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His Majesty
Texōccoatl with his wife, Tlalmaxxi
Crown Prince of Xiomera
Assumed office
2 December 2019
Personal details
(1976-03-03) March 3, 1976 (age 44)
Tlālacuetztla, Xiomera
Alma materImperial Military Academy
Military service
Years of service1998-2010

Texōccoatl is the Crown Prince of Xiomera. He is the current leader of the Xiomeran government in exile, after his mother Yauhmi was overthrown in a coup in April 2020.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Texōccoatl was born on 3 March 1976 in Tlālacuetztla, Xiomera. He is the son of the former Xiomeran Emperor Topilpopoca and Yauhmi, who succeeded Topilpopoca to become Empress. Texōccoatl attended the Special Calmecac Montelin #1 before graduating and enrolling in the Imperial Military Academy in Tlālacuetztla in September 1994. In later media interviews, Texōccoatl acknowledged that his father, who had been a Xiomeran soldier and eventually the top-ranking Army general in Xiomera, was a major influence on his decision to pursue a military career.

Political Career[edit]

Early Career[edit]

After graduating from the Imperial Military Academy, Texōccoatl was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Xiomeran Imperial Army in 1998. After completing a year of Basic Officer's Training, Texōccoatl was placed in command of an Imperial Army platoon. During his military career, Texōccoatl would steadily rise through the ranks. His highest rank was Colonel, in command of a brigade of 5,500 soldiers tasked with the defense of the Imperial capital. Throughout his military career, Texōccoatl had a reputation as a tactically sound commander who also had a deep concern for the soldiers under his command. Despite being the son of the then-Emperor, Texōccoatl reportedly never used his family to pull strings on his behalf during his Army career, unlike many children of elite Xiomerans.

Post-Army career[edit]

On 2 December 2019, Texōccoatl resigned his Army commission at the request of his mother, Empress Yauhmi. The Empress then appointed Texōccoatl as Xiomeran Ambassador-At-Large to the International Democratic Union. The official government explanation for the new role for Texōccoatl was that the Empire needed someone in such a role to serve as a roving ambassador for Xiomeran interests, and that Texōccoatl's intelligence and natural charm made him ideal for such a role. While Texōccoatl's new role did serve such a purpose, it was widely seen throughout Xiomera and abroad as a way for the Empress to prepare Texōccoatl for future roles, possibly even succeeding her as Empress. Official Xiomeran communications began referring to Texōccoatl as the "Crown Prince of Xiomera" at that point, a title not previously given to the children of ruling Emperors or Empresses. The possible creation of a hereditary monarchy in Xiomera, with Texōccoatl as Yauhmi's successor, was one of the reasons cited by the military junta for their overthrow of Empress Yauhmi in April 2020.

During his brief diplomatic career, Texōccoatl represented Xiomera at the Maivers Conference, and also met with various officials in Laeral to discuss expanding ties with that nation.

During the Second Xiomeran Civil War[edit]

The junta that overthrew Empress Yauhmi in April 2020 chose to launch their coup during a period when Texōccoatl was out of the country, to weaken Yauhmi's support and isolate the Crown Prince. Texōccoatl would become the leader by default of the Xiomeran resistance to the coup. Forming a government in exile based in Laeralsford, Texōccoatl would organize a coalition of Xiomeran dissidents, activists from Lauchenoiria and Milintica, and others to fight against the coup. Texōccoatl achieved a significant gain of support on 27 April 2020, when the 1st Fleet of the Xiomeran Imperial Navy, along with its detachment of Jaguar and Eagle Warriors, defected to the government in exile.

As resistance to the coup strengthened within Xiomera itself, Texōccoatl organized an effort to use hackers to try to defeat the Project Tilmahcoatl censorship and surveillance program which was keeping Xiomeran citizens from receiving true news about the coup and the actions of Emperor Xochiuhue. This effort also received substantial assistance from Eiria and Legionas.

On 14 July 2020, a "death squad" assassin team from the Agency for Security and Intelligence infiltrated the government in exile's compound in Laeral. While the attack failed to assassinate Texōccoatl as intended, Secretary of State Nōlinyauh, a mentor to Texōccoatl, was killed. In the first formal military clash between the two Xiomeran governments, the Crown Prince ordered the 1st Fleet to carry out a retaliatory airstrike on Emperor Xochiuhue's motorcade near the city of Xochiatipan on 28 July 2020. While the retaliatory strike failed to eliminate Xochiuhue, it did succeed in eliminating General Xōchhuitl, commander of the Imperial Army and one of the principal architects of the coup against Empress Yauhmi. The airstrike is considered to be the official beginning of the Second Xiomeran Civil War, as it marked the formal commencement of military hostilities between Texōccoatl's government and Xochiuhue's.

Family Life[edit]

Texōccoatl is married to Tlalmaxxi, an analyst for the Agency for Security and Intelligence. The two married on 4 April 2010 and have one child, Tonauac.