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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
VOL. XV.. Num. 181 | In the News: New Embassies Open -- First CPL Championship --Cardiff On Marine Power
First Foreign Embassies Open in Cadair
by TONWEN AWBREY, Political Editor
Cardiff - The first foreign embassies have been unveiled in Cardiff as Mab Darogan Waywffon Morgan signs a law allowing foreign immigrants into the country.

Zamastanian ambassador Mark Dupree and his party arrived Friday at Aberystwyth International Airport, and were escorted into Cardiff. When asked why Zamastan was the first nation to be approved for an embassy, Press Secretary Philip Northrop replied:
The Kingdom of Cadair has had a close friendship to Zamastan, ever since our birth as a nation. They have helped us in our time of need, so, when Mab Darogan decided to open the country to immigrants it was only natural that we would approach Zamastan first.
Maximusian ammbasador Matthew Francis is expected to arrive Monday.
Cheptow Takes CPL by Force
by MAWRTH CONWAY, Sports Writer
Aberystwyth-The first season of the Cymry Premier League concluded last week at Aberystwyth Stadium with Chepstow stealing the win for both devisions.

On Friday, Chepstow beat Championship favorite Aberystwyth, 3-2 in overtime to take the Men's trophy. On Saturday, the Chepstow Women's team destroyed Pontypridd with an overwhelming 5-0. The 2018-19 season proved to be a success, generating millions of Col in income.

The Cymry Basketball League and the Cymry Boxing Association seasons will begin in March.
Cardiff Switches to Marine Energy
by TONWEN AWBREY, Political Editor
Cardiff- On 2 January, power went out in Cardiff for two hours as workers switched the city's power terminal over to the newly built, Marine Energy Terminal.

Cardiff is the first city to fall under the Green Cadair Act, which pushes the nation closer to renewable energy. The act, signed in 2015, dedicated millions of Cols to fund a green energy inititive. Cardiff is the first city to change completly to green energy, and is the only city in the world powered comletly by marine energy.

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