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Capital City
The Laeralsford Municipal District on a map of central Laeral
The Laeralsford Municipal District on a map of central Laeral
ProvinceLaeralsford Municipal District
Founded byDuke Jean-Baptiste I
 • MayorNathalie Lefevre (Socialist)
Elevation4 m (13 ft)
Population (2018)
 • Total14,812,091
 Laeralsford Municipal District
Time zoneUTC+2

Laeralsford is the capital city of Laeral, located in eastern central Laeral along the Zhongshui/Laer river. It is the largest municipality in Laeral, which makes up most of the province known as the Laeralsford Municipal District. The Laeralsford Municipal District has over 14 million residents within the province, making Laeralsford one of the largest urban areas in the International Democratic Union. Laeralsford was established by the Arrivée French settlers by an act of Duke Jean-Baptiste I; the city was also the site of the duke's Spring Court. The Treaty of Laeralsford, signed in 1855 to end the Laeralian War of Independence, was signed in the city. Laeralsford became Laeral's capital in 1894, succeeding Althea. Laeralsford became the nation's largest city around 1900, due to industrialization and a major influx of rural laborers searching for jobs in the factories. Laeralsford was at the center of the Laeralian Civil War, the Bloody Summer, and numerous social movements.

Laeralsford is the capital of Laeral and houses all national institutions. Laeralsford's sports teams consistently rank among the nation's most successful; Laeralsford AC and Ville Laeralsford are the city's two largest football teams, which consistently battle to lead the Ligue 1. Laeralsford is also a central site of Laeralian higher education, home to several National Open University campuses, and a major cultural center, known for its cuisine, nightlife, and historical sites.