Livestock Welfare Act

For drafting new WA proposals, both for IDU and non-IDU members.
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Livestock Welfare Act

Post by Latidonia » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:32 am

It seems there's no legislation on livestock welfare, so here's something I drafted and hope to post some day. What do you think? :) Some of my own thought regard whether I should add something about recognising the importance of animal agriculture and whether I should tone down some of the criticism towards unethical practices, so it doesn't seem too hostile towards farmers.

Category: ??? (Having some issues with this. Maybe moral decency or regulation?) Strength: Significant

The World Assembly;

Alarmed by the present lack of legislation on the treatment of livestock;

Concerned that such a vacuum of international legislation allows animals to be treated with absolute apathy or even outright antipathy;

Recognising that animals generally raised for food and commodity production, such as pigs, cattle, ducks, sheep, and poultry, are capable of feeling suffering and distress;

Noting that such animals, much like sapient beings, are intelligent and social beings also capable of positive feelings;

Saddened that the welfare of these creatures is too often overlooked in food and commodity production;

Highlighting that the overwhelming majority of livestock are subject to intensive farming methods, otherwise known as factory farming;

Regretting that especially in intensive farming, the efficiency of production and economic interests most often outweigh the wellbeing of these creatures, and as such, they are subject to severe distress and suffering, and their welfare is treated with apathy;

Lamenting that ethically questionable or outright immoral practices are commonplace in the livestock industry, such as: the slaughtering of animals without stunning and in view of other animals, the live plucking of feathers from birds without anesthesia, and the live skinning of animals;

Acknowledging that indifference towards animal suffering is extremely unethical;

Seeking to establish regulations on the treatment of livestock so that such indifference can no longer persist;

  1. Defines for the purpose of this specific resolution;
    1. Animal as sentient, but not sapient creatures.
    2. Livestock as (a) animals raised for food consumption, such as cattle, pigs, fish and poultry, and (b) animals, such as sheep, minks and foxes, which are raised for other commodities, such as fur, wool and leather.
  2. Decrees the following provisions, to ensure the wellbeing of livestock;
    1. Animals have a right to physical and mental wellbeing, as far as possible and practicable.
    2. Animals have a right to natural behaviour, as far as reasonable.
    3. Animals have a right to have their basic needs adequately fulfilled, as far as possible and practicable.
    4. Animals have a right to a decent living environment, free from overcrowding and untreated waste.
    5. Animals shall not be subject to suffering, unneeded distress, or malicious or antipathic treatment.
    6. Slaughtered animals have a right to a humane death, where they are not subject to suffering or unnecessary fear, and are to be rendered unconscious prior to being killed.
    7. Animals have a right to be humanely put down, if, due to untreatable illness or injury, keeping them alive would be evidently cruel.
  3. Mandates that facilities raising livestock must comply with the provisions in section 2.
  4. Establishes the World Assembly Livestock Welfare Bureau (WALWB), whose responsibilities are to concern:
    1. Overseeing that the treatment of livestock is carried out in accordance with the provisions in section 2.
    2. Reporting breaches of said provisions to local authorities.

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Re: Livestock Welfare Act

Post by Bears Armed » Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:46 pm

Some quick thoughts _

1. As far as ‘Category’ is concerned, previous measures on animal welfare have indeed gone under ‘Moral Decency’: Although most if not all of those were before ‘Regulation’ was also available for potential use, I think that M.D. is still the best bet…
2. For the opening line of clause 2, adding the words “in member nations” immediately after “Decrees the following provisions, to ensure the wellbeing of livestock” would make it clearer that you’re not trying to a have a direct effect on non-W.A. nations as well as on the W.A.’s members.
3. If there are enough characters available, do you think that it might be a good idea to follow clauses 2 & 3 with one that forbids member nations importing meat & other animal-derived products from non-member nations unless the production in those countries was also up to these standards?
4. I think that giving your new WA agency responsibility for overseeing things directly, rather than just for checking that member nations have their agencies for this purpose and that those are functioning properly, is a bit excessive.

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