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Theatrical poster for The Informant
Theatrical poster for The Informant

The Informant is a 2019 Zamastanian crime thriller written and directed by Travis Brondi, staring Chant Anderson. The film was nominated for 10 Pine Awards and won seven for Best Picture, Best Narrative, Academy's Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects and Best Screenplay at the 2019 Tofino International Film Festival. Anderson won a Pine for Best Actor for his role in the film, and the movie gave Travis Brondi his second Best Picture Pine credit.


Grover is a low-level drug dealer on the streets of Providence. He becomes enamored of the criminal life in his neighborhood and begins working for Jonathan "Big Bird" Gavell and his associate: Grant Conway, a truck hijacker. However, after being insulted and humiliated at a gang meeting, Grover is approached by an undercover police agent who convinces Grover to work as an informant for the Providence Police Department.

After weeks of delivering undercover reports exposing members of Big Bird's gang, Grover is drugged by Grant Conway, who suspects him of treason, and taken captive. Grover is tortured by Grant, revealing that Grover has been dealing information to the police. Realizing this, Grant attempts to kill Grover, but Grover manages to kill Grant in the struggle. He escapes, but transports Grant's body in the trunk of his car and buries it on the north side of Providence. Six months later, Grover learns that the burial site is slated for development, forcing him to exhume and relocate the decomposing corpse.

Three years pass, and Grover has moved in with a woman named Pamela. Needing to collect a debt from a gambler in Tofino for Big Bird, Grover travels with Pamela under the guise of a vacation. Upon returning, Grover and Pamela are arrested after being turned in by the gambler's sister, an undercover police typist. Grover is set free due to his work as an informant, but his cover is blown.

The night after being released from jail, a car that has been following Grover suddenly pulls up, Big Bird at the wheel and his henchman, Jimmy, in the backseat. Jimmy fires several shots at Grover's car, hitting Grover in the neck and hand, causing him to crash the car. An ambulance and police arrive at the scene, and paramedics take Grover away.

Big Bird, now known as the drug lord for northern Zamastan, enters the hospital housing Grover and attempts to finally kill him, only to be ambushed by none other than Grover, who kills him with a suppressed gunshot as he enters his room, before leaving the scene.