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Post by Gardavasque » Wed Jul 03, 2019 8:42 pm

Cue: NewsBrief Theme Music

Live from GRIP News Studios in Eternity, I’m Frank Lee Stater with this news update for July 3rd.

IDU Nations are assembled in the Regional Capital of Democracity for the semiannual Delegate Conference where two candidate nations, Lauchenoiria and Trive 38 are vying to suceed The Allied Provinces of Laeral as Delegate whose term concludes later this month. The two candidate nations, Trive 38 and Lauchenoiria, released their platforms today with Trivian Prime Minister Ulianov promising more opportunities to bring IDU nations together through sporting events and the easing of certain restrictions on embassies, while Lauchenoirian Interim Prime Minister Keitha Noguera laid out a plans for improving oversight of World Assembly draft resolutions and voting on WA Resolutions, promoting interregional participation in IDU cultural events, and developing a participation guide for newer member nations. Voting for Delegate continues through Monday.

In a shocking blow to proponents of Democracy, the Congress of Azaffrán has passed controversial new legislation granting civil authorities sweeping new powers for dealing with political demonstrations, including hanging protesters against the government as a warning to others. Critics, speaking anonymously for obvious reasons, say Azaffrán, does not suffer from a particularly problematic crime rate, and the controversial law wasn’t needed, however, some point to a combination of political apathy and covert foreign influence as possible motive for the new law. As a a result, Azaffrán has been reclassified from a Left-Leaning College State to a Corrupt Dictatorship. For her part, Azaffranx President Ginger Wasabi attempted to distance her support for the new policy she just signed by claiming she hadn’t completely read the issue.
Audio Clip - Ginger Wasabi: “You know I certainly hope it never comes to these laws having to be used, but I never intended for such drastic measures like hanging. Honestly, these new issues come before my desk every five hours, and I can’t possibly be expected to read each of them all the way through, but what are you going to do, protest in the streets? We can’t have that in Azaffrán.”
President of Azafrán, Ginger Wasabi speaking at a news conference yesterday.

Gardavasque President Biff Snollygoster’s attempts to gather controversial citizenship data on the 2020 Census appears to have been permanently routed in a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Gardavasque yesterday. Reporting from our Octagon Bureau, Oliver Storrie-O’Tell has this analysis:
Audio Clip – Oliver Storrie-O’Tell “In a 5-4 ruling yesterday, the Supreme Court not only blocked the Snollygoster Administration from yet another potentially dangerous and divisive action against immigrants and minorities, it issued a rare rebuke of the government’s tactics of lying and cheating to achieve its policy goals. In this instance, Snollygoster had ordered his Secretary of Commerce, Mimi Imfurst, to add a question to the 2020 Census asking whether the respondent was ‘A citizen of Gardavasque.’ Now on the surface this may seem like a harmless question, but when coupled with the heavy-handed enforcement tactics the administration is using to sow fear and mistrust among immigrant and minority communities, it becomes clear that the true intent was to discourage participation of these groups in the 2020 Census, thereby undermining their representation in Congress. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Robert Johns said, ‘Federal agencies must offer genuine justifications for important decisions, reasons that can be scrutinized by courts and the interested public. The plaintiff successfully demonstrated the government had reasons, ulterior reasons, other than those they stated before Congress, for seeking the citizenship question.’ Printing deadlines require the Census forms to go to print this week, without the citizenship question in place. Live from the Octagon, I’m Oliver Storrie-O’Tell with GRIP News.”

And now this Public Service Announcement from Ecology Brothers.
Audio Clip – Ecology Brothers PSA. “Did you know that Organics still comprise a major share of our solid waste in landfills? When organics decompose, they produce methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that damages the environment and contributes to the Global Climate Crisis. Organics are a valuable material that if properly collected and recycled can help reduce pollution and improve overall quality of life. Remember: black for trash, blue for recyclables, and green for organics. When we all pitch in, everybody wins!”

Tonight on Gardavasque Radio and Information for the People, tune in for our Summer Pops Concert Series from the Sunset Amphitheatre we will present Requiem for Science by Descartes Oppenheimer. Tune in at 8pm.

This has been your NewsBrief for July 3rd. I'm Frank Lee Stater, GRIP News, Eternity.

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