Zetaboards conversion

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Zetaboards conversion

Post by Sanctaria » Thu May 17, 2018 2:41 pm

All -

Our forum is hosted on Zetaboards. Recently Zeta announced they were, basically, selling to Tapatalk and that all boards/forums would be transferred to Tapatalk. Please see here: http://support.zathyus.com/topic/7021172/1/

Anyone who has any experience with Tapatalk would be aware that their forums are basic. They don't allow great customisation (i.e. no IDU theme) and many basic functions are actually behind a paywall that the board owners (in this case, me) have to pay for.

In short, this is not good news. While we're going to wait and see what Tapatalk does - there is a slight chance nothing big will change - the end result will be moving to a new forum. I'm currently working on this - I'll probably host it myself on my own server.

What does it mean for you guys? Nothing much, really. If we do have to move forums, you can log on and do what you normally do. You'd have to create new accounts. However, Zetaboards/Tapatalk does not permit database downloads, so I would not be able to transfer topics and posts made from our current forum to any new one. We'd be starting from scratch.

If we have to move forums, I will endeavour to ensure the old forum will remain as a repository of history. The theme will go, but topics and posts won't. I can lock the forums and people can still go back there to peruse.

I'll know more in the next few weeks if we have to move forums. Zeta and TT are not forthcoming with information.