal with Councillor Greenwood. Now, Xia knelt beside Jia, clasping both the 5-year-old’s hands in her own and sighed. Jia, for her part was silent, confused at her mother’s actions – she had been expecting either a telling off after what happened at lunchtime, or for the entire event to be forgotten.

“Jia, listen. I could yell at you for throwing food, but I will not. I know that you know it is wrong, so that would be a waste of time. Instead, I need to explain to you why it is wrong – and why it was especially dangerous today,” Xia began, looking gently at her daughter.

“Okay…” Jia said, confused and a little worried.

“The man you hit with that broccoli, do you know who he was?” asked Xia.

“Some Shen, I guess,” shrugged Jia, swinging her legs a little. “I know you said they were dangerous but he didn’t look any more dangerous than any of the other males.”

“That was Wu Genbao, the Shen prince, son of Empress Wu Zhou.”

Jia stopped swinging her legs, her entire body going stiff, and she looked up to meet her mother’s eyes with alarm. “But… the Wu…”

“Yes. And you threw broccoli at him,” Xia said.

“Is he going to hurt me!? Are we safe!?” Jia panicked, standing up and looking around the hotel room like she expected assassins to jump out at any second.

“We are safe, Jia, you can calm down,” soothed Xia, standing and taking her daughter’s hand, lifting the girl – who was now shaking – and hugging her tightly. “We are safe because he was far nicer than I expected… and rather, I think, because he did not remember why our families do not get on.”

“Why don’t we get on?” asked Jia. “You’ve never actually said. Just that they’re dangerous and they hate us and we can’t ever, ever go to Shen.”

“We can talk about that when you’re a little older. It’s complicated. Listen,” she said, walking into the side bedroom Jia was sleeping in and placing her on the bed, “you can’t ever throw food at someone again, ok? You never know who they could be.”

“I won’t, I promise!” Jia nodded frantically. The idea that she had been so close to a member of the dreaded Wu family, who took the place of monsters under the bed in the tales the Chiu tell their children, had terrified her out of ever throwing anything again.

“Good. Now, I think you need to get ready for bed, okay?”

“Okay,” Jia nodded without argument, a rare occurrence. She began to change into her pyjamas as Xia walked back into the main room, nodding at one of her bodyguards as she made a beeline for the bathroom. When inside, she promptly threw up in the toilet.

She muttered a swear word to herself as she wiped her mouth, sitting down on the edge of the bath to wait for the nausea to pass. She sat, taking deep breaths, and cursing her own stupidity. Really, she should have known better than to come on this holiday so soon after… well, it wasn’t that she’d been especially trying this time. It should have been fine. And yet…

She threw up again, and, feeling that she was done for the time being, then took a drink of water and cleaned away all traces of the vomit herself, lest anyone notice. She went to her make-up bag (a curious thing for someone who does not wear make-up to own) and rifled through the moisturisers and care products until she pulled out the plastic bag containing the pregnancy test she’d used last night.

It was positive.

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:59 am

(Joint Post with the legendary Lauchenoira)

Viorica Aliberti sat glumly in the corner of the locker room, head resting against the wall. She was hidden so that someone passing the doorway wouldn't see her, even though everyone else had long gone back. Really, she wasn't allowed to be alone like this - the Kerlians were meant to travel in pairs. But she was upset by her performance so she'd snuck off. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

Eliza Gerada approached her, breaking the silence. "Are you alright, Madame?". She asked, sitting down beside her. "Why are you in here, and not our exploring?".

Viorica jumped, not noticing the approach of the other woman. "I'm sorry, I just needed to be alone. Please don't tell my coach! I'll get in terrible trouble!" she said, her Kerlian accent getting stronger as she panicked a little.

Eliza looked confused. "It's okay, I won't. But why would you get in trouble? It's not a crime to want to be alone". Her Eirian Accent sounded calming, but oddly formal.

"I'm a Kerlian outside of Kerlile. We cannot be alone, we might be harmed by those who want us all dead," she explained, reciting the reason they were given.

Eliza's confused expression lightened a little. "Well, you can't help the country you were born in. Who would wish you harm?".

Viorica looked at her like she was a little foolish. "Everyone. Lauchenoirians, particularly, because of the war last year. Zamastanians and Maximusians, because they hate us. Shen, because... well, I'm not really sure I understand why they would wish us harm. Something to do with Councillor Chiu. History is not really my strong point."

Eliza's confusion returned. "The Zamastanians and the Maximusians? There's no way the Maximusians would, and Zamastan's new president may be militaristic and deluded, but he's not entirely stupid. And you are not part of the Chiu family, I assume, so you have nothing to worry about from the Shen. Who told you this?".

"The government information pamphlet all Kerlians who are given exit permits get. Look," she said, pulling a small booklet out of her kit bag, and handing it to Eliza. It had the seal of the government of Kerlile, and was titled Foreign Travel Guide.

Eliza narrowed her eyes as she read, handing it back when she was done. "Most of this is untrue, exaggerated, and restrictive. Jeez, I guess I'm lucky, then. Also, where are my manners? I'm Eliza Gerada, from Eiria".

"I'm Viorica Aliberti," she replied, nodding at the other woman. "From Kerlile. Well, obviously. And what do you mean it's untrue? The booklets are meant to keep us safe from foreign males. Why would they lie to us?"

She shrugged. "Well, maybe not lie. Maybe they are just misinformed. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. And Males, in particular? Women can be criminals too. Putting it just on males is a bit unfair, though".

Viorica sat back, and gave Eliza a strange look. "Men have oppressed women for centuries. It continues to happen across the globe. That is why Kerlile exists, because for so long there was nowhere that was completely safe for women. We still get immigrants from all over the world fleeing their abusive husbands, fathers, whatever. There are still countries where women are treated like the property of their husbands, forced to have children, paid less, given less opportunities. Males are the cause of so many woes in the world. Yes, women can be criminals, but men are the danger."

Eliza thought for a second. "So punish the abusive husbands, then, but not all men. If you punish and oppress all men for something not all of them did, isn't that similar to what the oppressive men you speak of did? Punishing them for their gender, giving them less opertunities, treating them lesser?".

"No, that's not..." she trailed off, thinking. "Well, I mean... no. I can't talk about this. It's far too dangerous. If they ever find out I had this conversation I'll end up in prison!"

Eliza looked shocked. "Is it that bad?! I'm so sorry, I had no Idea! I wouldn't want you to be punished! It's just that... In Eiria, this kind of topic would actually be encouraged. Political discussion is not a crime, but recommended. It's sad, that that would earn punishment".

"It's dangerous to discuss this with foreigners. We..." she hesitated. "Well, we are taught that all of you, in the patriarchal countries - that's every country apart from Kerlile and a few others - are raised from birth to accept misogyny as normal. And that if we are influenced by you then we will be weakened and brainwashed until we no longer stand up for ourselves."

Eliza was, once again, shocked. "What?! No! That's very untrue. In fact, I don't think Eiria counts as a patriarchal nation. We have total equal rights. No patriarchy, but no Matriarchy either. Any kind of misogyny is shot down fast".

"I shouldn't ask. I shouldn't. This whole conversation is so dangerous. But... well, can you tell me more about Eiria?" she asked, almost shyly.

She smiled. "Of course. Eiria is pretty much a left wing Utopia. Free healthcare and education, Free speech, free religion, nice jobs, Free press. The only con is high taxes. That's the price of a Utopia. We are very urbanized also".

"That seems like... too much freedom. Don't people just break the law and go crazy?" She asked.

"No. We still have laws, and judges, and fair trials, and order. We're not total anarchy. It's just not a crime to have an opinion. No matter what they tell you, please try to think about what you're doing, and why".

"It has been really lovely talking to you, and I wish I could take your advice, I do," she smiled sadly. "But it's just too dangerous. I need to go and find the others and claim I got lost. Please, please don't tell anybody you saw me? I know the Shuellians probably have a video of this but I trust they won't tell my government. So promise me you won't?"

"I Promise. It has been a pleasure to meet you, Viorica. Maybe sometime you could could come visit Eiria and see how everything works". She smiled. "Have a good day, Madame".

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:20 pm

The group of five Kerlians moved through the streets of Shuell, glancing around excitedly and taking pictures on their cameras. It was unusual for them to be allowed to actually visit a foreign country. Even those among the athletes who had been granted permits to compete abroad in the past were excited – on previous occasions, they’d been required to remain in their hotel rooms when not training or competing, lest they face some terrible consequences on their return home should they be deemed insufficiently loyal.

The group consisted of a pair of footballers, Jenny Ikeda and Lena Jin, along with gymnast Susanne Reynders, runner Leyla Rosenberger and archer Minenhle Flanagan (known to her friends as Minnie), who had managed to win a bronze medal. Of the Kerlian Olympic team, the five were on the richer end of the scale, some tracing their ancestry back to a Councillor’s sister (or so Lena claimed, as proof had never been discovered), which gave them the resources to enjoy their time in Shuell.

“So, when we finish the tour, do you want to go back to that restaurant from last night? I didn’t think I’d like Shuellian food but it’s fascinating. I never realised there were such choices of food available,” Minnie grinned, her stomach rumbling. The five were part of a tour group who had been going around Central, though the people from other nations tended to give the Kerlian group a wide berth, almost as if they were afraid.

“That’s what happens when the Sanctarians don’t ration you,” grumbled Susanne. “I wish so much that they’d leave us be, but they despise us. Perhaps one day things will change, but I’m just glad they’re not here competing. I feel sorry for their women, having to live under such a clearly patriarchal government.”

“It’s not Sanctarian women I feel bad for,” interrupted Leyla. “It’s the Lauchenoirians. They’re so completely brainwashed. After the 1500m final, their athlete, Destiny McFarlane came over to me and made a snide comment about how the rationing, claiming it was no surprise I’d done poorly given that my ‘government is starving’ me. When it is her government’s fault there’s rationing! I don’t blame Sanctaria, I blame Lauchenoiria for the whole affair.”

“Let’s… let’s not argue about this,” suggested Lena, who looked rather nervous, glancing at the Shuellians following the tour group for their ‘protection’. “There are some things it is not necessary to talk about,” she said pointedly.

The others shut up suddenly and nodded, getting the message. After all, the whole fencing team had been confined to their hotel rooms on the orders of Councillor Greenwood after one of them had apparently insulted the Matriarchy to a foreigner – a foreigner who had then repeated the comments to the patriarchal media.

“Look how tall that building is!” exclaimed Minnie suddenly, pointing at a skyscraper. The other Kerlians all turned around to stare at it, murmuring. Kerlian cities, given that the population of the nation had never been high enough to require it, did not tend to have many large buildings.

“I’m glad we had the opportunity to come,” Jenny said quietly. She rarely spoke, and certainly never about politics. The others did not know why, although they could all guess – it was typical behaviour for a Kerlian who had family members who had been arrested in the past for political crimes.

“So am I!” Minnie enthused. “It’s been so exciting, and I got to try that Yvesta moss thing, and visit that museum of all the weapons! I wish I could stay longer, see more things, meet more people, experience a whole new culture – and maybe get used to this cold!”

“Careful, Minnie,” warned Lena, “you’re starting to sound too enthusiastic. One could think you weren’t looking forward to being back in the Matriarchy.”

“Th… that’s not what I meant,” stammered Minnie, suddenly slightly alarmed, lest someone think her disloyal.

“So,” Susanne interrupted, changing the subject. “How do you two think you’ll do in the football?”

“Oh,” Lena began, “we don’t stand a chance, to be perfectly honest. Which is fine. I’m sure the others only put so much funding into their football teams because it is a sport loved by the patriarchy. While we are trying to take it back for women, I understand that it will take a long time. I hope we get the chance, one day, to show the patriarchal countries that women are just as good.”

“I experience a similar situation in gymnastics,” Susanne nodded. “While back home, it is seen as a demonstration of skill and agility, I was speaking to someone about it, and in the patriarchal countries they view it as a sport for women – not because we are more agile and skilful, as we see it, but because apparently it makes us look pretty for the males! It’s made me rather nervous, I keep thinking about patriarchal country men watching me and making… comments at their TVs,” she shuddered.

“Oh, Susanne, I’m sure they won’t!” Leyla said, horrified, and put her arm around her friend. “They wouldn’t dare, they’re all terrified of Kerlians, that’s why they feel the need to sanction us. They know their own weakness and so our very existence is a threat to them. Just remember that when you’re competing: they’re far more scared of you, than you are of them.”

Susanne nodded and squeezed her friend’s arm, and the group fell silent, listening as the tour group gathered around the guide as he launched into an explanation of a historic monument that the group were standing next to.

"And here we have a monument to Ludwig Stieler,” began the guide. “In the early history of Shuell, the land was ruled by various warlords, until they were all united into the Kingdom of Shuell by Ludwig Stieler, a warlord-turned-monarch. Stieler claimed to be crowned by the Shard-being itself..."

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by Kvask » Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:39 pm

High Dive

Egor’s heart pounded with every step up the ladder. His eardrums felt like they were going to blow out. His skeleton wanted to jump out of his skin and run down the ladder. But his body still climbed, up, up, up towards the diving platform. Clambering onto his feet, he felt on top of the world as his heart was sinking through to Hell. The crowd’s eyes bored into the young Kvaskm’s body. As if on autopilot, Egor’s body moved him to the edge and turned him around, facing the bare black wall. Giving a few final breaths, Egor leaped into his dive.

For only a few seconds, he could feel the world rushing to meet him before he crashed into the water, leaving a small splash on the surface. Underneath it, however, he felt the pressure of not only the water, but also his community push around him as he slowed to a stop in the water.

Turning skyward, he allowed the water to carry him up as he eased it along with his hands, reacquainting himself with the air. His ears opened themselves up to a barrage of cheers from all around him, but he could not register them as he moved to the poolside. Only after finding the ground again, did he turn back to see his score: 533.50.

His dive coach wrapped him in a towel and shook him in excited congratulations, shouting something about ‘you’re getting the gold’, but Egor couldn’t take his eyes off the score: 533.50. He’d never seen anyone go over 530, and he was the first to do it.

Slowly being pulled out of the competitive tunnel vision, he raised his fists and let out a yell fueled by pride, anxiety, and accomplishment. This was Egor’s day today, and no one could take it from him

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Re: 2019 Shuell Olympics General Thread (IC)

Post by New Lusitania and the Algarves » Sat Dec 14, 2019 2:57 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
Sport | Olympics

OOC - So I've been extremely busy and without to chance to RP. Hopefully, this'll change in the near future as I write the Aquatics article.

Event Two Recap

Athletics - Track Events
New Lusitania would start their journey in the biggest regional sporting event at the Olympic Stadium, for the first days of Athletics events. The venue was repurposed to fit the larger number of athletes in a single race. Hopes were high, for everyone involved.

The day started with a mild distance with the Women's 800m. The first Lusitanian entry was Sandra Castro, which ended up finishing last and over the two minute mark. Meanwhile where the race lied. Reijnders had a bad start but managed to get back to the group as Coulon and Best got the best starts. However by the end of the first lap, there was a new leader as Casamingos with LOM's Anders and Laeral's Coulon in the breakaway, though no one put Best out of the competition. By the time they crossed the finish line there wasn't any doubt. After gaining on the curve, Jordan Anders (1:44:38) crossed over two seconds ahead of the rest followed by Great Tequila's Casamingos (+2:07) and Coulon. Hosts Shuell would have to be content with Sixth place.
Next up, the Men's 1500 m. Luís Ramalho represented the Lusitanians. Despite having one of the best starts and a good pace by the halfway stage he had lost the lead, ending up a full second from the podium in sixth as Percy Ginian (Zamastan) celebrated his glorious win in this race, never constested in the end due to the large gap between him and the rest (-1:29). Long and host Albrecht also received medals in this event as Shuell start seeing some form in the tally.
To finish the first half of the track events, the Women's 1500m. The final long distance event of this Olympiad, It was yet another good race for the hosts Shuell with Vera Leupold taking gold. Forrester and Nordegaard managed to stay atop the podium with them. Valentim had managed an awful start and ended a respectful sixth, all things considered.

Shortly after, to complete the first two short distances, starting with the women's 100 metre race. New Lusitania stepping up with Paula Meneses who told us she was "feeling confident". The temperatures now milder into almost 20 degrees, as everyone anticipated the firing shot. With a loud bang they were off! Anxer getting the early lead in lane three but Baker and Meneses fighting for it as Lear picks it up the pace in the final metres and she stretches out to take the gold as just a few instances later Beatriz Meneses passed side by side with the Zamastanian athlete with Baker finishing just ahead. No one could quite believed but the times proved it to be a fact as the screen showed it clear - New Lusitania had won their first medal by a tenth of a second. A bronze was the first podium the country had had and what a way to win it.

Two races to finish it all, with the men's 800m coming up first. Eiria's Levi Centa was disqualified for quite literally jumping the gun and springing into action too early. Cromwell had managed a great start but Snyder was behind him. Shuell's man and Esposende ran closely behind. At the end of lap one it was still close to call. Esposende gave it all and with grew a gap, first over ATH but later over Cromwell to finish a second ahead of the rest to give New Lusitania's first ever gold medal! Truly a magical moment!

Finally, the 100m dash, a race that would be over as quick as it started. Everyone could feel the tension as the stadium went silent. With a loud bang the vocal cords of the stadium returned. Ressuil gets a good start and there's Rodrigues beside him! He can really go for it tonight, but there's Seung-Hoon right behind them in lane seven, but what's that, oh it's the Laeralite Fenghe fast as a lighting bolt and my it's a close one. It's going down to the line and it's, well who was it really? The crowd awaited their glorious victor. The camera shots were being reviewed and by a few inches it's Fenghe over Ressuil, who both finish on 10.08 seconds. Look how pleased the Laeralien looks, truly a feat. Further behind though, tragedy for the Lusitanians as Rodrigues finished outside the podium by a tenth of a second.

With this, the Second Event draws to a close. Tomorrow the nations of the world return for the events on the field. New Lusitania meanwhile, will be content with their first two medals for now.

We spoke to Tomás Esposende once more as she told us what went on his mind after the race.
"It's just a great feeling you know. It's quite indiscribable. Especially the moment you're on that podium and listen to the anthem play sounding the win, it's beautiful This one is for everyone back home who believed we could do something in this Olympiad." On the race itself he commented "Honestly, I didn't get the best of starts but I tried to catch on to Cromwell and just kept running."

Beatriz Meneses was also happy with the result but "felt she could've done a bit more" despite breaking onto the scene recently. All things considered, she's still "satisfied with the result and it's a good win" for both her and the country.
António Rodrigues however was "a tad disappointed" after finishing 4th by a fraction of a second. "Great race, went down to the line, erm but I think it was a real shame that I didn't make it to the podium. I did give it my all and well when it's by such a small gap it's a bit frustrating yeah. Ressuil will also know this after his video review. For the fans though, who were great tonight, got a grand finale."

Watch every moment on STL.

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