IDUSA Assembly Hall (MegaThread)

Our regional legislature - IDUSA. [Out-Of-Character]
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IDUSA Assembly Hall (MegaThread)

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:23 am

The IDUSA Hall

Welcome to the IDUSA Assembly Hall! This thread is your permanent general thread for discussing all things IDUSA.

What Belongs Here
  • New Ideas for Legislation
  • Questions regarding the IDUSA
  • Issues that should be addressed regarding any aspect of the IDUSA
  • General debate pertaining to IDUSA affairs
What Doesn't Belong Here
  • Legislation proposals (You should make a new thread when you post a proposal)
  • Discussion directly pertaining to proposed legislation (that goes in the thread for the proposal)
  • Discussion not pertaining to the IDUSA in any way
  • Spam :twisted:

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