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National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:42 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

President Sloan, 4 Directors to attend 2019 Tofino Leaders Summit.
Following an open invitation by the Imperial Republic of Zamastan to members of the IDU, President Sloan has announced his intention to attend the summit, and as well formally meet the newly-elected President Anya Bishop. Director of International Affairs Hoffman will attend, along with Director of Energy Klein, Director of Trade Goudier, and Director of External Security Fischer.

Shuell loses to Gnejs in the IDUFC.
Shuell has lost 0-1 to Gnejs in the most recent game. President Sloan expects that the Crows win the upcoming game with Verwood, and would be severely disappointed otherwise. A note of congratulation is to be sent to Gnejs.

National Curfew to officially come to an end on 03.01.
With the recent reduction in UDF activities thanks to the wonderful work from the IS and PWS divisions, Chief Administrator Prescott has made an announcement stating in that all cities with a threat level lower than 2, the National Curfew will no longer be in place. The only cities currently operating in a threat level at or higher than 2 are Kotul, Stielgrad, and Icostead. Threat levels can currently be checked at Public Wellbeing & Safety Centers, or on your public database.

Iustonian Campaign coming to an end.
Generalissimo Perez has expressed his thanks in our expeditionary force's efforts in quelling the coup taking place - the last holdouts of the uprising are currently being laid siege to by our brave soldiers. The campaign is expected to end in month 05.

Radical Szilankist sect shut down after evidence of human sacrifices emerge.
A PSW operation has shut down a fanatical sect of Szilankism, following a tip from an unknown source. Similar to other splinter sects, evidence of animal sacrifice and self-mutilation was found at their base of operations on one of the smaller islands. However, the "final straw" was when proof of kidnapping and human sacrifice was discovered, upon which point a raid commenced and all known members were put into custody. As a reminder, Szilankism does not condone human sacrifice, and will work with the ISS to their greatest ability in combating radical Szilankism.

National Day of Mourning quickly approaching.
02.27 is soon approaching. For newer immigrants or those who are simply unaware, this is the anniversary of the death of Adelaide Sloan. Adelaide was killed in a failed assassination attempt against President Sloan, when United Democratic Front terrorists orchestrated a large-scale bombing of the Administration House. It was only by luck that President Sloan was not present at that time - there was only 10 survivors of the bombing, with 55 dead. The work day ends earlier on the 27th, and the flag will be flown at half-mast. Citizens are expected to tune in to the memorial speech at 1900 hours.

Questions sent in by citizens, answered.

"Will the Crows be punished for their failure in making it to the finals?" - Victor

If for whatever reason the Crows fail again to meet our expectations and win in the upcoming match against Verwood, it is expected that they will be reprimanded severely and possibly face fining.

"Were the terrorists responsible for 02.27 captured?" - Anne

Yes. Anyone involved with the bombing was captured and assumed executed, including the security personnel who worked with the UDF.

"When is the next upcoming Szilankist holiday?" - Bishop

A calendar of holidays is present in your local fragmentum. The next scheduled holiday is the Feast of Martyrs, on 03.03.

"02.27 was orchestrated! President Sloan was responsible for this! Wake up sheeple!" - [NAME WITHHELD]

Do you not trust Shuell and his government? It is quite frankly extremely disrespectful to call this tragedy orchestrated, due to the fact that proof was found of the UDF's involvement including but not limited to broadcasts, claims that future bombings will happen (which they did), and the admittance of the terrorists captured that they were responsible.

Shuell Stands Strong!
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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:40 am

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
The Hoffman Doctrine - What is it?
After the announcement of the Iustonian campaign coming to a close, Director of International Affairs Hoffman has made a rare press release, stating his intentions to rebuild regions that have been damaged by war, modernize industry, improve international prosperity, remove trade barriers, and most important of all, prevent the spread of Communism.

While other issues were addressed in this press relief, the parts of his speech related to the Doctrine will be the only parts included in this article - recordings of the release are available on your public database.

Director Hoffman: I know many of you are surprised at my relatively sudden press release, especially considering the fact that my last one was of last year.

Director Hoffman: Believe me, however, that this release is important, considering the fact that our brave troops are finishing off the Iustonian rebels thanks to the wonderful work of Director Fischer.

Director Hoffman: As our manpower and power is limited - until Director Schmidt manages to finish up the initiative on cloning and matter replication, at least.

[pause for laughter]

Director Hoffman: I intend to prevent, or at least reduce the risk of further conflicts in regions around the world through foreign aid and relief. For instance, starting in month 06 of this year, we'll begin to dedicate resources to Iustos in an effort to quell communist sympathies as well as ensure a safer life for Iustonians.

Director Hoffman: As well, after a meeting with Director Goudier, I've managed to come to an agreement with her - restrictions and taxes on foreign goods in Shuell will be lowered, allowing more economic freedom - do not think, however, that they will be completely removed, especially with agriculture and steel. It is both Director Goudier's belief and mine that the lowering or even complete removal of most of these tariffs will increase our economic efficiency and help promote free trade.

Director Hoffman: And if you all were wondering, yes, taxes will be lowered.


Director Hoffman: As an addition to these plans, we intend to attempt to modernize and industrialize poorer, more rural nations - helping them switch from agriculture or farming based economies to industrial ones. It is intended that by doing so, these nations will enter the international stage sooner, and that by our hand in helping guide them, they will share many of our core values, if not necessarily practices. Of course, modernization will take a long time and isn't just a singular point - it's continuous. However, it'll provide a jumpstart or boost to these nations. Every little bit helps, or so the saying goes.

Director Hoffman: I'm sure you're wondering how exactly we're planning on doing this to the myriad underdeveloped or war-torn nations around the globe. After all, these nations vary on a case-to-case basis, with some larger or smaller than others. It is planned that aid will be distributed on a per capita basis, due to the fact that resuscitation of industrial powers damaged by war is essential for helping nearby nations. Of course, there isn't an exact scale; we could choose to give more aid to an allied nation than a former rival. As well, more effort will be placed in industrializing areas with those we see as having more potential than others.


Director Hoffman: Now, as I'm sure I've taken enough of your valuable time, my closing statement. While my doctrine is a far cry from our former isolationist policies, it is the general belief of the directors and President Sloan that we have the potential to be a great power, taking our place in the sun alongside the likes of Laeral and Sanctaria! While our lands will most likely never be as great as they used to be, we will no longer stay constrained to this archipelago, content to simply endure. It is my hope that by aiding others and spreading our values, Shuell will stand stronger!

[cheers, large amounts of applause]
The Department of Patriotism conducted a poll shortly after, and saw a 10 percent increase of Shuellian loyalty towards the state, up from 83 percent. While, of course, it is preferable to have 100% of citizens loyal to the state, some simply are apathetic or content towards it.

Roughly 40% of Shuellians showed interest in helping achieve the "Hoffman Doctrine," with many hoping to help volunteer abroad by helping with foreign aid. A large increase in the newly made SFAIP-00079 forms, which allow those interested in helping the Incorporated States to travel abroad to assist in various operations.

President Sloan and Chief of Directors Kruger both expressed their enthusiastic support for the Hoffman Doctrine. As well, the Department of International Affairs has created a Committee for International Aid, with senior staff of the DoIA currently in command of it.

The NSBN and their reporters eagerly await to see what good comes from the Hoffman Doctrine.
Shuell Stands Strong!

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Re: National Shuellian Broadcasting Network

Post by Shuell » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:26 pm

National Shuellian Broadcasting Network
Director Hoffman Promises Support for an Independent Aeluria
In his second speech in two days, Director Hoffman pledged to support the small island of Aeluria in the event of their independence. Aeluria, based off the coast of Lauchenoira, declared their independence during their civil war. However, this declaration was generally unrecognized by other nations. With the signing of the Haven Accords, the island is currently voting to see if they should remain a part of Lauchenoira or become their own independent nation. This is to be recognized by all other signatories of the accords.

Below is Director Hoffman's speech on the Aelurian situation.
Director Hoffman: Thank you for coming here today, once again, to hear me speak. As King Stieler the 4th said to his many wives, I won't keep you long.


Director Hoffman: If you all will take a moment to check your public database, I'm sure you all are aware of the recent civil war in Lauchenoiria. If any Lauchenoirian refugees are currently listening, I'd like to express my congratulations on your former country successfully quelling a communist coup. It will be a calm 10 days before the next one takes place.

Director Hoffman: Now, listed in your public database - take a moment to look through the information provided, please. Specifically, the section related to the island of Aeluria.


Director Hoffman: Thank you. Now, as you all should have correctly grasped the situation down there, I'm sure it will be no surprise that I intend to see my doctrine see its first use internationally.

Director Hoffman: The island of Aeluria is suffering a small health crisis, would be defenseless if independent, and would face possible shortages of valuable supplies such as food. From the information provided to the ISS, we can see solutions to all of these issues.

Director Hoffman: Thanks to all of you wonderful people who have decided to fill out SFAIP forms and help us make the Hoffman Doctrine a reality, an independent Aeluria wouldn't need to suffer from these crises! We have what is needed to help solve their problems.

Director Hoffman: Nations that will remain unnamed have promised their own support which, to be quite frank, is just a chance for them to create simple puppet states, dependent on them and completely subservient, like slaves!

Director Hoffman: The critics of our nation will no doubt see our assistance as our chance to do the very same thing. In my perhaps ill-judged attempt to dissuade them, I will say this. Our solution to this problem is not to have them act as leeches, using our valuable material and protection. Instead, we will provide them the means to handle health crises, to stay safe and protected, to no longer face the chance of starvation!

Director Hoffman: This is my, and through extension, Shuell's promise to an independent Aeluria. You will be helped in establishing your own nation, not just an extension of Shuell.


Director Hoffman: Moving on to the topic of the nation of Lauchenoiria. They've been torn apart by civil war, similar to us just 46 years ago. I'm sure many of you remember the hardships we faced. Buildings torn apart by artillery, land destroyed through bombing and chemical warfare, starvation, and suffering. Thanks to the doctrine and its volunteers, Lauchenoiria won't have to face these same problems!

Director Hoffman: This is why I made this doctrine: I believe in the capacity of yours and mine to ensure the mistakes of the past not be repeated. By helping rebuild these nations that have been marked by war or ensuring newly-made ones don't become failed states and stopping the spread of communism. I implore those of you who haven't done so already to help us, to help Shuell, in the task of fulfilling our responsibilities to the world.


Director Hoffman: I, myself, will be leaving Shuell to visit representatives of other nations at a summit tomorrow. I hope to see many more of you departing Shuell as well to help make the doctrine reality.

Director Hoffman: Have a nice night, all of you listening.
Notifications will be sent to those who have filled out SFAIP-00079 forms tomorrow morning. Attached will be a relevant departure ticket, area you've been assigned to, and an estimated length of stay. Baggage including clothes, toiletries, 1 Szilankist Book of Scripture, medicine (if mentioned on your SFAIP form), an area guide, and language book will be provided. Upon your arrival at the airport or port specified on your departure ticket, the assigned luggage will be given to you free of charge. Also allocated will be a 15 inch (38.1 cm) space for any personal effects, provided it fits regulation.

The first batch of vessels will be expected to depart at any time between this and next week. NSBN reporters are expected to join as well, in order to better document the doctrine in operation.

Volunteer today, and make your country proud!
Shuell Stands Strong!

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