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His Majesty
Emperor of Xiomera
In office
16 May 2020 – 17 October 2020
Preceded byYauhmi
Succeeded byCalhualyana
XMI Chief Analyst/Investigator
In office
24 August 1990 – 12 September 2010
ASI Analyst/Investigator
In office
5 September 1985 – 24 August 1990
Personal details
(1961-12-07) December 7, 1961 (age 58)
Montelin, Xiomera
Alma materHuitzitaca Imperial University

Xochiuhue was the Emperor of Xiomera from May to October of 2020. He took office following a coup against the sitting Empress, Yauhmi. After a reign that went down in history as one of the most disastrous (and shortest) Xiomeran reigns ever, he was himself deposed by his own Security Secretary, Calhualyana.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Xochiuhue was born on 7 December 1961 in Montelin, Xiomera. He is the son of the former Xiomeran Emperor Xolōtl and Tecahitli, one of the family members of the Texculhe family, the family that founded the massive Lohuā Licā Companies conglomerate.

As the son of an Emperor, Xochiuhue was raised at the Palace of Flowers, and attended the elite calmecac Montelin. He was not regarded as a good student, however, as he did not feel that his teachers had the right to tell him what to do. Having fared poorly in his studies, he was not able to gain admittance to one of the elite Xiomeran Polytechnic Universities, even being the Emperor's son. He attended the Huitzitaca Imperial University, graduating in May 1985 with a master's degree in political science.

Political Career[edit]

Early Career[edit]

After graduating, Xochiuhue joined the Agency for Security and Intelligence (ASI) as an analyst. He worked for ASI from 1985 to 1990, mainly focusing on domestic intelligence and counter-insurgency assignments. Much like his educational career, Xochiuhue's tenure in ASI was marked by difficulties. Many of his ASI "superiors" found him impossible to guide or command, being the Emperor's son and being well-aware of that fact. Finally, in desperation, his ASI superiors convinced Xochiuhue that he would have a much better career by joining Xiomeran Military Intelligence.

Xochiuhue joined XMI in 1990, and was given the nominal rank of a lieutenant in the Imperial Army. Serving as a political officer, and later as a counter-intelligence chief analyst and investigator, Xochiuhue completed twenty years with XMI before retiring in 2010.

Xochiuhue stood for Emperor during the Great Selection of 2001, after his father's death, but was defeated by Topilpopoca.

Private sector tenure[edit]

After retiring from XMI in 2010, Xochiuhue started his own private military and intelligence consulting firm, Ahualtec Universal Enterprises. Ahualtec grew to become a sizeable firm, attracting many former ASI and XMI agents, as well as former Xiomeran soldiers. Combined with the wealth from his family connections to the Lohuā Licā Companies, and also from being part of a former Imperial family, the growth of Ahualtec would make Xochiuhue a very wealthy man. Xochiuhue would become part of the circle of extremely wealthy corporate, business, social and political elites that ran Xiomera behind the scenes.

The plot against Empress Yauhmi[edit]

As the discontent with the reign of Empress Yauhmi grew in early 2020, a group of Xiomeran military and business leaders approached Xochiuhue as part of a plot to overthrow the Empress. The head of the Xiomeran General Staff, General Xōchhuitl, agreed to lead a military coup to overthrow Yauhmi and install Xochiuhue as Emperor. Xochiuhue readily agreed to the plan, seeing the Obsidian Throne as his birthright.

Xochiuhue and the Second Xiomeran Civil War[edit]

On 10 April 2020, as the Empress was opening the first session of a new Huenyan Assembly designed to give the other ethnic groups in Xiomera more political power and to open the Xiomeran political process, a military coup was launched by the Xiomeran General Staff and the Security Secretariat. Yauhmi was detained by the military, and removed from power. The military declared a Provisional Government that charged Yauhmi with treason, conspiracy, corruption and anti-Xiomeran activities. Her whereabouts remained unknown, but the Provisional Government later claimed that the Empress had abdicated her throne.

On 16 May 2020, the military staged a new Great Selection, and chose Xochiuhue as the new Emperor. Xochiuhue immediately embarked on a campaign to silence any opposition to his takeover, both domestically and internationally. A series of decrees reversed all of the reforms that Yauhmi had instituted, and imposed autocratic rule on the country once more. As those loyal to Yauhmi resisted the takeover, the new Emperor would impose increasingly harsh measures to silence dissent. Mass arrests, an outright ban on protests, censorship of the media, and the creation of camps to imprison dissenters would spark increasing anger among Xiomeran citizens, leading to the Second Xiomeran Civil War.

After Xiomeran forces loyal to Yauhmi and their allies invaded Xiomera in October 2020, and in the wake of losing the western half of the Empire due to his mismanagement of the conflict and his brutality, Xochiuhue was deposed in a palace coup led by Security Secretary Calhualyana, General Zinahue of the Imperial Army, and Brigadier General Sadak of the Iskirami Grand Expeditionary Brigade, allies of the Imperial government.

Family Life[edit]

Xochiuhue is married to Capantzina, the daughter of one of the founders of the Mizhua Corporation. The two married on 13 July 1983, and have two children, Teoctli and Tlacatli.