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The World Assembly (WA) is a voluntary world governing body, and an intergovernmental organisation tasked with creating and enforcing a body of laws that all member states must abide by. It is also responsible for some border disputes, and for praising or admonishing individual nations and/or regions. The World Assembly is the successor to the United Nations, which was dissolved on 06 April 2008. There are currently c.28,000 nations that are member states of the body, with c.1,700 of those nations also acting as regional Delegates. The organisation is financed by assessed donations from its member states. Of all voluntary governing bodies that exist, the WA is one of the largest, international, and powerful. (See more...)

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A coalition helicopter above the Sangra Valley in Lacarno on January 4th, 2020
A coalition helicopter above the Sangra Valley in Lacarno on January 4th, 2020

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