The Europeian Letter - 1/27/19

Updates and diplomacy with the region of Europeia
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The Europeian Letter - 1/27/19

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The last term in Europeia has been dominated by political excitement and intrigue as our region has grand debates over reform and our future. Change is in the air as President Sopo has committed to not serving a third term, and the Senate seems on the precipice of passing comprehensive legislation that will reshape the executive branch structure that has stood largely unchanged for over eleven years.

Much of that is in the future, however, and we have just as much going on in the present (or very recent past). Here's some updates, hope you enjoy!
Thrilling Senate By-Election Delivers Decisive Results
Written by HEM
Europeia recently held a by-election for a vacant Senate seat which attracted significant competition and attention.

The three candidates were former Senate Speaker Aexnidaral Seymour, recently returned veteran Vinage Vinage, and rising star newcomer Lloenflys. The by-election was dominated by the topic of reform, and what positions each of the candidates held on the long-running effort to shake up the Europeian political system.

Vinage campaigned largely on his past experience as a former President and as a Senator during the most recent overall of Europeia's legal system.

"In backing me for this vacant seat, you are getting someone who was involved in the last major update of our entire legislation. That experience, is something that will be invaluable in trying to get the job done - getting at least the Executive Split achieved, or significantly worked on, in what remains of this term."

Lloenflys joined the race late, saying that he ordinarily wouldn't run with so little experience, but believed his voice could be important during the reform process. He also said that while he didn't have much in-game experience, he loved reading court cases and legislative law, and is "a hard worker who generally has time on my hands to do work in the region and who sticks with tasks once I'm assigned them. Accomplishing tasks is something I enjoy, and the bigger and thornier the problems associated with those tasks, the more I enjoy solving them."

The ultimate victor of the election, however, was Aexnidaral Seymour, who ran as an unapologetic advocate for reform—specifically, the executive split proposal that would have the duties of the Presidency split between two offices:

"I want to be a straight shooter here: my #1 focus is on the Executive Split and trying to facilitate it's passing. I'm not really sure how to expand on that beyond saying that, because outside of putting in the work that's been described (esp. re: President/PM rewritings), it's pretty straightforward. I'm willing to hunker down. I've done it before."

Aexnidaral won the election with nearly 70% of the vote, though citizens alike congratulated the other candidates on strong campaigns. Aexnidaral's success may have come down to his popular term as Senate Speaker last term, and his general reputation as a hard worker.

This competitive by-election is a strong sign for politics in Europeia, which many people have considered less dynamic over the past year. With the reform movement starting to wrap up into a conclusion it will be interested to see how new changes could add even more spice to the Europeian political process.
War with New Pacific Order Driving Increase in Force Strength
Written by Pichtonia & Deepest House
On November 23, 2018, President Sopo asked the Senate for a declaration of war against the New Pacific Order due to threats arising from its Francoist ideology. Three days later, the Senate unanimously approved President Sopo’s request. Immediately, Europeian citizens heeded the call of duty to join the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) in numbers not seen in months.

“President Sopo’s request served as a call to arms for the region,” said Europeian Grand Admiral Writinglegend. “Since his request and the declaration of war, the Europeian Republican Navy’s strength and power have increased substantially.”

Since the declaration of war on November 22, the ERN has added 22 sailors to its ranks. The Navy has also significantly increased force projection, nearly quadrupling the number of pilers to almost 20. The ERN also continues to increase capabilities of its sailors while developing leaders, with the completion of triggering seminar increasing force readiness. Reserve pilers have also seen a substantial increase.

Several citizens have expressed their desire to serve Europeia during a time of war. “"I see the NPO as a threat to all regions wishing to self-govern themselves, and believe that I should do what I can to stop that threat becoming realized,” said GVH about his enlistment in the ERN.

JayDee also expressed the reasoning for his service. “Personally, I've always felt that you should only support a war if you're willing to fight in it yourself, so I simply consider this my way of contributing to the cause. Even if it's something as simple and small as being a sailor in the ERN."

The increased size and strength of the ERN has led to its resurgence as a powerful military force in NationStates. Most recently, the ERN joined an operation against Azhukali, an NPO-linked region. “We are proud to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in arms in continuing to bring the fight to the NPO and Francoism,” Grand Admiral Writinglegend said after completing the operation. During the operation, the ERN flexed its strength, sending a total of 18 officers and sailors to support the mission.

“This operation demonstrates the strength of the ERN,” Writinglegend continued. “Europeia and her allies remain steadfast in the fight against the thrice-cursed Francoist ideology and will continue to defeat NPO forces across the globe.”

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