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Voice of the People (Milintican News Agency)

Post by Xiomera » Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:47 am

Xiomeran "whitewash of history" movie banned

President Matōchmizalo signed an executive order today banning the showing of the Xiomeran movie Quiauhticue: Rise of an Empire anywhere in Milintica.

The movie, produced by the Xiomeran film studio Huallotli Studios, purports to show the "the life and rise to power of the first Xiomeran Emperor, Quiauhticue". The President denounced the movie, calling it a "blatant whitewash of the cruel history behind the creation of the Xiomeran Empire".

"This movie, which was privately viewed by myself and several other Milintican officials, is nothing more than lies wrapped in half-truths and buried under the glorification of a murderous tyrant," the President declared in a speech to the Representative Assembly. "The movie conveniently leaves out how Quiauhticue took advantage of a horrifying plague that devastated his neighbors, refused them aid, watched their people suffer and die, and then set about conquering them when they were at their weakest to build his Empire."

The President continued: "This ridiculous movie claims to be historically accurate, yet only portrays Quiauhticue as a 'great leader' who 'defeated barbarism' and 'laid the foundation for the Xiomeran Empire'. What a pack of lies this movie is! It doesn't show at all accurately how Quiauhticue built his Empire on the bones of those he conquered, how he nearly destroyed the other three tribes of Huenya, or how his actions led to the creation of the evil Empire that still exists and still represses the people of Huenya today. To allow such rank falsehoods to be displayed before the people of Milintica, the descendants of those who were forced to flee Quiauhticue's violent conquest, would be the greatest insult and we will not subject our people to such an indignity," the President said, to rousing applause from the Assembly.

The President was also highly critical of the portrayal of Shen involvement in the early days of the Empire's formation, specifically the portrayal of Cao Quin, the Shen general who aided Quiauhticue during his conquest of Huenya. The Shen Empire of the time provided Quiauhticue with troops and weapons to make his conquest even easier, in what President Matōchmizalo labeled "blatant foreign interference and intervention which devastated the Huenyan people, and changed the destiny of an entire land, just so the Shen could have a convenient vassal running the so-called Xiomeran Empire for the enrichment and benefit of an even more evil Empire." President Matōchmizalo declared that "Cao Quin was a colonialist and Quiauhticue was his opportunistic puppet."

In a non-binding resolution of support, the Assembly voted 125-3, with one abstention and one absence, to back the President's decision to ban the Xiomeran propaganda film.

Government denounces "intervention" in Vulkaria

The Representative Assembly also issued another non-binding resolution today, denouncing the intervention in Vulkaria by a so-called 'coalition' of foreign powers. "Foreign powers have been 'intervening' - but let's call it what it really is, interfering - in Vulkaria for decades now. Has it ended the violence? Has it brought lasting peace? Of course not, because you can't end a cycle of violence with yet more violence," Linpā, MPP Representative for Matōn District and the author of the resolution, said in her speech to the Assembly. "The best thing foreign powers could do is try to figure out why Vulkaria keeps becoming a cauldron of terrorism and violence seemingly every few years, and work to resolve those root causes, rather than just keep occupying other peoples' lands and killing people."

Representative Linpā added that "naturally we do not support terrorism, or terrorists, or violence," but added that "we also cannot forget that one country's terrorist is another country's desperate people left with no other means to fight for themselves in the face of overwhelming state power, and foreign power." The Representative added that Milinticans "should know what that is like, being once refugees ourselves from a repressive and violent regime."

The non-binding resolution declares that the Government of Milintica, and its people, will not support foreign interventions such as the one in Vulkaria, and will instead seek to encourage dialogue as a means of resolving conflicts around the IDU. The resolution passed by a vote of 119-10, with one absence and with all members of the PAP and MFR parties voting against the resolution, and all other parties voting in favor.

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