Curtis Fondaden

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Curtis Fondaden
Curtis fondaden.jpg
47th Secretary of Defense (Zamastan)
Assumed office
January 1st, 2016
PresidentZacharias Castovia
Personal details
BornJune 8th, 1971 (Age:47)
Lower Tariel, Northern Isle, Zamastan
Height6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Military service
Service/branchZamastanian Army
Years of service1988-2016
Rank3-Star General
Unit2nd Army
Battles/warsFirst War in Vulkaria (combatant) Second War in Vulkaria (strategist)

Curtis Fondaden is the current Secretary of Defense of Zamastan, serving since 2016 under President Zacharias Castovia. As secretary, he most notably oversaw and advised Castovia on military operations in Danaska during the Gladysynthia Crisis. He has also overseen special operations in the Separatist-Bigtopia Conflict and commands against terror suspects.

Before serving as the Secretary of Defense, he was a member of the Zamastanian Armed Forces, serving in the infantry during the First War in Vulkaria, deployed in the later stage of the war in 1988. He saw action in several operations which awarded him numerous awards from the military. He progressed through the ranks and was back in combat as a general in the Second War in Vulkaria. He eventually was promoted by President Cassious Castovia to that of three-star general. He oversaw the rest of combat operations and the removal of Zamastanian troops as the war concluded in 2005. He continued to serve in his military position before accepting Zacharias Castovia's nomination.