Waywffon Morgan

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Waywffon Morgan
Mab Darogan
Assumed office
23 September, 2015
Preceded byGerallt Morgan
Personal details
Born20 January, 1989 (Age: 29)
Cardiff, Kingdom of Cadair
CitizenshipKingdom of Cadair
Political partyIndependent
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Spouse(s)Eabha Morgan
MotherMairead Morgan
FatherGerallt Morgan
EducationBachelors of Engineering, Aberystwyth University
OccupationMillitary Engineer
Military service
Service/branchCymry Air Force
Years of service2011-2015

Waywffon Morgan is the current and second Mab Darogan, succeeding his father at the age of 26, due to Article 7 of the Hawl I Rym.

Early Life[edit]

Born on 20 January, 1989,in the city of Cardiff, to Mab Darogan Gerallt Morgan and his wife Mairead. He was raised from that day to be the heir of the young nation of Cadair. His younger brother, Aneirin, was born two years later. His education began in the Cadair public school, where he would stay for three years. On 7 March, 1997, his brother, Aneirin died after he was shoved onto the concrete during recess. Waywffon was withdrawn from public school and raised by tutors until he finished highschool.

Adult Life[edit]

Aberystwyth University[edit]

After finishing highschool, Waywffon enrolled in Aberystwyth University, where he studied Engineering . It was at Aberystwyth University that he would meet Eabha Seisyll, whom he would later marry.

Career & Marriage[edit]

After graduating from Aberystwyth University in 2011, Waywffon enlisted in the Cymry Air Force as a military engineer. He would continue to serve in the military until his rise to power in 2015. During a vacation in 2012 he proposed to his girlfriend, Eabha, and the couple married on 7 October, 2012.
Dewi, Waywffon and Eahba's Corgi

Reign as Mab Darogan[edit]

Immediately after becoming Mab Darogan in 2015, Waywffon started meeting with advisors to discuss his dream for Cadair. By 17 December, Waywffon had signed the Green Cadair Act, the Cadair Culture Act and the Cadair Security Act into law.