1/2/20 Terror Attacks

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1/2/20 Terror Attacks
The Laeralian naval vessel LNS Celeste burns after a suicide attack in the Strait of Vulkaria
DateJanuary 2nd, 2020
LocationSeveral sites across the International Democratic Union
  • Zamastanian-led Coalition to retake insurgent-held territory in Vulkaria
  • Heightened security
  • Widespread police raids
  • Casualties and losses
  • 1,493 deaths
  • 7,000+ injuries
  • The 1/2/20 Terror Attacks, also referred to as the Terror Attacks of January 2nd and the 2020 IDU Terror Attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that took place on January 2nd, 2020, in 7 countries across the International Democratic Union. Terrorists from the Malvarian Liberation Front attacked thirty-two targets in Vulkaria, Zamastan, Legionas, Eiria, Gardavasque, Libertas Omnium Maximus, and Xiomera. In Vulkar, Vulkaria, terrorists attacked the embassies of Libertas Omnium Maximus, Shen, and Shuell, as well as a school sponsored by Byzconia. In the Strait of Vulkaria, a Laeralian naval vessel called the LNS Celeste was also attacked. Over 1,490 people were killed in the attacks, and thousands more were injured in the deadliest ever terror attack in modern history.

    Van'a Kamoni, the leader of the M.L.F., claimed responsibility for the attack. In response, Vulkarian President Farhen Brooks requested a boost to military aid and direct intervention by Zamastan and other foreign nations. President of Zamastan Foley Sakzi announced the creation of a coalition to "destroy terrorism and liberate Vulkaria", aimed at reclaiming the territory controlled by the M.L.F. and V.N.A. in Northwest Vulkaria since 2017. The coalition forces arrived in Vulkaria and began an offensive to defeat the insurgents on January 6th, 2020.


    Northwest Vulkaria[edit]

    Conflict in Northwest Vulkaria, Thunville, July 2017

    In May 2017, the insurgent uprising by the joint force of M.L.A. and V.N.A. rebellion occurred. The violent and fast armed insurgency was denounced by most in the IDU and Zamastan as illegal.

    Anti-Vulkarian unrest in Northwest Vulkaria and south Vulkaria began when, in June 2017, Vulkarian separatists self-proclaimed the Vulkarian People's Republic and Thunia People's Republic and held referendums on 11 June 2014; the separatists claimed nearly 90% voted in favor of independence. Zamastanian intelligence confirmed much of the vote was manipulated by the Malvarian Liberation Front and Vulkarian National Army oppression. Later in July 2017, fighting between the Vulkarian army and pro-Vulkarian volunteer battalions on one side, and forces supporting the M.L.F. and V.N.A. on the other side, escalated into the Conflict in Northwest Vulkaria. By December 2017 more than 16,400 people had died in this conflict and according to IDU figures it led to over half a million people becoming internally displaced within Vulkaria and two hundred thousand refugees to flee to (mostly) Zamastan and other neighboring countries. During the same period, political (including adoption of the law on lustration and the law on decommunization) and economic reforms started.

    In October of 2017, terrorists from Vulkaria attacked Zamastan and killed over 430 people, and President of Zamastan Zacharias Castovia brought a new string of coalition forces with Cadair into the nation in the form of airstrikes at the request of President Brooks. The Zamastanian and Cadairian airstrikes halted in May 2019 under orders from President Anya Bishop, though the conflict had escalated.

    By the second half of 2018, independent observers noted that reforms in Vulkaria had considerably slowed down, corruption did not subside, and the economy of Vulkaria was still in a deep crisis.




    The attacks occurred throughout the day of Thursday, January 2nd, 2020.


    The Laeralian naval vessel LNS Celeste burns after a suicide attack in the Strait of Vulkaria
    Vulkarian rescue workers fight blazes at the Shen Embassy in Vulkar following a massive explosion.

    Within Vulkaria, numerous sites belonging to the government and diplomatic international sites were struck by terrorist insurgents. Vulkar’s International Airport was hit with rocket propelled grenades, obliterating terminal windows and damaging airplanes on the tarmac. 34 people were killed at the airport. The Presidential Mansion in Vulkar was struck by two car bombs and a squad of gunmen. 62 people were killed in the attack. Vulkarian President Farhen Brooks was present at the Mansion but was safe. Suicide bombs were also detonated at three apartment blocks and a shopping center, killing an additional 340 people.

    A school sponsored by Byzconia was struck with a suicide bombing, resulting in the deaths of two Byzconian teachers and three Vulkarian students. Seven students were also injured in the attack. The school was sponsored by Byzconia’s foreign teachers program, and the Byzconian staff had just transitioned to the school a few weeks prior to the start of the new year.

    Several embassies in the capital city of Vulkar were hit by attackers. The Shuell Embassy was the site of a suicide bombing in the lobby of the complex which killed 9 people and injured 17. Security had spotted a suspicious individual entering the building and attempted to stop him. It was at that moment that he detonated his suicide vest.

    The Embassy of the Shen Empire in Vulkar was hit with a car bomb, which detonated at the front lobby gates of the Embassy. The Shen diplomats were unloading crates of fireworks to be used in a celebration of the Shen New Year, and the combination of the car explosion and the fireworks created a massive blast that devastated much of the building’s front facade. 40 people were confirmed dead, and over 200 were injured.

    The Embassy belonging to Libertas Omnium Maximus was attacked by upwards of 20 gunmen affiliated with the M.L.F. terrorist group. They detonated a car bomb which killed 4 civilians, 2 security officers, and a Maximusian marine. An ensuing gunfight occured, and the terrorists attempted to storm the embassy. Maxmusian marines and embassy staff fought back and halted much of the terrorist progression. By the time Vulkarian security forces arrived and eliminated the remaining terrorists, an additional 4 marines were killed.

    In the waterways surrounding Vulkaria, numerous attacks unfolded. The LNS Celeste, a Nanhai-class frigate in the Laeralian Navy, was rammed by a speedboat full of explosives while passing through the Strait of Vulkaria near Vissengin. 16 sailors were killed and 26 injured in what was the deadliest-ever attack on a Laeralian Navy vessel in peacetime.

    A few miles behind the Laeralian warship, a Zamastanian cargo vessel, the ZNSV Tarrian Star was also struck with an explosive-laden speedboat, killing 5 sailors and grounding the ship on the rocky shoreline.


    Smoke rises from the site of a bombing in Tofino
    Zamastanian Security Forces cordoned one of many sites of a global, coordinated terror attack

    In Zamastan, three bombs were detonated at Tofino International Airport, killing 28 people, injuring upwards of 50, and destroying a facade at the International Arrivals carport. Elsewhere in Tofino, a truck loaded with explosives erupted in a massive detonation outside of a theater in the popular downtown Waterway District, killing 19 people and injuring hundreds. The police offices of the Waterway District’s precinct were also the target of a suicide bombing, where a man detonated his vest in the lobby of the offices, killing 12. Two underground subway metro stations were also bombed, killing 41 people at Maple Avenue Station A and killing 18 people at Ciron Avenue Station F.

    In the Zamastanian city of Providence, Thato D’vini, a popular restaurant, was the site of a suicide bombing, resulting in 5 deaths and several injuries. 2 people were killed when a bomb detonated in a garbage can on Providence’s famed Walken’s Pier. A subway system within Providence was also bombed, though the explosion caused no fatalities and two passengers were only slightly injured and are expected to be making full recoveries.

    The transport hubs of Tofino were a major target, as evidenced by the bombings at the Tofino International Airport and the rail systems. Zamastanian authorities announced a state of emergency, shut down rail systems and coastal international airports, and issued a curfew for the Administrative Districts of Zian and Northern Isle.

    125 people were killed in Zamastan. The Zamastanian government disclosed that there were several foreign fatalities.

    Legionas and Gardavasque[edit]

    Legionas Security Forces respond to a bombing and shooting at the Gran Verdesia hotel.
    A Gardavasque naval helicopter rescuing a woman from the MV Genevieve, which sunk after a car bomb detonated inside the ship’s vehicle port.

    In Verdesia, Legionas, terrorists began firing on civilians and committed suicide bombings at the a five star Gran Verdesia hotel near the Palace of Verdesia and the Museum nearby. The attack claimed hundreds of lives, with 503 confirmed dead and well over a thousand wounded. The attack in Legionas was the deadliest attack of the day, and was Legionas’ most deadly terror attack in the nation’s modern history. Legionas security forces engaged terrorists at multiple occasions during the attack, suffering losses alongside civilian casualties.

    In Gardavasque, a car bomb detonated aboard the Ferry MV Genevieve on route from the Gardavascan city of Mercy to Eternity, approximately 10 kilometers off shore in the Deep Blue Sea. Officials put the death toll at 248, with 14 people missing and presumed dead. 311 people were hospitalized, and 47 of the hospitalized were in critical condition. Among the dead, 14 were children and 12 were seniors. The youngest was 3 months; oldest 101.

    Gardavasque's fleet of Ferries was credited with being efficient, safe, and extremely easy to use, having been seamlessly integrated into the metro transit systems of the various cities it serves. There had been few injuries and no fatalities for nearly 75 years of operation, as thus, safety regulations were relatively relaxed and hassle-free compared to air travel. An unidentified official said that “few could have anticipated an attack from a foreign terrorist organization, as Vulkaria and Zamastan seem so far away.”

    Eiria, Libertas Omnium Maximus, Xiomera, and DeBeeland[edit]

    Terrorists also struck within the territories of several other nations. In Eiria, a bomb was detonated at the Central Merēta Convention Center. Authorities said that 56 people were killed, and that the 213 injured had been transported to hospitals. The victims were attending a conference of the Krastālen Province Board of Doctors.

    In downtown Lumeniola, Libertas Omnium Maximus, a bomb exploded in the stands of a spectator area at a heavily packed concert. 22 people were killed, and a further 120 were injured. Pop/country singer Hazel Massy, who was performing at the concert, was unhurt and released a statement on her social media wishing “swift recoveries for the injured and condolences for the perished.”

    In Huitzitaca, Xiomera, the Coytōchte Corporation Headquarters Complex was the target of a car bombing, with the government of Xiomera stating that there were 7 fatalities and 26 injuries. The Coytōchte Corporation is a PMC providing training to the Vulkarians under contract from the Vulkarian government and the Xiomeran government. Their operations across the world had been condemned by the Zamastanian government over their role in the 1991 Bjeorg Conflict, but the Vulkarian government had welcomed Xiomeran training for anti-terrorism groups. The attack in Xiomera was likely in response to the PMC programs, said Zamastanian intelligence officials.

    In the nation of DeBeeland, reports came in of bombing at a remote and unguarded weather/scientific research station occupied by members of a DeBeeland research team. It is unknown but speculated that this attack was also perpetrated by the M.L.F. The location of the attack on Bellow Island, south of the main DeBeeland island. A team of five DeBeelandians were assigned to the station: one was reportedly killed instantly, one died in transit to the mainland after being severely injured; two received minor injuries, and one was not present at the station (elsewhere on the island checking instruments) when the blast occurred.


    Following the attacks, a preliminary casualty toll confirmed that thousands had been injured, and 1,485 people had been confirmed killed. Legionas and Gardavasque suffered two of the single deadliest attacks in their nation’s history, making over half of the day’s total casualties with a combined 751 confirmed dead. Zamastanian investigations placed the final death toll at 1,493, though that number is disputed by the unconfirmed fact of foreign fatalities that were unaccounted for.

    Casualties by country
    Country Deaths
    Legionas 503
    Vulkaria 443
    Gardavasque 256
    Zamastan 125
    Eiria 56
    Shen 40
    Libertas Omnium Maximus 27
    Laeral 16
    Shuell 9
    Xiomera 7
    Byzconia 2


    Immediate Response[edit]

    International Reactions[edit]

    Heads of State and Government Officials[edit]

    The attacks were condemned across the International Democratic Union, as dozens of nations were impacted. Following the attacks, a preliminary casualty toll was staggering. Thousands had been injured, and 1,485 people had been confirmed killed. Legionas and Gardavasque suffered two of the single deadliest attacks in their nation’s history, making over half of the day’s total casualties with a combined 751 confirmed dead. World leaders banded together in solidarity and condolences, while promising to act against the terror and some calling out the M.L.F. directly in condemnation.

    President Biff Snollygoster of Gardavasque made a statement following the attacks in his manner of aggressiveness, saying “Today we were confronted with the fact that we have suspected for a long time. Many other nations in the IDU hate us because of our prosperous economy, abundant freedoms, and our beautiful beautiful people. That is why they tried to drown the Gardavascan Dream into our hardly polluted waters and scare us off the world stage. Well, I’m not going to let that happen to this great country of ours. Today I’m announcing suspensions of certain civil rights protections for foreigners. Until we can figure out who is behind these terrible acts, I have no choice but to protect the people through temporary internment of all Vulkarians in the country. They will try to say this is unconstitutional. But that has never stopped us before. Until we can figure out who did this, there will be a 500% tariff on all Vulkarian imports and I’m ordering Gardavascan banks to freeze the accounts of any criminals we find from Vulkaria. To borrow a phrase from another fine strong country that knows how to deal with terrorists, ‘ Gardavasque stands strong.’ God bless me, and God bless the Social Democracy of Gardavasque.”

    DeBeeland President Aaron DeBee made a statement saying that "an investigation has been launched at this time to determine the details of the attack. Once all the available information has been gathered and processed, the government of the Free Land of DeBeeland will agree on the best course of action. Until then, all personnel assigned to remote locations have been recalled, and national security protocols have been activated for the main island. A national address will follow as the situation unfolds. For now, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of those lost and injured."

    Shuellian Director of International Affairs Hoffman said “This attack was a tragedy, and proves that the MLF must be destroyed in order to assure world security. Once again, leftist terror groups strike at Shuell, for they know that we are righteous.”

    Eirian Chancellor William Lancaster spoke on the attacks from his residence, saying, "We are Horrified about the attack at the Merēta Convention Center. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of victims, and we wish those injured a steady recovery. In addition, we are going to ramp up our efforts against terrorism. The M.L.F. and T.A.L.F.L. have taken too many lives. That changes now!"

    Empress Yauhmi spoke following the attack, saying "If the M.L.F. was seeking the attention of the Xiomeran Empire through this cowardly act of terrorism, they have indeed gained our attention. But they will soon learn - painfully and decisively - why they were so much better off not being on our radar as a threat."

    Prime Minister Eileen Estrada of Byzconia said, “Today, our teaching mission in Vulkaria was ruthlessly attacked by the terrorist group known as the Malvarian Liberation Front. Two Byzconian teachers were killed in the attack, along with three Vulkarian students. Seven more are being treated for injuries. Our hearts go out to all of those who lost loved ones. This attack was brazen, cruel, and cowardly and cannot be allowed to go unanswered. We will be working with the Vulkarian government in whatever capacity we can to aid in bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice. These schools exist solely to aid the poor and downtrodden, the very people the M.L.F. claims to fight for. They have no weapons, no means of defense. This attack was nothing more than cold-blooded murder."

    President Liu[edit]

    President of Laeral Liu Mei-han, speaking to the nation of Laeral via a live video message on social media, called the attacks "a heartless and senseless crime."

    "This is a dark hour for the entire IDU, and our hearts mourn for the multitudes whose lives were taken from them in this brutal and evil attack," said Liu. "Children, and people of all ages and from many nations, were murdered tonight, and in the midst of this suffering, it is essential that we come together as one to exact justice on the behalf of those killed." The President called for the National Assembly to return early from the Christmas break to approve a declaration of war against the Malvarian Liberation Front.

    PM Moretti[edit]

    Prime Minister Nicholas Moretti of Legionas made statements following the attacks, which were the deadliest ever to occur on Legionas soil.

    “My fellow Legionites. First of all, I would like to directly address those of you who have lost a loved one. Today is a dark day in our history. A day of shock. Of sadness. Of grief. Of anger. But amidst all of this unfathomable pain, I understand that you also carry happy memories. Of a conversation, a smile, a look, a hug. All of the things that formed your love, and that now make you miss that person so much. But that also, in all of the darkness, can help us to celebrate life, because it has given us such wonderful people to love. As former Prime Minister Gregory Morrison once said, 'There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.'

    I hope that those of you who are grieving, those who were injured, those who bear the wounds of today day, feel the love, support and solidarity from an entire nation, and not least from all of us gathered here today. We are here for you. You are not alone.

    We are also here to pay tribute to all of those who responded when the disaster called for you to act. All of you who gave up your free time, worked an extra shift and demonstrated love for your society. You, the rescue workers, who put yourselves in harm's way to help as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. You, the police officers, who worked tirelessly to protect people and catch the perpetrators, but who also took the time to comfort people and explain what was going on. You, the medical staff, who worked long shifts, side by side, to provide the best care a modern society can offer. You, the volunteers, who revealed the hero in you. You have shown us the meaning of duty, sacrifice and courage. I see you as fantastic role models for our young people, and as a reason to be proud of our nation.

    And one thing I will remember clearly from today is this: Faced with this horrific, meaningless, fanatical hatred, there were so many people who chose to show such great empathy for each other. Who held in their arms a despairing stranger. Who offered to collect their neighbour's children. Who said: We may not know each other, but I'm here if you need me. Let us never forget this, when the history of our time is written. When our society was at its most fragile, that's when our sense of community was at its strongest.

    Today, I believe we have grown more resilient as a nation. Faced with this attack on our own soil, we have felt it firsthand the animosity of the Malvarian Liberation Front. They have sparked our full and unrelenting fury as a nation today. Our Patriotism and Revanchism is in full force. We will make them pay for the blood of our comrades, our friends, family, colleagues, neighbours. Today will be a day that will live in infamy in our history and our hearts. But remember this, my fellow citizens. We will endure.

    No one has and ever will be able to extinguish the fire of a Legionite: the fire that has led our souls for centuries. The M.L.F. may have won the battle, but they have lost the war. We stand together in solidarity with the other nations of the IDU which have had to deal with this atrocity in their own soil.

    Together we will prevail. In spite of today's events, our spirit will always shine a light on our paths. And today, let us remember those who died and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win – and our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail.”

    President Brooks[edit]

    Vulkarian President Farhen Brooks, who was safe following the attack on Vulkar’s Presidential Mansion, made a statement from a safehouse in Amstelveen, saying “The terror and horror of the Malvarian evil-doers is despicable. Horrendous. I want to first express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and I wish a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured. I reaffirm that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.

    There is a dire need to hold perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism accountable and bring them to justice, and I urge all nations affected by today’s events, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Government of Vulkaria and all other relevant authorities in this regard.

    Any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed. Today, however, will be forever remembered in history. This is reprehensible. We will have justice for our fallen countrymen. We will destroy this threat once and for all.”

    President Sakzi[edit]
    President Sakzi speaks following the January 2nd, 2020 attacks

    President Foley Sakzi of Zamastan stood defiant and resolute in front of Congressional Hall with Speaker Larious Maxwell and Secretary Curtis Fondaden at his side.

    “My fellow Zamastanians, today we have witnessed the depravity and horror of cowardice. Not just us, but our allies, the entire world, has witnessed what we’ve witnessed time and time again. Terrorists struck at our hearts and minds, but among the blood and destruction and despair, we saw the best of humanity and bravery. First responders rushed into collapsed subway tunnels and through broken glass and metal shards to save lives of the maimed. Bystanders shook by explosions still rejected their own safety in order to bring others to theirs.

    As for those who are lost, you are not forgotten. That goes for every Zamastanian, Vulkarian, Maximusian, Laeralian, Legionite, Gardavasqian and Eirian, and for every country that lost a life because of terror, we are with you. As for your families, we are with you and pray for you. We will forever support you. We will never, ever forget you.

    Terror has no place in our world. Terror should not be allowed to continue, here or abroad. We will hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice.”

    President Sakzi also announced his and Congress’s decision to assist Vulkaria.

    “We are going to be shifting our focus from just aiding to a more direct combat role in Vulkaria. At the request of President Brooks and the Vulkarian Parliament, we will be sending additional forces within the week. To determine how many to send will be at the digression of the Senate and our armed forces. Soldiers stationed in Vulkaria currently will be taking on combat roles whenever our commanders of our forces deem it necessary.”

    Amidst concerns of possibly being bogged down into another “endless” war, Sakzi reiterated his resolve.

    “This isn’t just to push them (M.L.A. and V.N.A.) back and contain them. This is to destroy them completely. Our new mission is to kill or capture every member of the terrorist groups in Vulkaria, to destroy their ability to wage conflict, and to protect and defend the people of Vulkaria who have been living in fear for almost 4 decades. We will have a relentless coalition. We will have complete victory that we were not able to achieve before. We will win this fight for Vulkaria, for Zamastan, and for the rest of the International Democratic Union.”

    Military Operations[edit]




    On February 5th, 2020, a memorial for the 125 victims in Zamastan was unveiled in Gaviria Park. President Foley Sakzi spoke for the unveiling. The memorial is a 30-foot tall marble obelisk inscribed with all 125 names in 5 separate columns of 25.

    On February 17th 2020, a memorial of the attack for the 503 victims was unveiled at Concorde Park in Central Verdesia. King Alexander II spoke at the unveiling as well as PM Moretti and President Muller. The Memorial is a 50 foot tall granite obelisk surrounded by a rose garden, where the names of all the victims names have been inscribed, as well as Prime Minister Moretti's speech and Psalm 34:18 which says; The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.