Prison Reform Act (2019)

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The Prison Reform Act (2019) is a piece of legislation passed by the Council of Kerlile on the 19th August 2019 which radically reformed the Kerlian prison system. It was introduced by Councillor Carmen Robinson following her own imprisonment after allegations that she had committed treason.

The legislation changed the prison categorisation system from nine different categories to four, and brought Alternative Education Centres into the category of prison. It also ordered all activities within the notorious Restricted Region to a halt and began the transfers of 8,000 inmates out of the Restricted Region.

The Act has been praised as a greatly needed change to the Kerlian prison system, putting to an end torture in prisons, the use of forced labour within Kerlile, and improving human rights for prisoners across the country. The Act was one of the major policies of the Reform Party, of which President Rebecca Arnott is a member.

The Prison Reform Act also introduces penalties for prison guards and other staff within prisons who abuse, torture or mistreat inmates - though this is not retroactive.