The Tale of Valahandia

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The Tale of Valahandia

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:14 am

Out of Character Notice

I had this somewhat cool idea of writing a story about my nation's predecessor, The Kingdom of Valahandia. It will be written in old timey speech (but not Shakespearian), in several Installments, will probably will not end up being a collaborative effort, and will certainly not be anything like the conflict in Lauchenoria, Have I got Coups for You. If you have something cool to add, I suppose you can go for it. If you want to include your nation into the story somehow, go for it. My only intention is that the end product will be a decent piece of writing and will hopefully grant you some insight into the interworking of the former nation of Valahandia. Also, it should be entertaining. The story will come in several "epochs." My first one should be released soon (After the TRC Trials from Have I got Coups for You!).

From here on out, please keep it IN CHARACTER.

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