The Sandmen Experiment

The place for conducting intraregional relations or just hanging out with other national leaders. [In-Character]
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The Sandmen Experiment

Post by Sand Point » Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:06 am

Heres a short introduction to the first part.

The Sandmen Experiment
When is capitalism too much?
By Sand Point

As I marched into the Parliament, looking to the left, right and centre, all around are factions, all with more money than the other. I moved to my seat, I sat with 3 other men, we were isolated from all sides, rebuked for being independent, then she walked in, commanded a level of respect unknown to the average person. She walked up to the podium, and with a commanding voice started roll call; When she called my name I choked, I couldn’t speak its like all the wind came out of my lungs, I sat there unable to make any words, she yells my name again right before she began she called the next name I wimped out “I-I’m here- Present and uh voting, madam” After that it’s like all the spikes of hell turned all, the congregation looked at my direction with an evil look, as if the vultures had raised and found a new pray had come out to kill.
As the lady with the commanding voice at the podium finished the roll call she announced herself to be Gwendolyn Garbert-Smithe. At that moment I grabbed my collar and loosened it, I exhaled so hard it felt like my breath had been held for 20 years, then at that moment it hit me, that's her, the Prime Minister, “why is she here!” I thought. My thoughts began to rush out, then as if night had come I lost all feeling, and bell back into my chair, as it turned to black-

The Republic of Sand Point, the capitalist paradise, everyone has their slaves, every one a millionaire, everyone has a story to tell. Nothing has a reason except money, money is everything here, as long as you have money in Sand Point nothing else matters, criminal history, what you’ve done, where you’ve been, it doesn’t matter here, as long as you have more money than the one next to you. Some may call it hell, to others its paradise, to me, it's both at the same time.

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