Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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The Senate Building, 459 Liberty Square, Geminus, 8:57 AM
Chancellor William Lancaster Sat in the Chancellor's meeting room of the Senate building, contemplating his current situation. I have absolutely no idea how this vote will go. Party lines are redundant here, and I can't do a damn thing about it. His husband, Jacob, Noticed his agitation. "Hey," he said, putting an Arm around him. "Don't get too worked up about it. It's not like you're rewriting the Constitution. Just a little law."
Will smiled. "Thanks, Jake. I appreciate it. I just don't like feeling helpless. I want this vote to pass, but I don't know who would support it".
Jacob Tilted his head. "Isn't that what this meeting is for?"
Will nodded. "Yeah, but if we don't have enough votes, the vote is today, so we barely have any time to compromise. We're cutting it too close." He checked his watch. 8:59. "Plus, you know how fragile public support is. One screwup, and I'm gone". He checked his watch again. 9:00. He sighed. Release the hounds.

The first two Senators to arrive were probably the most influential senators of the two major parties. Alison Legrand, and Alexander Dukov, flanked by their Aides. "Good Morning, Chancellor". Alison and her aides, Sarah and Benjamin, sat down on William's left and pulled out notebooks. Dukov and his aides did the same on the right side of the table. Will greeted both sides with a partially fake smile. "Morning, Senators and Aides. The meeting will begin once the others arrive". Dukov nodded in response. His eyes flicked to Jacob, who was observing in the corner and recording the minutes, and narrowed his eyes. Dukov hadn't been a fan of the Provīri ever since Will and Jake got married. It took all of Will's willpower to not come up with a sarcastic comment. Alison, however, was not so inclined to hold back. "Is something wrong, Senator Dukov?" She said, hiding a smile. "Or Minority Leader, if you'd prefer". Dukov glared daggers at her. "Senator would suffice, and no, nothing's wrong". The air in the room suddenly felt a few degrees Colder. Just then, the rest of the representatives joined the meeting. Senator Justin Olmansēn and his Aides of the centrist party, and Senator Amara Chin and Aides of the Communist Party. The four Parties made up 88 of the 90 Senators governing Eiria. Will cleared his throat. "Good morning, and welcome. We're here to discuss Bill VOT-697, which would make voting Mandatory. Senator Legrand, I congratulate you on your nomination for Majority Leader, and since the position is technically Vacant, you will be our Proxy until it is taken. Senator Olmansēn, I understand you Authored this bill. Would you do us the honors of explaining it and explaining why you wrote it?".

Justin stood up, nervously fidgeting. "Yes, of course, Chancellor". He rifled through his notes for a moment, then continued speaking. "Bill VOT-697 would make voting Mandatory, extend absentee voting to two weeks out, and creat new voting stations at government offices. A person could still Abstain, but more people would go to the offices, so more people would vote for their candidate while they're there anyway. I wrote it so that minority groups may get more representation, while still serving the will of the people".
"Thank you Senator. So, let's begin the discussion".
Amara Chin spoke up first. "Well, I am all for giving groups more representation, but two weeks absentee? We have an election cycle every 2 years. We can't cover half the damn term with elections and voting!".
Dukov raised his eyebrows. "Well, what do you want us to do, serve for life? You want a dictatorship?".
Amara fired back. "Oh, where have I heard the suggestion of serving for life before? Oh wait, it was in your campaign speech!".
"Oh, you bit-"
"Senators, Settle down!" William grimaced. "We can't be at each others' throats all the time! Which parties would support this bill?".
Alison nodded. "Most of mine would. Thirty-eight are already on board. I may be able to get forty-two out of forty-nine. A few fear we would be restricting liberty by supporting this bill".
Will Wrote that down. "Okay, that's what I was afraid of. Still, forty-two out of forty-nine is excellent. Senator Chin?".
"All four of us." She responded.
"Okay, forty-six. Senator Olmansēn?".
"Four of Seven."
"Fifty. Senator Dukov?".
"Hopefully None. This bill is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to vote us out of the Senate".
Alison laughed. "That's preposterous! And the best joke I've heard all week!" She almost choked on her water because she laughed so hard.
Dukov was fuming. "Laugh all you want. You know it's true. And the rest of you, why are you going along with this? You are signing your death sentences. This will only hurt us in the long run. None of my Senators will support this bill!".
The braver one of Olmansēn's aides spoke up. "Well, a few of your Senators torwards the center said they support it. Even a few of-".
Dukov's glare made the Aide fall silent. The room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Finally, William spoke up. "Well, this meeting is over. Voting is in a little over an hour, go meet with your Senators and discuss your course of action. Meeting Adjourned".
The Senators and Aides packed up their notes silently and left, leaving Will and Jacob alone. "Well, that was interesting" Jake said, signing off on the minutes for the meeting. "I'll go submit these. See you after the vote". He kissed Will, then left to the record room. Will say back in his chair, fidgeting with his pen. Now we Wait.

Two hours later, in full view of the Television Cameras, Chancellor William Lancaster signed VOT-697 into law. It had passed in the Senate 57- 33, with 7 Formido Senators flipping. Dukov had been seen angrily leaving the floor after the vote. Just another day in the Eirian Senate.

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Liberty Square, Geminus

The hooded man waited in the crowd, watching the Minister of Medicine give his speech. "Drug use has been spiking over the last few months. This is not a good sign for the future, and so we are trying to do everything we can to stop this trend before it gets out of control. Now, how should we....". The hooded man tuned out and reached into his back pocket, where a pistol sat. He drew it out slowly, and listened for an opportunity.

"And now, to present our plan for our idea, Chancellor William Lancaster and Provīri Jacob Tudeau". Amidst the applause, the Chancellor and Provīri stepped up onto the stage. "Thank you. As Doctor Darana said, we are working hard on preventing the spread of addiction in our nation, but we aren't always successful. So....."
The man pulled his gun and aimed, getting ready to pull the trigger and leave Eiria without a leader. At the last moment, the man next to him noticed the gun. "No!" He screamed, and barreled into the hooded man. A gunshot sounded, and the stage erupted in red. But it wasn't the Chancellor's blood. The bullet had hit the Provīri in the shoulder. He stumbled back, being caught by the Solar Guard Agent guarding the stage. Another gunshot sounded, this time directed by the assassin at the man who made him miss. The Solar Guard agents arrested the assassin, as more police arrive to break up the crowd.

Will was escorted out of the square, in shock.


He thought to himself.

No. Please God No. Not Jake. Please.

His heartbeat felt out of control. He boarded the ambulance that Jake was being carted into and grabbed his hand. Jake let out a small groan. Will whispered reassurances as they rode to the hospital. "Please, Hang in there. For me".

An Apartment on 14th Street, Geminus

Emily Lancaster sat on her couch, watching TV at a hushed volume. Her young baby, Andrew, slept soundly in the nursery. I got very lucky, she thought, That he Is a heavy sleeper.
She scrolled through the channel menu and turned on the news, and Gasped when she saw the headline. "Provīri Shot in Liberty Square". She turned off the TV, grabbed the Baby monitor and her keys, and ran down to the parking ramp.

Compassion Hospital, Geminus

Emily parked in the ramp of Compassion Hospital and ran into the lobby in a hurry. She hurried up to the reception desk. "How can I help you?". The man behind the desk asked, noticing her hurry. "I'm looking for Jacob Tudeau. I am a family member". He typed on his computer for a bit, then looked back up at her. "He's in Surgery currently, he won't be out for a little while. Is there anything else I can help you with?". She deflated a bit, but then she heard someone call her name. "Emily! Over here". She turned. Alice sat, arm around her twin brother, consoling him. Emily sat down next to them. Will was silent, but tears streamed down his face. "I just, I wish that the gunman wouldn't have missed. Jake did nothing wrong, nothing to deserve this". Emily sighed. "James didn't do anything wrong either. I don't want you to go through what I went through". Will buried his face in his hands. "Please, God, not Jake. Please". The room was quiet except for Will's gentle sobbing.

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Senate Building, 459 Liberty Square, Geminus, 3rd Floor

William Lancaster walked down the hallway of the Cabinet offices,
his steps quietly tapping the Granite floor. He fidgeted anxiously. She said this was important, He thought. Must be a new development. But why not announce it in front of the Cabinet?
He stopped at an oak door with the name "Bērziņš" Written on a plaque attached to the door. He knocked twice. A woman, a little taller than he was, with jet black hair, let him in.

Sophie Bērziņš, Minister of Law Enforcement, sat back down at her desk. "Thank you for coming. I know you are probably very curious, so I'll fill you in before you explode. First, we have a name of the shooter: Kaleb Brandt".
Will sat, hands fidgeting. "Kaleb Brandt?".
She nodded. "Thirty Eight Years Old. Vice President of his Father's tech Company, Tekson. Links to TALFL, and even a few to Darrin's Regime, though nothing bad enough to convict by themselves. But, more importantly, we think he is a Baron".

Will froze. In this context, the word Baron means something far more sinister than normal Aristocracy. "A Baron? Which one?".
"Baron Flame. Most of the documents we retrieved from his house are encoded, but the ones that weren't suggest that he is Baron Flame".

The Barons of TALFL are bad news. There are Twelve Barons, who operate under the rule of four Archbarons. They make up the leadership of TALFL. Each was designated a codename, corresponding to the Elemental codename of their Archbaron. For example, Flame, Ash, and Smoke all serve under Archbaron Fire. The barons are very elusive, and well-hidden. To this day, only person know the Identities of the Barons and Archbarons: Neil Darrin. TALFL was his contingency plan, after all.

Will sighed. "How much of this does the public know?".
"None of it. Only I, you, and some GMPD officers know about this.".
"Good, because this is now S-11 Material. Let's follow the trail before the Barons cover it up. We might bring TALFL down if we move quick enough".

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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National Hall of Archives, Third Floor, Geminus
March 23rd, 3:27 PM

The Woman known as "Delia Crobas" checked her watch as her elevator came to a stop. She wanted to leave as quickly as possible, to leave less of a trace. She had been surprised that her advanced credentials were still valid, but as she kept thinking about it, there would be no point in revoking it. She had already seen much of what they would want kept secret, so it would be a waste of time.

She laughed inwardly. Minimizing her electronic footprint here had almost been too easy. The elevator doesn't require a keycard if you aren't starting on the first floor, and by taking the stairs in the back, she only had to use her card once. She would be active on the Security Cameras, though, so she had to be quick.

She quickly located the small corner room titled "Restricted Projects". She tried to open it, but it was locked, and required a keycard. She sighed. So much for no footprint. She swiped her card, and closed the door behind her.

The Restricted Projects room contained three rows of filing cabinets, as well as cabinets lining the walls. She went to the other side of the room, scanning the labels until she found the one she was looking for, and removed a file from it. It was titled Project Einherjar, Section 1 of 6, S-8. She smiled. I'm lucky I still have S-9 clearance.

She took out her phone and started taking pictures of the pages and photographs inside the file. The Media will have a field day with these. She unfolded a note at the bottom of the file. It was a list of names, and she took a picture of it, before seeing a name on the list that made her gasp. What the Hell?! A Senator?! She made the decision not to share this page with the press, unlike the rest of them. This Complicates Things.

Chancellor's Manor, Geminus
6:36 PM

Chancellor William Lancaster sat in his study, reading The Ships of Avalon, an old science-fiction novel. It was, in his opinion, a classic, although lacking in modern technological insight. Reading was one of the few comforts of the busy life as a Chancellor, the other big one being his husband.

A knock at the door removed him from his reading trance. He returned the bookmark to his spot with a sigh and placed the book on the desk. "Entreska!". Vice Chancellor Leah Stendē rushed in, flanked by two Solar Guards. "Leah? This is unexpected". He noticed her expression. "Oh no. What is it?".

Without a word, she slid her phone across the desk. He read the news article on it, his eyes widening. He gestured to the guards. "Atteniet Deharā". Wait Outside.

Once the guards left, he returned the phone to Leah. "How the Hell-?!".
"I don't know! This was released from three local Geminus Newspapers an hour ago. It hasn't gotten to ENN yet, thank God, but it has gone viral on two different social media platforms. It's only a matter of time".
Will buried his head in his hands. "How was this leaked? Einherjar is an archaic S-8 file. I haven't even seen it, I've heard of it, and I know what it entails. I thought it was locked away safely".
"We've checked the cameras at Point Discovery, and no one accessed the file. There must be a spare file somewhere. But who would leak this? And why?".
"I don't know. And more importantly, how did they know of the file in the first place?".
The Chancellor sighed. "Well, thank you for letting me know. Can you tell Steve to go on full damage control? This will look terrible, and he'll have a busy week. We all will".
"Will do. Goodnight". She left, closing the door behind her. Will picked up his phone, dialing frantically. After a few dial tones, a female voice answered. "Office of the Senate, how may I help you?".
"Hello, this is Chancellor Lancaster, Authentication Code 459-JSJ. I need to schedule an emergency session of the Senate tomorrow. Nine o'clock sharp, no aides or press. The Cabinet should be in attendance as well. We've got a crisis on our hands!".

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Chancellor's Manor, Geminus
April 5th, 5:24 PM

Chancellor William Lancaster Studied the painting in his office while fiddling with his pen. The painting was a depiction of a 17th century Battle, titled The Battle of Nova Hill. The painting showed Battle as it was, bloody, horrific, and exhausting. A good analogy for politics, He thought.

Today had been a particularly exhausting day. Interviews for stations from coast to coast, a press conference, social media damage control- It's a nightmare. And the cherry on top is that Midgard, a Counterintelligence agency with highly-trained agents and good resources, could still be operating without government control. Bloody Brilliant.

He was removed from his his exasperated contemplation by his phone buzzing. His Solar Guards disapproved of him having a separate private phone not for work purposes, but that only made him want to keep it more, out of spite. Plus, it helped him seem normal, and not the Chancellor of a nation.

He checked his phone. Message From Unknown Sender. He opened it, and froze. Olympus Coffee. Noon Tomorrow. Don't be late -Delia Crobas. He blinked, reading the text again. Olympus coffee. The former front of the Lunar Guard? It literally was blown up in the coup, and replaced by another business after the war. How does "Delia Crobas" know? And is this really Delia Crobas? He took a screenshot of the text and dialed a number. "Hello, Daniel? It's Will. I need a favor. I need to track a number and an address".

EICA Headquarters, Downtown Geminus
5:53 PM

Vice Minister Daniel Antral typed on his computer, the Chancellor standing behind him. He frowned. "Whoever sent this used a burner phone and a public WiFi at an internet cafe. This is, frankly, suspicious. Also, here's the address you asked for, though I am confused why you are actually planning on following these instructions. You're the Chancellor, and this is too reckless".

"It's too good of an opportunity to pass up. Plus, it could lead to the discovery of Midgard. That needs to be our top priority". He picked his phone up off the desk. "But thank you. I owe you one".

Daniel sighed. "Look, I've known you long enough to know that there's no way in hell I can talk you out of this. But at least I can aid you so you don't have to do any additional reckless things. I set a few idle agents searching for leads into Midgard. It's not much, but it will at least give you a base to start from. And please tell me you're at least taking Solar agents with you".

Will grinned. "Of course. I'm not That stupid. Thanks again. I owe you one".

"No problem. Say hi to Jake for me".

"Will do".

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Cafè Lorelai, Downtown Geminus
11:57 AM, April 6th

Chancellor William Lancaster sat at the cafe table, taking a bite of his sandwich and looking around nervously. Even though there were groups of guard agents disguised as other patrons, and he himself was wearing fake glasses and a disguise, he still felt on edge. He checked his watch. 11:57. The mysterious note said to be here at noon.

Cafè Lorelai was built from the ruins of Olympus coffee, the old front of the Guard of the Republic before the civil war. It's also where Eleven of the fourteen guard Generals died in the start of the Darrin coup. Betrayed by one of their own, only two survived. Artemis and Apollo. Artemis gained a long scar on her face from debris, and Apollo walks with a limp to this day.

It's a bit ominous, to be risking my life where the Guard generals lost theirs. He sat back, drinking his tea, when a figure sat down at the other side of the table. "Hello Will. It's been awhile". She took her hood down, and he did a double take.

Former Chancellor Badolis?! He choked on his tea, coughing into his elbow. "You're Delia Crobas?!".

She smiled. "Not who you were expecting, eh? Well, to be fair, I have dropped off the radar. I'm old now, and it's been over thirty years since my administration ran Eiria. I've been all but forgotten. I couldn't stand by while Midgard still existed in the shadows. I take it you thought they were dead".

He nodded. "I thought they died out in the civil war. Plus, we haven't seen any sign of them since 2001. How the hell did you manage to get copies of these files anyway? The originals are in Point Discovery, and we both know that's not an easy place to get to".

"There was an extra copy of the files between 1985-1996 stashed away in the archives. Third floor, Special Projects Room, Architecture Section. I've searched for it for years after the civil war. It was mistakenly filed under the Architecture Section".

"How did you know that it existed?".

"I put it in the archives before I was replaced as Chancellor by Eleanor Trelli. It was smuggled to Point Omega after Darrin's coup. After the war, it was moved to a small record library in New Riga, where I lost track of it. It likely was misfiled. Anyway, I'm surprised you didn't figure out it was me from the name".

Will looked confused, until he thought about how Delia Crobas was spelled. "It's an anagram, isn't it? That seems risky. You know someone else will eventually figure this out. Your alias is revered among many University students. Someone will eventually put two and two together".

She nodded. "True. But if they did, who would believe them? I'm getting up there in age. I haven't seen action in decades. Plus, no one believes those conspiracy nuts anyways. But we're getting off topic. The reason I called you here…" She dug through her bag and pulled out a copy. "... Is this". She slid the page to Will and pointed at a name near the top.

Will blinked. The name, Christopher Granelle, was infamous. Almost as infamous as Neil Darrin himself. After all, he was Darrin's right hand man. "Granelle was an agent of Midgard?".

"Yep. Not just an agent. I have reason to believe he was Odin, the Leader of Midgard. If he was helping Darrin with Midgard's resources, it would explain how Darrin got so powerful during the early days of the coup".

"But why would the agents obey him? And why did they break off from the government?".

She pursed her lips. "They broke off because I tried to shut them down. And I was wondering about the agents as well. And what I found is unfortunate. Of the names on this first page of the list, thirty-nine of them were executed in one of Darrin's first Purges".

Will looked down. "Jesus. There are fifty names here. Only eleven survived. They killed them to prevent them aiding the resistance". He noticed a name on the list. "Please don't tell me this is who I think it is. Amara Chin? Senator Amara Chin?! She was with Midgard? But she was a Guerilla Fighter in the resistance."

"She may have been both. She likely saw where it was headed and abandoned ship to avoid the Purges. It would explain how she was so good at fighting. Listen, I want to help you to find Midgard. And I think Amara Chin may be a good place to start".
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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Tessari Gardens, Outside Geminus, Eiria
April 28th, 9:14 AM

Chancellor Lancaster and Former Chancellor Cera Badolis sat in a small meeting room in the Tessari Gardens, two cups of tea on the table. The Chancellor checked his watch for the third time in two minutes, anxious for their pending arrival. Senator Chin agreed to meet them for breakfast, not knowing of their planned topic of discussion: Her association with Midgard.

"She is certainly taking her time getting here". The former Chancellor stated, sipping her tea and watching the door. Will smiled. "She probably is stuck in traffic. Either way, it's certainly a power move, Intentional or not. I wouldn't put it past her. Her reputation, whether true or exaggerated, certainly tells a story of power".

The door swung open, and Amara Chin walked in, holding her bag on her shoulder. "Sorry I'm late. They shut down one of my usual Metro Stations for maintenance, and I had to take a detour. Took longer than I expected." She noticed the person sitting next to the Chancellor. "Madam Badolis? It's truly an honor. What's today's meeting purpose?".

Cera shook Amara's hand. "The honor is all mine. And please, call me Cera". Her polite smile faded. "Unfortunately, this isn't a social call, nor one of happy circumstance". She slid a file across the table. "We would like to discuss your secretive employer, the rogue government agency Midgard".

Amara went stiff, clasping her hands together. "How on Earth do you know that? And you must have gotten something wrong. I-". A waiter peeked into the room, interrupting her reply. "May I get you anything?" He asked, setting down another teacup in front of Amara. "Yes, can we get a plate of Brūnsmaize please". The Chancellor asked, politely smiling as if everything was normal.

"Of course, Sir. I'll be right back with that". Once he had shut the door, Amara turned back to the current and former Chancellor. "Former Employer. Midgard was my former employer. I left in 2006, after I saw the leadership become more nefarious and extreme. I assumed it died after the coup, like all other aspects of the first republic".

"That's what I had assumed too. But once I found out that there was a possibility of their survival, more evidence surfaced". He placed another file on the table. "These documents were taken from the apprehended Baron Flame's home after my attempted assassination. Along with references to the other leaders of TALFL, It also contains references to 'Odin' and 'Frigg', the codenames of the Leaders of Midgard. I believe Midgard is the reason that TALFL has the necessary resources to operate. After all, they did help Darrin rise to power. Why not finance his contingency plan?".

Senator Chin went slack-jawed. "They What?! I didn't think they would go that far!". The waiter brought a plate of chocolate bread and left silently. Amara looked around. "If that is true, we could all be in danger. If they find out you're investigating them, they'll get desperate. And if they get desperate, they'll attack".

The Chancellor nodded solemnly. "I know. But we are safe here, at least. We are under the close watch of dozens of Guard agents".

She shook her head. "You don't know how dedicated Midgard is when they're desperate. Even though the Guard agents are very well trained, a Midgard agent will stop at nothing to stop their discovery".

Cera absentmindedly fidgeted with a piece of Brūnsmaize. "Well, we do have a certain advantage. I called up an old friend of mine, and she and her colleagues have given us their full support. We've got the Lunar Guard on our side".
"And the EICA". The Chancellor added.

"Well, that helps, at least. What of the situation in Xiomera? It's an opportunity for Midgard, one that we can't afford to let them take".

"We're planning to help the Crown Prince reinstate his mother to the obsidian throne. I would have done it with or without the Senate support, but given the circumstances, and that a good amount of Senators that signed the letter of Diplomatic Cessation, I don't think that's necessary. Thank you for convincing all of those Senators to sign. That speech was both impressive and terrifying. You have a shot at my job someday".

"Thank you. Now, I guess we have to watch and wait for Midgard's response, and respond accordingly".

Midgard Headquarters, [REDACTED], Eiria
April 28th, 1:34 PM

"This is an interesting opportunity".

The man only known as "Odin" sat in his office, a smoking cigarette placed between his fingers. Cigarettes are an expensive luxury in Eiria, due to taxes and health programs. His partner, codenamed "Frigg", looked at the cigarette in disgust. "You refer to Xiomera? And I would prefer you to put out that infernal thing out. You know those things will kill you, as well as keeping you from active duty".

He sighed, took one last puff, and ground up the cigarette in the ashtray on the desk. "Fine. And yes, I was referring to Xiomera. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a group of Generals had taken the Obsidian Throne. I believe it's in our best interest to make contact with this Provisional Government. An alliance could get us the foothold we need".

"True enough, however what will they want from us? Financial support? Resources? Agents? Firepower? We are in enough trouble as it is. They are investigating us, and we have enough loose ends as it is. One of them is a high-ranking Senator, for heaven's sake. They will find us eventually. We can't hide for long".

Odin looked up, an idea forming. "That's it! That's what we can earn from this deal. In exchange for sheltering us, they can gain agents in Eiria, who know the inner workings of government. We have resources in Eiria, and if the Senate does what I assume they will do, the Provisional Government will need our resources. Let's make them an offer they can't refuse".

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Chancellor's Manor, Geminus
May 22nd, 8:16 AM

Two men sat at opposite sides of the chessboard in the parlor room of the Chancellor's Manor, watching the board carefully. The Proviri moved a white rook across the board, removing one of his husband's pawns. The Chancellor's hand hovered over his pieces, waiting until moving a bishop a single square on his side of the board.

Jacob Tudeau looked up at his husband and grinned. "You're playing defense today. You're trying something new, I know it. You aren't usually this defensive".

He smiled. "Well, you're awfully aggressive today. It's good, then. We balance each other out. And so what, if I'm planning something? You know most of my tactics by now. The games get longer and longer each week. We know each other too well. It's getting increasingly harder to win, and I wouldn't change a thing".

They went on like this for another half hour, neither one winning nor losing. Many a piece was lost on either side, until they both only had their Kings and Queens. Their pieces switched sides multiple times, never coming in contact with each other. Neither one fell into the other's traps, and none of them took the other's bait.

The Chancellor sighed. "Well, I think we can call this one a tie. I don't see this one ending anytime soon". He knocked over his king, and Jake did the same. The Proviri grabbed two bottles of sparkling water and passed one over the board. It was too early in the morning to drink, even for an Eirian, so sparkling water was as close as they would get. "To tradition" He said, holding out the bottle. Will bumped the bottles together. "To tradition".

They drank, and Will started picking up the chess pieces, when his phone vibrated. Odd. I usually have any work related stuff on silent this early in the morning. Must be important. He looked at the screen, and his eyes widened in shock. The stone chess piece slipped out of his hand and clattered to the floor.

The face on the screen was ragged and bruised, and much older than Will had seen him last, but still recognizable. Adrian. How? The face of his sister's fianceè and his former best friend stared up at him, looking very much alive. Jake saw his husband's expression and rushed over to him. "Will? What's wrong?". He looked at the screen. "Oh God. Is that….. Adrian? How…?!".

Will shook his head, blinking rapidly and breathing heavily. He hadn't had a panic attack in so long, that he almost didn't recognize the signs. They had plauged his childhood, and all but disappeared after the war. Jake, thankfully, knew the signs, and quickly wrapped his arms around him. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm here".

He held him for almost a minute while he calmed down, whispering in his ear calmly. When Will's breathing finally resumed an even pace, he reluctantly let go, and sat next to him. Will, now steady, picked up his phone and opened the message included with the image, reading it aloud.

"You're not hallucinating. Nor dreaming. Your sister's Fianceè is still alive. And if you still want your brother-in-law to become part of the pathetic Lancaster dynasty, you will comply with any of our future requests, and telling too many people will result in Adiran Signed, Odin". He dropped it on the table. "That Bastard. How on Earth is Adrian possibly alive?! I watched him get shot and fall when we were escaping. So did you and Alice".

Jake shook his head. "They must have captured and healed him. That would explain how Midgard got him. If they have him, they may have more prisoners from the war who weren't freed and just declared MIA. There are thousands of MIA soldiers that were never found". He rubbed his eyes. "Jesus. They need to pay for this".

Solar Guard Headquarters, North Wing, Chancellor's Manor
May 19th, 9:03

Guard General Haymitch Bouclier typed on his keyboard, trying to pay attention to the monitor and not the anxious Chancellor and Proviri sitting across from them. "Well, as far as we can tell, this picture is legitimate. It matches Adrian's facial structure perfectly, with enough aging to be plausible. There is no sign of editing".

Will sat back, the chair groaning with his shift of weight. "Christ. It's incredible. Do we have any way to locate his whereabouts, or even any evidence to prove he's alive?".

Bouclier, the leader of the Solar Guard, and commander of the force that guards important government officials, was used to dealing with problems with politicians. But this was way more than a small problem. Plus it involved Midgard, which complicates things. This was extremely out of the ordinary.

He sighed. "Well, we can track down Midgard, which now that they know we're looking for them, is easier said than done. That's pretty much it. We must wait for further instructions. And I would request that no one else be informed of this until further notice".

The Chancellor furrowed his eyebrows. "Even Alice?". When he nodded, the Chancellor stood up. "I can't not tell her! She's his fianceè, for Christ's sake! She deserves to know, and I'm not going to be the one to keep it from her". He walked to the door.

The General stood up. "If you walk out that door, I'll invoke Protocol eighty-six!". Will stopped and spun on his heel, sneering. "You wouldn't." Protocol 86 was a protocol for the Commanding General of the Solar Guard to lockdown the Chancellor and restrict their movements for their own safety.

Bouclier sighed. "You know I would. You're forcing me to. For your safety, and your brother-in-law's". We've worked together since you were a Senator. You know I will".

The Proviri stood at Will's side, trying to calm him down. Will shrugged him off and walked up to the desk, right in Haymitch's face. "You do that, it'll be the end of your career. You can't just enact Protocol eighty-six for no reason".

"Well, once we are able to reveal Adrian's captivity, the Senate will see I have a valid reason to. You are wasting your breath and time protesting this. I'm assigning a guard to you at all times, and until further notice, you will not be allowed to leave the Manor". He sat back down. "Please, Will. Trust me on this."

"Like Hell I will!". Will turned around and stormed out of the office, the Proviri on his heels. "Wait, Will! Slow down!". The General watched the door close with a sigh. He's too impulsive for his own good when it comes to his family. I wish he could see that.

9:43 PM, Chancellor's Manor, Parlor Veranda

Will was sitting on the veranda, seemingly calm, even though a guard stood right by the door watching him, making sure he did not attempt escape. He checked his watch, and stood up, stretching and walking into the parlor to pick up a box of fragrant candles and a lighter.

The guard eyed him suspiciously, so much so that the Chancellor laughed. "You don't trust me with some bloody candles? Is that how far Haymitch is willing to go, to take away some harmless candles?". He lit the candles one by one, and placed nine of them on the railing surrounding the Veranda, then sat back down and picked up a mystery novel, one of his favorites.

"It's a beautiful night, I just wanted some nice candlelight and pleasant scents to read with. Today's been… Stressful, to say the least, and I need to relax". He watched the guard relax by the doorway, and hope he wasn't too obvious. It's been ages since he had set up this secret signal with his sister, and prayed she remembered it. Please, Alice. For Adrian's sake.

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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The Press Preparation Room, Chancellor's Manor, Geminus
8:38 AM, June 30th

"Are you sure about this? Who knows how the public will react to your statements, whatever they are. I'm your PR officer, and you won't even tell me what this particular speech is about! I can't do my job if you don't tell me what you are releasing to the public!".

Joshua Lacewick, The Chancellor's Chief of Public Relations, rubbed his eyebrows in exhaustion. He, The Chancellor and The Chancellor's sister sat around the meeting table, three cups of steaming coffee between them
The Chancellor took a sip of his while Joshua was talking. "Yes, I am sure. I've given you almost every speech I've made in my time as Chancellor to you to look over. I want to do this one on my own. It's on the topic of the Xiomeran Sanction announcement, and that whole situation in general".

Joshua sighed. "So you're not going to budge. Okay. Can you at least let me give you an exit strategy for uncomfortable questions?". Watching the Chancellor shake his head, he took a long swig of his coffee. "Why would I need an exit strategy? There are no questions on this matter that I am unwilling to answer. Except the ones regarding…..". He glanced at his sister, not wishing to finish that sentence. She was still coming to terms with Adrian being alive, and if she wasn't a high ranking Minister and subject to the public's attention, he had a feeling she would fly to Xiomera and take down Midgard herself.

"Well, anyway, you can trust me. I'm not going to say many things that fit your definition of 'Too Controversial' or anything classified. In fact, most of my speech will be regarding the Xiomeran Press. Here is the only thing I'm taking in with me"
He placed the paper on the table, where both of them could see it.

"A Xiomeran News article?". His sister picked it up to read the notes in Blue pen around the printed article. "Heavily annotated, I see. Why do I have the feeling you're gonna chew out the Xiomerans, but in your eternal formal eloquence?".

He grinned. "Naturally. I'm not just a pretty face, you know". The hall door opened, revealing Daniel Antral, Vice Minister of Intelligence and William's close friend. "You asked to see me?".

Will gestured to a chair. "Yes, I did. I need your help. We would like you to make a certain video available on the Xiomeran internet. Is that possible?".

"That would depend on the video, how much time we have, and how prevalent you want the video to be". He placed his laptop bag on top of the table, unzipping it and opening his laptop."If we spend a bit of time and effort, we can lodge it so a good portion of Xiomerans with Phones and Laptops can see it. Can you show me the video?".

"I can do you one better. It'll be a recording of one of my speeches I should be delivering…" He checked his watch. "About now. We set up an extra camera specifically for you. I take it you will be able to edit it for maximum effect?".

"You bet. Depending how long the video is, we should have it edited and lodged in a couple days".

"Good. Thank you". Will downed the rest of his coffee and stood. "Wish me luck!".


The press briefing room: Such an Iconic room in Eirian politics that the stage is imprinted in many journalists' minds. The background was a deep purple curtain, supposedly to keep journalists and speakers calm, though given the tempo of Eirian politics, many doubt that it's successful. The dark oak announcer's platform, ornate and carved with the Seal of the Chancellory, sits in the middle of the stage, drawing all of the attention of the assembled journalists.

But the Chancellor walking on stage took the attention from the beautiful woodwork and purple drapery to the leader of the Republic.

"Good Morning, everyone. I would like say a few words before question time, but don't worry, I will save time to answer all your questions at the end. Furthermore, this briefing shall be a bit different from others. Instead of focusing on the situation here at home and the state of our glorious Republic, I want to direct your attention to a problem growing closer everyday; The situation in Xiomera".

"Many of your questions that you are so eager to ask me today involve the Sanctions levied yesterday by 'Emperor' Xochiuhue of Xiomera and his new trade secretary. In fact, I have a copy of the XIN article right here, that I spent last night reading and annotating for this speech.". He held up the article printout. "As you can see, I had a lot to say, so let's start from the top".

"As you all likely know, I have been a strong supporter of Crown Prince Texoccoatl and his right to the Obsidian Throne. I also have been vocal in my condemning of the methods of Xiomera's new and questionably legitimate Emperor Xochiuhue. His methods of putting down protestors against his regime is appalling. As is his blatant disgust for free speech and free press, among other things. And we cannot forget his plan for Manauia Island, involving extreme defoliants and Deforestation of Teyatia land."

"I would like to open a question for all Xiomerans watching, and with the oppressive propaganda filter, there's probably not many. Why should an emperor have to brutally put down protests if he was the favored of his people? Why should he have to massacre the Shorn Ones, and Necatli, and Teyatia, if he was a worthy emperor? And why should he have to worry about a propaganda filter regulating dissent if he truly belonged on his throne?".

"All of these questions may seem obvious to Eirians, but lest we forget, we've had over a century and a half of this free Republic. Xiomera had, what, a few months of reforms until their dreams were crushed? Empress Yauhmi had earned her throne, and became an Empress of the People because of it. Can Xochiuhue claim popularity? He can with the wealthy Xiomeran CEOs and Business owners, who make up a practical elite. Under his rule, things would not change. Not now, not ever."

"And this lack of change is revealed for all to see on the XIN network. It's blatantly a propaganda tool for the state. Working to convince people that 'Hey! Xiomera isn't that bad!'. Well, it is. To many outsiders, it so obviously is. And if we stay on the sidelines, if we have the shot to stop this and we don't, we are aiding and abetting the same oppression keeping the average Xiomeran citizen chained."

He cleared his throat and looked straight into one of the news cameras. "This is a call to arms, to all of the neutral nations out there who can still do something about this. The time is readily approaching, and we can end this, once and for all. They hit us with sanctions? Fine! We're drawing up a bill to hit them back. The honorless person on the Obsidian Throne is no emperor. And I would like to ask a single question of him. Texoccoatl and Yauhmi have earned their crowns. Have you?".

The room was silent for a few seconds, like a field before a battle. Then, all at once, the floodgates opened. Journalists shouted question after question over one another, creating an earsplitting racket. And at the podium, the Chancellor smiled, content to be the leader of the Republic.

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Lunar Guard Safehouse, Northwestern Geminus, Eiria
7:42 AM, July 27th

Alice Lancaster stretched her arms, groaning and rubbing her eyes. Adrian was sprawled out beside her, snoring loudly and taking up way more than his side of the bed. She glanced at him, smiling. His sleeping habits used to drive her crazy, but now that he's back, she was reminded on how much she missed him, thunderous snoring and all.

She lifted his arm so she could quietly dismount the bed, trying to return the fine fabric sheets where they were. She glided over to the door, pausing to plant a kiss on her fianceè's forehead before wandering into the kitchen. The apartment was a guard safehouse arranged for Adrian to stay in to protect him from any Midgard attempt to recapture him. It was her brother's suggestion, and she was eternally grateful.

She turned on the coffeemaker and watched the piping hot coffee fill her mug, listening to Adrian snore in the other room. He's always slept like a brick. Lucky guy. She added just enough cream and sugar to change the color slightly and took a sip, slowly starting to wake up. She put another mug under the machine for Adrian and wandered around the kitchen and living room The apartment was a bit dusty when they first arrived, but with a little teamwork, they got it looking at least presentable.

She heard the echoing snoring halt from the bedroom, and then loud footsteps coming down the hall. Adrian stumbled in to the living room bleary-eyed, dressed only in a pair of recently-bought sweatpants. He plopped down on the couch, only half awake. Alice carried the extra mug to him and placed it on the coffee table, sitting down beside him more elegantly than he had. "Morning, Thunderstorm". She said, using his nickname from their time in the resistance. He woke everyone up at different times in the night with his loud snoring.

He chuckled quietly. "Is my snoring still that bad?". At Alice's raised eyebrows, he shook his head, smiling. "I guess some things never change." They sat for a moment, reminiscing on old times and even older feelings, still alive and flaming today. He turned on the TV, scrolling through the channels until settling on the national news.

"In other news, Minority Leader Alexander Dukov was released from Compassion Hospital last night. The Senator was committed into the hospital after a stabbing in a Jewelry store on Greystone Boulevard left him in critical condition. A spokesperson for the Minority Leader has stated that he will be taking time at home to recover and rest. A suspect was arrested by Geminus Municipal Police in connection with the case, but the authorities haven't released any other information."

Alice furrowed her eyebrows. "So, three attacks on three figures of government, on the same day, and they don't mention it? That can't be a coincidence. I suppose my brother has Lacewick and his team running interference with the media, trying to discourage thoughts of Midgard from seeping through the cracks into the minds of the public."

Adrian's expression darkened at the mention of Midgard. "Where are those lunatics hiding? Still cowering in Xiomera? If they were smart, they would stay there, under that Bastard of an Emperor and his loyal disciples".

"But that's the question, isn't it. Are they that smart?".

Tessari Gardens Tearoom, Outside Geminus
9:25 AM

"This is what I found based on what you gave me. Out of respect, I only read what I had to."

Chancellor Lancaster passed a thin, official-looking folder across the table, to the Aurian Queen who sat across from him. They were surely a sight to the few people in the Tearoom that early in the morning, as were the flamboyant Royal Guards and nondescript Solar Guards circling the pair of leaders and the room itself. Lancaster sipped his tea as the queen took out a pair of reading glasses and opened the file. "Thank you, Chancellor. I cannot express how much this means to me." She read further. "Although, there is not much to go on."

Lancaster cleared his throat. "My apologies, but I did find that odd as well. We are famous, and, well, maybe infamous for our record keeping. And to find not much there suggests either that we aren't as obsessive at archiving as we thought, or…"

Sophie looked up. "Or what?."

"...Or someone doesn't want to be found. I searched for any records of schooling, found nothing. No yearbooks, no attendance record, nothing. Did a search of the Online educational archives as well, and I found nothing as well. Same thing with a separate employment record, but I believe I saw a slip attached to one of the files that listed employment. Still, pretty much everyone has an employment record on file. It's pretty much a requirement for a job."

She took one of the top papers out of the file and placed it on the table. "Yes, there's an employment slip attached here. It's in Eirian, so I can understand most of it, but parts do look misspelled or grammatically incorrect. Such is linguistic evolution." She showed him the slip. "It says he was employed by a company called…. 'Kalia Company'?"

The Chancellor immediately took another look at the slip after she said that. "It says Kalia Corporation, actually. But that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's just misspelled, or mislabeled. There has to be a mistake"

The Queen looked at Will with confusion. "What mistake, Chancellor? What's Kalia Corporation?."

He sighed. "Kalia Corporation was the name of a Midgard Shell Company. We seized most of their assets last month when we looked back into Midgard's finances and found discrepancies. They had masked as a legitimate company, but the building they claimed to run is an abandoned office building downtown, and all mail there was being forwarded to a P.O. box. They had no Employees, no products, no headquarters, no legitimate locations or clientele."

"Midgard? You mean that former intelligence agency of yours that's running loose? That's ridiculous. That's……" She paused, the possibility of it dawning on her. "Even if that's true, that means that he works for Midgard, and that you know that Midgard is in operation."

The Chancellor adjusted his posture anxiously. "It's true that we have recently discovered that Midgard is more active that we thought, but it's being handled. And it still could be a typo, or mistake. I'll dig a bit deeper, if you don't mind staying in Eiria a bit longer?"

"Of course. Thank you again, Chancellor Lancaster."

"It's no trouble at all, Your Majesty."

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Re: Polētiques Eirian (Eirian Politics)

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Chancellor's Manor, Chancellorial Manor, Geminus
August 3rd, 12:07 PM

Chancellor Lancaster sat in his office chair, idly fidgeting with a pen while eating a sandwich for his working lunch. The head chef of the manor was consistently puzzled with his insistence at making his own lunch sandwich on occasion, but it provided Will some normalcy in a hectic life. Being the leader of a major nation while in his early thirties is a feat not commonly seen in democracies, and does increase the pressure put on a person. Still, both Lancaster siblings have managed to survive the tumultuous political scene and come out on top.

The morning had consisted of debates on the Bombing of Emperor Xochiuhue's motorcade by forces loyal to Crown Prince Texōccoatl. Most of these, surprisingly, ended in agreement. Xochiuhue was despised by all manner of Eirians, including politicians, so a startling majority of politicians supported opposing the neighboring regime. This consensus had left the Chancellor in high spirits, and he had tackled his remaining work quickly. He almost felt like whistling, if he didn't have mayonnaise smeared on his lips.

A rapid knock on the wooden door drew his attention, and he wiped the mayonnaise from his lips. "Entreska!" Joshua Lacewick, his PR and Media Relations officer, rushed in, clutching his phone. Lancaster noticed Lacewick's exhausted panting and anxious expression, and furrowed his eyebrows. "What's up?". The PR Officer wordlessly placed his phone on the desk and pressed play on the video queued up. Lancaster did a double take. "Holy Shit."

The battered face of Empress Yauhmi stared back, speaking Xiomeran towards the camera. She was bruised, but as regal as ever. He read the subtitles in Eirian along the bottom of the screen, still shocked at the video continuing to play in front of him. She's alive, and she escaped capture?! The video finished, and sat back in his chair, contemplating what he just watched. She's baiting him. She's taking a huge risk. With a heavy cost if she fails. I just can't see it having a substantially good return.

"What the hell is going on in Xiomera? Things are heating up, much too quickly for my liking. How are we supposed to aid them if they put all their forces in one place ripe for destruction? I need some assistance." He reached for the phone to call his sister, then hesitated. His sister was already in Lauchenoira, greeting diplomats at the Climate Conference. It would probably be best not to disturb her. He sighed, and picked up the phone again, politely gesturing at Lacewick to leave. "Thank you." His secretary answered. "Could you get Emily Rouchard on the phone please? Yes, the emissary in Laeral. I believe she's listed in the special contacts section. Thank you."

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