Requiem for a Tyrant, Fight for a Throne (OOC thread)

Want to set up an RP? Plan it out here. [Out-Of-Character]
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Requiem for a Tyrant, Fight for a Throne (OOC thread)

Post by Xiomera » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:24 am

Hello everyone,

Since the upcoming race to fill the former Emperor's seat on the Obsidian Throne is shaping up to be a bit complex, I decided to start an OOC thread to facilitate discussion and/or planning. (Private discussions can still take place via Discord.)


Some useful references:

IC thread

Factbook link on how the Xiomeran government and election process work

List of the candidates that have an actual chance of winning, out of the 75 who have actually put in a bid


Beginning now, the process of choosing a new Emperor by a council of 500 experts (ihuicatl) will begin. The way it works is simple: the various candidates will make their case for why they should be chosen, and then a series of votes will be chosen. The first round will narrow the field from 75 candidates to 37. The second round will narrow it further, from 37 to 18. The third round will cut the field from 18 to 9. The fourth round will make more cuts, from 9 to 4. The fifth round will bring up the top two candidates, and then a final round of voting will decide who the next Emperor (or Empress) is.

I don't plan to RP the first three rounds of voting at all, save for possibly some minor background setting. Only the top four candidates I've already described in the breakdown posted earlier have any realistic chance of winning at all, and the early votes will be mostly formalities and narrowing down the field. The period during these first three rounds will be your chance, if you want to, to try to influence the voters deciding who the next Emperor will be. If you haven't done so by the final round, it will probably be too late at that point.

How you can influence the vote:

1) You can make RP posts about trying to sway the voters on the council of experts to vote for your preferred candidate. This can be done overtly, by making a formal announcement about who your nation supports and making a public appeal to the voters to pick that candidate. This can also be done covertly, by finding ways to influence the voters behind the scenes. Bribery, offering business deals, offering other kinds of favors, or blackmail (if you have dirt on a particular voter) are all acceptable and common ways to get them to vote for who you want.

2) You can also approach one of the four candidates directly and try to get them to drop out, or offer them inducements/ask for inducements in return for supporting their bid for the throne. Again, bribery, blackmail, and favors are all acceptable; the actual candidates will be much harder to influence though, so bear that in mind.

3) A third approach can be to try to influence the Xiomeran public to back a particular candidate, which will put pressure on the council of experts to vote a certain way. While the Xiomeran system is relatively harder to influence through public opinion than a democracy would be, it is not immune. You can plant news stories, pay for ads, barrage social media with "support" for a candidate (or negative coverage of a candidate you dislike), etc.

The only thing I do not want to see in the RP is anyone using violence on any of the voters, or on the candidates themselves. Anything else, you're welcome to ask here or via Discord.
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Re: Requiem for a Tyrant, Fight for a Throne (OOC thread)

Post by Xiomera » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:57 am

Who can you approach: a brief primer on Xiomeran power

The following individuals all have a say in the selection process on who the next Emperor (or Empress) will be, and are all people you can approach on an IC basis to try to win your preferred candidate support.

Nopalliztli - Chief Justice (cihuacoatl) of Xiomera and currently acting head of state and government until a new Emperor is chosen; widely respected as an elder statesman type and someone who has influence over the legal profession voters and government service voters on the council of experts

Individuals who have influence over the military and defense contractors' voters on the council of experts:
Xochiqui - Defense Secretary
Xōchhuitl - General in command of the Imperial Army, and head of the General Staff of the Xiomeran Armed Forces
Tlālpantlizal - Admiral in command of the Imperial Navy
Huelixiuh - General in command of the Imperial Air Force
Cuauh'ez - General in command of Xiomeran Special Forces (Jaguar Warriors, Eagle Warriors, Shorn Ones)
Cuālincōcatle - Coatōn Corporation CEO and representative of the defense contracting industry

Individuals who have influence over the business sector's voters:
Ihuitl - Mizhua Corporation executive and representative of the manufacturing sector
Pa'zi - CEO of Imperial Petroleum and representative of the oil and gas industry
Cuitōnzitl - CEO of Tinal Mining and Extraction and representative of the mining sector
Miilcuano - Coltec Automotive Corporation executive and representative of the transportation sector

Individuals who have influence over the education sector's voters:
Tlichaleē - Chancellor of Tlālacuetztla Polytechnic and representative of the higher education sector

Individuals who have influence over the media and broadcasting sector's voters:
Licucoēli - X3 television network President and representative of the broadcast media sector
Nohitlitlza - CEO of Happytime Online and representative of the social media and instant messaging sector
Cuihzo - CEO of XioMedia Omnipaper and representative of the print media sector

(Note: if you manage to sway one of the media and broadcasting sector voters to your candidate, you could also potentially sway the media service that voter controls to promote your preferred candidate and/or negatively impact another candidate's chances)

One other thing to remember: There will be many, many Xiomerans trying to influence this election as well. So you may find others working in your favor, or against you.

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Re: Requiem for a Tyrant, Fight for a Throne (OOC thread)

Post by Lauchenoiria » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:41 pm

The following of my characters will be getting involved:

Samantha Clavell, Leader of the Pacifist Party, Minister for Culture & The Arts: Clavell will be supporting Cozamalotl, covertly. She will be very careful to hide Lauchenoiria's involvement, since it will be counterproductive.

Josephine Alvarez, Prime Minister: Alvarez will also support Cozamalotl, but will not do much herself. She may, however, have certain segments of Lauchenoiria's intelligence service plant certain pieces of information online, or use bots and paid trolls to try and influence online opinion. Yes, Lauchenoiria has done that. I imagine you're surprised.

Letitia Greenwood, Councillor: will be supporting Tepilcayotl, using a variety of methods, ranging from favourable business deals to leaking information by Kerlile's intelligence service and things in between.

Lia Chiu, Councillor: will be supporting Tepilcayotl, probably through bribes - and maybe public support, not decided.

Yamunda Patel, sister of Councillor Nirmala: will be supporting Tepilcayotl, have yet to decide how.

Rebecca Arnott, President: will be supporting Yauhmi, not publicly, haven't decided how.

Pauline Pierre, Councillor: will be supporting Yauhmi publicly, perhaps in other ways too using intelligence gathered - possibly by Auroras?

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