Diplomatic Impunity [WITHDRAWN]

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Diplomatic Impunity [WITHDRAWN]

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This issue draft was simultaneously posted on the Got Issues? forum.

Diplomatic Impunity
Validity: Nations with foreign relations, nations with cars, nations with police.

As you are walking down @@CAPITAL@@'s Embassy Row en route to a 'diplomatic reception' at the Brancalandian Embassy, you see a heated argument between a police officer and a well-dressed man gesturing angrily at the diplomatic license plates on a sleek sports car. You approach to see what the commotion is...

1. "I clearly have diplomatic immunity!" yells aggrieved Maxtopian diplomat @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@. "I am a diplomat, from the proud nation of Maxtopia. In order to prevent me from being arbitrarily arrested in foreign nations, I am granted immunity from persecution. Uphold my rights, and send this intrusive police officer away. What's more, I have been so impeded by this illegal investigation, I demand an official statement from your government, upholding my rights as a diplomat. Some trade concessions would be nice, too."

Effect: Gangs of off-duty foreign diplomats go on crime sprees while the police are forced to look on.

2. "He's parked illegally, so I'm just giving him a parking ticket, @@LEADER@@," says earnest young police officer @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I need to lay down the law on him. Look, I get that he's from a foreign nation, but we can't let people get away with crimes like this! We should punish him just as the law demands."

Effect: Foreign nations' diplomats have placed @@NAME@@ in the same category of danger as war zones.

3. "Why do we need diplomats, anyway?" asks @@RANDOMNAME@@, a violent isolationist who has just crawled out of the car's trunk with a knife in @@HIS@@ hand. "They just make more problems for us, anyway. @@NAME@@ should focus on itself, not those pesky foreigners! Deport all those foreign diplomats! @@NAME@@ First!"

Effect: @@CAPITAL@@'s Embassy Row is strikingly empty.

4. "I spy an opportunity..." says your seldom-seen Minister of Whispers, who has apparently been following you this entire time. "If diplomats can't be arrested by foreign law enforcement, then we can establish an elite team consisting entirely of diplomatic personnel for- specialized operations - in foreign nations. Imagine that- our national enemies- um, neutralized, and enemy law enforcement unable to life a finger. Imagine that- I'll be waiting for your decision."

Effect: @@NATION@@'s ambassadors all have steel-gray eyes and an empty soul.
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