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The Restricted Region (known also as the "RR" or "Region 17") was a region of Kerlile which only authorised personnel were allowed to enter. It contained a number of military research facilities alongside a number of detention facilities. It was known as Region 17 prior to 1990. The name Restricted Region, or RR, has become synonymous with prison or torture, as those imprisoned in Restricted Region facilities were often subjected to physical punishment.

Colloquially, two mountains at the official entrance to the Region are known as the "Gates of Hell" by Kerlians, as it is commonly believed that all those who pass through them will be subjected to torture until the end of their lives. Prison sentences served in the Restricted Region were exclusively life sentences.

In July 2019, it was announced by President Rebecca Arnott of the Reform Party that the detention facilities within the Restricted Region would be shut down. A moratorium was placed on both new transfers and physical punishments within the Region, and prisoners began to be transferred out of the Region to prisons in other parts of the country. In May 2020, these transfers were completed.

An initiative set up by the Parliament of Kerlile in July 2020 proposed turning the now-derelict Restricted Region into a forest through a large-scale tree planting initiative, turning the zone into a conservation area. This proposal is still to be discussed by the Council of Kerlile.


In 1954, some uninhabited territory was quietly re-designated “Region 17”, and the general public banned from setting foot in the area. It was rumoured at the time that the region was to be used for weapons testing, however its true purpose became known by the end of the 1950s: a number of prison facilities were to be built on the site.

In 1968, it was publicly acknowledged by the government that Region 17 was comprised solely of various detention facilities.

One of President Sara Viallamando’s first acts in 1990 was to rename Region 17, which had become colloquially known as “Hell” because of rumours that inmates in facilities there were regularly tortured, the Restricted Region. The official reason behind this change was to emphasise that only authorised personnel were permitted to set foot in the area.