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National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:42 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

President Sloan, 4 Directors to attend 2019 Tofino Leaders Summit.
Following an open invitation by the Imperial Republic of Zamastan to members of the IDU, President Sloan has announced his intention to attend the summit, and as well formally meet the newly-elected President Anya Bishop. Director of International Affairs Hoffman will attend, along with Director of Energy Klein, Director of Trade Goudier, and Director of External Security Fischer.

Shuell loses to Gnejs in the IDUFC.
Shuell has lost 0-1 to Gnejs in the most recent game. President Sloan expects that the Crows win the upcoming game with Verwood, and would be severely disappointed otherwise. A note of congratulation is to be sent to Gnejs.

National Curfew to officially come to an end on 03.01.
With the recent reduction in UDF activities thanks to the wonderful work from the IS and PWS divisions, Chief Administrator Prescott has made an announcement stating in that all cities with a threat level lower than 2, the National Curfew will no longer be in place. The only cities currently operating in a threat level at or higher than 2 are Kotul, Stielgrad, and Icostead. Threat levels can currently be checked at Public Wellbeing & Safety Centers, or on your public database.

Iustonian Campaign coming to an end.
Generalissimo Perez has expressed his thanks in our expeditionary force's efforts in quelling the coup taking place - the last holdouts of the uprising are currently being laid siege to by our brave soldiers. The campaign is expected to end in month 05.

Radical Szilankist sect shut down after evidence of human sacrifices emerge.
A PSW operation has shut down a fanatical sect of Szilankism, following a tip from an unknown source. Similar to other splinter sects, evidence of animal sacrifice and self-mutilation was found at their base of operations on one of the smaller islands. However, the "final straw" was when proof of kidnapping and human sacrifice was discovered, upon which point a raid commenced and all known members were put into custody. As a reminder, Szilankism does not condone human sacrifice, and will work with the ISS to their greatest ability in combating radical Szilankism.

National Day of Mourning quickly approaching.
02.27 is soon approaching. For newer immigrants or those who are simply unaware, this is the anniversary of the death of Adelaide Sloan. Adelaide was killed in a failed assassination attempt against President Sloan, when United Democratic Front terrorists orchestrated a large-scale bombing of the Administration House. It was only by luck that President Sloan was not present at that time - there was only 10 survivors of the bombing, with 55 dead. The work day ends earlier on the 27th, and the flag will be flown at half-mast. Citizens are expected to tune in to the memorial speech at 1900 hours.

Questions sent in by citizens, answered.

"Will the Crows be punished for their failure in making it to the finals?" - Victor

If for whatever reason the Crows fail again to meet our expectations and win in the upcoming match against Verwood, it is expected that they will be reprimanded severely and possibly face fining.

"Were the terrorists responsible for 02.27 captured?" - Anne

Yes. Anyone involved with the bombing was captured and assumed executed, including the security personnel who worked with the UDF.

"When is the next upcoming Szilankist holiday?" - Bishop

A calendar of holidays is present in your local fragmentum. The next scheduled holiday is the Feast of Martyrs, on 03.03.

"02.27 was orchestrated! President Sloan was responsible for this! Wake up sheeple!" - [NAME WITHHELD]

Do you not trust Shuell and his government? It is quite frankly extremely disrespectful to call this tragedy orchestrated, due to the fact that proof was found of the UDF's involvement including but not limited to broadcasts, claims that future bombings will happen (which they did), and the admittance of the terrorists captured that they were responsible.

Shuell Stands Strong!
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:40 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
The Hoffman Doctrine - What is it?
After the announcement of the Iustonian campaign coming to a close, Director of International Affairs Hoffman has made a rare press release, stating his intentions to rebuild regions that have been damaged by war, modernize industry, improve international prosperity, remove trade barriers, and most important of all, prevent the spread of Communism.

While other issues were addressed in this press relief, the parts of his speech related to the Doctrine will be the only parts included in this article - recordings of the release are available on your public database.

Director Hoffman: I know many of you are surprised at my relatively sudden press release, especially considering the fact that my last one was of last year.

Director Hoffman: Believe me, however, that this release is important, considering the fact that our brave troops are finishing off the Iustonian rebels thanks to the wonderful work of Director Fischer.

Director Hoffman: As our manpower and power is limited - until Director Schmidt manages to finish up the initiative on cloning and matter replication, at least.

[pause for laughter]

Director Hoffman: I intend to prevent, or at least reduce the risk of further conflicts in regions around the world through foreign aid and relief. For instance, starting in month 06 of this year, we'll begin to dedicate resources to Iustos in an effort to quell communist sympathies as well as ensure a safer life for Iustonians.

Director Hoffman: As well, after a meeting with Director Goudier, I've managed to come to an agreement with her - restrictions and taxes on foreign goods in Shuell will be lowered, allowing more economic freedom - do not think, however, that they will be completely removed, especially with agriculture and steel. It is both Director Goudier's belief and mine that the lowering or even complete removal of most of these tariffs will increase our economic efficiency and help promote free trade.

Director Hoffman: And if you all were wondering, yes, taxes will be lowered.


Director Hoffman: As an addition to these plans, we intend to attempt to modernize and industrialize poorer, more rural nations - helping them switch from agriculture or farming based economies to industrial ones. It is intended that by doing so, these nations will enter the international stage sooner, and that by our hand in helping guide them, they will share many of our core values, if not necessarily practices. Of course, modernization will take a long time and isn't just a singular point - it's continuous. However, it'll provide a jumpstart or boost to these nations. Every little bit helps, or so the saying goes.

Director Hoffman: I'm sure you're wondering how exactly we're planning on doing this to the myriad underdeveloped or war-torn nations around the globe. After all, these nations vary on a case-to-case basis, with some larger or smaller than others. It is planned that aid will be distributed on a per capita basis, due to the fact that resuscitation of industrial powers damaged by war is essential for helping nearby nations. Of course, there isn't an exact scale; we could choose to give more aid to an allied nation than a former rival. As well, more effort will be placed in industrializing areas with those we see as having more potential than others.


Director Hoffman: Now, as I'm sure I've taken enough of your valuable time, my closing statement. While my doctrine is a far cry from our former isolationist policies, it is the general belief of the directors and President Sloan that we have the potential to be a great power, taking our place in the sun alongside the likes of Laeral and Sanctaria! While our lands will most likely never be as great as they used to be, we will no longer stay constrained to this archipelago, content to simply endure. It is my hope that by aiding others and spreading our values, Shuell will stand stronger!

[cheers, large amounts of applause]
The Department of Patriotism conducted a poll shortly after, and saw a 10 percent increase of Shuellian loyalty towards the state, up from 83 percent. While, of course, it is preferable to have 100% of citizens loyal to the state, some simply are apathetic or content towards it.

Roughly 40% of Shuellians showed interest in helping achieve the "Hoffman Doctrine," with many hoping to help volunteer abroad by helping with foreign aid. A large increase in the newly made SFAIP-00079 forms, which allow those interested in helping the Incorporated States to travel abroad to assist in various operations.

President Sloan and Chief of Directors Kruger both expressed their enthusiastic support for the Hoffman Doctrine. As well, the Department of International Affairs has created a Committee for International Aid, with senior staff of the DoIA currently in command of it.

The NSBN and their reporters eagerly await to see what good comes from the Hoffman Doctrine.
Shuell Stands Strong!

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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:26 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Director Hoffman Promises Support for an Independent Aeluria
In his second speech in two days, Director Hoffman pledged to support the small island of Aeluria in the event of their independence. Aeluria, based off the coast of Lauchenoira, declared their independence during their civil war. However, this declaration was generally unrecognized by other nations. With the signing of the Haven Accords, the island is currently voting to see if they should remain a part of Lauchenoira or become their own independent nation. This is to be recognized by all other signatories of the accords.

Below is Director Hoffman's speech on the Aelurian situation.
Director Hoffman: Thank you for coming here today, once again, to hear me speak. As King Stieler the 4th said to his many wives, I won't keep you long.


Director Hoffman: If you all will take a moment to check your public database, I'm sure you all are aware of the recent civil war in Lauchenoiria. If any Lauchenoirian refugees are currently listening, I'd like to express my congratulations on your former country successfully quelling a communist coup. It will be a calm 10 days before the next one takes place.

Director Hoffman: Now, listed in your public database - take a moment to look through the information provided, please. Specifically, the section related to the island of Aeluria.


Director Hoffman: Thank you. Now, as you all should have correctly grasped the situation down there, I'm sure it will be no surprise that I intend to see my doctrine see its first use internationally.

Director Hoffman: The island of Aeluria is suffering a small health crisis, would be defenseless if independent, and would face possible shortages of valuable supplies such as food. From the information provided to the ISS, we can see solutions to all of these issues.

Director Hoffman: Thanks to all of you wonderful people who have decided to fill out SFAIP forms and help us make the Hoffman Doctrine a reality, an independent Aeluria wouldn't need to suffer from these crises! We have what is needed to help solve their problems.

Director Hoffman: Nations that will remain unnamed have promised their own support which, to be quite frank, is just a chance for them to create simple puppet states, dependent on them and completely subservient, like slaves!

Director Hoffman: The critics of our nation will no doubt see our assistance as our chance to do the very same thing. In my perhaps ill-judged attempt to dissuade them, I will say this. Our solution to this problem is not to have them act as leeches, using our valuable material and protection. Instead, we will provide them the means to handle health crises, to stay safe and protected, to no longer face the chance of starvation!

Director Hoffman: This is my, and through extension, Shuell's promise to an independent Aeluria. You will be helped in establishing your own nation, not just an extension of Shuell.


Director Hoffman: Moving on to the topic of the nation of Lauchenoiria. They've been torn apart by civil war, similar to us just 46 years ago. I'm sure many of you remember the hardships we faced. Buildings torn apart by artillery, land destroyed through bombing and chemical warfare, starvation, and suffering. Thanks to the doctrine and its volunteers, Lauchenoiria won't have to face these same problems!

Director Hoffman: This is why I made this doctrine: I believe in the capacity of yours and mine to ensure the mistakes of the past not be repeated. By helping rebuild these nations that have been marked by war or ensuring newly-made ones don't become failed states and stopping the spread of communism. I implore those of you who haven't done so already to help us, to help Shuell, in the task of fulfilling our responsibilities to the world.


Director Hoffman: I, myself, will be leaving Shuell to visit representatives of other nations at a summit tomorrow. I hope to see many more of you departing Shuell as well to help make the doctrine reality.

Director Hoffman: Have a nice night, all of you listening.
Notifications will be sent to those who have filled out SFAIP-00079 forms tomorrow morning. Attached will be a relevant departure ticket, area you've been assigned to, and an estimated length of stay. Baggage including clothes, toiletries, 1 Szilankist Book of Scripture, medicine (if mentioned on your SFAIP form), an area guide, and language book will be provided. Upon your arrival at the airport or port specified on your departure ticket, the assigned luggage will be given to you free of charge. Also allocated will be a 15 inch (38.1 cm) space for any personal effects, provided it fits regulation.

The first batch of vessels will be expected to depart at any time between this and next week. NSBN reporters are expected to join as well, in order to better document the doctrine in operation.

Volunteer today, and make your country proud!
Shuell Stands Strong!

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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:51 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Extradition Requested
In a shock to our nation, one of our aid workers active in the formerly war-torn democracy of Lauchenoiria has fled their post and abandoned their duty, instead deciding to request asylum due to the country's policy of not extraditing.

The state does not punish treason lightly, and such a brazen act of subversive behavior will not be forgotten. Director Hoffman has already contacted Lauchenoiria, requesting that aid worker Peter Bloch be returned to Shuell for sentencing. While the NSBN team assigned to this article has not been informed of what will happen in the event they decline, it is unlikely that a nation known for being dissolute and cowardly would attempt to take that course of action.

Family members and associates of the traitor Bloch have been detained by Internal Security to determine if they were involved. Those found guilty will be imprisoned, and those found innocent will be fined for associating with a subversive element.

Remember to report subversive behavior and elements to your local IntSec office, as associating with a traitor knowingly or not is still grounds for punishment.
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:02 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Multiple Nations Request Trade Deals
Recently, the nations of Kerlile, Laeral, and Xiomera have requested or considered trade deals with our glorious nation, likely due to our robust manufacturing sector and strong economy. While the exact beliefs of Kerlile do not exactly mesh well with our own values, more trading partners are likely. Shuell is flattered by Laeral's interest in our nation, and though it may be more left-leaning than all of us would like, we are hopeful that trade will allow us to spread our culture and beliefs. Shuell is in favor of trade with Xiomera, due to our culture, politics, and beliefs being extremely similar. Citizens can expect an increased amount of foreign foods and goods, no matter what happens.

Ship Captain Extradited to Zamastan
A cruise ship from Zamastan collided with the SNV Lidérc, a trade vessel registered under Souller GmBH. A Laeralian cargo freighter by the name of Viercourt assisted in retrieving tourists, until our brave Shuellian Coast Guard received approval to tow it to the mainland. After communications with Zamastan were opened and the investigation closed, the ship captain was extradited to their home country. 4 brave sailors were killed in the collision, and 17 tourists died.

Prisoners and Penal Legionnaires Competing in Olympiad
In an interesting turn of events, the Directors have granted prisoners serving sentences over 2 decades and penal legionnaires a chance to compete in the olympics, with those who win medals granted an early release. Many have already signed up, though only a portion will be selected to get in. Those competing will be identified by a short serial number indicating their status.

Szilankist Order Allows Missionaries
The Szilankist Order has officially allowed the missionaries of the Order Evangelical to begin spreading the word of the Shard-being outside Shuell. While shuellian aid workers who are part of the Order Evangelical have converted nonbelievers when possible, the Order has made a decree stating their wish to spread Szilankism around the world. After months-long debate with Internal Security and International Affairs, the Order was granted a chance to proselytize outside of Shuell. The first wave of missionaries are expected to head to Iustos, Aeluria, and Lauchenoiria. An Order spokesman stated that these areas would be more open to conversion thanks to the generous actions of aid workers, which the Order Charitable has been funding.
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:38 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
13 Sailors Killed
Thirteen brave Shuellian sailors were killed this saturday in the country of Zamastan during a large earthquake. Informants revealed that these sailors were on leave at the time. Their ship of origin, the SNV Aldozat, will stay docked until all of our dead have been retrieved. This has been twice in recent times that Shuellian sailors have been killed in incidents related to Zamastan, and it is likely that heavy reparations will be requested from the country.

ISFI To Receive Bases
Incorporated States Forces Iustos will be given five new military bases throughout Iustos in an effort to better quell the threat of rebellion, and to increase positive relations with the civilian populace. Multiple platoons consisting of both Penal Legionnaires and ISAF Soldiers are currently preparing to depart to the tropics of Iustos, and are currently waiting to receive their mandatory malaria vaccines. NSBN hopes that with the implementation of additional civilian outreach programs, the reputation of ISFI among natives will rise.

New Prison Hulk
The SNV Ördög has recently finished construction in the dockyards of Northlend, and is expected to become active in October of this year. The SNV Ördög is to be a maximum security prison hulk for dangerous prisoners, and will be staffed by both Internal Security and members of the ISAF. Citizens of Shuell can expect to see it at ports of our cities, awaiting the delivery of convicts.

Updated Legionnaire Equipment
Members of the Shuellian Penal Legions will be pleased to learn that they will receive a new service pistol to replace their aging M1946 pistols. While they will not, of course, be issued the standard equipment of the ISAF, updated equipment will likely increase their chance of survival. The SA73 (Selfloading Automatic 73) is a double action polymer 18 round 9mm pistol, noted for being one of the earliest polymer-framed handguns made in Shuell. Additionally, a selective fire switch on the pistol allows it to switch seamlessly from a semiautomatic mode to a three round burst mode. The SA73 was the standard pistol of the Incorporated States Armed Forces in the 1970s and 80s, and penal legionnaires can expect to receive shipments of them in the upcoming months.
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:51 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Olympiad To Officially Begin

Shuellian citizens eagerly watched the opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 Olympics take place today in our capital city of Central.

Some of the greatest athletes of the world gathered here tonight, competing in a sporting spectacle that will surely be remembered for years to come.

"Shuell, Tis for Thee" was sung by the Schalkwyk Children's Choir, and as is customary to do when the national anthem is played, the flag was saluted by them as they sang. This was followed by an unfurling of the Shuellian banners across the stadium before multiple beacons of light were activated in a representation of the torch lighting ceremony. These beacons of light were provided by Souller GmBH. Souller GmBH: You'll never go wrong with Souller.

As the competing teams of various nations march across the stadium, we just know that some of you may experience cravings for nicotine. This opening ceremony is sponsored by Bullseye Tobacco. Bullseye Tobacco: We'll hit the spot. Bullseye Tobacco is a subsidiary of the Sailbetter Food Company.

The first event will begin tomorrow, and the Olympics as a whole will likely last multiple weeks, due to a large number of events.

Remember to report any illegal activity seen during the Olympiad. Shuell stands strong.
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:26 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Embassy Bombed! I.S. Forces Mobilize.

Insurgents belonging to the Malkavian Liberation Front, a radical left-wing group, have attacked the Shuellian Embassy in Vulkaria. Although several brave security officers attempted to stop them, upon apprehension the terrorist detonated several explosive devices on their person.

The resulting blast killed 6 civilians present in the embassy and 2 of the 4 officers on-site, with a third officer dying from his wounds earlier this morning. Ambassador Adenauer was uninjured, though several staff and visitors are in critical condition due to shrapnel. Analysis of the bombing suggests that the subversive packed several nails and broken glass into their improvised explosives, likely in an attempt to maximize casualties.

In a press release, Director of International Affairs Hoffman stated that “This attack was a tragedy, and proves that the MLF must be destroyed in order to assure world security. Once again, leftist terror groups strike at Shuell, for they know that we are righteous.”

The Incorporated States Armed Forces are expected to mobilize shortly, planning to send a 10,000 strong expeditionary unit to the nation of Vulkaria as part of an international pacification program. Personnel from IS Forces Iustos will likely comprise the majority of this expeditionary force.

Shuell is no stranger to leftist terrorist groups, and we will drive them into the sea like all the rest.
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:55 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Idol Program Announced

As part of Shuell’s increasing focus on the fields of social, military, and scientific development, valuable members of these communities will become “Idols,” model examples of the Shuellian ideal. The social media presence of these Idols will be supported by the State, in order to encourage the everyday Shuellian citizen to seek personal glory, success, and recognition.

Idols will receive rewards for simply providing a good face to the Incorporated States, including but not limited to: research grants, private vessels, luxury housing, and other special privileges. There will thousands of assorted prizes and awards provided for simply being the model law-abiding citizen.

Several prominent Shuellian celebrities and social media influencers have been initiated into the Idol Program already, and the pressure on them to remain an ideal Shuellian is heavy. Idols who commit infractions will be removed from the program and have gag orders placed on their social media accounts until penance is given.

Idols can be from any career and will be selected for advertisements based on their popularity: the more popular an Idol is, the larger the region they will be assigned.

Iustos Considering Integration

The Democratic Republic of Iustos, one of our closest allied nations, has been offered a chance to join our glorious Incorporated States as an Autonome Verwaltungsregion, or Autonomous Administrative Region.

Iustos will become integrated into Shuell but will be allowed self-governance and relative autonomy, although they will answer to the Directorate and the Presidency. This will allow for Iustos to retain a majority of their former independence, such as their legislative assemblies, with Shuell being responsible for their defense and involvement in international affairs.

A referendum will be held in Iustos in the month of March, where many Iustonians remain split on the issue. The National Shuellian Broadcasting Network trusts that the right decision will be made on behalf of Iustos, and believes that integration into Shuell will be mutually beneficial for both of our nations. Generalissimo Perez and President Ruiz have both expressed their support for incorporation, though members of the Iustonian nationalist political party Unidade have voiced their opposition.

Minor Outbreak in Montstuhl

Shuellian doctors in the small coastal town of Montstuhl have brought to public attention a small outbreak of Adenovirus, specifically Ad14. This disease has been deemed “mostly harmless” by the Sub-Department of Infection Control, but they do warn that this disease is able to spread quickly, being airborne in transmission.

State-provided vaccines are expected to be distributed in the next two weeks for citizens classified as military veterans, though they may be purchased sooner from both Eir Biomedical Services and Cardea Pharmaceuticals online. Remember: a proper Shuellian is a healthy Shuellian.

New Food Fad Found

The largest food manufacturing company in Shuell, Sailbetter Foods, is now offering a special limited-time item at select stores: the “Sailbetter RealMeat ULTRA™️”. Announced yesterday afternoon by Sailbetter CEO Stephan Niebuhr, the Sailbetter RealMeat ULTRA™️ has been flying off of the shelves.

Mainly catered towards the “Ultra-Hip Shuellian Youth who are too busy for boring old meat," the RealMeat ULTRA™️ combines all the pros of normal meat with “all the super awesome benefits of BROTEIN 7™, the newest invention of Sailbetter Foods.”

Quick ‘N Tasty, Sailbetter Foods’ own fast food restaurant, has announced plans to add the "RealMeat ULTRA™️ Mega-Radical Sandwich" to their menu as soon as possible, which will also include EXTREMLECKER! Sauce and the popular Kooltoffel Fried Potato Snack™.

This segment was sponsored by Sailbetter Foods: You’ll do better with Sailbetter.

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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:43 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

PMC Policy Published

The Directorate has approved a recent proposition from the Department of Corporate Interests after much debate. Policy H139 will allow for select private military companies (including but not limited to the Kruger-Meszaros Corporation, Watchtower International, and Standard Security Solutions) to detain individuals under their jurisdiction in corporate prisons for a maximum of 2 weeks.

As a precautionary measure, any and all private arrests must be reported to Internal Security, and arrest policy must be publicly known to staff of the organization contracting them.

Dietrich Rook, the CEO and Founder of Watchtower International, has publicly approved of this policy, stating that it “will allow for private military companies greater freedom of operation.”

Security companies are already able to issue fines such as parking tickets to contracted offenders.

Latest Trend Explained

Users of SoCEF, an internet imageboard and social media website, have sparked up a trend that you may have seen across the Shuellian web. “All-Capitalism” involves typing in only capital letters, apparently using the justification that “lower cases are for the lower classes.”

NSBN journalists were able to trace this back to the SoCEF board known as [SoTMF], or simply [TMF] - the trade market forum. Users of this board are typically in their early 20s, and often style themselves as the new face of business. [TMF] has also popularized the practice of “investment betting,” where fortunes are spent on the stock market as a type of high-risk gambling.

Montsuhl Outbreak “Worse than Expected”

The adenovirus afflicting the small town of Montsuhl appears to have spread to nearby towns prior to discovery, likely due to trade, transportation, and the recent Olympics.

It is unknown how many are infected at this time, but the Sub-Department of Disease Control states that “the extent of this epidemic may be worse than initially expected.” Prices of vaccines have increased in recent days, but the SDDC warns that they may not be entirely effective.

First Response of the Hazard Corps is expected to be scrambled to the region in order to reduce the rate of the disease’s spread.

Painkiller Census Completed

A recent survey performed by the Department of Health has revealed that 5.2 percent of Shuellian citizens are active users of pain relief medicine, a 0.3 percent decrease since 2018.

Painkiller misuse among active members of the Incorporated States Armed Forces has been noted to be “a significant issue in regards to military efficiency,” and an initiative to deal with this matter is being prepared.

31 percent of veterans in the Military Veteran’s Health Association currently have painkiller prescriptions, an increase of 13 percent since 2010. Roughly two-thirds of citizens deemed veterans have reported experiencing pain, with 11 percent reporting they experience severe pain.

A strong hand guides the masses.

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Shuellian Virus

Post by Shuell » Fri Mar 06, 2020 12:32 am

Listen to this for most effect.
















“The Olympics have been officially canceled due to health risks, with all foreign tourists being restricted to their hotels.”


“The death toll has reached 4,000, with 59,000 infected in total. Roughly 12,000 people have recovered from the virus.”


“Deemed a necessary measure, price control has been put into action in order to reduce the cost of face masks.”


"Military convoys have began to search for the corpses of the infected. Please line up the deceased in bodybags on the streets for collection."




As of March 1st, 0050 hours, the AD14 quarantine has been expanded to the entire Central SVR. Any citizens attempting to break this quarantine will be arrested immediately and punished for their dangerous actions.

Both Shuellian Security departments will be coordinating antiviral efforts. The orders of security personnel must be obeyed, at risk of detainment. Martial law is now fully in effect. Looters and smugglers are to be shot on sight.



Two men sit at a desk smiling hollowly to the camera. The logo of the National Shuellian Broadcasting Network is plastered conspicuously on the steel counter.

“... market fell over 800 points today after the announcement of a region-wide quarantine, to the dismay of many investment bankers. In other news, First Response has been reassigned to neighboring regions in order to attempt to reduce the spread of the adenovirus, with both Internal and External Security stepping in to replace them. Johann?”

“Thank you, Adam. The Szilankist Church has not slowed down its efforts to provide aid, with the Order Charitable now beginning to deliver rations directly to those who are unwilling or incapable of leaving their apartments. Reports of infected citizens being sealed into their apartments have been confirmed by the Quarantine Control Executor, who claims that this is a necessary course of action to -”

The man talking begins to cough, pulling out a handkerchief and holding it to his mouth. When he pulls his hand away, blood is clearly visible dotting the white cloth. The other man hurriedly gets off his chair, calling out for a security guard.

The feed cuts off.


A woman stands outside of a large building, wearing a face mask. In the background, the streets are deserted and soldiers in hazard gear patrol the streets.

“We’re standing outside of Lensein General Clinic, the largest public hospital in Central. As of 2 hours ago, the clinic closed its doors, stating that it was completely out of room and could not take any more patients.”

The sound of glass breaking is heard in the distance, followed by shouting. A staccato burst of sharp cracks punctuates the yells, causing the reporter to duck. She stands up after the gunshots die down, brushing dirt off her uniform.

“Lensein is the 16th public medical facility to be overrun with sick Shuellians since the quarantine of Central was put into effect, and the 22nd to close overall. Abandoned buildings on the outskirts of Central are to be converted into makeshift hospitals in the upcoming weeks.”


The three-man team of soldiers, clad in armored disease suits and wearing gas masks, march into the abandoned husk of an apartment building - a relic from the People’s Republic that wasn’t destroyed in the war or torn down. Searching through the rooms one by one, they come across an apartment that has been boarded up with wooden planks, with a red “X” spraypainted over it.

The man in the rear, holding a toolbox, pulls sets in on the ground and pulls out a crowbar, removing the nails one by one before throwing the wooden boards to the side. The soldier in front, an incendiary specialist, knocks on the door three times before pausing. Hearing nothing from the other side, he kicks in the door, sending splinters and dust flying out. The room is fairly standard for the era - compact and cheap, meant for the poor and unemployed.

The entire room is covered in dust, with flies swarming a sink filled with dirty plates. One of the men approaches the rusty, depowered refrigerator and grabs ahold of the handle and jerks at it - only to snap it off unceremoniously. Sighing, he sticks his gloved fingers into a crevice and pulls at it, swinging the refrigerator door open to reveal the rotten, moldy interior - the food clearly having gone a while ago. Making a noise of disgust, he closes it quickly.

The incendiary specialist moves on to the bedroom, before calling out to his compatriots. “There’s something here.” As the other two men file in, he gestures to a dirty blanket covering a vaguely humanoid lump at the other end of the room. “Cover me.” He barks out, before slowly pulling back the stained sheet to find a frail and malformed body.

The stench of pungent body odor and necrotic flesh sweeps the room, their gas masks doing little to mask the smell. The gender of the body lying on the mattress is difficult to tell, far too warped from disease and malnourishment. Its face is distorted and lumpy, empty eyes fixated open and downwards in an expression resembling horror. The soldier closest to the body recoil, reaching for the flamethrower strapped to his back out of instinct. “Burn it.”

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DoLE Radio Transcript

Post by Shuell » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:31 am

Case Designation: Einfall
[0300] Einfall radio transcript start.

[0313] Offz. Three: OP-3 is on duty, my loc is Subcity C-2.

[0327] DLE Dispatch: All units, switch comms to Tak-3.

[0341] DLE Dispatch: Incursion in progress, Industrial Block 4. OP-3, investigate and report.

[0342] Offz. Three: Affirmed, moving to investigate incursion at the reported location.

[0345] Offz. Four: Anyone else pick up an i503 reading?

[0348] Offz. Two: i503 reading is clear, no sus-ind in the reported area.

[0351] Offz. Three: I am on-loc, sus-ind is GOA.

[0353] DLE Dispatch: OP-3, be advised. We are receiving conflicting information.

[0354] Offz. Three: Confirmed. Requesting a perimeter is set up at Industrial Block 4.

[0355] Offz. Two: Understood.

[0407] DLE Dispatch: A reminder that Stimlight Cigarettes has agreed to sponsor the Department of Law Enforcement, and Stimlight brand cigarettes can now be found in break rooms. Stimlight Cigarettes. Light one up and brighten your day.

[0411] Offz. Three: Dispatch, uploading APB description of incursion sus-ind.

[0412] DLE Dispatch: Copy.

[0414] Offz. Three: This is OP-3, I am with the report-ind. Situation is Code 4.

[0417] DLE Dispatch: OP-2, report status.

[0418] Offz. Two: Patrolling, no status.

[0422] Offz. Four: I have an inebriated citizen here, marking for indecent exposure.

[0423] Offz. One: Er, roger that.

[0430] DLE Dispatch: The stimulant ration is now available. Retrieve when possible.

[0434] Offz. Two: Shit!

[0434] Gunshots are heard.

[0435] Offz. Two: Terminated one hostile fauna, canine.

[0440] DLE Dispatch: Requesting all units at Subcity C-2, report in.

[0442] Offz. Four: Security is stable, no sign of i503 sus-ind.

[0450] DLE Dispatch: All units at DLE Outpost 1, report in for 0500 shift dismissal.

[0455] DLE Dispatch: Local patrol units, report status.

[0456] Offz. One: No sighted sus-inds at the current time.

[0510] DLE Dispatch: All patrol units, switch comms to Tak-5 and rendezvous at the designated area. Report sightings of possible incursion suspects.

[0511] Offz. Four: Copy.

[0515] DLE Dispatch: Patrol units, be advised. Sus-ind may be armed, last seen near Industrial Block 4, Subblock 2.

[0516] Offz. Two: Understood.

[0520] DLE Dispatch: Attention. Premature disengagement from the current assignment will result in 50 percent reduced daily wages.

[0527] DLE Dispatch: Looter is present at Recreational Block 5, Subblock 5. All nearby patrol units, respond.

[0530] Offz. One: Visual on a sus-ind, requesting aerial surveillance unit.

[0535] DLE Dispatch: Local patrol units, prepare to secure Industrial Block 4.

[0536] Offz. Four: Affirmative.

[0540] Offz. Two: I’ve got a possible match on APB likeness, investigating Subblock 3.

[0541] Offz. Five: Understood.

[0544] DLE Dispatch: Automated Distress Signal Unit for OP-9 has been activated at Residential Block 7. All nearby patrol units, respond at Code 2.

[0545] Offz. Three: Dispatch, can we get another confirmation on that i503?

[0546] DLE Dispatch: Surveillance last records sus-ind at Subblock 3.

[0549] Offz. Three: There he is, I have sus-ind One here.

[0550] Offz. Three: Hold it, don’t move.

[0552] Offz. Three: Local units, the suspect is in Subblock 3 Zone 5. Shit, move it! He’s running!

[0553] DLE Dispatch: All local units, move on reported location.

[0555] Offz. Four: Officer is under fire, taking cover!

[0556] Offz. Two: Multiple shots fired, only one visible host-ind.

[0557] DLE Dispatch: Patrol units, do not disengage. Reinforcements inbound.

[0558] Offz. Two: Cover me, I’m going in.

[0558] Offz. One: Copy, OP-2 is moving in.

[0559] Offz. Two: Minor hits, returning fire.

[0601] Offz. Two: Suspect is heavily wounded, bleeding from multiple GSWs.

[0602] Offz. One: Copy.

[0605] Offz. Two: Final verdict has been administered, the host-ind is no longer a threat.

[0607] DLE Dispatch: Confirmed, final verdict has been administered. All units, re-establish zone security.

[0608] Offz. Three: Understood.

[0611] DLE Dispatch: Aerial surveillance units are sweeping for accomplices, please hold. As a reminder, extra wages are to be given to units displaying sponsored insignia on their uniform and patrol vehicle.

[0614] Offz. Three: Hold it right there!

[0614] Offz. Three: I said don’t move!

[0617] Offz. Three: Dispatch, prepare for a prisoner in custody. I have one accomplice here, passive.

[0619] DLE Dispatch: Understood, Internal Security is standing by for transfer.

[0620] Einfall radio transcript end.

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Cool Crow

Post by Shuell » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:25 pm


Since the start of the disease outbreak, there’s been an unsettling uptake in the amount of subversive talk about the Incorporated States Emergency Command’s declaration of martial law in the Zentralregion (see INTSEC MAJ. HELLMUTH FAHLBUSCH’S 2020 CENTRAL SVR UNREST REPORT subsection F attachment 13). Further reporting by Maj. Fahlbusch has revealed that younger citizens are the main source of subversive elements, so Major General Gerhard Mucke has devised a totally awesome plan to put the COOL back in collaboration! (NOTE: Collaboration should not be used in official Incorporated States Emergency Command press releases due to negative connotations with the DPRS)

While the first C.O.O.L. (Civilian Outreach, Organization, and Loyalty) initiative failed dramatically (using a SZ-250 MBT as a mascot was not a good idea, guys!) Brigadier General Frederick Klausener’s suggestion of Cool Crow at the Fifth Central Emergency Congress is projected to have a significant draw to the youth of Central, with the Directorate suggesting that we may see as much as a 42.6% increase in cooperation from citizens aged 8-24. This new and improved COOL initiative will totally get the youth on board with this hip and swanky approach to military governance!

Winning the hearts and minds of Central’s youth will make the ISEC’s job of securing the region much easier by ensuring that they see us, the Emergency Command, as their cool friends and/or hip relatives rather than a heavily-armed military force that has just declared martial law due to a dangerous virus that has spread as a result of administrative mismanagement and slow response. So let’s get at it, gang!

The mascot of Cool Crow is used often in branding, being seen on StatInd-produced lunchboxes, clothing, ammunition boxes, and candy bars, with inspirational taglines underneath. Government workers dressed in a costume of Cool Crow are common on NSBN television during ad breaks, saying slogans or giving advice. A recent photo of Cool Crow on the SZ-250 main battle tank has been a recent public relations success with the youth, and a state-funded cartoon is reported to be in the works, titled “Cool Crow Saves the Fatherland.” Due to relatively widespread success in the Zentralregion, efforts have been made by the Department of Patriotism to bring Cool Crow abroad to the rest of the world.

Slogans include:
"It's super cool to report subversives to Internal Security!"
"Work builds character!"
"Serving the Fatherland is the grooviest thing you can do!"
"Looters are traitors to the Incorporated States!"
"Report enemies of the state to the nearest officer!"
"Misinformation undermines your productivity!"

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Surgesystems Internal Correspondences #1

Post by Shuell » Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:49 pm

Surgesystems is a company based in Shuell that specializes in software and systems integration, recently acquired by North Light Technologies.

To: All Surgesystems Employees
From: Rudi Salzer, Vice President

Hello everyone,

I’m Rudi Salzer, your new vice president. Until recently I was part of North Light’s security division, but now that Surgesystems and North Light are part of the same family, we thought you would appreciate a big sibling being sent over. Now, I won’t do much to try and interfere with your valuable work and daily operations, with my main concern being the security around here.

I hear that you all have been adjusting well to the new security measures being put in place, and we’ll be bringing over some new babysitters to help out our family. You’ll see some friendly new guards patrolling around the main facility. As long as you wear your specially encoded ID badges at all times and make sure they’re properly registered in our database, these new babysitters will be happy to stay out of your way. In addition, new biometric security scanners have been implemented throughout the building - attempting to bypass one will result in that section of the building entering lockdown.

Thank you for your time,

PS: Remember that PPE must be worn on the testing floor at all times, and North Light is not responsible for any incidents that take place due to lack of personal protective equipment.
To: IT Systems
From: Rudi Salzer, Vice President


I will need someone to come over to my office as soon as possible and clear the old Vice President’s information off my desktop terminal. Additionally, I’d like it reformatted with my personal information.
To: Rudi Salzer, Vice President
From: Anneli Frey, Information Systems

Mr. Salzer,

Over the last 4-5 weeks, I’ve picked up an abnormal amount of encrypted data packets being sent outside the facility. These messages use an abnormal cipher protocol - something that I haven’t seen before, which I’m certain isn’t ExtSec approved. I believe that someone inside the facility is transferring corporate information to a third party.

Anneli Frey
To: Anneli Frey, Information Systems
From: Rudi Salzer, Vice President

Ms. Frey
Please continue your investigation into the external messages, and keep me updated on any progress you manage to make. In the meantime, keep this information private - do not inform anyone else about what you’re doing. I will ensure the appropriate parties are appraised.

And please, call me Rudi.

To: Rudi Salzer, Vice President
From: Anneli Frey, Information Systems


I’ve made some more progress in decrypting the data packets. From what I can tell, someone is sending progress messages on VALKYR to a secure offsite server, though I don’t have enough information to determine where exactly this server is. I believe that these messages are going to Tempest Energy, but there isn’t enough concrete evidence yet.

To: %&!*#
From: J

I’ve managed to get the password to Raab’s computer today. I’ll send it to you with the information on VALKYR-15. The prototype will be stopping at this facility on its way to the Department of External Security. You may be able to intercept on the road leading here.
Project: VALKYR Mechanized Integument System

Version: 12
Status: Failure
Notes: While v.12 had a heavier power consumption than the v.10 or v.11, we managed to increase power control and modulation by approximately 18.42%. This is a promising development, but we still need to come up with a solution for the actuators.

Version: 13
Status: Failure
Notes: System overload. Internals destroyed. We couldn’t salvage any data from the test.

Version: 14
Status: Failure
Notes: Interesting. I’m not sure where we pulled this data, as it’s focusing on a completely different direction compared to our earlier prototypes. We managed to solve the servo issues by using pneumatic artificial muscles paired with electronic servomotors. I have high hopes for the next prototype.

Version: 15
Status: Success
Notes: That data we received from August really did the trick. We managed to get a stable build model made. I don’t think we have an armor system ready for mass production yet, but it shows we have a working prototype ready. We should be able to get these issues solved in a later build.

As you requested, here’s a list of changes compared to the Monolith model.
  • Prototype materials not suited for extended field use.
  • Strength augmentation is significantly higher.
  • Increase in maneuverability.
  • Operating time with a standard hydrogen cell is 30% longer.
To: August Keilberth, Senior Staff Engineer
From: Martin Raab, General Manager


One of my friends inside Tempest Energy found the specs for their canceled FEUER powered exoskeleton. I’m sending it over to your team. From what I can tell, they managed to resolve the problems you’ve been having with the Balmer joint activators. Combined with the data from the sabotaged test, I think you should have everything you need to complete VALKYR. Colonel Visscher is expecting results from this project, and I don’t need to tell you what a favorable evaluation and cash reward from ExtSec will do to our stock portfolios.


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Surgesystems Internal Correspondences #2

Post by Shuell » Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:04 pm

To: Luca Baumer, Vice President
From: Martin Raab, General Manager


It’s good to have you back in the office. I hope your wife is feeling better as well. It’s nearly flu season, and hopefully your kids don’t get sick either. Either way, it’s good to see you back.

While you were out recovering I met with some executives at North Light. They’re very interested in the potential that Surgesystems has been showing recently, and they’ve made us a very generous offer to buy us out. I’ll have one of my secretaries run over with the draft they gave me. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

To: Martin Raab, General Manager
From: Luca Baumer, Vice President

I have no interest in selling my portion of the company to North Light Technologies. We went over this when Tempest tried the same. These companies deal with defense contracts. This isn’t what Surgesystems is about, and this isn’t something I’m willing to support, even as someone who loves Shuell.

I’m sending the package back to you. I think you have a solid idea of where I think you can put it.

My respect,
To: Luca Baumer, Vice President
From: Martin Raab, General Manager


I’ve heard more from my contacts over at North Light, and it sounds to me like they’re already started to buy up our public shares. With just a little bit of support from the board, it’s not impossible that this amicable relationship could become very hostile.

It’s in the best interest of Surgesystems that we strike while the iron is hot and take this deal. I doubt it’ll stay this sweet for long.

To: Julie Reichard, CFO
From: Luca Baumer, Vice President


I’m sure you’ve heard about North Light’s intentions to buy out our company. In the past, you and I have been of the same mind when it comes to the moral and financial future of this company. When Tempest showed interest in purchasing us years ago, you helped me rally the board to keep Surgesystems autonomous. I’d like your help again with North Light.

Raab claims that North Light is buying shares in our company to force a hostile take-over if we won’t sell willingly. I don’t think they’ll be able to purchase enough shares without approval from the board. I think that if you and I worked together, we could sway enough votes to keep the company independent. I hope you’ll stand with me for this.

To: Luca Baumer, Vice President
From: Juliette Reichard, CFO

I’d stand with you again, Luca. Give me a few days to try and gather support from the allies I have on the board. I’ve run the numbers, and I’m fairly certain you’re right. We can fight North Light on this.

To: Martin Raab, General Manager
From: Juliette Reichard, CFO

You were right, Martin. Luca sent me a message yesterday night. I’ve made the call to the board. I think with the number we’re looking at pocketing from the North Light deal we’ll have no problem with getting the board to vote no confidence on him.

To: All Surgesystems Employees
From: Martin Raab, General Manager

I regret to inform you that after many years of loyal service, VP Luca Baumer has stepped down from his position at Surgesystems. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.

For the time being, CFO Julie Reichard will be overseeing Luca’s divisions, with division heads expected to meet with her later today.
Thank you for your time.


Martin Raab, General Manager
RE: North Light
To: Martin Raab, Surgesystems
From: Rudi Salzar, North Light

Hello Raab,

Now that things have been set in motion, I’m going to be your liaison and contact with North Light Technologies. I’ll handle anything that comes up during your incorporation into the North Light family. My first priority will be tightening your security. As I’m sure you know, North Light handles many government projects, and because of this Surgesystems will need a large increase in security. I’ll be sending over some engineers to discreetly install some enhanced security procedures, and armed guards to protect the facility. Most of it will be pretty innocuous, but employees will need to wear their new badges at all times.

Please start having your people wear them in advance of our partnership becoming official. I think it’ll make the transition much easier. Don’t worry - none of the measures will become active until I arrive on-site, and by then everyone should hopefully be comfortable with the new procedures.

Thanks for your time,

Rudi Salzar

To: All Surgesystems Employees
From: Martin Raab, General Manager

Greetings fellow Surgesystem employees!

I’m happy to announce that we have finalized our deal with North Light. Starting tomorrow, this facility will officially be a part of North Light. Most of you won’t notice anything different, besides for additional benefits. Remember to wear your badge!

Thank you all for your time, and welcome to the North Light Family.

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First Imperial Hyperborean Expedition

Post by Shuell » Tue May 12, 2020 8:47 pm

Manifest of the KMS Suche:
1. Baron Wilhelm von Reichenow - expedition head
2. Frederick Wisting - second-in-command, navigator
3. Carl Meyer - lieutenant, expedition doctor
4. Louis Albrecht - lieutenant, gunner
5. Woldemar Amann - biologist
6. Elmar Nebe - dog driver
7. Yannick Bolender - carpenter, laborer
8. Horst Donha - cook
9. Karl de Serrano - Iustonian engineer
10. Thorvald Kutchak - Vertanskan geologist
10 other workers of little importance

1st Entry
I have decided that I will keep a proper record of this most daring journey to the Hyperborean Mountains, in order to properly transcribe the events that take place during this expedition. I am writing this on the 3rd of February 1898, as the Suche leaves the Northlend port for her journey, three weeks after the departure of the Ausdauer to the mountains as an advance party. The odds of us meeting one another are quite unlikely, with Wisting plotting a route through the pack ice to reach further inland.

Retrieving funding for this journey has taken quite a while, seeing as I had managed to successfully petition the Imperial Geographical Society its worth half a decade ago - no doubt because other colonial expeditions further south take higher priority. I am quite lucky that the Vertanskans had shown interest in settling the area - King Johann was quite eager to approve us upon hearing news of that, and had secured us a fine sum of imperial tokens for our trip.

Although the IGS had insisted on picking the crew I had brought along with me, I had been able to recruit 5 or so men from my own previous journeys, including my trusted second-in-command Mr. Wisting. He had pushed for me to bring along Yannick as a final chance for him to prove his worth, despite the fact that the lout had fallen into drunkenness and poverty over the last decade despite the efforts of his compatriots to assist him. Mr. Meyer, the expedition doctor, had no medical background but had been trained in a “speed course” prior to our departure. Finally, we had brought on board Mr. de Serrano and Mr. Kutchak, two foreign-born men of relatively low standing. While Mr. Kutchak’s political ambitions are likely different from our own, his experience with the Vertanskan tundra will prove quite useful to our journey.

Despite the fact that we suffered more delays than initially expected during preparation, many of my men had been able to outfit themselves accordingly for the trip into the far north, bringing heavy furs and salted fish onboard in the event that our own supplies run out. although we are certain that the chances of uncivilized natives living in these mountains are low, I had ordered armaments brought onboard regardless as a precautionary measure against wild animals. While I had managed to purchase myself one of Kruger’s self-loading pistols, Wisting had decided to stick with the Seerevolver issued to him during his time in the Imperial Navy.

The boat journey itself will, with any luck, be short - the main issue being navigating around the first horn to the dip inland. Our ship is quite small and steers poorly in open waters, but it is made out of sturdy wood and should more than easily navigate the pack ice. We plan to make a final stop at Point North, where we shall gather additional supplies for our trek to the Hyperborean Mountains.

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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Sat May 16, 2020 7:52 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Shuellian Seed Vault Destroyed

The Agri-Grow Corporation has successfully lobbied the dismantling of the Shuellian Seed Vault last Wednesday. Arguing that the collection of seeds represented a contamination risk and could threaten its own genetically modified line of seeds, aggressive marketing and lobbying via the Department of Corporate Interests has convinced the Shuellian government into dismantling the seed vault project. Agri-Grow is used in over half of all Shuellian agriculture, and contamination of even a single strain could devastate food and crop production.

Mass Death of Animals Investigated

State biologists on behalf of the Department of Health are attempting to determine the circumstances behind the death of an estimated 500 birds in the Emfields last week. Authorities have revealed that all birds appeared to have suffered near-spontaneous blood clots, falling suddenly on a 10-mile stretch of highway and damaging vehicles. This comes just four days after a similar event taking place in the Sudregion, where the mass death of over 5,000 fish in the Honig River took place.

AD14 Numbers Drop, Vaccine Revealed

Due to the competence of the Department of Health and various Security departments, the number of those infected by the adenovirus has dropped severely in the last month, with the quarantine of the Zentralregion having proven effective in containing the spread of the disease. Precautions taken by the Internal States Emergency Command have ensured that hazard-soldiers are at little risk of infection, and it is believed that the doors of high-risk areas will be unwelded as soon as possible. An updated vaccine has been created by Cardea Pharmaceuticals, which will be distributed shortly - those wishing for it earlier have the chance to pay for premium delivery, guaranteed to arrive in 2 days or less. The incineration of infected bodies is expected to be completed soon. ISEC's "Cool Crow", a major success in maintaining morale, will likely be acquired by the Department of Patriotism after the end of this crisis.

Sailbetter Reveals Ultra-Synth Energy Soda

Sailbetter Foods has released a second drink to the populace in the last three weeks, following the Amazing-Delight 14™️ commemorative soda (sold in markets for a limited time only.) Made from Sailbetter's own high-fructose synthetic syrup and with extra preservatives and caffeine added, the corporation brags that the soda would be able to survive a nuclear explosion. The soda is known for having a unique taste, being made out of HFSS and carbonated water, and many have stated that it is Sailbetter's best drink yet. Upcoming External Security MREs will have Ultra-Synth included according to a military liaison, though this variant (packed with extra stimulants for performance) will not be available to the general population.

Volunteer Program Created
With tensions increasing in the country of Xiomera due to insurgents and rioters taking part in a guerrilla against the Provisional Government, the Department of International Affairs has given approval to a proposed volunteer program, similar to the aid work done in the backwater nation of Lauchenoiria, which was destroyed in a civil war taking place over a year ago. As the Incorporated States has not yet fully supported either side of the conflict, it has been decided that citizens would be able to assist both the Provisional Government and Prince-in-Exile in whatever means necessary. Standard Security Services has stated that they may decide to involve themselves as well, though they are currently in negotiation with the DoIA. Citizens must be screened prior to volunteering, and any sign of subversive behavior will result in denial as a result of Peter Bloch's failed desertion.

Shuell will endure.

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