Anita Patel

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Anita Patel
Member of the Council of Kerlile
Assumed office
04 November 1992
Preceded byRani Patel
Personal details
BornAnita Niketa Patel
(1949-01-14) January 14, 1949 (age 70)
Maytown, Kerlile
ChildrenNirmala Patel, Yamunda Patel
MotherRani Patel
EducationMaytown University

Anita Niketa Patel (born Jan 14th, 1949) is the current Patel family representative on the Council of Kerlile. She has been in her position since the death of her mother in 1992.

Patel is the current Chair of the Council, a position granted to the longest sitting Councillor, who chairs Council meetings and leads the ceremonial oaths.

Early Life & Education[edit]

Patel was born in 1949 to Rani Patel and Terence Neumann. She was the first of her family to be born in Kerlile, her mother being brought to the country at the age of one by her grandmother, Sunita Patel, one of the founders of Kerlile.

She was raised with the other descendants of Councillors in Maytown, Kerlile. When Patel was seven, the Council passed legislation banning fathers of Council heiresses from having any rights to their children. Patel's father attempted to flee Kerlile with his daughter, however was stopped by a patrol and arrested. He was executed for treason and kidnapping two weeks later.

Patel attended Maytown University, as was compulsory for Council heirs at the time (this law was relaxed in 1970). She studied Feminist Literature and Film, graduating in 1971. She worked in the Kerlian Intelligence Service until her mother's death when she inherited her seat on the Council.

Kerlian Intelligence Service[edit]

Following her graduation in 1971, Patel began to work for the Kerlian Intelligence Service. She focused on analysing foreign media to detect 'anti-Kerlian messages' and also worked in 'spreading awareness' of the 'misogyny of the outside world' throughout Kerlile.

Much of her work in this period is unknown, however some have suspected she was behind an operation which spread Kerlian propaganda in the early days of the internet, encouraging women to defect to Kerlile, and crashing the computers of those the virus detected as being 'likely male'. The virus mainly affected computers in Lauchenoiria, which was at war with Kerlile at the time.

Council of Kerlile[edit]

In her early days on the Council, Patel was mainly concerned with factors affecting the Kerlian Civil War. After the war, however, Patel was one of those who favoured a crackdown on civil rights and harsher penalties for those found criticising the government.

In 2016, following the death of Sarah Robinson, Patel became the longest-serving member of the Council, and therefore the Chair. She is not, however, the eldest by years.

Anita Patel was named Kerlile's chief negotiator in the peace talks which began in Sanctaria on the 29th August 2018 and concluded on the 4th September 2018 which resolved the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War.