Haven Accords

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The Haven Accords
A binding agreement to resolve the conflict in Lauchenoiria, the Aelurian independence question, and avenues to permanent peace and stability in the eastern Hespian region of the International Democratic Union
TypePeace treaty
Signed4 September 2018 (2018-09-04)
LocationBasilica of the Lord, Haven, Sanctaria
Effective04 September 2018
MediatorsRobert Smyth
PartiesHome Forces

Coalition Forces

Independence Forces

DepositaryGovernment of Sanctaria

The Haven Accords was an important peace treaty that ended the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. It was signed on 04 September 2018 after four months of intense and brutal fighting throughout the country of Lauchenoiria. Mediated by Robert Smyth, a representative of the government of Sanctaria, a neutral G5 member nation in the International Democratic Union, the treaty came into force immediately after it was signed by parties on all sides.

Considered to be the definitive document on ending the war, and accepted by all sides without much complaint, some aspects of the Accords did cause surprise and concern among its signatories, including the removal of all foreign troops from the country in a short amount of time, and the commitment to drafting a new constitution. The choice of Keitha Noguera, the First Minister of Aeluria as the interim Prime Minister also caused surprise among the signatories, though no party voiced any negative views of the pick.

The result of the Accords was a compromise on the part of all sides, something which the mediator, Smyth, felt was vital to ensure the document's success at ending the civil war. Sanctaria, though a neutral country throughout the conflict, pledged to take on much of the costs and execution of the recovery efforts, including supervision of elections, oversight of the unity government, and defence of the Accords themselves.



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