Maximusian Embassy (Zamastan)

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Maximusian-Zamastanian Embassy
Libertas Omnium Maximus Flag.jpg
SeatTofino, Zamastan

The Maximusian-Zamastan Embassy is Libertas Omnium Maximus's diplomatic headquarters for Zamastan, located in Embassy Row in Tofino. It is in the Old Town district of Embassy Row, and the headquarters contains a residential area for Ambassador Joe Jackson and his family, office spaces for the building's staff and faculty, meeting areas for diplomats, a garage for the Diplomatic Missions ground vehicles, as well as a small bunker for security and arms storage.

In addition to its diplomatic role, the Embassy handles consular services and assists with international business development for Maximusian businesses operating in Zamastan. The current ambassador from Zamastan to Libertas Omnium Maximus is Jason Omnitas.