The North Star: Issue 6

Updates and diplomacy with the region of The North Pacific.
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The North Star: Issue 6

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ImageCampus News

[align=right]by Marcus Antonius, Chancellor of The North Pacific University[/align]

The North Pacific University Has A New Chancellor
Chancellor Marcus Antonius

On March 9 2019 I took on the mantle of Chancellor of The North Pacific University

I would like to thank St. George The Notorious Mad Jack for his hard work and efforts as chancellor within these hallowed halls of the university and for personally recommending me to take up this honorable position.

Within the university there have been fits of activity that have subsided almost as soon as they have begun, my efforts included. I am grateful that there are still forum members that contribute to our knowledge database. It is my intention to try and maintain and encourage their efforts.

I have a great personal passion for history and the arts. This is reflected in my humble submitted efforts. That aside we must remember that the university was created for bringing education and knowledge of NationStates and The North Pacific to the populace of the region. I am aware that our Delegate, Ghost Pallaith, has a vision of developing the University. As chancellor, I shall endeavor to bring about his vision. I would be interested to hear feedback and ideas on what is needed to make this vision become a reality.

One of my first acts as Chancellor was to appoint St. George The Notorious Mad Jack and Prydania Prydania as my Vice-Chancellors. They will be the first members of the University Committee. I will be seeking further members as my tenure continues.

I have also commissioned a Coat of Arms for the University.


The design was composed by Prydania Prydania with further embellishments by Malpe malphe. It comprises of the following elements. A sun rising over water, indicating the sun always shines over the Pacific. The open book, meaning study, with the numbers 2012, the year the University came into existence. An Owl, the universal symbol of wisdom, teaching and learning. The crossed pens, symbolizing the work of the student. The symbolized star, a commonly used motif in The North Pacific' heraldry, representing The North Star or to give it the correct name Polaris. Finally the motto “sequere Polaris“ which translates from the Latin to “Follow The North Star”.

I would take this opportunity to thank all who have supported the University in the past and appeal to them to continue to do so. I would also appeal to any budding writers out there, who have lectures or articles they would like to share in the University to get in touch with myself Ethnon, The Notorious Mad Jack or Prydania.You will find The North Pacific University here so please, come and visit us.

I have a real passion for the university to become a shining beacon in the minds and lives of the nations of The North Pacific, I hope you will find this too.

"in victoria!" (To Success!)


Chancellor of The North Pacific University


[align=left]Image Judiciary Election Results[/align]

[align=right]by BMWSurfer, Acting Minister of Communications[/align]

Bootsie and friends celebrate victory in the elections and form an "Eluvatar"

The dust has settled on the first Judicial Elections of the season. An impressive total of 23 people were nominated for this election, and in the end, 7 candidates ran in the election. Let’s take a look at them:


In his campaign, Eluvatar drew from his extensive experience going back to 2006, including being delegate of TNP and writing many of her laws. Eluvatar, in an exchange with McMasterdonia, did an in depth analysis of the fictional hearing found in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Eluvatar also defended the length of time it takes for the courts to conduct reviews, saying that procedural correctness must be followed. He did, however, say that the courts should take suggestions on how to better do this.

Lord Lore

A 2 time former justice, Lord Lore kept his campaign simple, directly opening up his campaign thread to questions. I’m contrast to Eluvatar, Lore agreed that court reviews take too long and that they should be shortened. He also dismissed the argument that the court doesn’t get new people very often.


Bootsie, a longtime security councilor and former Justice, made communication the center of his platform. He believes that the court should communicate with the people better. When asked about review lengths, Bootsie said that reviews should be optimized to take as little time as possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the process.


Dinoium had by far the most complex and involved platform of all the candidates. His campaign was based around a more active judiciary. He proposed creating several programs to achieve this goal, including the creation of an appointed court staff and a joint program with the Attorney Generals office. He also promised that he would review all Regional Assembly legislation to ensure their legality.


Romanoffia, a former Security Councilor and Justice, also kept his campaign simple. He promised that he would follow “Due Process, The Constitution, Legal Code and Separation of Powers”.

King SillyString

SillyString, a longtime member of TNP and justice, ran on a platform of precedence. In her campaign post, she emphasized a new policy that was adopted by the courts last term. She, like Eluvatar, defended the length of time taken by the courts for reviews. When asked about the lack of new faces on the bench, she said that the courts were not suited to newer players.


Janus, also known as isimud, posted a late campaign thread that focused mainly on his history and background as a part of TNP.

King SillyString, Eluvatar, and Bootsie won the election.


SillyString, Eluvatar, and Bootsie clearly won due to their previous experience in the region and the courts. Dinoium was also a favored candidate in the election, but his activist views on the courts likely cost him votes from the more traditional voters of TNP. Lord Lore was another favored candidate due to his experience, but just couldn’t get voters excited about the courts like the others. Janus didn’t have a campaign until just before voting started which likely hurt his prospects, and Romanoffia had a lengthy exchange with the admin team in his campaign thread which may have alienated voters against him.

[align=left]ImageNPA Bulletin[/align]

[align=right]by Bobberino, Minister of Defense[/align]


The North Pacific Army swept through February and March in fashionable terms. The soldiers went from region to region, sweeping clean of native scum; or went from region to region, sweeping clean raider scum and reinstating native unity, depending on the direction that former Minister of Defense Darcania's floof flowed in the wind that particular day.

Warrant Officer Rank Tab

Important news; the NPA passed a resolution proposed by then-MoD Darcania to institute a new rank, Warrant Officer. The officer test no longer could fulfill the standards of the draggo, who regularly orders his soldiers into 40-tags to "test their switching speed." and thus the Warrant Officer rank allows the MoD to hold rightful officers hostage until either they are burnt out to oblivion, or the oligarchy permits the torture to stop. Yet another power grab by the reckless and harsh policies of the oligarchy while the people are left behind yet again.

NPA forces at The Battle of WinterFell

For the lolcow of the report… we have Winterfell! We spun the wheel of floof because the wind wasn’t blowing that day. So we landed on a raid. It started off harmless, with Bob being asleep at the major and being pingspammed, Dino quoting the legal code and stating “Correct”, and a smol lil incident thanks to some memeposting. We also did some border control work for when we ban Siwale for TSP interference in the election. More to come on that.

ImageBobberino, the new Minister of Defense, in discussion with his staff.

The day this was due, Bob became MoD. So instead of doing this on time like a good DM of Comms would, Bob decided to write this blurb. And before Bob is attacked and dragged away by the oligarchy, he'd like you to know that ----- muffled screams ----- Everything is fine and under control in the NPA. O7

[align=left]Image Spotlight #17: Interview With BMWSurfer[/align]

[align=right]by Bobberino, Deputy Minister of Communications

Views in this interview may not reflect the views of TNP's government


BMWSurfer is surprised and caught, by Bobberino, for an interview.

Bobberino: Welcome to The Spotlight, BMW! I am excited you were able to take part in this edition.

BMWSurfer: Thank you! I’m excited to be here!

Bobberino: So let's start with your beginnings - how did you first join NS?

BMWSurfer: Well, a friend who was building a communist paradise on NS invited me to join. I initially didn’t play very much, and I almost CTEd in the beginning. But, I eventually was sucked in like everyone else.

Bobberino: Oh, that sounds interesting. Was that in a UCR of his? Or simply his nation?

BMWSurfer: His nation. He didn’t last very long in the game, though.

Bobberino: Gotcha. So what brought you to the shores of The North Pacific?

BMWSurfer: Well, I originally founded in The South Pacific, and hopped around UCRs for a while, but decided joining the biggest region would allow me to figure out the game before moving to a smaller region with more responsibilities. I liked this region so much that I decided to stay.

Bobberino: I actually ended up similarly - I just founded in TNP and stayed. How'd you get involved with TNP's gov?

BMWSurfer: Well, after I joined, I spent a few months joining and participating in all of the various Ministries and in The North Pacific Army. I eventually found my niche, which was World Assembly Affairs. Eventually, I became a deputy there and was very dedicated to that position. This gave me name recognition, and eventually got me hired as Minister of Home Affairs.

Bobberino: That makes sense; again, I draw similarities to myself there. What has been your favorite position thus far?

BMWSurfer: Honestly, my first term as Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs was my favorite. We had lots of fun, and I didn’t have as many responsibilities as a deputy.

Bobberino: I'd say Fiji has me working, as do you! Lol Where do you foresee yourself in TNP in a year?

BMWSurfer: Well, I see myself still serving my region in whatever way I can.

Bobberino: Do you see another Delegacy run? Y'all and your endorsements SMH. So what made you stick in NS? What do you like most about it?

BMWSurfer: Well, for me its the people. I have met so many great people on NS and that has been the reason I stay.

Bobberino: Definitely; we got a lot of good eggs in NS. Very interesting to learn about the host of personalities that take part in such a niched game.

BMWSurfer: For sure! It is interesting how borders dissolve and national identities become irrelevant on the internet, and on NS especially.

Bobberino: Definitely. Speaking of, is there one positive memory that sticks out in your mind in terms of your NS career?

BMWSurfer: The first time I was able to successfully plan and organize a defensive operation in the NPA, and the night I became an officer. I just remember thinking for really the first time in my NS career, "I got this. I know what i'm doing."

Bobberino: My officer test stuck out to me too, yeah! What advice would you give to TNP's new folk?

BMWSurfer: I would say: jump in! Get as involved as possible and be as outgoing as possible. Once you find your niche, you can start focusing on that, but having the experience of the various aspects of the region is priceless.

Bobberino: Awesome stuff and true advice. Who do you look up to in TNP? Who are your mentors or trusted friends?

BMWSurfer: The two people I most look up to here are El Fiji Grande and Deropia. Deropia was my first boss and a true mentor to me. I wouldn't be here without him. Fiji is one of my most trusted advisers.

Bobberino: I miss Dero. Great dude and a trusted friend. I wish him well wherever he is. Is there anything you're never asked you feel you should be?

BMWSurfer: I don't think so.

Bobberino: Is there anything you'd like to be remembered by? Not expecting you to leave, but in case you pull a Dero. (Cries)

BMWSurfer: I would like to be remembered as an honest, generally good person. Nothing fancy. (sticks out tongue)

Bobberino: I'd prefer to be remembered as the eccentric, hardworking memer. Just who I am.

BMWSurfer: And that you will be, bob. (sticks out tongue)

Bobberino: You're the groundhog I fed the other day right? Those carrots were poisoned.

BMWSurfer: Uhhh.... I don't feel so good... *BMWSurfer left the channel*

Bobberino: Victory is mine!

BMWSurfer: Ha! ha!

Bobberino: Is there anything else you'd want to add?

BMWSurfer: Nope. Thank you for your time!

Bobberino: Likewise! Cheers!

[align=left]Image Regional Assembly Highlights[/align]

[align=right]by Artemis, Speaker of the Regional Assembly[/align]

Regional Assembly March 2019

Speaker of The Regional Assembly: Artemis

Deputy Speakers of The Regional Assembly: Bobberino


Artemis looks on at events in the Regional Assembly


Amendment to the NPA Doctrine, put forward by Knightblood.

Status: Passed

Summary: Previously the Legal Code of the North Pacific recognized the legal name of the military of TNP as the North Pacific Armed Forces (NPAF). Knightblood proposed amending Chapter 8 of the Legal Code to rename the military as its commonly known name, The North Pacific Army (NPA).

Voter BreakdownShow
– Votes in Favor (20)

Great Bights Mum






Sil Dorsett










Haor Chall




Votes Opposed (4)




St George

Abstentions (6)






Golden York

Current Business

Vice Delegate Check Efficiency Bill, put forward by Sil Dorsett.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett has proposed an amendment to Section 6.1 of the Legal Code which deals with the Vice Delegate’s Security Checks of nations applying for citizenship in TNP. This bill continues to be in discussion before the Regional Assembly.

The Ministerial Ethics Law, put forward by Wonderess.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: A proposal to establish a Mandatory Ministry that will be charged with ethical affairs of the government of TNP. The purpose of this office will be to decrease corruption in the regional government by advising the Delegate on issues regarding ethics and producing public reports of government activity that will be available to the citizens of the region. This bill continues to be under discussion.

Recall Reform Act, put forward by Romanoffia.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: A discussion brought forward to add specific instances that a government official of TNP can be recalled by the Regional Assembly. Currently, the Regional Assembly can recall any official for any reason with a 2/3rds majority vote. While no specific changes have been proposed, the thought process is to prevent a recall of an official unless a specific violation of a specific law or legal requirement of position is cited. The Regional Assembly would still be required to meet a 2/3rds majority to recall an official. This bill continues to be discussed before the Regional Assembly.

Making sense of who are government officials, put forward by Haor Chall.

Status: In Discussion

Summary: A discussion started to properly identify the role that certain officials, primarily Deputy Ministers have as government officials. The debate has led to a proposed constitutional amendment to Article 7 and amendments to Chapter 6 and 7 of the Legal Code.

[align=left]Image World Assembly Digest[/align]

[align=right]by Marcus Antonius, Deputy Minister of Communications[/align]

General Assembly

Improving the world one resolution at a time.

Repeal: “Defending The Rights Of Sexual And Gender Minorities”

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 4088 Against: 11740

Final Vote (TNP): For: 128 Against: 457 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.2%

Recommendation: The targeted resolution, in application, is one of the most far reaching and beneficial pieces of civil rights legislation in recent WA history. While there are certainly holes to be filled and issues to still be addressed, a full repeal is not the way to achieve this. In knowing that the author had the best intention for those who have lacked civil rights in the past, this ministry hopes that extraneous legislation is introduced to patch the potential loopholes pointed out by the repeal.

In conclusion and hopes for additional legislation to be introduced, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommended a vote Against this repeal.

Repeal: “On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes”

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 3230 Against: 12698

Final Vote (TNP): For: 61 Against: 521 Percentage of WA nations voting: 40.5%

Recommendation: This repeal focuses on the issue of the word "should", and how the interpretation of its application may affect compliance in member nations. The use of "should" allows some optionality in how member nation can print labels for the products covered by the proposal, which further allows nations to use the appropriate language that would most benefit certain communities. As such,the intent of GAR 459 was never to create overbearing regulation on member nations. In the event warning labels are printed in a language that would be ineffective and deliberately avoid the intended effects of this proposal, member nations would still be required to educate smokers and non-smokers alike on the dangers of tobacco and the greater safety of electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Barring the possible consequences of nations applying this resolution unfaithfully, this resolution will still benefit the majority of NS communities and ultimately achieve what it set out to do.For these reasons,

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.

"The Cloning Conventions"

Status: Failed

Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 6001 Against: 9185

Final Vote (TNP): For: 131 Against: 429 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.8%

Recommendation: This resolution attempts to deal with the cloning of organisms and the legal landscape surrounding that process. Unfortunately, there are several concerning issues that arise from its mandates. The proposal attempts to limit the cloning of prenatal sapient organisms without a direct consent from the organism which couldn't possibly be provided. Further, there is no allowance for a parent or legal guardian to give that consent on behalf of the organism, regardless of its viability. Given that these organisms lack the capacity for cognizance or feeling, due to low development, this prohibition places unnecessary limitations on medical research, and specifically in the creation of cloned organisms for the beneficial harvest of stem cells. This resolution, in clause 5, permits the cloning of organs or like unfeeling organisms from people. It does not include a requirement making that cloning contingent on consent. Insofar as the proposal permits people to have their genetic material harvested without their consent, it may be in violation of previously passed resolutions.

In accordance with the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.


Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary.

"Condemn Civil Defence Siren"

Status: Failed
Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For: 2016 Against: 13366

Final Vote (TNP): For: 46 Against: 497 Percentage of WA nations voting: 37.7%

Recommendation: The Ministry of WA Affairs cannot decide if we should be dumbfounded or impressed. It is incredible that the collective fragility of CoCD's egos was able to produce such a profound, instantly back-firing garbage fire. Not only was there actual monetary investment in a campaign to support the proposal, but there was also an apparent lack of spellcheck. This concoction of utter incompetence has led to the most impressive aspect of this proposal, the record for the quickest discarded proposal in SC history.

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recognizes that the vote now no longer matters but recommends a vote Against regardless. Furthermore, we award you zero points and may the Civil Defence Siren have mercy on your souls.

"Commend Severisen"

Status: Passed

Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For: 11236 Against: 3701

Final Vote (TNP): For: 516 Against: 37 Percentage of WA nations voting: 38.3%

Recommendation: This commendation is generally well written and properly exemplifies the achievements and contributions of Severisen to the communities he has spent time with and the greater NS community. Amoung things not mentioned for whatever reason, Severisen has also been active in and contributed to The North Pacific during different times in his NS career. Furthermore, it can be found that Severisen is widely acknowledged as being 'good people', and the ability to maintain that overall impression among a wide cross-section of one's peers, after nearly a decade-and-a-half, is a testament to the quality of their character. Seeing this long standing reputation and his previous contributions, Severisen is quite deserving of this commendation.

In accordance with reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this commendation.

The North Star: Lighting The Way To The Truth

Publisher: Pallaith :: Executive Editor: BMWSurfer :: Managing Editor: Marcus Antonius

The North Star is produced by the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific and is distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs externally and the Ministry of Home Affairs internally. Except where otherwise indicated, all content represents the views of the Government of The North Pacific.

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