The Guild Square Journal. Shens number once source of news

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The Guild Square Journal. Shens number once source of news

Post by Shen » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:47 pm

The Guild Square Journal

Shens number one source for news

Imperial delegation arrives in Xiomera

In the early morning hours of October 11th, Air command 6, touched down at Empress Camaxtica Military Headquarters Complex in Xiomera. Traveling aboard was an elite delegation, counting Princess Wu Zhou and Prince-General Wu Sangui and their families. The royal family had made it clear that they would send a delegation to the funeral but who exactly would be going was not confirmed until today.

The Prince and Princess, as well as their families, were greeted with as much warmth and honor as a state in such deep morning as Xiomera could muster. Disembarking from a plane almost as soon as they had landed, the Princess made a short speech to the assembled delegates and press.

" It is under the most saddening circumstances that I have the honor of being hosted by Xiomera. My brother and I both knew the emperor personally and had enormous respect for the man. My mother, the God Empress weeps with Xiomera. In our culture, it is common for those who hold the rank of Emperor to refer to themselves as dragons. But it is so rare for people to live up to that designation. Emperor Topilpopoca showed us all that it not only is possible to live up to that title. It's possible to go above it. Thank you"

Shortly after the speech, the delegation was taken by armored car to Atlichoyoayan Palace where they will be staying while they are in shen. The delegation was greeted by warm cheers from the morning crowds. The Imperial delegation is expected to stay till after the selection of a new Emperor is complete

Sho Wulou _ GSJ Xiomera desk chief

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