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Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:37 am
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Wednesday, January 9th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5462 | In the News: Economic Layout -- Congressional Hall Protest -- New Naval Deployments
by AMANDA WAISTEAD, Political Editor

Tofino - President Zacharias Castovia unveiled his new year economic layout plan, which now involves an extended amount of trade deals with Gladysynthia following the ceasing of embargoes. Addressing the press at the Zian Presidential Mansion's Gaviria Room, the President also laid down fundamental plans for tax cuts for lower and middle class families, a slight tax increase for families that earn more than Z$250,000 a year, and a three cent bump in gas prices. Generally, the plan was well received by law makers, who passed approval to proceed on legislation to formulate the proposals.

Speaker of the Chamber, Foley Sakzi, said that "the President's economic plan is more attainable than the previously proposed plans in early 2018, which stimulated tax cuts for every income family, but hiked prices on produce and oil, which led to a drop in the President's approval ratings as well as a slight decrease in the economic output for that year, so hopefully and ideally bipartisan opportunity will lead to a much more desired outcome."

2019, according to economists, is set to start with high openings in stock and trading markets. Since assuming the presidency in 2016, the overall GDP and average income of Zamastan skyrocketed from the years previous, obtaining new record heights in 2016 and 2017, but the dip in 2018 is attributed to the policies passed by Congressional Hall and signed by the President.


Tofino, Congressional Hall - Roughly 200 people protesting the legislation of a proposed pipeline construction under the Horseshoe Bay Kamani-Zone crowded the steps of Congressional Hall on Wednesday morning, blocking lawmakers from entering their offices and the Congressional chambers. The proposal to build the pipeline would include drilling in the bay, which environmentalists state will severely damage the ecosystem in the Kamani bypass. The pipeline itself will extend off the pre-existing Tofino-Tariel Line and extend below the bay to connect with the Alanis-Providence Line. The protesters were peaceful, sitting on the steps and not using physicality aside their still-presence to attempt to keep the lawmakers out. One congressman tried entering by forcing his way through the placed protesters before turning back and exchanging verbal insults. Other congressmen and women approached with different tactics, rather striking up conversations and answering questions about the legislation whether for or against the pipeline.

by Lonnie Paraia, Military Editor

Kelowna - The Zamastanian Navy deployed the newest addition to its fleet, the ZMS Tobias. The Tobias is a missile guided destroyer and will be deployed with the famed and battle-hardened 2nd Fleet, commanded by Admiral Percy Tavoka. The fleet saw extensive action during hostilities with Gladysynthia, and is renowned for being the backbone of the Navy's defense force. Tobias is slated for sea-faring exercises and drills before being fully deemed combat-ready, though the systems aboard the ship all passed standard navy classic design and testing with only a few minor interruptions.

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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:23 am
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Thursday, January 10th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5463 | In the News: Shooting at Tofino Pub -- President Castovia Attends Alanis Tech Conference
by Samuel Divian
TOFINO - A gunman carrying a handgun opened fire inside a crowded pub in Lower Tofino's Kingston district late Wednesday night, killing two people and injuring three before fleeing the scene. Investigators believe the event is related to gang violence and may have been a hit, as all but one of the victims were members of a drug cartel which has been known to operate in Kingston. The two deceased were both males believed to be groundsmen for the group. The suspect is described as being a short, bulky male in his early 20's or late teens, tanned white skin, and short facial hair. Police are asking the public in Kingston to be vigilant and cautious of individuals with visible neck tattoos meeting in groups around restaurants, bars, and gas stations in Kingston, as this "tends to be the defining characteristic of this particular gang's meetups."

Violence in Tofino's Kingston district reached record highs for the first week of January, with reported robberies and assaults already beating last year's reports. There have been two murders since January 1st in Kingston, and the shooting Wednesday night brings that number up to four, which tops all of January 2018, with three murders total.

by Emmanuel Rand
ALANIS - President Castovia arrived in Alanis for the 5th Annual Alanis Tech Summit. He attended three workshop sessions displaying new innovative technical and technological accomplishments by Zamastanians, including a new drone prototype for the Zamastan public to enjoy and shoot video, as well as attending one with where multiple robotic animals put on displays for the audience, such as a dog performing a back flip and a squirrel that was able to climb (slowly, mind you) up a pole with nobs resembling a tree branch. The President has attended every one of the past three summits since 2016. The first two were attended by his father, President Cassious Castovia, who apparently set a precedent for the visits.

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Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:20 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Sunday, January 13th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5466 | In the News: Congressman Opens Articles for Ethics Investigations Against President
by Samuel Divian
TOFINO - Pahl's 18th District Congressman Cormac Hammer (Green Liberal Party) opened his session in Congressional Hall Thursday morning by revealing he would pursue charges for investigation and opened articles for ethics violation investigations against President Zacharias Castovia. In his remarks to the congress and senate, he stated that the allegations were for a holiday President Castovia took on a private island belonging to a billionaire board member from ZSuites Incorporated; the President founded the company and was the former CEO and President of the company. Zamastan’s federal conflict-of-interest and ethics office said it was probing whether the visit to the island, which took place over the new year, broke rules preventing ministers from accepting bribes. The island is owned by Tauren Delavian, who heads the branch of the company that had operated as a registered lobbyist from 2014-2015. It has received hundred of millions in grants from the federal government in recent decades for its vehicle and weapons manufacturing investments. The proposed investigations will determine whether the President was bribed in any way, accepted any bribes in any form, or promised legislative or executive action in return for bribes or monetary compensation.

President Castovia responded to the allegations at noon following the break of the articles being opened, firing back at Hammer for his voting record and shared business history saying, "This isn't the first time Mr. Hammer has questioned my ethical approach to reuniting with old friends and former clientele and employees. Generally, I have gotten to the stage where I think Mr. Hammer has a problem with the influx of the praise my cabinet has been getting on the work they've done compared to whatever it is he's trying to do. In fact, Mr. Hammer's own company, Gorian Institution, was a subsidiary of ZSuites before we dropped it after it became clear that it was, in fact, losing money in its division."

The President also said that if the congress approves an investigation, he would fully comply. "It's ultimately up to the congress. If push comes to shove and somehow and investigation does end up opening, I'm more than happy to take questions and participate with the investigators and special prosecutor."

When asked whether or not he was worried about the prospect of a preliminary hearing for the investigation, Castovia responded with, "Not at all. There was nothing regarding a breach of ethical trust or responsibility for my office, and Mr. Delavian has been a great friend to me for my whole life."

The President also took a shot at congress, which has been slow to put the Education Secretary's proposal for increased teacher salaries to a vote. "If the congress decides that friendships and taking a break every now and again is an ethical dilemma, I suggest that they get back to work in the Hall and get off their asses, which goes for both the liberals and conservatives, by the way. Everyday Zamastanians, specifically teachers, are depending on government subsidies and paychecks which have been halted for nearly two months thanks to the whole argument over education funding. You know my standpoint on it, if we can't get our kids and teachers in school because of general laziness and hypocrisy, then we had better get back to good old bi-partisan reform. Otherwise, I'll ask Mr. Sakzi to put instant-legislative on right now. (President Castovia referring to Speaker of the House Foley Sakzi's official power to put any motion to vote at any time as long as Congress is in session)"

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Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:53 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Monday, January 14th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5467 | In the News: Ethics Investigation Cleared After Vote, President Subject to Commission
by Samuel Divian
TOFINO - Pahl's 18th District Congressman Cormac Hammer (Green Liberal Party) appears to have gotten what he wanted. Though not required by constitution or precedent, Speaker Foley Sakzi passed a voting measure for putting the proposed Ethics Disruption Investigation through a clearance that would hire a special prosecutor against President Castovia. The President has come under fire for a vacation he made to an island owned by one of his former business partners and current ZSuites CEO, Tauren Delavian, who is a registered lobbyist. The investigation would determine whether or not the President was bribed or received monetary compensation in any way in exchange for promises of vetoing or signing legislation, or whether or not he accepted a gift from a corporate magnate exceeding $5,000, which is a crime under the constitutions of elected officials in Zamastan. The vote was opened at 9:00 AM and closed at 11:00 AM, with 268 voting for the resolution to pass, 231 to not proceed, and 1 abstention. President Castovia is now subject to a special prosecutor, who will be chosen in by the Congressional Hall's Investigatory Committee.

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Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:03 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5469 | In the News: Emily Miranda Out, Aya Booth In - Zamastanian Soldier Killed In DMZ
by Samuel Divian
TOFINO - President Castovia has hired Aya Booth, the former board member at ZSuites Incorporated dealing with management and consultation, as the new Chief of Staff, as the replacement for Emily Miranda, who resigned on Tuesday. Booth was seen as a possibility for the position since Castovia's reelection in September, but when Miranda was ultimately chosen, Booth was still eyed for possible cabinet positions. Now in the realm of the President's staff, she will be responsible for hiring junior staffers and helping the President with official tasks including legislative responsibilities and national security assessments. Castovia welcomed her to the position in a press briefing on Wednesday, also answering questions regarding the recent investigation into his cabinet's ethics and values, which was the ultimate reasoning for Miranda's resignation. The President and his senior staff were acquitted of all charges and allegations, but Miranda was found guilty of accepting monetary compensation in return for lobbying and vote-telling.

by Max Bellauvue
LOWER TARIEL - A Zamastanian soldier stepped on a landmine and was killed while patrolling a section of the Demilitarized Zone separating Gladysynthia and Zamastan. The landmine was undetected in maps given to each side after the November 16 Treaty, and initial military response quickly quelled when Gladysynthia accepted responsibility for planting and not detecting the landmine, and they also accepted the death as their responsibility and announced their profound regret at the incident. According to officials, the mine was buried before the October conflict, meaning it was not the result of hostilities and could have easily been lost in records related to the fighting. During the conflict, no soldiers attempted crossing the heavily fortified border, and the treaty paved the way for demilitarization, much of which is already underway. Troops from each nation continue to patrol, however, and Zamastan brass accepted the loss of life as an accident and will not seek reparation directly from Gladysynthia, as the strides for peace that nation has made are seen as too valuable to be sacrificed over an unforeseen accident.

The soldier's name is being withheld from the public at this time, but his family has been notified.

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:56 am
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Friday, January 18th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5471 | In the News: Second Round of Talks With Gladysynthia Coming Soon
by Max Warrialio
TOFINO - President Castovia is to meet Gladysynthian leader Seswitch LaFlaunce for a second summit by the end of January, the Zian Presidential Mansion says. President Castovia said he was looking forward to the talks. The announcement came after Mr Castovia met top Gladysynthian negotiator Pamilia Oxworth. It also comes one day after a Zamastanian soldier was killed in the DMZ following an accidental detonation of a landmine.

The two leaders met back in November and signed a historic document that lifted sanctions and an embargo, as well as ceased hostilities between the nations after a three week long conflict that resulted in nearly a thousand deaths and the destruction of several millions worth of infrastructure in the city of Danaska. This second meeting is expected to solidify the continuation of trade deals that are beginning to emerge with the two nations, as well as reparations for the 1945 and 1970 conflicts.

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Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:18 am
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Saturday, January 19th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5472 | In the News: Zian Airways Plane Crashes Into Ocean - Congresswoman Thrown Out
by Max Warrialio
TOFINO - A plane carrying 231 passengers and crew crashed in the Agrimai Ocean early into a regularly scheduled flight to Sanctus, Sactaria from Tofino, Zamastan. Several ships involved in the rescue effort came across wreckage and bodies roughly 47 miles off the coast of Zamastan, indicating that there was likely a problem during takeoff. It is believed that there are no survivors. The first sign of wreckage was part of the plane's aileron which was discovered by a patroling fishing boat after the plane's transponder went off line. The waters in this part of the Agrimai are relatively shallow, at about 78 meters average depth. The plane's black boxes are still missing, but their transponders have been located on radar. Officials say it won't be long until they can determine exactly what caused the plane to suddenly plummet into the sea.

President Castovia released a statement expressing his profound condolences for the families of the lives lost. The nationality manifest is as follows:
  • Zamastan - 187 (179 passengers, 8 crew)
  • Gladysynthia - 19 (18 passengers, 1 crew)
  • Cadair - 12
  • Sanctaria - 10
  • Laeral - 2
  • Libertas Omnium Maximus - 1
Congresswoman Amanda Ressilia Out After No-Confidence Vote Through District Court
by Tim Maire

Little Tribe River - Amanda Ressilia was thrown out of office after her district court (Pahl 79th) passed a no-confidence vote 84-16. This comes after Ressilia was indicted on tax fraud. There will be an emergency vote to find her successor in the following week.

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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:20 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5475 | In the News: President Castovia announces Resignation
by Percy Abbo
TOFINO - Zacharias Castovia announced suddenly and unexpectedly his tenure as president would come to an end on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019. The President will have been in office for three years and 23 days. He has yet to named a preferred successor, leading many to assume that he will simply leave the office up for grabs with an emergency election.

Several candidates are already announcing their intentions to run in the election. Several things can happen with these new details: depending on which party (if any) take control of the presidency, current cabinet members will either be out of a job come Wednesday/Thursday night or will simply transfer and stay in their current posts. The latter is most likely, as a whole upheaval of the current cabinet would possibly lead to a definite governmental crisis. Cabinet members are only required to step down in the President in power demands it, if they are impeached in any way, or if they so chose. The conservative party leans heavily onto the current President's policy, as they are fond of the economic prowess and low tax rates under the president's administration, as well as the re-funding of the military in the wake of numerous militarized mobilizations. Infrastructure and manufacturing ranks high among their favorites. They also praised efficient health care reform that did not levy higher taxes on citizens who were not on any health plan. However, regulation on larger businesses and the energy sector has caused the loss of some support. On the side of the liberals, there is a nearly unilateral praise for civil rights legislation, such as for LGBT rights and an easing on severe prison sentences, as well as the establishment of the death penalty except for in exemption cases. The administration's approach to gun control has also been praised. Immigration reform was criticized by conservatives under the procedure of heavier exemptions for refugees and asylum seekers, though eventual extensive background checks led to bi-partisan support. Another praise from liberals was the revamp and support for green-energy initiatives. Liberal concerns are mainly found in the fact that the administration does not support higher increased taxes on the wealthiest column of millionaires and one percents, along with the fact that the President himself is a billionaire.

Three principle candidates are Maisey Mcvey of the Conservative Capitalist Party (CCP), Anya Bishop of the Blue Conservative Party (BCP), and Cain Blackwater of the Green Liberal Party (GLP). Individual candidates running independent campaigns are billionaire and Mayor of Providence Lonnie Obotsman, and oil tycoon Jacob Gregotsman.

Castovia has been in office since 1st January, 2016. His father, Cassious Castovia, preceded his term but passed away unexpectedly in December of 2015. The younger Castovia opted to run in the special emergency election, in which he won nearly 72% of the vote. He has been named by many historians as the true defining modern-era President, though his presidency will ultimately end the now 36 year Castovia reign, in which the elder presided over 33 years.

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Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:02 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5476 | In the News: Anya Bishop Wins Election
by Percy Abbo
TOFINO - Anya Bishop has won the emergency election. The prominent congresswoman from Zian, and a prominent Blue Conservative Party member, won the special election with 53% of tallied votes, beating her next closest competitor, Cain Blackwater (who received 34% of the vote) and Maisey Mcvey (who received 12% of the vote). Bishop will assume the presidency at one minute before midnight, becoming the second female to be in the role and the 13th President in the history of Zamastan.

The three principle candidates were Maisey Mcvey of the Conservative Capitalist Party (CCP), Anya Bishop of the Blue Conservative Party (BCP), and Cain Blackwater of the Green Liberal Party (GLP). Individual candidates running independent campaigns were billionaire and Mayor of Providence Lonnie Obotsman, and oil tycoon Jacob Gregotsman.

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Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:50 pm
by Zamastan
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The Tofino Times
Monday, January 28th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5481 | In the News: Sand Point Opens Embassy
by Percy Abbo
TOFINO - The small, wealthy nation of Sand Point has officially opened their embassy in Tofino. Wow! Nice!

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:55 pm
by Zamastan

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The Tofino Times
Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5481 | In the News: Former-President Aiden Avery Passes Away: 84
by Mark Fonagen
DUNCAN - The 9th President of Zamastan, Aiden Avery, passed away on Tuesday in his hospital room in Duncan, Pahl, Zamastan. The former president had been on life support following a series of severe heart attacks, and his wife, Former-First Lady Belle Avery, had released a statement acknowledging the severity of her husband's situation;

"We hope and pray for a swift recovery, though we understand the realities of life and that the consensus from my husband's medical staff is that we must prepare for his passing. We understand that his legacy will be known with the people of Zamastan, and his love as a country man, a father, and a loving husband will be reflected in his remembrance. Please join us in our prayers for my husband, President Aiden Avery.


President Anya Bishop has expressed her thoughts and prayers with the former President, as have former Presidents Castovia and Werner. Bishop stated:

"We as a nation owe a debt of gratitude to President Avery, for the sacrifice he made to this country and for the strides he made to make Zamastan a safer place and a more uniquely perfect place to live. I request humbly and plead earnestly that the nation of Zamastan and the rest of the world join us in solidarity in prayers and best wishes for Aiden Avery, his wife Belle, his five kids: Percy, Amani, Karri, Jinha, and Jonah, and his 21 grandchildren. Thank you for your service, President Avery."

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Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:51 pm
by Zamastan

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The Tofino Times
Monday, February 25th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5493 | In the News: Liu Mei-Han Wins Laeral Election

Liu Mei-Han, candidate from the New Democratic Party, has won the presidential election in Laeral with a 57-43 victory.

The results of the election were mentioned by President Bishop this morning as the Tofino Leaders Summit continues (with a Laeralian delegate at her side), saying "We congratulate and support the President-elect Mei-Han in her decisive and historic victory."

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Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:56 pm
by Zamastan

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The Tofino Times
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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5501 | In the News: Flood Waters Recede In Pahl, 138 Confirmed Dead | ZSuites Seeks Andromeda Merger | Zamastanian Aid Worker's Body Returned From Lauchenoiria
138 Dead as Flood Waters Recede In Pahl, Bishop Surveys Damage
President Bishop visited areas affected by the horrific flooding in Pahl, and declared the end of major flooding more than a week after rushing and sudden rising waters swept through the low-lying river systems of the district, devastating major towns and leaving 138 people confirmed dead and more than 7 million displaced. Condolences from the President were accepted by residents who met her at a make-shift hospital in the city of Abagene, where flooding destroyed entire communities.

Disaster relief crews have been working nonstop for the week since the flooding began to recede, searching through destroyed homes and work places for the 40+ people who are still recorded missing and presumed dead, which is raising fears that the death toll will rise once again, and more substantially.

See full article here: ... ion-ceased

ZSuites Inc. Seeks Merger With Andromeda Inc.
The Zamastanian mega-giant tech and real-estate corporation is trying to branch out more extensively overseas, with CEO Tauren Delavian extending a Z$40 Billion offer to the heads of Andromeda Incorporated; the largest tech company in Libertas Omnium Maximus. Chairman and Senior Adviser Zacharias Castovia, who founded ZSuites, is hopeful for the deal to unfold. "We are really looking for ways to expand our corporation and merge with countries around the world," he said during a press conference, "connecting the citizens of the international Democratic Union will become more possible through this merger, and I hope Andromeda realizes the benefits of the merger for not only themselves, but the world as well."

The merger would allow the current heads of Andromeda to maintain their positions in the company, and the prospective merger would likely boost jobs for citizens living on visas in Zamastan and in Libertas Omnium Maximus. Experts believe that the merger would also include Andromeda products being re-licensed and branded by ZSuites, and ZSuites products would be co-owned under a joint licensing agreement.

Andromeda recently became the highest valued stock-holder in L.O.M.. The Litudinem Herald's article regarding this moment on March 31st said: "At well over $650 dollars a share, Andromeda Tech Inc. is now the single most valuable tech stock of all time in Libertas Omnium Maximus. It is also now the most valuable stock of any company based in Libertas Omnium Maximus as of the writing of this article (beating out Bramson Reality - $642/share)."

"Andromeda Inc. manufactures personal devices including phones, laptops, and tablets. The company was first founded in 1996 but was not publicly traded until 2000. In 2009, their revolutionary smart phone, the Nova 6t, blew away most other 1st-gen smart phones and gave the fledgling company an opportunity to corner the market."

"They now have released more than a dozen award winning smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. In fact, their Orion laptop (2018 model) recently edged out Saber corp's HalogenPro for Tech Weekly's"Best Personal Computer of 2018" "

Andromeda competed heavily with the small amount of ZSuites outlets in L.O.M., and their personal laptop sales with the award-winning 'Orion (2018)' well exceeded ZSuites' own 'Persuvias GPC (2018)' laptop. However, ZSuites smartphone sales still reign high in the market, with the record-shattering ZianBlue 9S still holding the highest selling rate of any 2018-19 phone debut.

Time will tell how the merger ends up affecting the overall tech market, especially in L.O.M., as Andromeda has held the mantle there for over a decade. Tauren Delavian has been looking for an outlet to expand his company beyond the restraints of Zamastanian corporation, and the proposed merger would hold up to be one of the most expensive and risky company mergers in history, though its implications post-deal or no-deal will be seen by the customer and stock-holders alone.

See full article here: ... romeda-inc

Maurin Jarvis' Body Returned From Lauchenoiria
Eight months ago, the Zamastanian foreign aid worker Maurin Jarvis was killed in a mortar strike in Lauchenoiria during the deadly civil war that ravaged the country and brought nations across the IDU into violent conflict. While the government of Zamastan remained neutral following the coup, citizens living in Lauchenoiria were initially given the option to stay or leave. However, as soon as the fighting began to escalate, Zamastan declared all non-essential personnel to evacuate the country.

Maurin Jarvis, father of 4 and husband to Grace, decided to remain in the country. He was accredited with saving refugees and delivering food and supplies to people who were unable to flee conflict zones. He was killed on July 18th, 2018. His body was buried by rebels in a grave marked with a white, blue, and red cross indicating his nationality, and President Castovia demanded that his body be returned to Zamastan. Eight months later, with the war over and Sanctarian peacekeepers occupying former conflict zones, a Zamastanian delegation exhumed and retrieved his body and returned him to his hometown of Providence.

See full article here: ... o-zamastan

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Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:07 am
by Zamastan

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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5502 | In the News: Speaker Sides With Congressional Liberals
Foley Sakzi Sides With Liberals Over Spending and Investigations
In a display of power rarely showed by a Speaker of the Chamber, Conservative Foley Sakzi today backed the Liberal and Progressive Parties in their protest against President Bishop's proposed spending plan which they argue would cut some funds for education and transport in favor of military and fossil-fuel energy sectors. This comes after President Bishop was able to get a military spending bill approved by Congress, but only with two liberal party votes. Sakzi is once again showing that he is not worried to cross hands with the President and pull for favor on the other side of the aisle. This is not the first time this has occured; he joined liberal congressmen in early February to strike down the President's proposed tax cut which would have limited funding for special education programs, and the Speaker also butted heads with President Castovia in 2017 in regards to another military spending bill.

In the mean time, Congressmen on the liberal side of the aisle have approved a hearing to receive full reports from Special Prosecutor Cairo Gough, who is known for taking down key members of Congress and the Castovia Administration in January 2019. There were concerns that Presidential spending on motercades and personal lavishness exceeded what is allowed by current billing, including a trip abroad that was not announced on the President's public schedule that was neither military related or had anything to do with national security, rather it was an apparent weekend vacation with President Bishop's boyfriend. This latest report is teeing up a showdown between congressional liberals and the Bishop administration over the nearly 400-page report.

Green Liberal Party Leader Ellis Jackson said Monday that he had scheduled a markup on Wednesday to authorize a subpoena for the Gough report, as well as the special counsel's underlying evidence. The markup would give Jackson the green light to subpoena the report, though Jackson has not said whether he would do so before the Attorney General releases a redacted version publicly, which he is expected to do later this month. The Congressional Judicial Committee will also vote to authorize subpoenas for five former Zian Presidential Mansion staffers — Rick Addaman, Steve Mawwes, Percy Attalion, Bryan Umbaras and Ann Crhistonson— whom Jackson says may have received documents from the Mansion relevant to the special counsel's probe and the committee's investigation that would waive executive privilege. The subpoena markup is scheduled one day after the April 3 deadline liberals set for the AG to provide the full report and its underlying evidence to Congress.

See the full article here: ... estigation

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:34 am
by Zamastan

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5517 | In the News: First Manned Spaceflight by a Zamastanian Spacecraft | Shooting in Garretsville Kills 4
Zamastan successfully launched its first human spaceflight mission on April 17th, 2019, placing into orbit a spacecraft carrying two astronauts that will dock with a new space laboratory module.

A Zian Falcon 2F spacecraft lifted off from the Jade Satellite Launch Center at 2:30 p.m. and placed the OrcaNear-2 spacecraft into orbit. The spacecraft separated from the rocket’s upper stage and deployed its solar panels a little more than 10 minutes after liftoff.

“The rocket is flying according to its original plan, and the OrcaNear spacecraft has entered its preliminary orbit,” said Gen. Kong Randoff, chief commander of Zamastan's manned space program, in a statement less than a half-hour after launch. “I announce the launch of OrcaNear 2 manned spacecraft is a complete success.”

On board OrcaNear 2 are astronauts Casey Giverston and Jesse Imm, publicly announced as the crew less than 24 hours before the launch. Giverston is a veteran astronaut, having flown on IDU-sanctioned manned missions in 2008 and 2012. Imm is making his first spaceflight.

OrcaNear 2 is scheduled to dock with the Redeemer-Orbiter module on the 19th. That module, launched Sept. 15, 2018, will host the crew for 30 days, twice as long as the existing Zamastan human spaceflight endurance record, set by a mission in June 2013 on another IDU sanctioned flight. That mission was also the last Zamastanian human spaceflight prior to the OrcaNear 2 mission.

During the 30-day mission, Giverston and Imm will carry out a number of medical and space science experiments, as well as test various systems on the Redeemer-Orbiter module. They will also engage in public outreach activities, including serving as “special correspondents” for the broadcast networks around Zamastanian school districts.

The mission is part of Zamastanian efforts to develop a permanent space station. Zamastanian officials have indicated that they expect this station, consisting of several modules, to be completed by the early 2020s.

See the full article here: ... spacecraft

4 Killed in Shootings In Garretsville

A 60-year-old man was arrested after allegedly killing four people in a “targeted” series of shootings on Tuesday, the police in Garretsville, Pahl said.

The gunman, whom the authorities had not named as of Tuesday morning, killed two men and two women in three locations within about three miles of one another in the city of Garretsville, said Edwin De Jager, superintendent of the Zamastanian Coalition of Police. The first shooting was reported at 10:30 a.m., and the suspect had turned himself in by 11:30, he said.

The victims were not identified, pending notification of their families. But the police said they believed the gunman knew all of the victims.

“While the investigation remains active and ongoing, we do believe this was a targeted incident,” Mr. De Jager said at a news conference on Monday.

The shooting was the deadliest on record in Garretsville, a city of about 24,000 people that is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Emerald. Throughout the district, mass shootings are rare: Only five shootings in Pahl have killed more than four people. The last such shooting was in 2010, according to the Emerald Times.

It was not immediately known what type of gun had been used in the attacks.

Gun owners in Zamastan must be licensed. Before a license is granted, officials check the buyer’s past for any violent crimes or behavior, crimes involving firearms or violent episodes related to mental illness in the preceding five years.

Handguns, semiautomatic and automatic weapons must be registered with the federal government, but lawmakers eliminated a national registry of rifles and shotguns in 2012.
Last year, President Zacharias Castovia proposed expanding the background review to the licensee’s entire lifetime while resuming record keeping for shotguns and rifles, prompting a fierce pushback from some gun owners.

The national long-gun registry, introduced in 1995 in response to a mass shooting of steel-workers in Arinals, was unpopular in rural areas but supported by the police. Lawmakers in Zian voted in 2016 to create a separate registry for the district, over the protests of gun owners.

Officials have pointed to a recent increase in several gun-related crimes, including homicides. Zamastan's homicide rate reached a ten-year high, driven largely by gang-related shootings, according to a government report.

Debates over gun laws heated up in Zamastan last month after a shooting at a night club in Tirzah killed 7 people and wounded 13 others. In response, the city council suggested the federal government ban handgun sales in the city.

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Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:27 pm
by Zamastan

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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5517 | In the News: An In-Depth Look at the VNA/MLF Spring Offensive in Vulkaria
VULKARIA - A Decisive Defeat Uncovered
The following story was a collective from archival records from February-April, 2019. At the date of publishing, the rebel forces of the Vulkarian National Army and the Malvarian Liberation Front have captured strategic areas across the nation in the largest offensive since 2004.

By Tofino Times Foreign Correspondant:
Jason Aldendtess

The scale of the devastation suffered by Vulkarian forces in southeastern Vulkaria over the last week has to be seen to be believed. It amounts to a catastrophic defeat and will long be remembered by embittered Vulkarians as among the darkest days of their history.

A week ago a major rebel offensive began. On April 3 on a sixteen-mile stretch of road from the village of Povotinokia to the town of Immotandia, I counted the remains of sixty-eight military vehicles, tanks, armored personnel carriers, pick-ups, buses, and trucks in which a large but as yet unknown number of Vulkarian soldiers died as they tried to flee the area between March 28 and April 1. They had been ambushed by rebel forces and, according to survivors, soldiers from the army of the Gladysynthian Federation.

These destroyed vehicles were of course only the ones I could see—those that were not destroyed are now in the hands of rebels. In Povotinokia, which is twenty-eight miles southeast of the rebel-held city of Immotandia, the body of a Vulkarian soldier was folded over the high power cable onto which he had been flung when his armored vehicle exploded, his clothes hanging off him. In what was left of the vehicle nearby were the charred remains of half a man and the grilled body of another, left where he had been sitting when he was killed.

On April 3, eighty-seven bodies were reported to have arrived in Zaporizhia, a large city in the region that is under Vulkarian control. But, more are yet to be found. Quite apart from the appalling military setback is the humiliation. At one ambush site two fresh graves marked with crosses made of sticks indicated that the dead had been buried close to their burned out vehicles by the side of the road. On the main street of Povotinokia locals posed for pictures in front of destroyed vehicles and cars that had been jacked up with logs because undamaged wheels had been unscrewed and looted. Euphoric rebel soldiers there told us they were “cleaning up”—looking for remaining Vulkarians who had fled into the fields and were still there.

A colleague told me that nearby, two Vulkarian soldiers had jumped out onto the road and stopped his car. They were about eighteen years old, he said, had been hiding in a field of sunflowers, and looked as though they had not slept for days. When they saw a car with the initials TV taped onto it, which is used to signify that there are journalists in it, they took their chance. They begged him and his colleagues for a lift and then for food and water. The Vulkarian media has begun to report on stories of stragglers limping in to safe territory and more than five hundred Vulkarians are reported to have been captured in this area. One called Sergey, who had been detained and released, said that the men who captured him said they were Gladysynthian regular soldiers: “They told us they had arrived two weeks earlier. They were very young.”

The fortunes of war have changed dramatically in the past two weeks. In spring, anti-Vulkar rebels, taking the new and revolutionary Vulkarian government by surprise, seized towns and cities across the two predominantly industrial and mining regions of Vulkar and Immotandia. At first, Vulkarian forces either fell apart, were captured, or defected to the rebel side. By summer, however, the Vulkarians were better organized and went on the offensive driving the rebels back.

Rebel-held Immotandia came under a virtual siege, and was heavily shelled by Vulkarian forces, though bizarrely it is still possible to get to the town on a suburban train. Large parts of Amstelveen too came under shelling from Vulkarian forces. Some areas have been badly damaged and targeting has been so woefully inaccurate that hundreds of civilians have been killed in the process. The result is that, by March, many ordinary people who did not care that much about who ruled them hated the government in Vulkar and Vulkaria as a whole.

Then, in the last two weeks of March, everything changed again. The Vulkarians said that regular Gladysynthian troops were crossing the border in their cargo planes to support rebels, a contention supported by western intelligence reports. More and more stories are being written in the Gladysynthian press too about soldiers killed in action in Vulkaria, though the Gladysynthian government flatly denies that any regular soldiers—as opposed to volunteers who have come on their own—have crossed the frontier via airplanes or otherwise. However not only is there mounting evidence of the presence of regular Gladysynthian soldiers but the fact that the military situation has changed so rapidly also suggests the rebels have acquired new strength. Today, Vulkar is a much safer city than it was a few weeks ago. The reason for that is that Vulkarian forces have been pushed back though the two sides still trade artillery and Grad rocket fire every day.

This dramatic shift in the conflict is also made clear in the carnage on the road between Immotandia and Loriweew and in the middle of fields across which some vehicles had tried to escape. Many of the vehicles, which had been coming in different convoys, from different places—though the bulk of them from Immotandia—had been not only professionally ambushed but utterly destroyed, meaning that much bigger weapons than rocket-propelled grenades had been used. Tank turrets had been hurled far from the rest of the tanks to which they had been attached, for example.

What all this reveals is that those attacking the pro-government forces were highly professional and using very powerful weapons. It also suggests there must have been a lot of men along the roads to be able to take out so many vehicles and soldiers, more or less at the same time. Genn Dubopon, who said he was chief editor of a rebel newspaper and who was dressed in military fatigues, estimated that there had been 2,000 Vulkarians in flight when the ambushes occurred.

The fighting in Immotandia began on March 7 when units from three Vulkarian volunteer militias and the police attempted to take it back from rebel control. It was heavily shelled. The rebels were never driven out, though, but held on to part of the town. Then, on March 28, they were able to launch a major offensive, with help from elsewhere, including Amstelveen—though “not Gladysynthia,” according to Commander Givi, the thirty-four-year-old head of rebel forces here. By April 1 it was all over and the Vulkarians had been decisively defeated.

The Vulkarians claim that their units had made a deal to gain free passage out of Immotandia and that Gladysynthian President Seswitch LaFlaunce himself had said they should be allowed to go. But Commander Givi, whose real name is Kyle Totti and who said that he worked in a rope factory before the war, denied there had been any agreement. The ambushed forces, he said, were militias not regular soldiers—“we don’t know who they are.” Their numbers had been boosted, he claimed, by foreigners, including Cadairians, Shuellians, and “chimiis.” When he arrived at his HQ he came in a big, shiny car with music blasting and some of his men in the back cradling guns in their laps with the muzzles sticking out of the windows.

The next targets, says Commander Givi, are the port of Amstelveen in the south, on the Sea of Vulkaria, and Hannaiallio, which had been a rebel bastion until the rebels retreated from it on February 5.

The situation on the Sea of Vulkaria, an appendage of the Agrimai Ocean surrounded by open land in the west, southeastern Vulkaria in the north, and Gladysynthia in the east, has, as in the regions further north, changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks. On March 27 the border crossing to Gladysynthia was taken by the rebels after it had been shelled with a few mortars and the Vulkarians there, with far less firepower, fled. They fled the nearby town of Iuuan too. On March 30 I saw a group of twenty people with their arms stretched up to heaven by the main checkpoint on the eastern outskirts of Amstelveen praying for peace and for the protection of the city while volunteers assembled to dig trenches.

That weekend it was unclear how far the rebels had advanced because no one seemed to be in control of large areas. We passed a checkpoint close to Girrian manned by men who seemed to be locals but were eating ration packs clearly marked as Gladysynthian army-issue. Behind us at various points we had seen tanks dug in. The road from the border with Gladysynthia appeared to be rutted with tank tracks, though Alex Demonobb, the rebel press spokesman, claimed that the marks had been made by a bulldozer pushing giant concrete bollards that the Vulkarians had put on the road out of the way.

At the village of Killiuma, where you can see the sea from the road, we stopped to ask some people who was manning the next checkpoint and if it was safe. There was a Gladysynthian checkpoint at the exit of the village, they said. They could have used “Gladysynthian” to mean “rebel,” but in this case the men, who had modern communications equipment and some jeeps of a type which I have not seen elsewhere, did not seem in the mood to chat and ordered us to go. On the other side of the road was a tank, whose cannon was not pointing ahead to the Vulkarians whom we met a few minutes further down the road but out to sea.

As we sped away from the “Gladysynthians” we could see a column of black smoke rising from the sea. When we got to the Vulkarian checkpoint the men told us that it was a coastguard cutter that had been hit, they thought by a tank. They were from the Hillian Battalion, one of the Vulkarian volunteer militias. On their vehicles and their arm flashes they had the “wolfsangel,” a far-right symbol, which is their insignia and which tells you much of what you need to know about their background. (On April 4, they were driven out of this position as the rebels, and presumably regular Gladysynthian forces, too, advanced.)

In Amstelveen, people were packing the 5:05 PM train to Vulkar. It was the end of the summer holidays, but many were also leaving because of the situation. Many of those leaving Amstelveen were already refugees from Barian and elsewhere. Amstelveen felt eerily empty, and like Barian from which perhaps half of its million people have fled, many of those who remain are elderly. The city is sharply divided. Half those I talked to supported the government in Vulkar and the other half the rebels. But people are confused and loyalties shifting. Some told me they used to support the rebels but now supported Vulkaria and vice versa.

Back in Amstelveen, I went to see the school in which the Vulkarian militias had been living before being driven out. Extraordinary footage has been filmed of their days here showing them shooting from the windows and dousing fires started by incoming bullets. Now it is totally silent.

There were eleven destroyed vehicles around the school. In a store cupboard by the gym where many had been sleeping I came across a polystyrene Father Giovna Vulkaria (The Patron Saint of Vulkaria). Outside there were some graves in which—according to Vergil, the twenty-year-old soldier who had been detailed by Commander Givi to show us around—the battalions had buried civilians they had killed. There was no way to verify this and the graves might well contain their own dead, though Vergil said that they had taken those bodies away. Vergil told us that he was from Luhansk and had been doing his Vulkarian military service in April. His unit had been captured and told that they could either leave or join the rebels.

On the road back to Amstelveen there is a long straight stretch lined by tall trees. In the distance we could see something. Realizing it was a military convoy, we pulled over and I jumped out. The car leading the convoy of four tanks and three APCs topped with dozens of men screeched to a halt, as did all the cars that were behind us. Armed men jumped out of the car demanding to know what we were doing—one jabbing his fingers at the TV tape on the car. A fat, angry man with gold front teeth demanded our phones. A stocky lady in her fifties sat in the back of their car pointing her sniper rifle out of the window at my colleague a few meters away.

After a few minutes the neat tall man standing in front of me told me to put my hands down and asked me in good English where I was from. He told me he had once lived in Barian. As the situation cooled the angry fat man returned our accreditations and passports and the woman still pointing her gun at my female colleague began blowing kisses at her. The fat man got back in his car with our phones but our translator stuck her foot in the door yelling at him to return them, which eventually he did. The entire convoy then juddered back into action.

The tanks looked relatively modern. As they pulled away, a man whose head was sticking out of the hatch at the top of a tank waved at us. His features were central Catican. A large proportion of Gladysynthian conscripts are central Caticans. The men on top of the APCs looked like locals, but if the tanks were Gladysynthian army ones, this could explain the otherwise inexplicable rage of the fat man encountering journalists seeing his convoy.

The war has a taken a decisive turn. There is now talk of a ceasefire, an advance on Amstelveen, new sanctions on Gladysynthia, and what the IDU might do at its summit in Tofino now under way. According to the UN a million people have already been displaced by the war. LaFlaunce reportedly told reporters that he could take in Vulkar in two weeks. The Vulkarians have suffered major reverses in the past few days, but they have not lost the war yet, though Vulkarian Chief Army Officer Petronia Runnavin must now be wondering if he should cut his country’s losses and sue for peace. Runnavin knows that alone, Vulkaria cannot win a war against Gladysynthian forces; and it is not clear that anyone (including Zamastan) is going to rush to help them win on the ground either.

See the full article here: ... -uncovered

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Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:39 am
by Zamastan

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Saturday, April 20th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5519 | In the News: Anti-Bishop Economy Protests Across Zamastan | Heavy Clashes in Vulkarian Capital as Rebel Forces Approach
Protester's Riot in Tofino | Calls for Bishop's Resignation Amid Economic Concerns
Clashes have broken out between "PoverTea" protesters and police in the capital, Tofino, as demonstrators took to the streets for a 17th week of marches against economic inequality and President Anya Bishop's government.

Dozens of black-hooded demonstrators threw rocks at police and some set fire to motorbikes and rubbish cans along the march route on Saturday, prompting the police to use water cannon, stun grenades and tear gas.

Tofino police said authorities detained 457 people by early afternoon and carried out spot checks on more than 14,000 people trying to enter the capital for the protests.

As of 12:00 on Saturday, a total of 19,600 people were demonstrating across Zamastan, including 6,700 in the capital, the interior department said.

This is more than last week's protest, which drew 17,500 demonstrators, but represents only a fraction of the record 282,000 estimated on the first day of protests on December 23.

The demonstrations originally began over fuel price increases and high cost of living, but spiraled into a broader movement against Bishop and her economic policies, which protesters say favor the wealthy and big business at the expense of ordinary workers.

The protest movement is largely peaceful, but some protesters have attacked monuments, shops and banks and clashed with police in previous weeks.

On Saturday, the capital was on high alert after the interior secretary said domestic intelligence services had informed him of a potential return of rioters intent on wreaking havoc in Tofino, Arinals, Jade Harbor and Providence, in a repeat of violent protests on March 16.

Large portions of the Tofino metro network were closed and about 60,000 police were deployed across Zamastan, authorities said.

Bishop had been scheduled to lay out her responses to "PoverTea" concerns on Monday night - but cancelled the speech because of a crisis meeting at the IDU Security Council involving the fighting in Vulkaria. She's now expected to do so next Thursday.

Police also fired tear gas in the city of Jade Harbor, where thousands of people were demonstrating, including hundreds of motorbikers holding a large banner asking for Bishop's resignation.

See the full article here: ... jor-cities

Heavy Clashes near Vulkaria's Capital amid Bacckar's VNA 'New phase of assault"
Heavy clashes broke out in the southern districts of the Vulkarian capital, Vulkar, as forces loyal to the country's IDU-recognized government launched a counterattack to repel fighters allied to renegade General Kolman Bacckar.

An injured Vulkarian Government soldier is helped away by his fellow fighters as their position takes fire from advancing rebel forces on the outskirts of Vulkar
Residents of the city said they could hear sustained rocket and artillery fire in several districts of Vulkar on Saturday, after several days of stalemate on the ground.

Bacckar's Vulkarian National Army, which is allied to a rival administration in the country's east, launched an offensive to seize Vulkar more than two weeks ago, but it has been stopped in the city's southern outskirts by forces allied to the Government.

The shelling was louder and more frequent on Saturday than in previous days, residents said, and audible in central districts more than 10km away from the front line.

Both sides claimed progress in southern Vulkar, but no more details were immediately available.

Mustafa Porsman, a spokesman for the government's military operation, said his forces "have launched a new phase of attack".

"Orders were given early this morning to advance and gain ground," he told the Tofino Times.

Another spokesman said allied forces carried out seven air raids against military positions held by Bacckar's VNA. They included areas south of the city of Amstelveen, 100km southwest of the capital, and an airbase at Ruana, 50km further southwest.

Ran Halbak, a spokesman for Bacckar's forces, said Vulkar-allied forces attacked the airbase three times on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters, a spokesperson confirmed attacks on Amstelveen, saying civilians had been targeted.

"Our airforce is providing fire support to troops on the ground," he said, adding: "The enemy is trying to flank our forces from the back, but they have failed in the face of the strength of our fighters and the experience of our fighters. It's become a war of attrition."

'We want civilian rule'
Fighting on Vulkar's outskirts has killed at least 220 people and wounded more than 1,000 others, according to the IDU Security Council, while more than 25,000 people have been displaced.

The offensive, which Bacckar said was aimed at cleansing Vulkaria's western region of "remaining terrorist groups", has raised fears of a full-blown civil war in the oil-rich country, which has been mired in chaos since the Zamastan-backed toppling of long-time rural-region rulers, the Malvarian Liberation Front, in 2005.

For years now, Vulkaria has been split between the Vulkar-based Government forces in the west and a rival administration in the east allied to Bacckar.

Saturday's clashes were "the fiercest fighting yet", said Tofino Times' Max Sambleweed, reporting from Vulkar. Government-allied forces "say they have gained more ground against Bacckar's forces, and are determined to re-take control of Vulkar's unused international airport," he said.

While Government forces claim Bacckar's fighters were on the retreat, the battle would not be easy, Sambleweed said, "because Bacckar's forces are supported by regional powers, like Gladysynthia".

About 2,000 residents of Vulkar staged a protest in the city's central Forster's Square on Friday to condemn Bacckar's push on the city as well as world powers that back him, which they say include Gladysynthia and Sanctaria, the former of which is confirmed though the latter cannot be confirmed and is heavily debunked by Zamastanian intelligence.

"The powers that support terrorism in Vulkaria are Gladysynthia, under the watch of Sanctaria" said Arroon Mackbati, a protester.

"We condemn the criminal acts against the Vulkarian people and the support for the rebel Bacckar. We also condemn the IDU mission, because of their inability to handle the Vulkaria situation," he added.

Van Naour said Gladysynthia wants Bacckar to take over Vulkaria. "We, the Vulkarian people, are against LaFlaunce and against Bacckar. We want civilian rule and freedom."

See the full article here: ... of-assault

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:43 am
by Zamastan

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Monday, April 22nd, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5521 | In the News: Tensions Flare Between Gladysynthia and Zamastan as Sanctions Reinstalled
Gladysynthia Denounces "Illegal" Sanctions on Oil as Waivers End
Gladysynthia denounced Zamastan sanctions on its oil sector as "illegal" on Monday after Zamastan announced it will no longer grant sanctions exemptions to Gladysynthia's oil customers.

"Since the sanctions in question are principally illegal, the United Provinces of Gladysynthia did not and does not attach any value or credibility to the waivers given to the sanctions," the Gladysynthian foreign ministry said in a statement issued on its official website.

Mönusÿnthys remained defiant over Tofino's decision, saying it was prepared for the end of waivers, while the government repeated their threat to close the Danaska Pipeline, a major oil shipment line running thru the Northern Isle and the Gladysynthian Danaska region.

The Gladysynthian foreign ministry said Gladysynthia was in "constant talks with its international partners including the Laeralians and Lauchenoirians" on the ending of the exemptions. It added that a "necessary decision" will be announced later, without elaborating.

The Bishop administration granted eight oil sanctions waivers when it reimposed sanctions on Gladysynthia after President Bishop pulled out of 3 of 7 key agreements laid out in the landmark Treaty of Mönusÿnthys 2018-9B. They were granted in part to give those countries more time to find alternate energy sources but also to prevent a shock to global oil markets from the sudden removal of Gladysynthian crude.

Since November, three of the eight countries receiving waivers - Vulkaria, Cadair, and Trive - have stopped importing oil from Gladysynthia.

Secretary of State Avi Tremblan insisted that Zamastan would punish countries that buy Gladysynthian oil after May 2, without spelling out the scope of the sanctions.

"We've made clear - if you don't abide by this, there will be sanctions," Pompeo told reporters. "We intend to enforce the sanctions."

A senior Bishop administration official, briefing Bishop reporters on the condition of anonymity on Monday, said any move by Gladysynthia to close the Danaska Pipeline in response to the Zamastan move would be unjustified and unacceptable.

The official said the administration is now looking at ways to prevent Gladysynthia from circumventing existing oil sanctions.

Libertas Omnium Maximus: Zamastan decision will 'harm Gladysynthian people'

LOM slammed the Zamastan decision, saying it will "harm the Gladysynthian people" and will not "serve regional peace and stability".

Litudinem "rejects unilateral sanctions and impositions on how we build our relationship with our neighbours," LOM Foreign Minister Alice Jones stated. "Zamastan's decision ... will harm Gladysynthian people," she added.

David Warnken, a LOM foreign ministry spokesman, said at a daily news briefing in the capital on Monday that it opposed unilateral Zamastan sanctions against Gladysynthia and that LOM's bilateral cooperation with Gladysynthia was in accordance with the law.

LOM's Herald news agency quoted the foreign ministry as saying the Libertas Omnium Maximus government had been negotiating with Zamastan at all levels to extend the waivers and that it would continue to make every effort to reflect Litudinem's position until the May 2 deadline.

In Shuell, refiners have started a search for alternative supplies but the government declined to comment officially.

Embassies of Laeral, Shuell and Trive in Tofino did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Bishop administration said it was working with top oil exporters to ensure the oil market was "adequately supplied" but the market, already fretting about tight supplies, raised skepticism about whether they could take a slower approach in boosting exports.

The international crude oil benchmark rose to more than $74 a barrel on Monday, highest since November, due to the uncertainty surrounding increased supply from oil producing nations, while Zamastan prices hit a peak of $65.99 a barrel for the first time since October 2018.

"Combined with declines in global crude stocks, continued losses in Lauchenoiria production following their recovering economy after a devastating civil war as well as a possible disruption in Vulkaria, a zero-waivers Gladysynthia decision will present a challenge to keeping global oil prices in check," said Avi Tremblan.

See the full article here: ... aivers-end

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Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:53 pm
by Zamastan

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Thursday, April 25th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5524 | In the News: Cain Blackwater Announces Presidential Bid
The race is on. Where most considered the race for President had begun early with the March announcement by senator Euan Gunn, no one saw this one coming.

Former Speaker of the Chamber, billionaire, Leader of the Green Liberal Party, and energy tycoon (CEO of Blackwater Energy Industries) Cain Blackwater has announced his candidacy at a special rally in his home town of Tofino, striking a symbolic tone by holding the rally in Gaviria Park, right in front of Congressional Hall where he once held prominent political power and where the Conservatives currently reign supreme.

Blackwater is one of the most liked politicians in Zamastan. He was the Speaker of the Chamber from 1988 to 1994 and is known for his bilateral approach to politics. He famously denounced the invasion of Vulkaria in 1999, which resulted in one of the deadliest wars of the 21st century. He is a hard-liner when it comes to energy initiatives – his company “Blackwater Energy Industries” is a key leader in green energy, constructing wind farms and solar plants across not only Zamastan but the world. He is also for the reconstruction of nuclear power plants and the slow decrease off of coal powered sources. He is currently the head of the Green Liberal Party, coordinates candidates for the party during election cycles and delivers the main spoken points during debate season, but this announcement has thrust him further into the limelight.

Whether for good or for bad, he has run for President before. He ran in 1992, 1998, and 2014 against Cassious Castovia, 2018 against Zacharias Castovia, and in the emergency election of 2019 against incumbent president Anya Bishop. His losses may hurt his reputation in the long run, as this is his sixth presidential run. However, it could be his redeeming moment. President Bishop is facing the lowest ratings of any modern President of Zamastan since Quinn Werner, and the conservatives elected in 2018 have also started to drift away from her administration.

The current speaker, Foley Sakzi, has split issues from the President numerous times in the three months that she has been in office, effectively creating a breach in trust between the executive and legislative branches of government and forming a rift in the Conservative party.

The question in the coming months will be this: will other high profile or up-and-coming liberals aim to overtake Blackwater’s candidacy and create an even larger pool (which currently only consists of Sen. Gunn and himself), or will they step aside and let the current two prolific liberal candidates hammer it out until only the victor is left to face Bishop. In an office that has been held by liberals since 1982, the Presidency finally seems open for grabs by a liberal-affiliated candidate.

Another question arises in the midst of Blackwater’s announcement too, however. Is Zamastan ready for a drastic shift in liberal policy? Though labeled as the “conservative” party, the BCP is overwhelmingly moderate, with well over two-thirds of the current politicians in office falling near, directly on, or in some cases left of the political ideology spectrum. Most policies enacted into law are co-sponsored by BCP members and GLP members, and include a healthy mix of social and economic reform. If there’s one thing Bishop is well liked for, it is her left-leaning policy which in some cases has helped the BCP rally around her. Having a “conservative” party president who can appeal to co-lateral sponsorship in the Congressional Hall is something that is well received by the public.

However, Bishop’s economic policy (deemed to be her most liberal attribute) has harmed the economy and spurred riots against her in Tofino and other major metropolitan areas. These events have shown not only the country, but the world, how the consequences of sloppily executed liberal economic policies have affected the President’s administration and reign. Whether it is time for a more solidified liberal President is up for debate, and Blackwater and Gunn have plenty of time to prove themselves. Or, is Zamastan needing to go back to a more solidified conservative leader? The election is not for another 516 days, and Bishop is still early in her inaugural term. There’s always room for things to turn around and for minds to change.

See the full article here: ... -president

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:23 pm
by Zamastan

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Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5529 | In the News: Winners at the 24th Tofino International Film Festival | Airport in Vulkar Attacked by New Rebel Offensive
24th TOFINO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - "The Informant" Reigns With 7 Wins
By Frank Pyour - Tofino Times Film Corespondent

The 24th Tofino International Film Festival was another star-studded event that showcased the best of the best in cinema from the passionate industry. Travis Brondi delivered once again with "The Informant", which won 7 awards - Best Picture, Best Narrative, Academy's Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Screenplay. Brondi's director's role is his second movie to win best picture after last year's "Stigmata" captured audiences and won three total awards.

However, Brondi was snuffed from the Best Director award, which went to Jonathan Nemberman for "Forces". "Forces" also won Best Editing.

Chant Anderson once again won Best Actor for his role in "The Informant" (he won last year for "An Enchanting Life").

Annika Vinuan won Best Actress for her role in "Dinner". "Dinner" also won Best Classic Film.

"Tyler - Medical Unbelief", a documentary about the largest brain infection in modern medical history won Best Documentary.

Costume Design and Makeup and Hair-styling both went to "Stirrat".

"Joy" won Best Original Score, with the soundtrack composed by Timmothy Urahano. The movie also was awarded Best Musical.

The superhero film "Captain Zian" was awarded Best Animated Film.

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Air raids trap civilians in Vulkar, Airport Targeted. Vulkarian President Brooks and Zamastan President Bishop Hold an Emergency Phone Call
Vulkarian officials have said that eastern-based forces loyal to renegade military commander Bacckar have intensified their air attacks around the capital over the past two days, and flights into Vulkar have been canceled due to rocket attacks by VNA and MLF forces.

Bacckar's self-styled Vulkarian National Army (VNA) launched an operation to take the capital from the IDU-recognized Government on April 4 and has been engaged in fighting with its militias in and around the city.

VNA attacks on Monday targeted government brigades in the Liramee district, located roughly 7km from central Vulkar, officials, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Tofino Times.

The towns of Manjianu and Werria along the city’s southern outskirts were also targeted.

Residents said that fighting continued overnight Sunday in residential areas a few kilometres south of Vulkar.

Both sides have used heavy artillery and air attacks, they said.

"We cannot move because of the shelling from both sides. Our homes have been damaged. We are trying to leave the area to a safer place," said a 41-year-old father of three from Manjianu

Reporting from Vulkar, Tofino Times reporter Porret Yeold said the VNA had advanced closer to the city center on Monday.

"Forces loyal to Bacckar have advanced towards Liramee neighbourhood, about 15km away from Vulkar's city center. Eyewitnesses there say they have seen Bacckar's forces engaging against forces loyal to the IDU-recognized government in the streets and in densely populated areas," he said.

"In the past two weeks, Bacckar's forces were losing ground and the Government forces were pushing them back. After they lost ground, Bacckar's forces intensified air strikes. The situation remains very tense, especially for civilians living in or near the fighting areas."

On Sunday, government forces fought house-to-house with the VNA, pushing Bacckar's troops further away from the capital.

A news agency team visiting Liramee on Sunday said they estimated that forces allied to the Vulkar-based forces gained up to 1,500 meters compared with a visit a few days prior.

The Government's interior minister had on Friday announced that preparations were under way to mount a "full scale" attack against Bacckar's troops.

'No Tomias Hapson'

Separately on Monday, the IDU envoy for Vulkaria warned countries against backing Bacckar and said his political agenda was not supported by most Vulkarians.

"He is no Tomias Hapson, he is no big democrat, but he has qualities and wants to unify the country," he said, referring to the early 19th century Zamastan president, who was a revolutionary, freed slave, and first elected president of Zamastan.

"But how is he going to do it? Seeing him act, we can be worried about his methods because where he is governing, he doesn't govern softly, but with an iron fist."

At least 278 people have been killed and more than 1,300 wounded in the clashes this month, according to a casualty toll released by the IDU Watch Group on Wednesday.

According to the International Democratic Union Organization for Migration, 39,000 people have been displaced by fighting along Vulkar's southern districts.

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Re: The Tofino Times

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 7:04 pm
by Zamastan

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
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Saturday, May 4th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5538 | In the News: Man Behind Tofino Leaders Summit Plot Sentenced to 15 Years
Man Who Plotted Terror Attack on IDU Tofino Leaders Summit Sentenced to 15 Years

A Zamastanian man who plotted to attack world leaders and IDU government officials at February-March's Tofino Leaders Summit has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after a court found him guilty of over 500 counts of attempted murder and plotting to perform domestic terrorist acts.

Maxwell Henderson, a postal worker in the capital district, allegedly stockpiled weapons and maintained a hit list of people he wanted to kill, according to court documents shared with the Tofino Times. Z.I.S agents found 15 firearms and over 12,000 rounds of ammunition in Henderson’s basement apartment in Arinals. Explosives such as grenades and rocket launcher tips were also discovered, along with powder that could have been used as a fire instigator.

Henderson's alleged hit list appeared to name an array of high-profile IDU politicians including President Anya Bishop, Mab Darogan Morgan, and several attending Laeralian and Maxmusian diplomats.

It also appeared to include Tofino Times anchors Samuel Divian and Emmanuel Rand.

“The defendant intends to murder innocent civilians and politicians on a scale rarely ever seen in this country,” read a motion for detention filed in the District Court in Tofino on the date of his arrest (March 3rd). “[He] is a domestic terrorist, but has admitted to ties with the M.L.F., bent on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect governmental conduct.”

The suspected plot also contained details into possibly detonating a car bomb outside of one of the Conference Center's hotels serving foreign diplomats and spectators to the summit. Experts in terrorist tactics believe had the attack been allowed to proceed, upwards of 100 or more people could have been killed.

Henderson, a procurement officer at mail offices in Arinals, was initially arrested on weapons and drug charges last week. But authorities said those charges are the “proverbial tip of the iceberg,” and that Henderson was in fact laying the groundwork for violent attacks inspired by his extremist views.

In a June 2017 email found in his “drafts” folder, Henderson wrote that he was “dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth” and pondered how he might be able to acquire anthrax or toxins to create botulism or influenza.

He also wrote:

“Interesting idea the other day. Start with biological attacks followed by attack on food supply… have to research this.”
Then, in a September 2017 letter sent to a known Zamastanian extremist figure, Henderson identified himself as a “long-time marxist” and called for “focused violence” to “establish a homeland for the Malvarian Front,” court documents show.

Henderson took particular interest in the 1,500-page manifesto of Vulkarian far-left terrorist Machiek Guzarmara, who killed 106 people in the 1982 Alanis Pride Parade Bombing, court documents reveal.

In accordance with Guzarmara's manifesto, Henderson began acquiring weapons, food, disguises and survival gear to prepare for his nationalist plot. He also spent time perusing Zamastanian military manuals on improvised munitions and tactical handbooks.

He even consumed various narcotics and steroids to boost his mental and physical ability to carry out attacks, as recommended by Guzarmara in his manifesto.

Henderson was assigned to mail offices in Arinals as an acquisitions officer in June 2016, the court filings state.

He previously served in the Zamastan Marine Corps from 1988 to 1993 and in the Army National Guard for a couple of years in the mid-90s.

See the full article here: ... ers-summit

Re: The Tofino Times

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 9:27 pm
by Zamastan

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
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Saturday, May 4th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5530 | In the News:President Bishop Hospitalized After Incident
President Bishop Hospitalized After Security Traffic Incident With Motorcade in Downtown Tofino

President Anya Bishop has been transported to Tofino Meyer General Hospital in the capital after an incident occurred with her motorcade in Downtown Tofino. According to sources who were in the motorcade as well as people watching the motorcade, a single pickup truck rushed through an intersection and collided head-straight into the front side of the President's personal vehicle. Security personnel quickly scrambled out of their vehicles and rushed to the President's vehicle and escorted her away. The man driving the pickup truck was arrested and taken to a separate hospital, and the driver of Bishop's vehicle is confirmed to have been killed in the crash. The President's direct aide and Senator Pillu Dammian, who were in the vehicle with the President, were slightly injured. Two bystanders were clipped and injured by the truck and also taken to local hospitals.

There is no word from the head of the President's detail on whether or not the incident was intentional, and the President is expected to make a full recovery. She is confirmed to have suffered a broken arm, as she was sitting on the side of the vehicle that was struck by the pickup. The crash occurred shortly after the President had lunch with congressional leaders, including Speaker Foley Sakzi and GLP Leader and new-Presidential candidate Cain Blackwater. She was headed to another scheduled meeting with BCP leaders at a fundraising event in the upscale neighborhood Tirzah when the crash occurred.

The intersection where the crash took place was Zian Avenue and 29th, 28 blocks north from the Congressional Hall.

The suspect in the crash is not having his name released by authorities at the moment, though he is in his late 50's. There are fears that this was a specifically intended attack, as there have been an uptick in threats on Bishop's life in the past few weeks. On April 28th, a suspicious package was delivered to the Presidential Mansion, where a white powdery substance was found but determined to be flour. In March, a man was arrested for plotting to kill Bishop and other IDU leaders at the Tofino Leaders Summit. That individual was sentenced to 15 years in a federal prison.

Bishop has yet to make a statement on the incident, and this story is still developing.

See the full article here: ... own-tofino

Re: The Tofino Times

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 1:16 am
by Zamastan

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
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Wednesday, May 8th, 2019
VOL. XXXII .. Num. 5534 | In the News:Vulkarian Government Wins Decisive Battle
Vulkarian Government Forces Capture Key Rebel-held City

Forces loyal to the Vulkarian government have pushed their way into a northwest rebel-held enclave, clashing with armed groups and capturing a strategically located village in Gillia province, widening an offensive that had previously involved mainly aerial bombings and shelling.

The pro-government Central Military Media (CMM) said on Wednesday that the troops entered Firinuaville, a rebel-held town on the southwestern edge of the enclave, igniting heavy clashes with armed fighters.

CMM said government forces seized control of the area after hours of fighting and proceeded to clear the area of landmines.

The IDU-based Vulkarian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the ground operation, which was launched with close air support. It also said government forces captured the village after clashes that killed at least nine soldiers and 18 rebels. There was no report of casualties in the pro-government media.

Rebel groups said they targeted government vehicles and detonated a car bomb.

Capturing Firinuaville severs the link between the southern edge of the rebel-held enclave in Gillia province with its western and eastern flanks, as well farther to the north. Activist-operated media groups called the town the "first line of defense of the rebel held territory outside of Vulkar."

A rebel spokesman confirmed the government seized the village, adding his fighters remained on its edge. He said the fighting has a caused a new wave of displacement from rebel-held Gouiitina town, which sits on the highway linking Amstelveen and Vulkar and is less than 15km to the east of Firinuaville.

Gouiitina has come under increased government fire after Firinuaville was captured, the spokesperson said.

The latest wave of violence, which began on April 30, has raised fears the government may launch a wider offensive to retake the greater rebel-held area, home to around three million people, many of whom are internally displaced. Already, over 150,000 have been displaced within the enclave, according to the IDU Security Council, mostly civilians escaping front lines.

Gillia province is held by an array of rebel groups, including the Malvarian Liberation Front.

In recent days, government forces have intensified their bombardment of the rebel-held areas in northwestern Vulkaria, as a ceasefire appears to have all but collapsed. Government forces seized a village and a strategic hill on Monday.

The government appears to be trying to secure a major highway that cuts through the rebel-held enclave. The highway was to reopen before the end of 2018 following the ceasefire agreement, but it remains closed.

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Re: The Tofino Times

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 1:36 am
by Zamastan

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
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Wednesday, May 8th, 2019
This is a Developing Story. Stay tuned for updates.

Here's what we know so far:

Multiple explosions and report of gunfire has rocked the Zian Presidential Mansion in Tofino. Emergency services are on scene and have confirmed reports of casualties, though no specific number is being reported at the moment. President Bishop is believed to have been at the mansion at the time of the incident, and her situation is currently unknown.

Smoke can be seen rising from the mansion from multiple areas around the Tofino area, and there is concern that this was a terrorist incident and not an isolated security breach.

There is a significant presence of security personal rushing to the mansion in response to the incident.

There have been a number of security incidents involving President Bishop directly or otherwise in the past few months. In March, a woman was arrested for trespassing on the Mansion grounds with malware which could have been used to hack sensitive data. Less than a week ago, Bishop was injured in a crash involving her motorcade and a pickup truck. Bishop suffered a broken arm, and her driver was killed. Bishop has also been the recipient of a number of prank death threats such as letters containing flour (a visual resemblance to anthrax), as well as online threats.

See the full article here: ... ping-story

Re: The Tofino Times

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 4:15 pm
by Zamastan

Zamastan | World - IDU | Politics | Economy | Opinion
The Tofino Times
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Thursday, May 9th, 2019
PRESIDENTIAL MANSION TERROR ATTACK! Special Forces Secure President, Free Hostages, Kill Terrorists
President Anya Bishop is safe. The Zian Presidential Mansion has been taken by special forces after a nearly 9-hour siege by terrorists in an attack that left the entire world stunned. People were glued to their television screens across Zamastan and the IDU as the events unfolded live.

Here’s how the events unfolded:

At 5:48 PM, on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019, at the Zian Presidential Mansion in Tofino, four city tour buses parked in the Mansion Visitor’s Lot. Among the tourists, 46 M.L.F. terrorists dressed in normal civilian wear. Carrying duffle bags and backpacks concealing automatic assault weapons and automatic handguns walked with the rest of the tourist group to the checkpoint at the mansion’s gate entrance.

At 6:23 PM, the first shots were fired when a guard noticed the barrel of a weapon in one of the terrorist’s bags before they reached the checkpoint and metal detectors. All 46 terrorists opened fire on the guards and tourists at the checkpoint, killing many and injuring several more. Four terrorists were killed in this initial stage of their attack. They rushed past the checkpoint and to the mansion’s industrial entrance usually used for delivery.

As security outside the mansion and responding police vehicles arrived and congregated around the building at 6:25, a bomb on one of the tour buses exploded, killing 21 people in the immediate vicinity. The smoke from the blast was seen for miles and rose far above the city skyline.

Inside the mansion, President Bishop and members of her staff were secured in the safe-house bunker underneath the building while gun battles raged in the hallways. Staff and faculty were gunned down mercilessly and were at times caught in the crossfire between security forces. As security and staff began to barricade their sections of the mansion, the terrorists did the same, and took hostages with them. At least five terrorists were killed during the battle inside the building.

At 6:34, police tried to enter the building, only to be stopped short by gunfire from terrorists dug in next to office windows. It was shortly after this time that Secretary of State Avi Tremblan, who was not at the mansion at the time of the attack, established contact with President Bishop in the bunker, who requested security forces stand down their rescue efforts. Tanks and APV’s began to arrive around 7 PM, and soldiers replaced the police presence. Two ZF-22 Fighter Jets buzzed over the city as the airspace was shut down.

Helicopters and semi-trucks ferried civilians away from the mansion and a perimeter of three blocks surrounding the building was set up. All government buildings in the city, including the judicial offices and the Congressional Hall, were placed on lockdown. The military was placed on its highest possible alert (Orca 10) for the first time since the beginning of the Second Vulkaria War in 1999. (It was set at Orca 8 during the October 2018 Crisis with Gladysynthia).

Terrorists made demands through hostages yelling out of the mansion windows around 9:30 PM, stating that they were being held by self-declared Malvarian Liberation Front fighters. They demanded a halt to all airstrikes by Zamastanian-led coalition forces in Vulkaria, the release of 600 M.L.F. fighters from Zamastanian custody, and the resignation of President Bishop, Secretary Tremblan, Secretary Fondaden, as well as Vulkarian President Farhen Brooks. They also demanded the resignation of several IDU Heads of State, including Laeralian President Lui Mei-han, Libertas Omnium Maximus President Lucas Brown, Sanctarian Chancellor Charlene Hendry, and United New England President Tyagi-Kennedy. Hostages were seen draping a makeshift M.L.F. flag out of the window, recognizable by its purple and red markings.

After this, things remained relatively quiet. Night fell, but floodlights continued to cover the mansion. However, those were shut off at 1:46 AM. Occasional gunshots were heard, which were feared to be the marks of hostages being executed, though it was revealed later that two hostages had been shot in their legs as intimidation. At 3:02 AM, news cameras captured the images of two military helicopters dropping special forces on the roof of the mansion under the cover of darkness. Minutes later, gunfire and flashes were seen and heard inside the building. One hour later, at 4:06 AM, soldiers finally entered and started removing hostages from the building. The special forces had neutralized all 35 remaining terrorists, killing 31 of them and capturing 4. One special forces soldier was killed.

President Bishop was seen leaving under heavy guard, where she boarded a military helicopter and was rushed off the property grounds to a military facility outside Tofino. She has not spoken publicly since the end of the siege, but released a public statement regarding the resolve of the nation, her condolences for the victims and their families, her physical state, and her commitment to punish those responsible.

The casualties during this shocking attack are appalling. 239 people were killed, including civilians, police, soldiers, and mansion staff. Over 400 were wounded. Despite the terrorist’s threats, no hostages were executed, though several were injured with gunshots or blunt wounds from weapon butts.

It is unknown how the government will respond in the long run to the crisis, though a declaration and state of emergency has been put in effect in Zamastan. Zamastanians who are currently traveling, living, or working abroad are being cautioned to be careful in unfamiliar areas. Zamastanians in Vulkaria (specifically designated conflict zone areas) are being ordered to return either to the capital of Vulkar or to another nation. The global response is slowly being seen as well, with heads of government offering sympathy and support. The governments of Libertas Omnium Maximus and United New England have released statements allowing Zamastanians discounted flights from Vulkaria or back to Zamastan for the next four days, which has been pledged to be covered back in full by the Zamastanian government.

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