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Pose questions to, and expect pronouncements from, the Delegate.
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Welcome TG

Post by Bears Armed » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:06 pm

Here's a copy of the TG that I've just installed, with the relevant coding in place (but deactivated here by the insertion of an asterisk each time), for future reference:


[*i][*b]“Hrarroom!”[*/b] (= “Greetings”)[*/i],
On behalf of the entire region, I would like to extend to you our warmest welcome!

First and foremost, we would like you to feel comfortable here. No matter how you found us, you have come to a region in which we try — usually with success — to maintain a happy atmosphere and to help new players find their feet in Nationstates as a whole. We have maintained democratic government for over a decade, but despite that fact and this region’s name we generally accept nations of most non-democratic types & policies too although ones that openly advocate Nazism or other hate-based ideologies might be asked to leave: According to our Constitution the only nations that can be banned summarily are ‘invaders’ who are involved in hostilities against us [*i](During the annual Halloween event this category is stretched to include pro-Zombie nations… but, even then, they’re likely to be allowed back once that event is over).[*/i]

Secondly, as a resident of the IDU you’re welcome to do as much — or as little — here as you like:
Post on the regional message board if you want to [*i](within normal rules about keeping it fairly ‘clean’, not flaming or trolling, and not advocating illegal activity, of course)[*/i], or don’t.
Join the regional forum [*i](@ [*b]https://theidu.us/forum/[*/b])[*/i], or don’t… although if you want to get seriously involved in regional politics then registering as a member there [*u]is[*/u] necessary. Activities on that forum include not only regional politics, and regional policy discussions, but also some role-playing, discussions about nation-building, and even a few ‘game’ threads.
Join the [*url= https://www.nationstates.net/page=un]World Assembly[*/url] — if you don’t already hold WA membership through another nation elsewhere, that you wish to keep as your WA presence, of course — or don’t. If you do join, or have moved a nation that already holds membership into this region, then please endorse the elected Delegate and also — unless they’re only just below the Delegate in number of endorsements anyway — the Vice-Delegate. [*i](To endorse, just click on the name, scroll down, and then click on ‘endorse’…)[*/i] These positions are currently held by [*nation]Lauchenoiria[*/nation] and [*nation]Trive 38[*/nation] respectively, but elections are held regularly and any nation that has been not only in this region but also in this region’s internal legislature the [*url= viewforum.php?f=18&sid=1abf3bbd069db97e1ed25e8711f95827][*b]IDUSA[*/b][*/url] from at least one week before voting opens is eligible to vote and to run for office.
If you endorse the Delegate then you’ll be endorsed back, and you are welcome to give & have other endorsements too as long as you don’t try to replace (or to help another nation replace) the Delegate without being properly elected. Our rules say that any WA nation based here is entitled to [*at least] the two endorsements that it would need in order to submit WA proposals.
If you do want to submit a WA proposal, however, then [*u]please[*/u] get it checked for legality and viability first: Either open a drafting thread in the relevant section of the game’s forums or do so in our own forum… We have several members with extensive experience in such matters who are willing to advise new proposal authors.
Get involved in the game’s own forums too, if you want, or don’t. They offer extensive opportunities for roleplay, ranging from the faux-UN antics of the World Assembly and the participation of nations’ athletes & teams in ‘NS Sports’ competitions to the more hardcore ‘International Incidents sub-forum.
And please, don't hesitate for a moment if you have a question. Feel free to contact the Hospitality Minister (currently [*nation]Bears Armed[*/nation]), the Delegate, or any other regional official, for assistance, and to post enquiries about how things work in our RMB or forum, at any time!

Once more, welcome to the [*b]International Democratic Union[*/b]. We hope that you will choose to remain among us.

[*i]*(sends over a gift basket of Bears Armed’s produce, including a large jar of high-quality honey and a large bottle of high-quality maple syrup as well as assorted fruits and nuts)*[*/i]



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