Another Very Serious Post

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Another Very Serious Post

Post by TheNationofthePeople » Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:03 am

Europeia needs your help once again. We have too many bears in our region! We only see one remedy for this bear-splosion. One of the bears needs to change. The question you can answer: into what?

The current avatar of our Councilor of Coordination Peeps is shown below. Every one of you submits their avatars. The best from your region goes on to take on other regions in a head-to-head contest!

The winner is selected by your own ambassadors from Europeia on June 25th, with the head-to-head contest happening on June 26th selected by Foreign Affairs Councilor Kuramia. That will be the avatar for Peeps for an entire month.

Feel free to ask questions from your ambassadors for an edge in this game. Europeia is counting on you.


PS: Yes, I did offer my avatar up.

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