Premiere of Gladysynthia

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Premiere of Gladysynthia
Seswitch LaFlaunce

since 2013
First holderLaurence Clarkson

List of Premieres of Gladysynthia[edit]

Laurence Clarkson[edit]

  • 1st Premier | 1941-1948
  • Province: Pteranim

After the fall of the Gladysynthian Empire, the newly-founded United Provinces of Gladysynthia elected Laurence Clarkson as the nation's first Gladysynthian Premier. Clarkson focused on bringing the provinces closer together and giving citizens high influence in the federal government. His leadership during the seven day 1945 Danaska Conflict drew criticism due to the poor management of the military, though he did succeed in bringing the nation closer towards a unified patriotism.

Anthony Marsden[edit]

  • 2nd Premier | 1949-1956
  • Province: Darapherma

Anthony Marsden took on the same responsibilities as his predecessor in the form of keeping the nation united. He also put his efforts into improving Gladysynthia's infrastructure and allocating public funding into the nation's fledging education program.

Malcolm Kirchner[edit]

  • 3rd Premier | 1957-1964
  • Province: Zeramoa

Kirchner's policies were based on his belief in economic equality and the rights of free speech and freedom of assembly, as well as universal education first proposed by his predecessor. For most of his term, he focused on allocating much government funding to welfare and education, as well as medical care and the scientific advancement of pharmaceuticals.

Duncan Thomas[edit]

  • 4th Premier | 1965-1972
  • Province: Asa'aria

Duncan Thomas is well known for his anti-Zamastan sentiment, which garnered massive support during The Tariel War, which saw the recapture of the lower Danaska River banks from the nation that occupied them in the 1945 Danaska Conflict. Throughout his campaign and term as Premiere, he spoke out against public injustice and brought the issues of political corruption and democratic integrity into heavy media attention. The latter half of his life was rather mysterious. At the age of 67, he was diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease and slowly descended into a state of mental hysteria and paranoia. He was last seen running naked into the vast forests of Asa'aria and no one has seen him since. After a rather pointless fifteen year investigation, he was presumed dead in January of 1985.

Jonathon B. Porterfield[edit]

  • 5th Premier | 1973-1980
  • Province: Zeramoa

Porterfield's time in office was largely spent watching international football matches and eating Zeramoan grapes with his cabinet members. When he did exit his chambers, he attended numerous gatherings, debates, and festivals and became known as the "Most Personable Premiere." He was well-liked and favored by the Gladysynthian people and by teenagers at the time, who collectively described him as "a pretty chill dude."

Phillip Elderberry[edit]

  • 6th Premier | 1981-1988
  • Province: Darapherma

Phillip Elderberry was mostly known for his policies of autarky and free market economics. He fought for less government oversight of the Gladysynthian economy and his time in office was the start of a new economic ideology of freedom to the people. He cut taxes on small businesses and heightened them for large corporations that operated overseas. He also encouraged his cabinet members and government workers to give personally and financially to non-profit charities, which he also did himself significantly.

Xavier Morgan[edit]

  • 7th Premier | 1989-1996
  • Province: Pteranim

While in office, Xavier Morgan was known for his groundbreaking leadership of the government, as well as his ability to communicate with organizations and foreign nations. He is seen as the Premiere who united the government and paved the way for the successful advancement of Gladysynthia. According to many studies and polls, Gladysynthians also see him as one of the two best Premieres and historical figures in Gladysynthian history. Morgan made leaps and bounds in improving the country's infrastructure, national security, international trade, income tax decreases, education, and military advancement.

Artemis Fowler[edit]

  • 8th Premier | 1997-2004
  • Province: Asa'aria

Artemis Fowler is regarded by the people as the greatest Premiere in the history of Gladysynthia. He built his premiership upon his predecessor's policies and improved upon them even further. He is responsible for the creation of what is now the modern National Homeland Security Agency, which protects Gladysynthia from foreign threats and terrorism from within, as well as sending military special operations internationally to eliminate these threats even further. He also allocated a significant amount of government funding to the modern advancement of the military and scientific research into the advancement of modern medicine and other influential industries. Fowler also took pride in the education system and modernization of Gladysynthian architecture and culture. He centralized the government and is often seen as the Premiere who united the House, Senate, and Premiership and cooperation between them was brought to a height under his leadership.

Amanda Marsden[edit]

  • 9th Premier | 2005-2012
  • Province: Darapherma

Amanda Marsden was the ninth Premiere of Gladysynthia, and is the granddaughter of Anthony Marsden, the second Premiere of Gladysynthia. She built her policies upon her beliefs in womens' rights, the gender wage gap, and livable wage. She also allocated a significant amount of government funding to the Department of Education and the nation's infrastructure.

Seswitch LaFlaunce[edit]

  • 10th Premier | 2013-
  • Province: Pteranim

is the 10th Premiere of Gladysynthia. He rose to prominence as a lawyer, intellectual, and activist in his home province of Pteranim. He was elected to the Premiership in 2013. LaFlaunce has overseen many key moments of the past several years of Gladysynthian history, including the Gladysynthia Crisis, after which he signed a treaty with President Zacharias Castovia of Zamastan which lifted sanctions and trade embargoes that preceded his administration nearly 60 years.