Watchdogs of Our Earth

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The Watchdogs of Our Earth (WOE) is an environmental activist organisation based in Lauchenoiria. The group is part of Climate Alliance Lauchenoiria (CAL), an umbrella organisation of numerous environmental activist group. WOE focuses on civil disobedience and direct action, as opposed to other members of CAL.


WOE has a number of published aims, which have been criticised as "overly ambitious" by opponents of the group. These are:

  • Immediately plan and hold a climate conference this year
  • Commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2025
  • Halt all purchases of fossil fuels from abroad
  • Invest in renewable energy and public transport
  • Legally protect all ancient forests

Involvement with Climate Alliance[edit]

WOE's involvement with the umbrella group Climate Alliance Lauchenoiria began in 2019. They share aims with this group, although WOE's are more radical, but the tactics in the membership organisations vary. WOE is seen as the radical wing of CAL due to their use of civil disobedience and direct action.

The two organisations have come into conflict on a number of issues, including: the throwing of a milkshake at Xiomeran Ambassador Chemā, the 2025 target for net-zero emissions, and the involvement of Kerlian groups in climate activism.

Mass Protests[edit]

In June 2020, WOE coordinated a series of mass global protests, which took place in Lauchenoiria, as well as in Kerlile, Eiria, Milintica, Tsiba, Laeral and Libertas Omnium Maximus. Using their key five demands, they aimed to put pressure on governments across the world to take action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Following these protests, the government of Lauchenoiria announced the 2020 Climate Conference which will be held in Elopolis on the west coast of Lauchenoiria in August 2020.