The North Star Issue XV

Updates and diplomacy with the region of The North Pacific.
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The North Star Issue XV

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Image NPA Report
by Rom, War Correspondent


Minister of Defense: Trondstorm

Deputy Minister of Defense: Colonel Rom

During the month of December, the NPA participated in a variety of operations. Whether it was going on tag runs, doing some detags, raiding regions with our allies, or partaking in a liberation or two, we definitely had plenty of operations to do in December.

Having just wrapped up our hold in Cretanja Queendom with our allies, we decided to go on a joint tag run with TBH on the 7th of December. In this joint tag run, there were three teams of tag raiders that consisted of both TBH and NPA soldiers, and we were able to tag well over 40 regions between the three teams. We also participated in another raid with TBH, and other allies including the ERN, LWU, LKE, and Balder. With NPA soldiers and soldiers from those allied militaries, we partook in a raid of Cretenja Kingdom during the 22 of December. The NPA would also proceed to stay in the region, and help our friends hold the region until the conclusion of that operation.

The NPA also did several solo operations during the month of December as well, including several tag runs, a detag run, some liberations, and a successful defense as well. During the month of December, we did five tag runs, and tagged a total of 16 regions. Besides the tag runs, we also did a detag run, where we detagged 5 regions. We also liberated our close ally Stargate on the 23rd of December. Other operations the NPA did over December was a Liberation of the region The Tyrannian Empire, where we thwarted a refound attempt that was made by The Vedigothic Imperium during the December 16 Major. During that same update, the NPA also successfully defended a region, World Alliance of Kingdoms and Empires, from a TVI invasion, that one with the help of TITO.

The NPA concluded 2019 with a tag run on the 27th of December, where we tagged a total of 4 regions. We had a very great 2019, where we continued to partake in a wide variety of operations, and we kept ourselves very busy over the last year.

Image The Spotlight #24 - Angshire
by El Fiji Grande and Angshire
El Fiji Grande: What made you decide to join TNP?

Angshire: Well, my nation Angshire was founded here. I decided to start getting involved in the community, first with roleplay, and then with government.

El Fiji Grande: When joining NS, nations are bombarded by recruitment telegrams. What about our community made you decide to stay?

Angshire: One of the telegrams that I received told me to block out all recruitment telegrams, which I did.

El Fiji Grande: It took you nearly three weeks to gain citizenship due to a duplicate account issue. What was that all about?

Angshire: Well, it was my older brother who introduced me to NationStates, and we shared a computer. He was involved in TNP as well, but not to the extent I am.

El Fiji Grande: Right, that sucks. Did you have to kick him off? XD

Angshire: He went off to college starting this September. Which was when I started actively playing and when I founded my main nation.

El Fiji Grande: You appeared on the RMB posters for the executive staff Home Affairs telegram list. Did this reach you/influence your decision to apply for the executive staff?

Angshire: Quite frankly, I don't remember the TG I recieved from Home Affairs. What made my decision to join executive staff was someone recommending it to me on the TNP RP server.

El Fiji Grande: I expected as much, but I figured I'd ask. Who recommended you join the RP server?

Angshire: I believe I found it after I joined the TNP main server, linked to the NS factbook.

El Fiji Grande: Right. Which roleplays have you taken part in since joining?

Angshire: Mainly RMB based ones. Strangereal, Hestis, Tempest Alpha, and Facet, all of which are RMB-based.

El Fiji Grande: For those who don't know, can you explain the major themes behind each of those RPs?

Angshire: Well, Strangereal is based on the modern world, similar to Eras. Hestis was based on the classical world, but I have no idea if Hestis is still running, or if it got discontinued. The rest, I presume, are also based on the modern world.

El Fiji Grande: Between October 9 and October 21, you became a member of all executive staff ministries. Is there a reason you didn’t apply to all of them all at once?

Angshire: Originally, I joined the Ministry of Culture. After being there for a couple of days, someone else recommended I joined Comms and WA Staff, which I did. Eventually, like a week or so later, someone else recommended that I join all of the ministries, so I could see which ones I liked and disliked. I ended up joining them all, and have decided to stay in them all.

El Fiji Grande: That's good news for TNP :D

You applied for TNP University Senatus on October 28. While the Senatus is now obsolete, do you have any plans to expand your thread on the Basics of Statistics into a full course?

Angshire: I don't know what I plan to do with that.

TNP University is obsolete now, you say?

El Fiji Grande: No. Just the Senatus plan that was pre University re-integration with TNP government.

You showed strong support for Marcus Antonius’ SC vote on Oct 28, 2019. What do you look for in a Security Councillor?

Angshire: My biggest concern for a Security Councillor, or for any governmental position for that matter, is activity. While Marcus might have been new to TNP relative to other members of the council, he has consistently shown that he is active and eager to engage in the TNP community.

El Fiji Grande: McM appointed you to the External Affairs Oversight Committee. Can you describe your role as a member of this committee?

Angshire: In all honesty, the External Affairs Committee has been relatively inactive. The chair, St George, recently resigned, so we are currently electing a new chair as of now.

El Fiji Grande: Ideally, what do you think its role should be?

Angshire: I think it's best role is to ensure that the management and administration of WA Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Defense are being conducted with integrity, honesty, and in the best interests of the region and the citizens.

El Fiji Grande: What is your opinion of the oversight committee process - back when it was more active, that is?

Angshire: I believe that it had potential, and I still believe it does, but it seems to have taken a back seat to the ministries, both then and now.

El Fiji Grande: In your opinion, are Ministry reports useful for government transparency?

Angshire: Most definitely. I believe the citizenry is entitled to know what goes on the region and the decisions that TNP is making.

El Fiji Grande: Let's move on. On Oct 30, you started the Count to 10 until Angshire posts thread. Do you enjoy spam games?

You’ve lost 25 times (so far) in that thread. How much does losing there irritate you?

Angshire: I did for a little while, like 2 weeks. Then I ended up getting busier with other governmental things.

Speaking of, I need to check that thread, I haven't checked it in days.

El Fiji Grande: On Nov 2, you decided to run for Justice. What did running a campaign to teach you about TNP’s elections?

Angshire: Well, me running for Justice definitely gave me a firsthand experience of what the election process is like, how votes are counted, how declarations of candidacy are made, etc. I believe that my experience running directly contributed to and was essential to my appointment as Election Commissioner.

El Fiji Grande: As I’m sure you’re aware, Marcus Antonius once ran a campaign for Justice as a newcomer as well. Did his campaign influence yours in any way?

Angshire: Bold of you to assume I was aware of that. Jokes aside, I think what I really focused on with my platform was trying to answer all questions as honestly and to the best of my ability as possible.

El Fiji Grande: I had thought he may have encouraged you to stick with it and un-withdraw from the race. Could you discuss your thinking on what made you decide to run again then?

Angshire: I forget who it was, I think it was Bob, but someone told me that, even if I didn't expect to win, the learning experience would be worth it in the long run.

El Fiji Grande: You ran on a platform of Activity, Fairness, and Loyalty. In your mind, why are those important qualities for a justice to possess?

Angshire: Activity is, in my opinion, the most essential, as a judge who rarely shows up is hardly a judge at all. You have to be actively engaged in this situation to deliver the best verdict. As for fairness and loyalty, I believe that both of those are linked to integrity and transparency, acting in the best interests of the region, regardless of personal preferences, being fair and just to both parties.

El Fiji Grande: You stated in your campaign that you “think it is important to increase the role the citizens play in the government’s operation.” What do mean by that, and how can future administrations improve?

Angshire: My biggest concern, and probably my first priority if I were ever to be elected to a higher governmental office, would be to increase citizen participation in the Regional Assembly, most likely through telegrams via Home Affairs. Additionally, I believe that the power the Regional Assembly plays in government operation should definitely be increased, whether that be through referendums or increased checks and balances.

El Fiji Grande: Interesting.

You obtained roughly ⅓ of the vote, putting you second to last, above Bobberino’s campaign. What do you think was the biggest reason that made voters vote for you?

Angshire: Most likely, I think voters voted for me for one of two reasons: either they wanted to see a fresh face in government, or they knew me through my heavy involvement in RP. A lot of the votes I received were from other RMB RPers.

El Fiji Grande: On Nov 5, 2019, you nominated yourself for Newcomer of the Year. You later also nominated yourself for Best Tourist Destination and for having the Best Flag. - You nominated yourself for the Judicial race and again for the Lennarts. You’re definitely not the only one to have done it, but why do you keep nominating yourself for things?

(TNP has a tradition of getting others to nominate you first)

Angshire: Putting myself out there is something I have been doing. I nominated myself for Newcomer as I believed I had a chance of winning. As for Tourist Destination, I had a high in-game tourism stat, and for best flag, one of the other RMB RPers nominated themselves, so I did too. And as for the Judicial race, nominating myself was the only way I would've gotten it: I was a fresh, relatively unknown player in TNP at the time, so it would have been unlikely that someone else would have nominated me.

El Fiji Grande: For what it's worth, I nominated myself for Best Flag too, so you're not alone :P

Also on Nov 5, 2019, you applied for the University, and you were accepted the same day. I know I already asked you about the University Senatus - What makes you interested in TNP’s University?

Angshire: At the time, the TNP University was the only major TNP institution I wasn't actively involved in yet. Additionally, at the time, a lot of the TNP University things were new, and I believed that with my experience in other ministries I could help out and gain some experience as well.

El Fiji Grande: On Nov 14, 2019, you applied to join the NPA and you were accepted the same day. What influenced your decision to join?

Angshire: Someone on the discord encouraged me to join, and I did.

El Fiji Grande: Since you didn’t have any experience with R/D when you joined, what is your opinion of the training program?

Angshire: I believe it to be beneficial.

I think, based on my own experience, the best way to learn with the NPA is learning through experience.

El Fiji Grande: Have you found someone to mentor you there?

Angshire: Not really, whenever I joined I immediately took part in an operation. It was more like everyone was my mentor.

El Fiji Grande: On Nov 16, 2019, you were promoted to Private First Class after your first raid with the NPA, which hit nine targets. What’s your rank now?

Angshire: I am still a Private First Class.

El Fiji Grande: I noticed that you've got several hundred endorsements. It suggests you may not be as active in the NPA going forward. What are your thoughts on your future in the NPA?

Angshire: Well, here's the thing: I believe I told you before because I'm in radio, but I don't have regular access to a computer currently. I have a chromebook but eh...and doing ops through mobile is practically impossible.

I don't know whether I'll ultimately choose to stick with NPA or endotarting, it all depends on government positions that I take and my schedule.

El Fiji Grande: On the topic of NS Cards, you obtained your own NS card through the TNP Great Card Giveaway due to your Keeper status. What is your opinion of the program?

Angshire: I personally believe that this program not only has a lot of potential but has also raised involvement in the community. It has gotten players who spend more time on the actual game to get involved in TNP politics, and I think that it is great. Definitely the best thing that McM has done during their term.

El Fiji Grande: What makes you interested in cards?

Angshire: Idk to be honest, I just find it to be a sort of fun minigame in NS. It's something to do when there are no issues to answer.

El Fiji Grande: Do you think NS Cards are a suitable reward for participating in regional programs?

Angshire: It totally depends on whether the person receiving the cards is into it or not. But I think as of now it is the best available reward.

The amount of activity in the Cards Guild is amazing, and it really shows the nations of TNP have some real dedication to cards.

El Fiji Grande: Are they enough to motivate you to do tasks?

Angshire: Sure, kinda. They're not the primary motivator.

El Fiji Grande: What is?

Angshire: My biggest motivator is the possibility of getting noticed by the higher government ranks so I can be nominated for other things. I love trying to make TNP a great experience for all, and I love trying everything I possibly can.

El Fiji Grande: Fantastic! And you've been doing a great job of that :D

On Nov 19, 2019, you applied to join the NS Cards Guild. You were accepted two days later, on Nov 21. Shortly thereafter, you were appointed to become Deputy Guildsmaster by Praetor. What do you believe led him to select you for the role?

Angshire: I think the main thing was my activity. While I certainly don't have the experience, the knowledge, or the skill of the other Deputies, I think what I bring to the table is an undying dedication to be an active participant.

El Fiji Grande: You certainly are active. What are your responsibilities as Deputy Guildmaster?

Angshire: Deputy Guildmaster is slightly different in terms of responsibilities than other Deputy executives in that, for the most part, the Deputy Guildmasters don't have so much to actually do, like make forum posts. The main thing we do is discuss ways to better reach out to the community, discuss events with cards, reward programs, etc.

We are kinda similar to the Ministry of Culture, but with a hyperfocus on Cards and a tie to reward programs.

El Fiji Grande: How does one become a Deputy Guildsmaster?

Angshire: Prae simply messaged me asking if I wanted to be a Deputy, and I said yes. My assumption is that Deputies are tied to the Guildmaster, like other ministry Deputies being tied to the Minister.

El Fiji Grande: For those who don’t know, can you explain what the Card Lottery, the Card Giveaway, the Market Watch, and the Card Queries page are?

Angshire: The Card Giveaway is for Guild members only - basically, you can request any non-legendary card you want, and when our farmers get it, then it is delivered.

The Card Lottery, on the other hand, is for Keepers of the North, rewards for exchanging endorsements and voting on WA resolutions.

The Market Watch, as the name suggests, gives statistics about the current card market in the form of plots and graphs. It includes card values, trades, deck values, and historical records for all of the above.

The Card Queries page can be found on the actual NS forum and basically helps you narrow down your search and find specific cards. For example, if I wanted to find the cards of commended WA nations, I could use the queries page to find it.

El Fiji Grande: How can someone who is new to the game start building a deck? How can they optimize their likelihood of winning a card here in TNP?

Angshire: I'd say the first step is to join the Card Guild. The people in the Card Guild are very experienced and could easily help guide a new player through the experience.

To optimize their winnings, just becoming a Keeper of the North helps tremendously.

El Fiji Grande: On Dec 2, 2019, you won a legendary on Day 2 of the 31 Days of Legendaries program. Your total deck value is now 99.66. Are you relying on a team of puppets, or can the majority of the growth be attributed to TNP’s card programs?

Angshire: My DV is almost entirely attributed to TNP card programs. All of the legendaries I have were obtained through TNP.

El Fiji Grande: On the subject of Foreign Affairs, you serve as ambassador to Forest. Forest is a relatively calm, quiet region as compared to some. Do you think such a region is best as the first assignment for someone new to the ministry, or would you have preferred a more engaging assignment?

Angshire: I definitely think that Forest is a suitable region for a first assignment. It isn't too much to handle and it helps an ambassador adjust.

El Fiji Grande: On Nov 5, you claimed the Spotlight interview #23 for TNS XIV. By the 29th, you completed your draft, having interviewed Koopa. How would you rate the experience?

Angshire: Not gonna lie, I didn't prepare enough for it. A lot of the questions I winged it, and I think that contributed to the relative lackluster quality of my interview.

El Fiji Grande: You shouldn't put yourself down like that - I thought your interview with Koopa was alright.

On Dec 4, 2019, you swore an Oath of Office to become Deputy Minister of WA Affairs, revitalizing the ministry with fresh blood. It’s been nearly a month since you became a deputy minister in WA Affairs - how is it going so far?

Angshire: Quite honestly I believe that, even though I have done some work, I haven't done as much as I'd wanted to. Personally, I also believe that two people in particular have shown dedication and activity exceeding my own: Deropia and Concrete Slab.

But, overall, it has been nice.

El Fiji Grande: Is WA Affairs the Ministry you're most interested in given your position there as Deputy Minister?

Angshire: As of now, yes. However, that could change, depending on if I get appointed in other ministries.

El Fiji Grande: nods I'll keep you in mind for Radio :P

On Dec 8, 2019, you were appointed to be an Election Commissioner by McMasterdonia. By Dec 14th, you were confirmed by the Regional Assembly. What makes you excited to take on the role?

Angshire: As always, I was excited to try out something new.

El Fiji Grande: In your mind, why is the election commission important?

Angshire: The Election Commission is not just important, it's necessary - having a group of trusted individuals who are able to cross-check each other ensures transparency, which is of the utmost importance.

El Fiji Grande: Of course. I'm glad to hear it from you.

Recently, on Dec 19, 2019, you approached McM and Prydania about having a Christmas-themed flag for TNP. What sparked the idea?

Angshire: I noticed other feeder regions with Christmas flags, and I thought, "Hey, TNP should have one too!" And one thing led to another.

El Fiji Grande: It's really cool the way it turned out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Angshire: My pleasure!

El Fiji Grande: That more or less brings us to the present. In the last three months, you’ve made an incredible mark on TNP as a newcomer. You’ve posted more than 400 times on both the RMB and the forum. You’ve really become a member of our community. Do you have any advice for other newcomers looking to get more involved?

Angshire: My biggest suggestion is to get involved in as much as you can. If that means trying out all the ministries until you find something that calls to you, then so be it.

And the biggest thing is to stay active. If I wasn't as active as I was my first couple of months, I likely wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now.

El Fiji Grande: What can we look forward to from you in the future? Do you have any interest in running for elected office?

Angshire: I do eventually want to run for Delegate. However, that would be in the distant future, like in 2022. Hopefully I can be appointed as a Minister of some of the ministries, and maybe even become a VD before going for the Delegacy.

As for the near future my biggest goal is to be a Minister.

El Fiji Grande: I look forward to it!

And as a three-time former (and I suppose current) Minister and former delegate, I'd be happy to mentor you as you continue to advance in TNP.

I want your take: is the color of your forum name red or orange?

Angshire: I...I have no idea!

El Fiji Grande: Alas, it shall fore'er remain unresolved.

Angshire: Indeed.

El Fiji Grande: Your forum motto is that "Saying things in French makes you sound more cultured."

Why do you think that's true?

Angshire: My nation's motto in RP is "Longue vie au roi", which means "Long live the King" in French

And let's face it, "Longue vie au roi" just sounds fancier

El Fiji Grande: It does, it does.

What’s one question you’d like to be asked that I’ve overlooked?

Angshire: Maybe one question would be about me being one of the supervisors for the current election.

El Fiji Grande: Can you answer your own question?

For instance: What is it like to be a supervisor of the January elections?

Do you expect to encounter any challenges in performing the role?

Angshire: Well, me and Sil are the supervisors of the elections, and it'll be both of our first times. So far, it seems interesting and Siwale has guided us both through the steps.

Since McM is very likely to be re-elected, I expect no real challenges from the delegacy part of the election.

El Fiji Grande: Well, that's all I have. Thanks so much for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. Do you have any final thoughts?

Angshire: No, I think everything has been covered! Thanks for the opportunity for an interview!

El Fiji Grande: You're welcome!

ImageRegional Assembly Highlights
by Gorundu, Legislative Correspondent

Regional Assembly Highlights, December 2019

Speaker: Deropia

Deputy Speakers: Bobberino, Kaschovia

Current Business

Total Term Limits Act by abc

Summary: This proposal aims to impose a total term limit of two terms for Delegates instead of the current consecutive limit of two terms. Although the author indicated he would be willing to increase the proposed total term limit, the bill was faced with widespread opposition, with the primary reasons given being that it would reduce competition and increase the chance of an incompetent Delegate. Just a few hours later, the author indicated he would like to withdraw the bill from consideration, which resulted in discussions on the Speaker's ability to table (withdraw) bills as rules were unclear. No subsequent action has been taken yet.

Status: In Discussion


Confirmation of Angshire, Sil Dorsett, Scottie, Dreadton and Darcania to the Election Commission

Summary: Due to the rapidly decreasing number of Election Commissioners due to inactivity and term expiry, Delegate McMasterdonia appointed five new Election Commissioners in a short timeframe to ensure the number of Election Commissioners will not fall below the minimum requirement of five for some time. All five appointees were confirmed, though some felt the process was rushed and the appointees have not sufficiently answered all questions, leading to an objection to vote in the case of Scottie.


Angshire: 16 ayes, 3 nays, 6 abstentions

Sil Dorsett: 24 ayes, 0 nays, 3 abstentions

Scottie: 16 ayes, 4 nays, 7 abstentions

Dreadton: 21 ayes, 0 nays, 6 abstentions

Darcania: 26 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention

by [URL=]Deropia

Summary: Following a trial in which the defendant presented likely falsified evidence, Deropia proposed to make perjury a criminal offense, separate from the existing crime of fraud, with more specific punishments designated. It is currently at vote where it is expected to pass.

Results: 40 ayes, 0 nays, 2 abstentions

Image World Assembly Digest
by Rocketdog, Deputy Minister

General Assembly

Improving the world one resolution at a time

Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"

Status: Failed | Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For - 5,507 (37.0%); Against - 9,385 (63.0%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 106 (20.1%); Against - 421 (79.9%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 40.7%

Currently at vote in the Festering Assembly is the repeal of "Ban on Secret Treaties" and to be frank, the argument isn't that compelling. We are being asked to repeal a perfectly functional piece of legislation because of a "joke" within the text of the target resolution. Upon realizing that this was the only argument the repeal made, the staff of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs spent the night reviewing previously passed resolutions and found that a number of them include these jokes. One proposal calls the assembled ambassadors "drunks, stoners and weirdos" while another repeal includes a recipe for an Orange Julius. Including jokes in proposals has been a part of the institution since its inception.

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, having given all due consideration to the repeal in question (which, let's be honest, wasn't very much.) recommends a vote Against the proposal.

Repeal "Promoting Natural Sciences in School"

Status: Failed | Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 5,663 (38.4%); Against - 9,087 (61.6%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 346 (64.7%); Against - 189 (35.3%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 41.0%

Currently under consideration by the General Assembly is the repeal of GA#475 Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools. Focusing on the possibility for intentional misinterpretation of the text of the resolution due to vague language, the lack of a requirement for the scientific information taught to students to have been verified by through peer review and requiring member states to fund the science programmes of private schools. The author makes a convincing argument. Though the Ministry believes that legislation supporting the advancement of the sciences is necessary, we believe that it should be written in such a way that doesn't mandate public funds be used to fund private schools and encourages the use of a peer review system. The Ministry hopes that with the repeal of GA#475 the General Assembly will pass a sufficient replacement that corrects these problems.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For the proposal.

Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"

Status: Failed | Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For - 7,015 (48.4%); Against - 7,456 (51.6%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 170 (31.4%); Against - 371 (68.6%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 41.3%

Currently at vote in the Festering Assembly is the repeal of "Ban on Secret Treaties" and to be frank, the argument isn't that compelling. We are being asked to repeal a perfectly functional piece of legislation because of a "joke" within the text of the target resolution. Upon realizing that this was the only argument the repeal made, the staff of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs spent the night reviewing previously passed resolutions and found that a number of them include these jokes. One proposal calls the assembled ambassadors "drunks, stoners and weirdos" while another repeal includes a recipe for an Orange Julius. Including jokes in proposals has been a part of the institution since its inception.

The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, having given all due consideration to the repeal in question (which, let's be honest, wasn't very much.) recommends a vote Against the proposal.

Repeal "Civilian Aircraft Accord"

Status: Failed | Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For - 1,672 (13.4%); Against - 10,810 (86.6%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 74 (12.7%); Against - 507 (87.3%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 44.1%

"Civilian Aircraft Accord" is an important resolution safeguarding protections for civilian aircraft. The interpretation of this resolution provided by the repeal proposal is unreasonable and made in bad faith. The arguments of the repeal are based on a single sub-clause of the resolution requiring member nations to provide "Assistance to any civilian aircraft that declares itself to be in distress within the communication range of that nation". The repeal ignores the fact that the same resolution ensures pilots are properly trained and would not make false distress calls, as well as the provisions of GA#334 that forbid military combatants from falsely utilising protected status as civilians. Furthermore, the repeal presumes nations would send aircraft to intercept a distressed aircraft, when that is entirely unreasonable as the most effective form of assistance is through air traffic control. The last clause of the repeals poses a more implausible scenario - that nations would send aircraft to hostile territory for this purpose, even though the nation that the aircraft is actually in would be more suitable to handle the distress call.

In accordance with the reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this repeal.

Ensuring Commercial Vessel Navigation

Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 11,876 (85.2%); Against - 2,056 (14.8%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 469 (94.4%); Against - 28 (5.6%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 38.1%

This is a clearly-written resolution with reasonable definitions and mandates that improves the safety of commercial maritime transport. It distributes responsibility to governments, by requiring them to provide and update nautical charts, and commercial vessels, by requiring them to carry nautical charts and instrumentation, and to submit pre-planned routes to governments for approval. Overall, by ensuring governments and commercial vessels are equipped with the necessary tools and information for navigation, the proposal contributes to safer sea travel.

For the reasons above, the Ministry recommends a vote For this proposal

Don't Shoot Strangers Act

Status: Failed| Delegate's Vote: Against

Final Vote (World): For - 2,779 (21.3%); Against - 10,285 (78.7%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 78 (17.2%); Against - 376 (82.8%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 34.9%

Don't Shoot Strangers Act is a well-intentioned proposal to promote world peace, though its definition of acts of hostility would hinder its effectiveness. Of concern is the listing of violating national borders as an act of hostility, without regard for intention and failing to account for nations that may not have exact knowledge of a previously unencountered nation's borders. Its listing of four specific acts of hostility also failed to take into account non-physical hostile actions towards a nation or a nation's citizens committed outside that nation's borders, such as some forms of espionage, or harming a nation's interests internationally.

The Ministry, in hopes of a more effective redrafted proposal, recommends a vote Against this proposal.

Repeal "Convention on Animal Testing"

Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 11,532 (90.6%); Against - 1,193 (9.4%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 397 (88.8%); Against - 50 (11.2%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 34.2%

The target resolution was an attempt to place ethical restrictions on the use of animal test subjects. Based on the proposed repeal and our previous arguments during the voting period of the resolution, we find that the targeted resolution allows for the suffering of test animals through the exploitation of various loopholes. These loopholes include allowing testing facilities to "humanely" kill animals rather than putting them up for adoption and testing facilities setting their own definitions of "ethical testing."

In hopes of a future loophole-free resolution that guarantees the rights of test animals to the greatest extent possible, the Ministry recommends a vote For this proposal.

Wartime Healthcare Protections

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 9,966 (74.9%); Against - 3,340 (25.1%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 434 (87.3%); Against - 63 (12.7%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 38.3%

The proposal aims to protect medical facilities and the rights of injured combatants during wartime. The GA has previously passed resolution protecting civilians, and this would be another step in ensuring that the rights of people in general are protecting even in the chaotic times of war. The passing of this proposal would help to further strengthen the protection of personal rights during a wartime scenario, by protecting the access to medical care and preventing medical facilities from being targeted, thus ensuring the least possible casualties in armed conflicts.

In light of the above reasons, the Ministry recommends a For vote for this proposal.

Subject State Enforcement Act

Status: Failed| Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 1,942 (15.2%); Against - 10,819 (84.8%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 199 (38.6%); Against - 317 (61.4%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 39.8%

This is a much-needed resolution that would prevent some World Assembly members from circumventing the enforcement of resolutions in parts of their territories. In doing so, it would ensure General Assembly resolutions are applied more fairly across all member states. Thus, all member states would have General Assembly resolution apply to all parts of its territory, closing any loopholes in this area that may have previously existed.

For the above reasons, the ministry recommends a vote For this resolution.

Data Protection Accord

Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 11,297 (79.7%); Against - 2,875 (20.3%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 450 (87.5%); Against - 64 (12.5%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 40.0%

Data Protection Accord is a sensible and well-written proposal that would protect the privacy of the individual from data-collecting organisations by requiring explicit consent from individual users for data collection (notwithstanding crime prevention) and ensuring users are informed on how their data is used and/or shared. Additionally, individual privacy is protected against governments as they are prohibited from viewing the data unless given consent by the individual and the data-collecting organisation (notwithstanding crime prevention and judicial orders). Furthermore, the proposal protects minors by ensuring consent for data collection is required from their guardians.

For the above reasons, the ministry recommends a vote For this resolution.


Security Council

Spreading interregional peace and goodwill, via force if necessary

Commend Duxburian Union

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 10,731 (83.6%); Against - 2,111 (16.4%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 492 (90.1%); Against - 54 (9.9%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 41.8%
The matter before the World Assembly Security Council is the commendation of the Duxburian Union, better known to the international community as Vincent Drake. Throughout their career in NationStates, they have participated in over 6,000 defender operations. Counted among these are the liberations of The Monarchist Entente, St Abbadon, Japan, and Anontia. They also participated in the refounding of both their home region and Greece. The latter which had been under the oppressive rule of Yauna for almost a decade. The Duxburian Union is also credited with the development of Breeze++, a tool used by military organizations the world over. Despite the high quality of writing, potential issues arise in addressing their accolades and accomplishments in a consistent manner given the rest of the proposal.

However the Ministry does note concern with these aforementioned insufficiencies in proving warrant and reputable subject material, we do ultimately recommend a vote For the proposal given the vast contributions made by the target nation to the greater NS community.

Repeal "Liberate Aurelia"

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 13,497 (93.7%); Against - 2,111 (6.3%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 498 (93.1%); Against - 37 (6.9%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 40.1%

Shortly after passing of 'Liberate Aurelia', the region was liberated by military forces and power was restored to natives. During a time of rebuilding, a password is very useful in ensuring there is no attempt to retake the region by hostile forces. As such, the liberation has served its purpose and now can be safely removed to allow the natives to restore appropriate control over the region.

In accordance with the reasoning above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For this repeal.

Commend Markanite

Status: Passed Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 10,192 (82.2%); Against - 2,208 (17.8%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 419 (90.1%); Against - 46 (9.9%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 35.6%

Markanite is a long-serving member of 10000 Islands, a commended region in itself. Currently the Chief Executive, and notably having been the longest-serving World Assembly Delegate of the region, Markanite has contributed significantly to the development of 10000 Islands and its place in the world. For an equally long time, Markanite has been a member of TITO, overseeing and participating in missions to restore lawful Delegates in large regions and protect founderless regions from external threats through refounding.

For the reasons above, the Ministry recommends a vote For this proposal.

Commend Ramaeus

Status: Passed | Delegate's Vote: For

Final Vote (World): For - 10,393 (79.7%); Against - 2,654 (20.3%)

Final Vote (TNP): For - 445 (90.5%); Against - 47 (9.5%)

Percentage of TNP WA nations voting: 37.9%

Ramaeus is a faithful and long-time citizen of The East Pacific, serving in many notable government positions, most notably three times as Delegate. In these positions, they have contributed to the development of the region internally and externally in a meaningful manner. Although their contributions are mostly concentrated in one region, they have been instrumental in enhancing the region's international image and fostering interaction between the region and the international community through the World Assembly, the East Pacific Sovereign Army, and alliances with other prominent regions. In addition, Ramaeus has been a prolific Security Council author, recognizing other nations for their achievements, and most recently played a significant part in organizing the liberation of their home region from a rogue Delegate.

For the reasons above, the Ministry recommends a vote For this commendation.

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