New citizens, new diplomats, and authors here to draft WA Resolutions or Issues should announce themselves here for remasking!
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Bonalando Commonwealth Co
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Saluton fellow leaders,

Bonalando is new to the IDU.

For those trying to imagine what Bonalando is like, it is diverse and dispersed.

Firstly it is not one land or even a clustered archipelago, but a federated union of microstates around the atlas. Imagine if Trinidad & Tobago, The Bahamas, Cape Verde, Sao Tome & Principe, Comoros, Monaco, Malta, Palestine, Qatar and Singapore all managed to create a forward thinking democratic federal union... but better.

Bonalando is a multicultural medley of multi-ethnic polyglots. The promoted culture within the nation is of considerately tolerant cooperation moving toward mutualistic collaboration.

Politically Bonalando takes great care of its citizens seeing itself as the Good Country pursuing the Good Life for all, at home and abroad. The abroad part is key, Bonalando has one of the highest proportions of citizens with duel citizenship and encourages its world aware multicultural citizenry to become involved in international humanitarian projects. This drive comes from the belief that only through global collaboration and government supported grassroots action can meaningful change be actionable in relevant timescales.

Bonalando honours its citizens highly for humanitarian action with awards simar to those awarded by the Order of the British Empire. Particularly virtuous humanitarians are honoured somewhat like saints in the Bonalandoan Humanitarian Cultural Buildings.

Hope that offers a taste.

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"Hrarroom!" (= "Greetings!")


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Welcome to the IDU!

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